The book launch for ‘Tuimacilai’ was a futile exercise in trying to garner support from the Nation of Fiji.

 Sa beras vakalevus.

 If these coup manques had only one iota of their fathers ability and respect, and worked like everyone else to reach & achieve their goals or in fact showed some community spirit as they were growing up by helping the community instead of playing the ‘priviledged’ role to the hilt, they would’ve probably understood that nothing in this world is free kabanis.

Unfortunately for us who live in Fiji, this Nation is being made a scapegoat for the inability of certain fanilies to fend for themselves and expect the government coffers to be at their sole disposal.

 They aren’t children, they’re all old and are even grandparents, so to jeopardise their reputation and their own children and grandchildrens future in Fiji at this late stage of their unremarkable lives is rather sad to say the least.

 If they had any hopes of a ‘ruling dynasty’ it’s been shot to smithereens by their own atrocious behaviour.

 Total greed is corrosive, hey coupsters, and to rope in a bipolar oink to do your bidding is absolutely disgraceful.

 That’s not excusing ole oink or any other coup apologist, who are all old , all has beens or never had beens who in their dotage have probably realised they have not achieved anything so how about another coup to replenish the diminshing bank balance left by the old people.

 “Another coup to put these damned high achievers firmly in their place, regardless of whether they are educated and accomplished or not, regardless of whether they are actually doing a much better job than Ratu evr did at moving the Nation forward. Oh no, can’t have the plebes owning their own homes and cars and sending their children overseas to be educated with their own money. Oh no, we can’t have these kaisis who are obviously more intelligent than we are and have cut the umbilical cord of poverty rising above their station. Oh no we can’t have that, we can’t have their Kawas doing better than ours, exceeding our own children in education, sports and everything else. Off with their heads.

 In our case it’s, just have another coup Ep & Ep, go tell your boys at Delainabua, that way we can gloss over any monies taken from the regimental funds and have full access to the coffers without going through those upstarts who just don’t know their place anymore.”

 There my friends is how the inept united with the inept and the beginning of Moral Turpitude, another useless coup & the downward spiral of the moral ethics of the coup instigators and their supporters.

 Free bus fares for school children isn’t going to solve any problems, or rocket them up the popularity poll, it will in fact exacerbate existing problems. The bus companies lose income, so they let go of some of their workers or reduce their hours, resulting in more unemployment, then their own children can’t go to school or anywhere else for that matter and the snowball gets bigger.

 Who benefits? As usual, noone really, NOT EVEN THE ILLEGAL REGIME.

We do know that finance and governance is not their forte, but you’d think they’d have picked up the basic rules as they grew up in the households that ruled this Nation for decades, or from the cushy jobs that were handed to them on a silver platter, ambassador here, member of parliament there, minister for …… whatever, representing Fiji at important conferences overseas, all wasted, what a shame.

Noone wanted these families to fail, but they’ve failed us miserably with the 5.12.06 coup that has seen the deterioration of Fiji, escalate alarmingly. Noone begruded them their priviledged life at all. Didn’t they realise they had always had much, much more than the majority of the families in Fiji and noone condemned them for that.

 The majority of the people just wanted to work and earn enough to put a roof over their families heads, send their children to school, enough food to eat, the little luxuries like being able to  afford to buy novels to read and exchange with friends. To afford to pay for the internet connection because a relative who came from overseas bought us a snazzy laptop  to assist us with researching subjects we’re learning or our neighbours kids are learning.

Since that fateful day 5.12.06, the Nation of Fiji as a whole actually pity them all.



  1. Truth Says:

    Like I have said time and again REMOVE the military

  2. Budhau Says:

    5.12.06 – why don’t you idiots get it – that this shit did not start on 5-12-06 and it will not end when we remove Bainimarama, or the military.

    ..and that argument about certain families being behind this coup – well, honey, why don’t you go ask loud mouth Litia as to which family was behind the 2000 coup. Ask those families in the GCC who have supported every coup except this one.

    These “families” will still be fighting long after Frank is gone – So unless you are willing to accept the results of a free and fair election – which many of you refused to do in 1987 and 2000 – this will remain the coup-coup land – and those families that you mentioned, they will continue to fight for the “indigenous cause” – yeah right.

    Go ask that 16-year-old Fijian youth who had to drop out of school because of the 1987 coup, how he and his family has done since – probably his son had to drop out of school due to this coup – the cycle goes on – his grandson would drop out of school after the next coup.

    “My heart bleeds for the nation” my ass. You are just pissed off because it is not “your boy” who pulled this coup – If it were the other way around, you would have a website explaining why the coup is needed to safeguard the indigenous interest – just like that old fart Peace Corp guy and his marama had that website after the 2000 coup – and I am sure there would also be speeches at the UN explaining the coup.

    It is the coup mindset that is the problem – Frank and his boys are only the symptoms of that underlying problem.

  3. Tuks Says:

    Talking about underlying problem Budhau????.. Wow we can all go back to the fall from the garden of Eden if you want it…. Asha!!!.. Your unrealistic, theoretical diatribe are always missing the point buddy. Why are you so defensive of the illegal Regime and your icon hero Chaudhry?. Why constantly shift the blame when there are issues to be dealt with? Your inability to see the truth are killing your credibility everytime you blog. You truly can not see and the only thing obvious is your attempt to quickly jump to conclusions and blame everything else but never the Regime and your choro leader Chaudhry….You are a waste of time and space in this column.OUT!!!

  4. Budhau Says:

    No Tuks – you don’t have to go back to the garden of Eden – cut out that crap.

    The coup culture was not started by Frank in December 2006 and it will not end when Frank leaves – even a fricken dumbass like you can get that.

    So whats this Asha crap – I would rather phuck you than Asha.

    OK – now do you want to get into a serious discussion as to why you think that getting rid of Frank will solve all our problems – the problem being the unwillingness within certain segments of our population of accepting the results of a free and fair election.

    BTW – as far as the old boy screwing Asha – to that I say lucky old bugger – I am not into the Christian crap that some of you come up with – and then go screw someone else’s wife in the Golf club john – remember the Methodist lay preacher, national hero, honourary Ratu, head of GCC – yeah – he was lay preacher alright.

    Maybe this will discourage you from bringing up that certain name again.

  5. Red Scorpion Says:

    Vinaka Solivakasama for this enlightening and insightful article. I full agree with it, having inside knowledge of the people behind the coup as well, ur 100% right. Tuks keep it up, blog tiko ga, wekaqu. Facts always beat theoretical postings from the world of make believe.

  6. Truth Says:

    Dismantling the Military equates to the sale of firepower (whatever little of it that’s left) to countries in the region.

    Would be coup perpetrators will have the same weaponry available to the general public .. if they think they can pick up stones, bricks and sticks. So can we.

    Absolutely, positively ending the coup culture.

  7. SViade~ Says:

    Why can’t we face the fact that all this started from 1987 ????.


  8. Truth Says:

    We faced those facts


  9. SViade~ Says:

    E cava moderator?.

  10. Soko Says:

    The demilitarisation of our military will not end the coup culture infact it will expedite the greed that already exist within our society.

    The answer must rest elsewhere.

  11. Truth Says:

    The answer rests in dismantling the military.

  12. Anon. Says:

    The answer lies in appointing professional oficers who fully understand & appreciate the role of the military within a civilian society – otherwise we’ll be forever stuck with what we now have – a gaggle of greedy oppurtunists and their assorted hangers on.

  13. Truth Says:

    You won’t find that particular breed in Fiji.

    Fiji’s end to its coup cycle rests in Fiji’s ability to do away with its military.

    20_year military free zone will allow the country to breath, recover and rebuild and 2 decades of steady progress and growth then ever so slowly reintroduce a military although whatever the hell for is beyond me — there isn’t gold, diamonds, oil, borders to protect. We are a 3rd world country with less than 1 million people and history have proven that having this

    military is bad omen

  14. Anon. Says:

    @ Truth.

    Hate to admit – but given what’s transpired – afraid you could be right – on all points.

  15. ofa Says:

    The UN must take over the Fijian soldiers as peace keepers, all of them. Under the condition that there is no more military in Fiji. There is a demand for these services and the UN’s demand for and use of Fijian peace keepers has helped to militarize our society.

  16. Tuks Says:

    Now everyone knows the real screwed up self you truly are….Faced with the truth you quickly buckle and take on the flight strategy.Combining with the Ostritch’s burying the head in the sand pretending that no problem exist. You do not have any real stuff in you buddy!. None at all!. Your confused response above confirms it . You are an obvious misfit in this column. Whilst we all seek to find some solutions in the complex problems facing our Nation, you deemed it fit to continously lecture us with your own personal biases. We noted with disgust your continous & repeated accusation levelled against Rabuka’s 87 coup and George Speight of 2000.
    It is obvious to all of us that your contribution above is but another ploy very well camouflagued that clearly demonstrated your own personal support to illegal/ Dictator Frank, Chaudhry and the other 2006 coup perpetrators. By the way, your decision to offer a public challenge about phucking????[borrowing your own spelling above], has only added salt to injury. It has publicly proved that in terms of personal credibilty, you have NONE!!!!. My advise, please do not throw stone when you live in a glass house.

  17. Budhau Says:

    Tuks – No I am not pretending that “no problem exists”. There is a problem. Its idiots like you who have to first figure out what the problem is before you try and come up with the solution.

    Your remark, “Whilst we all seek to find some solutions in the complex problems facing our Nation”.

    Yeah dude, before you seek the solution, go figure out the problem.

    You wrote, “We noted with disgust your continous & repeated accusation levelled against Rabuka’s 87 coup and George Speight of 2000.”

    I see that that you took that English writing class at junior college – now go take the critical thinking class.

    Why do you “note with disgust” my accusations leveled at Rabuka and Speight? These two, Frank Bainimarama and a large segment of the Fijian community are part of this coup problem – the problem did not begin in December 2006 and it will not go away once we get rid of Frank.

    As for that “phucking” remark – it is you who continuously bring up that Asha name when you respond to me – the smartass that you are – have you figured out that I am Asha – just like you have found the solution to the Fiji problem.

    As for adding salt to injury – of course I like to rub in in – specially when idiots like you, who cannot think straight, come up with things like Asha.

    As for my credibility, of the lack thereof, when has that become an issue.

    Listen Tuks – you are a complete idiot – probably got two years of college on a FAB scholarship – before you went back home – screwing up a scholarship for a more deserving Fijian – and now you frequent theswe website with your sillyass “solutions”.

    As for those other idiots who want to get rid of the military, here is your joke of the day.

    There was this wealthy Fijian woman. Everyday when she returned home from her office, she would find her husband chatting with their good looking housegirl on the new sofa she had just bought.

    So guess what she did? She got rid of the the sofa – problem solved – right?

    Lets get rid of the army – right anon.

    Hey guys, when the army started receiving those M-16s in the late 1970s, did you guys ever think who they were going to use those M-16s against – I am sure it was going to be used against the invading Tongans – right? – No, than better still, those M-16s were just for training purposes for our peacekeepers. Or did you think that the army was always going to be on your side, and those M-16s were there to keep the other guys in line, to guarantee a Fijian government – well guess what? Now the army turned around and bit you in the arse, you want to get rid of the army….should have figured this out a long time ago.
    Go see the history of the increased military budget in the last 30 years, and the relative decline in the police budget – this army problem did start in December 2006.

    Anon. that “appointing professional officers” suggestion – great. But why why don’t you tell the GCC that when a officer pulls a coup, you don’t make him a national hero, appoint him a honorary Ratu to head the GCC and elect him the PM from a party that is endorsed by the GCC…that sure is a lot of incentive for the next guy to pull a coup. I think it is the GCC that has to learn what the role of the military is within a civilian society. You can’t have it both ways.

  18. Red Scorpion Says:

    More nonsense from Butthead which I promptly avoided reading 🙂 Current score: Tuks 100- Butthead 0
    Ha Ha Ha….

  19. sami Says:

    Hey, looks like the blockhead macafaka budhau is back? Still sounding like a broken record.Could someone please shoot the macafaka and take him out of his misery!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tucake Says:

    Blame the shadowy figures still hiding behind the Army and the Maras and Ganilaus for the 2006 coup. They are the ones raking in the money and the prestige and speaking from copied texts and acting to carefully prepared scripts. They knew how to prosper from staging something like the 1987 and 2000 coups but they needed the gullible and want to ‘right the wrongs’ Fijians to carry it out for them. Then the devise a smokescreen by doing the Adam syndrome (Blame Eve…it was not me) and always talk that this happened because Rabuka did it in 1987 and Speight did it in 2000.

    No Siree, this happenned because you plotted and dragged and vesumona-ed VB, Teleni, Leweni etc into your plot and now they are the ones caught in your web and they will pay while you walk away with your loot, free from all blame and association.

  21. Fiji Man Says:

    Please mind the languaga people!!! well, well what are we talking about here??? looks finger pointing again!! blaming Matthem, Mark, Luke and Jon but yourself!!! You point one finger out, four pointing straight back at you!! so eat your words people and get a life, this is 2009, two more 2010 and you’ve wasted three years odf your life complaining!!

  22. Fiji Man Says:

    How can your hearts bleed for this nation with he language you use here including you moderator!! sa dina o Atu, sa rui levu na luvui Setani sa bula cake tiko mai!! Buds, belated Diwali my brother!! Souls to Jesus forever!!!

  23. Truth Says:

    @ Ofa
    Great idea. My guess is Australia and New Zealand can only advocate for a non participation in peace keeping duties around the world which thus far has worked. UN have said that Fiji soldiers on active duty now were hired prior to their (FM) take over of the Fiji Government will not see renewal of contracts. Without serving abroad and with zero possibilities of ever being hired again what do these soldiers do in Nabua all day long? Polishing boots, ironing uniforms and getting a pay cheque all the while waiting to carry out another coup?

  24. Jone Says:


  25. Truth Says:

    Don’t want to make duplicate entries Mod please check your board and post it. Thanks.

  26. Jone Says:

    I just asked a question

  27. Jone Says:

    It was and remains a legitimate question. Check board and put it up. Am sure others would also like to know.

  28. Jone Says:

    So what do these soldiers do in Nabua

    All day

    That justifies getting paid from the public coffers.

  29. Soko Says:


    Setani na tamata vinaka vaca ikeri. Sarui sevia nomu vosa da tiko.

    Lako sara drau lei vei samuraki kei Atu, drau luvei setani.

  30. Jone Says:

    @Tuks your mention of Asha to the FM he finds disturbing SO MUCH so he reacts as if he just soiled his pants 🙂

  31. Budhau Says:

    No Jone – I did not mess up m pants – but I know man of you do the moment you get an invite to the QEB – maybe that that is why no one seem to have balls to stand up to Frank – not even a some kinda civil disobedience thing.

    As for mentioning Asha – no, I don’t find that “disturbing”, otherwise I wont be bringing it up – would I – see the dumbass that you are.

    What pisses me off is that there are some idiots in here who go around trying to “figure out things” – like this guy must be Asha.

    Listen you idiots – If the old boy screwed some woman on the side – I say luck old bugger. I am not into this Christian hypocrite crap. BTW – you want me to point out how many other leaders in Fiji have screwing around or how many illegitimate kids do we have – and then there was Rambo, screwing someone else’s wife in the john at some Golf club – and the dude was the head of GCC. What was that womens names, maybe next time Tuks calls me Asha, I should refer to Tuks by that woman’s name.

    And that Sami idiot – with that “take out the macafaka” remark – good one Sami – Since Frank did not agree with Qarase, he took him out – just like you are proposing – hey Sami, why did you drop out of school in class six – was it the school fees or the bus fare that you could not afford.

    Fijiman – the dude sometimes talks sense – just wait until Anon comes around and accuses you of being some lowlife Indo – Just like Senijiali Singh is one of them.

    OK guys, today’s homework – go try and figure out what exactly is the problem – and no, getting rid of the military ain’t gonna solve the problem….btw, I do agree that a country like Fiji does not need a military – but that has nothing to do with coups – they will find a way to pull a coup with or without a military – it is just that it will not be a “military coup”.

    A good point to start at – figure out how the transition – from one government to another after an election – you don’t like the government you vote them out after five years, you don’t hold your breath until you turn blue.

  32. Soko Says:


    I am just as curious as the next guy as to who the hell is this Asha person.

    She’s not by any chance the charlady or the chaiwalla person is she?

  33. Tuks Says:

    We can not help but feel lost for words at the real mess you truly must be in. The vernom that you spewed out from your diatribes above speaks volume of that messy situation. What comes out of your mouth is the best indication of the problems [mess and rots] that amassed in your heart, mind and poor soul. The vulgar langauges you used together with the half cooked insane messages you hope to transmit has only confirmed a very damaging picture of a self proclaimed wannabe academic & politician, a wannabe Mr know all but master of none. Your desire and keenness to screw your opponents at will without due consideration at the consequences has portrayed a Screwed up personality syndhrome probably requiring an immediate referral to St Giles Hospital at Vale ni Manumanu. So what’s wrong with a Fijian Affairs scholarship?..What’s wrong with taking a Junior English writing lessons when English itself is a second langauge?.What’s wrong with being a dropped out from school and returning home to enjoy village life?.What’s wrong with making grammatical etc mistakes ?
    Its plainly clear that the only problem is YOU AND YOUR SCREWED UP MIND. For its all in your mind Buddy!!!. We are thankful that at least you are listening to us. That is clearly demonstrated by the speed in which you responded to our response to your contributions in this blogsite. It also suggest that despite your superiority complex syndrome against us, we are honored to be found worthy for your [un] learned mind…That is very revealing!!!.
    By the way, it is a pity that whilst we have all moved forward well passed the point of problem identification, you [Budhau] have just publicly admitted above that you are still stuck with the problem of identifying what our National problem really are??!!!.
    Again we are at a loss that the self proclaimed, wannabe academic Budhau still does not know the roots/causes etc of our National problem.Somebody once said that the biggest problem one have is their inability to identify their own problems!!. It seems that we have a bad situation where we already have “somethings” and here comes Budhau with his “nothing” to make “nothing” with the “something” we already have…
    Finally, on your unwarranted personal attacks and character asasinations to our bloggers above, we really can not help. We are only reminded of what our Bible tells us and I quote..”He who is devoid of wisdom, despises his neighbour, but a man of understanding holds his peace…[Proverbs 11:12]. Take it easy Bud and be nice to the rest of us. We are your neighbours. We too are with you in this long hard road of trying to reach an amicable resolutions of our National problems at home.

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    While our hearts bleed for the nation.. let the blood flowing in the dead cells of his brain burst like the fireworks of deepawali!

  35. Darren Says:

    Do Fijians know what they celebrating when they say happy diwali. Do they know what it is.Vishnu defeated the demon ravana so the people celebrated that victory with lights. So goes the myth. Should fijian s even be celebrating this pagan ritual. Who knows it could have been a christian those people referred to as a demon that vishnu put to death. Could be Fiji Man’s great, great, great grandfather. That would explain the near madness of some of his religious fanaticism. Vishnu so the myth goes is the reincarnation of Ram. Or the other way around who cares. Who or what is Vishnu to you. Or krishna who came in the form of a dwarf according to myths. Who knows, Bhuddau could be that dwarf.

  36. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    No so Fiji Man/Budhau. No responding equates to not caring what is being said.

  37. Budhau Says:

    Darren – you stupid ass – it is OK to wish someone a Merry Christmas – even if you know that these people believe in talking snakes and burning bushes and virgin births, its OK to wish someone Happy Diwali, or the Muslim a Happ Eid, or the Jews a happy Chaka-khan (or whatever they celebrate.

    You dumbass – every religion is as silly as the next one..and as some Weinburg once said, “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
    ….and we see in here how some Christian fanatics are trying to mix religion with politics to do evil.

    Tuks wrote, “Budhau still does not know the roots/causes etc of our National problem.Somebody once said that the biggest problem one have is their inability to identify their own problems!!.”

    Yes Tuks maybe I do not know what the problem is or it maybe that I don’t give a phuck about what the problem – that is not the issue.

    The issue is that do YOU know what the problem is – since you are the one who is trying to find the solutions.

    You see Tuks, just I like I told you go figure out the problem first. Here is another lesson for you today – learn how to spot the issue.

    OH BTW Tuks, on your remark, “Finally, on your unwarranted personal attacks and character asasinations ” – to that I say phuck you.

    I guess you bringing up Asha in every post – what was that all about.

    …and you went on with you “the bible says” line – as an intelligent adult, do you honestly believe in the “the bible says’ line or reasoning when it is very possible that the person on the the other side of the the discussion does not give a phuck about the bible, or for that matter anything religion – christian or otherwise.

  38. SViade~ Says:


  39. Red Scorpion Says:

    People stop feeding the trolls (Butthead and other losers) on this blogsite inflated with their false self worth.

    Posting long impractical nonsense, there’s a reason all their lousy advice is posted freely, because no one would bother paying for it anyway. Just look at the length of their poorly edited posts and compare to others..lol

  40. Truth Says:

    Tuks 100 points Fiji Military 0 points

  41. Darren Says:

    Bhudau you stupid ass who says merry christmas is christian. Do you even know what it is or where it originates from. Its just as paganistic as diwali and happ eid are. Religion is not silly. People become dangerous when their belief and value system in their religion is twisted from the truth of the doctrines to suit their deluded imaginations. Observe Fiji Man, he’s as twisted with his beliefs as you are ignorant with your atheism. What’s with your compulsion to get on top of everybody’s comments. Seems like you got some diwali fireworks up your arse.

  42. Tuks Says:

    You out of fire and seemed too far out of line mate!!!..what happened?.
    Your regular use of vulgar langauges in this blogsite is another flight strategy of yours which needs urgent review. They never have any personal effect on your audience at all!. Never to me..They only reveal the rot in you and of the uselessness we are dealing with each time you blog. So what is the truth about Asha?..It was you who went to great length defending the Asha that you know..We never mentioned anything specific about any Asha!!!. Was it a guilty conscious mind or what that leads you to take that line of defense each time we mention Asha?..What if I tell you that we made a spelling error and that the word should have been archa!!!. That’s what its been all the time. Its a pity that your screwed up self has in your usual confused way misinterpreted the whole thing. Interesting that we stirred you up as for the first time we mention the name Asha though unintentional on our part. The fact remains that it was you who started jumping up and down on the mentioning of the name.It makes us wonder as if there might some interesting connections and agenda there unknown to us. You have not answer my questions above????..Afraid to face the facts of the big racist persons you are?.Blog on buddy..we following you…

  43. Jone Says:

    It should not be our concern whether soldiers get employed.

  44. Jone Says:

    Qori … sa tobo ko Asha

    Archa ?!

  45. Budhau Says:

    Tuks, you stupid SOB – BTW – m language is no more vulgar than what I hear on the Jon Stewart or Cobert programme every night.

    As for you Asha remark – so you wanna discuss about who the old boy was screwing (allegedly) – BTW – you know that a former Vunivalu of Bau had the Tui Nayau ambushed and killed on Ono-i-Lau because the Vunivalu suspected that the Tui Nayau was screwing his wife. So these guys screw around all the time – never mind your Christian commandments. You may want to check it out – a Ratu may be your father too.

    Wanna discuss Asha, further. BTW – I am not jumping up and down – I am just rubbing it in – and I do it really well.

    So who is this “we” and “us” you keep mentioning – hey dude, its just you and I – their ain’t no audience – that is why I keep telling you to cut out the crap trying to impress others with you writing style – here is more about substance and less about style.

    You wrote, “The fact remains that it was you who started jumping up and down on the mentioning of the name.”

    You seem to think that you have the monopoly on “the Facts” – No dude, I don’t jump up and down – to jerk your leash, I just have to make the back and forward movement.

    So should we continue to discuss Asha – or maybe you want to change the subject – BTW – I am perfectly fine with the Asha line of discussion.

    Oh and as for me, I have nothing against screwing around – I would do it myself and for me I won’t feel guilty about doing it – unlike some of you buggers with that Christian crap that Thou shall not screw around – and you do it anyway – and feel guilty about it.

  46. Truth Says:

    Coups will end when Fiji no longer have a military. That is the answer to a long lasting peaceful Fiji.

  47. Jone Says:

    Amen to that Truth !

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