Greedy ole oink i$ just waiting for the money

On the one hand ole oink condems other countries, then in the next breath oink is hoping the World Bank and IMF will finance his Illegal Government’s land reform to be implemented early 2010.

What a shameless oink.

In the world wide business & political communities one must help oneself first before seeking help, let alone monetary aid from anywhere, and biting the hand that feeds you is no way to get ahead. Especially for one unschooled in the art of diplomacy or anything else to be truthful, oinks sense of self entitlement is extraordinary and really indicates the shallowness and ignorance of the fool.

If a calamity was to occur in Fiji tomorrow, Australia and New Zealand would be the first countries, not only because of the close proximity, but because these countries place humanity at the top of their ‘to do list’, to mobilise their medical, engineering and technical experts to come over to assist us asap. Then these countries provide housing and basic necessities to assist with our survival as they’ve done over the decades.


Ole oink should know this because he commandeered a kit home meant for a family that had genuinely lost their own home and all their belongings in one of our many natural disasters, and erected it next to a green water tank in his village Kiuva for his own family who were not affected by that particular disaster or any other in fact.

For someone who has benefitted greatly from the largesse of Australia and New Zealand ole oink sure is an ungrateful creature.

Too bad, so sad that the recalcitrant porker prefers to remain stubborn and not admit he has failed miserably, he should really relinquish his tenuous hold on power.


15 Responses to “Greedy ole oink i$ just waiting for the money”

  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    He is no leader. Just another self serving dictator. And those materialistic Fijian clowns pretending respect to get a piece of the loot. Shame on them !

  2. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Old Oink should also not forget that some of the countries he has been condemning of late nonetheless still hold board seats at the IMF/WB …

  3. Anon. Says:

    Kit home? Minor stuff.

    Recently stole a whole country – along with its peoples future.

  4. ofa Says:

    The outcome of the joint IMF and World Bank mission will not please Banimarama.

  5. Anon Says:

    @ ofa

    If that is the scenario, I wonder what lies he will try to concoct to show his displeasure…wailei Navua, kena ca na vulivakavo, mata ni ta boka, greedy Pig!

    Let’s just wait with abated breaths for the views from a numbskull. Shame! shame! shame!

  6. Jean d'Ark Says:

    One of the 1st things these guys will decapitate is Frank’s shiny, new “free bus fare” initiative.

    As calculating as ever, this will give him someone else to blame when the chickens inevitably come home to roost, while allowing him to look like a white knight in the meantime.

    Good gamble Frank. But there is no honesty or sincerity anywhere in your scheming. That in itself will eventually catch up with you.

  7. Fiji Man Says:

    Well life must go on and I feel for you people with such intensity in evilness pouring from your souls!!! God have mercy on you people and have a hppy diwali!!

  8. Anon Says:

    @ FM

    Go on to where? To a doomed Fiji economy with no future solutions in sight except for your hero clinging tightly to everlasting power. We are fed up with him and the whole lot including you….!

    But patience is a virtue, one day mafatu! You and your heroes will reap what you have sowed. Sa dri yani! Make sure people that it’s not guns firing this Diwali, but pataka!

  9. Darren Says:

    God and diwali don’t mix unless Fiji man you have converted to hinduism and you referring to your hindu god.

  10. Jean d'Ark Says:

    FM – what are you FMF Media Cell people doing on here?

    Shouldn’t you be spending your time trying to figure out who you support out of Frank or Teleni or Ului for the upcoming schism?

  11. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    FM – the evil you reference is the same that drove you to usurp the people’s government and it is the evil living in your souls that propelled you to hold the guns to the chiefs’ heads, the methodists, the media. The evil in your souls sacked Fiji’s judiciary, abrogated the people’s constitution…

    yeah that evil is eating at your soul.

  12. Budhau Says:

    I like the happy diwali one – that to wish some a happy diwali, “you must have converted to hinduism” – I just like to put the “pataka” up Anon’s rear.

    Talei Tabu, the time before when “the evil in your souls sacked Fiji’s judiciary, abrogated the people’s constitution…” – REMEMBER?
    Or was it OK back then, and it is only evil this time around. BTW – those Chiefs and those Methodists – they cheered the guy who did this same thing the last time.

    But no….this time it is the evil that is eating at someone’s souls, the last time around it was gods wish.

    Darren – there ain’t no Hindu God or Christian God or Muslim God – God (if there is one) is just god – fricken idiots!!

  13. Fiji Man Says:

    Please people!! evil eating at your souls, relax, breath in and enjoy life while you still can because God is watching you and me!! Katalina Balawanilotu, have a evil or meet me at Sukuna Park I’ll give you $50.00 to help you through the week..

  14. Anon. Says:

    @ Fiji Man.

    Suggest your $50 would be better spent on typing & diction lessons?

  15. Anon. Says:

    @ Fiji Man.
    Also remind you that attepting to arrange meetings & exchange money with people met via the internet can be interpreted as a criminal act – but in your case I wouldn’t worry – probably can’t find Sukuna Park.

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