It’s as obvious as the great hollow inside ole oinks head that the illegal regimes coup has completely overwhelmed them all.


What ole oink and his coupsters thought would be a walk in Sukuna Park has backfired on them tremendously.


Why? Is the question they’re asking themselves. Why haven’t the people of Fiji supported the 5.12.06 coup.


The answer was staring at them in their faces.


Fiji has moved on.


Fiji has moved on from the irrelevance of Chiefs who’ve imposed their will on the people and giving nothing back. Moved on from destructive coups as well,


Since those Chiefs who ruled and elected themselves to the highest seats of the Nation have all died, Fiji does not need anymore of it, which was supported by the re-election of the Qarase Government twice, and the biggest shame for two of the dead Chiefs offsprings being spectacularly dumped at the polls.


The dumped offsprings like their fathers before them played on the insecurities of military personnel and offered them leadership until the furore died down. Leadership that would bring the military personnel, so learned at following orders, riches beyond their dreams.


That’s how corruption originates, from the false values of capitalism.


What now for the illegal regime and their coup apologists.


Well old ‘love you long time’ was looking absolutely pathetic at the Fiji Day celebrations. Of course the people are enjoying themselves Ratu wannabe president, because we know how to, we do not need shiny gizmos and mirrors to do so. We certainly don’t need you and your illegal regime to make us happy, we’ve all moved on.


Fiji is not the ideal place to live in, nowhere in the world is. We’ve never made that claim here in Fiji and have no intentions of either.


What we do have here in Fiji is a Nation of people who are resilient. Four coups later we’d have to be. So after the shock of the 5.12.06 coup we’ve carried on with our lives, some families left, but most stayed because they’d learned from their relatives who’d left during previous coups that life overseas is not as idyllic as first thought. Stay gang, at least we can still go and vivili or silikai if the need arises, and nothing beats the smell of Fiji, that hot smell of fresh flowers and coconut oil.


We’ve all learned to make do with the little that we have. Fijians have never never been materialistic, we’ve been quite quite happy to have a solid roof over our heads, a comfortable bed, good food,water our families and friends. As a Nation we value education and have always been eager to learn how to improve our minds, grasp technology and anything that makes life worthwhile. Because of this we’ve become accomplished in diverse fields,we’re hard workers and value the benefits of hard work. It doesn;t mean we’re all materialistic. For most of us it means we can travel and meet people who come to our beautiful Islands in their own lands and understand them and their cultures. We bring back to Fiji the good parts of education and cultures we’ve had the priviledge to learn and experience then work it into our own lives to make life more beneficial and worthwhile for everyone else.


Ole oinks illegal regime has not achieved anything at all since 5.12.06 except disgraceful full scale corruption and complete scorn from all over the world.


The illegal regime and their coup apologists may feel themselves to be big time rulers of Fiji, because they’ve abrogated the constitution, sacked the legal judiciary, gagged the media and tried to stifle public opinion, Hah what a joke. Their whole agenda has backfired and they still can’t find a solution, except for the mantra 2014, the ig magic number that will haunt their families forever.


Dancing, crusading police personnel, no peace keeping jobs for the boys, no money in the coffers, ten body guards each, wow, that’s the extent of the illegal regime and their coup apologists.

Drunk on power the illegal regime and their pathetic coup apologists only fight is with their dysfunctional, ignorant selves.

We as a Nation are enjoying the spectacle the illegal regime is making of itself, because at the end of the day they’re all a bunch of common thieves, so how much lower can one stoop.



  1. Anon. Says:

    Seldom disagree with Soli Vakasama but do take exception to the implied comments that Chiefs are irrevelant to Viti’s future?

    The current leaders of Kubuna Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi – Burabasaga Ro Teimumu & Tovata Ratu Naiqama have all displayed outstanding courage patience & leadership in the face of provocation from these self serving upsurpers.

    Far from being irrevelant & corrupt these Chiefs herald a new chapter in our Nations future.

  2. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Wow, what a summary of the mess that has been created by bananasinpyjamas.

    Well written !

  3. Topicer Says:

    @Anon -> it’s not because at a particular point of time one is happy with the current chief of a village/yasana/confederacy that the system is good.

    In my opinion, Fiji will have to get rid at some point of the tribal chiefs system, which is inherited from a 19th century society in which nobody today would like to live.

    If I can make a prediction, I would say that urbanisation is the process that will erode quickly the chiefly system. Villages are seen as “boring prisons” by many young Fijians I know and no wonder that now 55% of the population live in towns. In 20 years, it might be 75% or more. By that time, the chiefs will be marginalised. Fiji is a changing country and the incapacity of chiefs to create prosperity will have major consequences for themselves…

    It is an interesting point to note that Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi always signed “Joni Madraiwiwi” without the “ratu” when writing letters in the Fiji Times…

  4. Anon. Says:

    @ Topicer.

    Don’t you believe it – indigenous Fijians are extremely committed & proud of this traditional system – defines who and what they are – ask some?
    Better still observe their manner around these Chiefs?
    As for Ratu Joni signing his name that way – sort of person he his.

    Ironic eh? That a person of this calibre was forced out of Viti by these criminals – taken up post in Solomon’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission.

  5. Fiji Man Says:

    Well maybe Joni Madraiwiwi wasnt a Ratu after all!! kila vinaka nonai yatu! But I tend to agree Chiefs are now becoming irrevelent, in a truly democratic society there is no place for them.

  6. Anon. Says:

    Fiji Man (Budhau). Willing to give you the benefit of doubt after some of your more recent insane posting – one minute you writing supporting this regime of corrupt individuals – next your writing about a truly democratic society? You really are one confused human being.

    Hows the counting coming along? Remember 1+1=2…..

  7. Anon. Says:

    Its official – in typical regime fashion Frank & Co has just got Fiji barred from the Comm Games.

    Is there no end to these peoples greed and egos?

  8. Puf-Military Says:

    I was at the book launch of “Tuimacilai” the new biography of the late Rt Sir Kamisese Mara, on Saturday at the Yatu Lau’s Studio 6 Conference Facility. It was quite evident how far Rt Mara’s children have fallen from the tree, no substance or humility at all.

    At the end of his address, the Chief Guest Sir Michael Somare asked that the audience bear with him if the remarks he was about to offer offended some people but that it needed to be stated. He said that the problems in Fiji now would not have occurred if he Rt Mara were around to lead, at this point Sir Michael looked meaningfully at Rt Nailatikau who wilted as well as the Mara siblings. Without a doubt, Sir Michael was urging the coup plotters/backers to repent of their ways and put the people first. This point was not lost on those in audience as the coup plotters were fidgetting nervously and looking akward whilst their own relatives who oppose the IG glanced their way.

    Roko Ului looked ashen; Di Elenoa and Di Kakua were typically twittering nervously; Adi Litia Dugdale was slumped in her chair whilst her husband englishman Harry was blinking frantically at a loss for words; Di Ateca looked gaunt and faded, her husband Ratu Epeli who now carries a noticeable limp and shuffle had a vacant look and expression. One can see that in a few years they have seemingly aged overnight and are being consumed by their greed and wickedness.

    Another issue I must mention is the speech by Di Ateca on behalf of her siblings recounting Rt Mara’s great life and eminent career. It was well received and I must say well worded. However whilst the words were noble and seemingly well intentioned, judging from the audience reaction people had their guards up as well with respect to the Mara siblings own conduct and actions. It was very bittersweet to evoke some wonderful memories and then to be confronted with the shame of the present. At one point in her speech, Di Ateca stated that Rt Mara was not only a leader by as a chief with a title, but also an elected leader of the people; while she was seemingly oblivious to the fact that neither her nor her spouse, siblings etc can lay claim to either. This glaring aspect instantly dawned on those in attendance, some shook their heads in dismay as if doused with water, others murmured which was rather audible. All in all, her words sounded good and noble but were ultimately hypocritical, damning and condemning themselves.

  9. ex Fiji tourist Says:


    Well written

  10. Anon. Says:

    Imagine those mentioned above must be greatly concerned – spend a lot of time wondering what the future holds for them?

    How do you ‘leave’ a pirate ship?

    Add to above – well written & structured Puff.

  11. Fiji Man Says:

    P-M, leave your dirty laundry with your cousins to yourselfs otherwise swim back to lau with them!!!

  12. sami Says:

    Fiji Man, you just can’t handle the truth ain’t it nice to listen to someone who was there to witness the shame,the guilt, the humiliation,the degradation, the disgraceful, the dishonoured,the inferiority,the unworthyness and unimportance of the people that was once revered by all Fijians? Thank you all for defending our democracy especially to you Anon,Soli and many others who continue to come on this site and say your bits. WE WILL BE FREE ONE DAY-FIJIMAN AND BAINIMARAMA YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Anon. Says:

    @ Sami.

    Vinaka Sami – don’t forget yourself – fully aware it can sometime be a lonely and thankless task defending iTaukei rights – upholding and maintaining the dignity of our culture and people from forces that attempt
    to surpress us.

    Sincerely believe we will come out of this aberation in history a wiser & stronger society. Ni moce mada.

  14. Red Scorpion Says:

    Fiji Monkey when is your birthday? I’m going to rent the Police praise band for the day and bring them over to your bouncy castle.

  15. Fiji Man Says:

    Red Scorpion, my b’day on Diwali bring your Yavusa, tatalevu and nanalevu also home for free chow because thats what you natives will be doing, going around looking for free chow on Diwali!!

  16. Anon. Says:

    Seldom discussed – often overlooked aspect of traditional Fijian culture.

    No Taukei will ever starve in Viti.

  17. Anon Says:

    Weak response fijimonkey 🙂 u have 2 do better than that lame retort. I sympathise with u, come up with something better or ur coup masters will let u go hungry on ur b’day… levuqu sa kana? Hahahaha

  18. bitter sweet Says:

    amazing! over grown adults squabbling over spilt milk, what has happened to the nation, HAS happened! no need to frollic on your i know all’s, inter wined knowledge of dirty politics and democratic exposure… live the day, earn your dignity and clean your conscious, its all we got left…

    and for you Anon, it’s Luvequ…dont speak fijian???…than you better start learning because this is the same place that you bought your ingredients for your sweets from, not the land of SLUM DOG MiLLioNAIRE!!!!

    Neggae Plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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