We in Fiji must really give thanks to the Universe that our beautiful Islands were not hit by an earthquake or tsunami last week.

Why you ask?

Well think back to the floods that inundated Fiji in January this year. How long did it take for the illegal regime to get their act together to send their mokusiga troops out to assist the people and the areas devastated by the floods.

It’s unimaginable how they would have reacted if such a calamity was to occur in Fiji.

Since the illegal regime has set up camp the illegal ministers who would have to be at hand to set up emergency procedures would be hard pressed to leave their cosy homes, moon dancing  and the top shelf booze they’ve come to prefer to bother about the public. Oh man their hard faced wives are looking more butch and evil from their covetousness, wanting a bigger and better house with more bathrooms, MAI ASO!

The police, well that’s another story. If they could stop for minute from their dancing and maybe slim down a bit, the dancing hasn’t been conducive in helping them lose weight or any form of productivity. Dance dance wherever they may be, while thieves, including one of their own and their illegal bosses continue with their thieving spree, they blindly continue to  promote Suva/Navuas brothers blasphemous ministry, dancing up a storm and intimidating non believers of this type of religion  for their only reward in a big gunu ti after the comical jigs. Yeah, ana ana a o laova mai.

The army, hmnn, brass and shoe polishing at its best. Not a thought of  how to save Fiji from their reprehensible leaders. Playing at being soldiers, setting up road blocks and strutting around them is about all their good at.

Looks like we’ll just have to look after ourselves because the illegal regime and their coup apologists certainly won’t. That’s the one certainty in Fiji today.

Meanwhile, the illegal regime their coup apologists and beneficiaries, like the bloody vultures they are, are  salivating  at the aid being given to the devasted regions in the Pacific, yep, they want a bit of that too.

At the end of the day, the illegal regime, coup apologists and coup beneficiaries should stop condemning and blaming everyone else, especially, past legally elected Fiji governments, the GCC, Australia, New Zealand the UN and EU for their gross stupidity, illegal stance, lack of transparency and govenance because they’ve bought this whole crap onto themselves and they have not done one iota to alleviate what they claim their irrelevant coup was for.

It bears out from all the criticisms aimed at the illegal regime right from the start 5.12.06. The idiots who plotted the 5.12.06 coup thought it would be a breeze, because they thought the 1987 & subsequent coups were. That was only because their Tatas were still alive and were experienced in the egg shell dramas of politics.

They did not have an idea themselves of politics or machinations of politics, it’s ok to sit in parliament and argue, it ‘s a different case to be actually elected to that position as government of the day.

We have long memories in Fiji and knew that certain high ranking chiefs in government at the time were actively involved in those first coups, we also knew that we  no longer had the same level of respect for them that we once had. Now those men have gone, we still do not have respect for the families they left, who we all know are behind the 5.12.06 coup. These coup instigators will never be able to elevate Fiji to what it should be, if they had for just one moment put their over inflated egos aside and let the Qarase government try to finish what they had begun and fight them legally at the polls, oinks would still be in the sties where they belong,  and the accomplished would be running our government agencies successfully while developing our Islands and resources and telling us the truth of where Fiji really stands economically.



  1. Ropate Says:

    Well the only plan they have is to empty the public coffers.

  2. Ropate Says:

    Yes these crooks has left the public coffers dry.

  3. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Of course they do!

    bananasinpyjamas will be on the first plane out of there to some conference in the world where he can sit in the back row and enjoy all the luxuries at the expensive hotel. Why, he might even try a massage with the young lady smiling at him.

    What was that; a tidal wave in Fiji?

    Don’t worry about that – the people of Australia and New Zealand will fix up those people who were silly enough not to get away.


    It is interesting to note that the suppose offer of help to Tonga and Samoa has not been accepted.

    My guess is that there was N O O F F E R of help.

  4. ofa Says:

    Problems with dysfunctional governments show always very clearly when there is a crisis of some sort. Remember how Banimarama’s brethren reacted in Myanmar when the last hurricane struck? Nothing but obstruction of international relief efforts. Let us pray that nothing of this sort happens to Fiji while this government is in place, it would be the same as in Myanmar.

  5. Anon. Says:

    Do they have an emergency plan? Yes!

    Yesterday (9 Oct) – when everybody at Sukuna Park bolted for high ground – Police Band stayed where they were – continued singing & dancing…(Ah memories of the good ship Titanic).

    Now – you must ask yourselves this? Was this a good or bad thing?

    1. It was a false alarm – nobody was harmed.

    2. If it hadn’t been – what fate would have befallen singing dancing loonies?

  6. sami Says:

    It would certainly clean out the trashes-anon? I would imagine we’d probably step right in and give them poor buggers a decent burials?

  7. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Frank was in Turkey courting the IMF and World Bank for funding. He reported that the meeting went well and that both institutions were willing to work with Fiji (unlike ADB and Co.).

    Frank was boasting like this was some kind of break-thru. He must have been referring to some cocktail party or other. Because the only thing confirmed by any IMF/WB “Yes” would be, “Yes – you qualify for our lending because your economy is now a real basket case, and you must agree to give up huge chunks of national budgeting sovereignty to get it”.

    So far from being a break-thru, that admission is in fact an embarrassment. And it only heralds bad things like forthcoming austerity programs and increased hardship for the poor.

  8. sami Says:

    Soli-you hit the nail dead-on; and the whole nation would have looked and smelled awful, to the whole world.
    As the self-appointed Prime Minister,self-appinted Minister of Finance,self-appointed President,self-appointed GCC Chairman,self-appointed Minister of Fijian Affairs, Self-appointed Minister of Communication and commandor of the Fiji Armed Forces et al. May regard the act of God, as a direct challenge to his authority?Or declared a military check points, all over Fiji, in order to arrest God and his military Angels, from embarking on his hallowed ground?

  9. Topicer Says:

    Hey why no more editorials and letter to the editors in the Fiji Time????

  10. Anon. Says:

    Ahh…Those were the day…Fiji Times & Sun…Free open press…
    “Place your comments here”…Remember?
    When regime clampted down on FT & closed the Internet acesss – suggested they could easily move it offshore? Their response was they didn’t want to aggravate military (corporate speak for losing revenue via Gov ads). But look what’s happened now?

    Murdoch may be remembered in history as many things – defender of the free press won’t be one of them.

  11. Topicer Says:

    oilei… the Fiji Times is becoming boring… 😦

  12. Anon. Says:


    Not becoming boring – ‘is’ – don’t even bother these days – FS pathetic –
    as for the FP – what can you say? Free Press is like that old song – ‘don’t know what you’ve got till its gone’.

  13. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Now Frank is claiming on Radio Oz that WB/IMF are going to fund his reform program!

    Hah – what a joke!

    The WB/IMF only ever fund their own reform templates – program templates mind you that are heavily tied to conventional macro-economic theory and based on years of lending experience in the International field.

    And if Frank thinks he might be able to divert that money into his other daft projects after it is released to him, then he’s got another thing coming. That wouldn’t be the first time that a tin-pot dictator would have tried the same thing, and the WB/IMF now has a damn-near foolproof system of disbursement, monitoring and verification to guard against it.

    So looks like another international embarrassment for the Regime coming right up … (to add to PIF; EU; ACP; UN; Commonwealth, etc., etc)

  14. Anon. Says:

    @ Jean d’Ark.

    Without wishing to labour a point – VB’s a ‘sailor’.

    Most remarkable thing about his career CV is that he’s got this far without drowning.

  15. jay jay Says:

    This regime is just promoting evil and hatred which is unbiblical and more so promoting and resurrect FREEMASON.

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