Fiji regime leader disappointed with UN over peacekeepers

12:31 September 28, 200 Fiji,

Pacific Press Releases – Pacific Media Watch, 27 September 2009


NEW YORK (Fijilive.com/Pacific Media Watch): Fiji’s Prime Minister has complained to world leaders that his country’s troops have been barred from joining any new UN peacekeeping operations, Fijlive reports.

Addressing the 64th UN General Assembly on Saturday, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama expressed disappointment at “what appears to be a unilateral decision on the part of the United Nations”.

“To this day, we have not been able to receive a clear and satisfactory reply on this matter from the United Nations,” he said, exactly a year since he highlighted at the 63rd UN General Assembly that Fiji’s participation in peacekeeping operations had been suspended, despite a

“proud record”.

“I express the hope that the United Nations will deal equitably and fairly with troop-contributing countries.”

Bainimarama did not name Australia or New Zealand as Fiji’s nemeses in the region, but left no doubt as to whom he blamed.

“Our people pose no threat to anyone, least of all to the big powers of the South Pacific who have arrogated to themselves the right to dictate to us our future and the way we govern ourselves,” Bainimarama said.

“In all of this, they have used their extensive diplomatic and financial resources to deny Fiji to participate in new peacekeeping operations.

“Fiji has participated in peacekeeping operations since 1978 and is proud of its association with the United Nations, in particular the Department of Peacekeeping Operations.”

Voicing dismay that Fiji’s neighbours “have shown a surprising lack of understanding and disregard” of his country’s situation, the prime minister urged them to show patience.

“There have been critics of the events in Fiji since December 2006, when the military, with great reluctance, was forced to remove the then government of Fiji,” he said.

“I believe that these critics are largely unaware of the extent to which politicians, in league with those who employ terror as a tactic to push a racial supremacy and corrupt agenda, had become a threat to the safety and security of our people.”

He invited “the international community to engage with us, visit our country to see the situation for themselves and to provide practical support and assistance to enable us to implement the reforms”.

Outlining his roadmap to elections in 2014, Bainimarama said Fiji’s dream was for equality, justice and true democracy.


Pure hogwash from the self appointed ignorant oink who blames everyone else except himself and his illegal regime for the reasons he has no standing anywhere in the world, let alone Fiji.

It’s all very well to pretend to himself and his illegal regime that he’s a leader, yeah, their leader only and not anyone elses.


Every illegal act he and his illegal regime have imposed onto the Nation of Fiji since 5.12.2006 he has described succinctly in his psychobabble speech penned by his schizo partner in crime,  is what THEY have actually done. 

The reverse psychology just does not cut it from the ole oink, not only because he reads like an idiot who doesn’t  understand the written word, but he is just plain stupid so thinks everyone else  is. Terrorists,  what ever next.






  1. balluk Says:

    Has he picked out someone to take his posts, in the event of him having a heart attack,being killed, stroke or hurts etc,? Who is the 2nd in commands? Doesn’t looks like he has any favourites!!!!

  2. Anon. Says:

    Probably because nobody want’s it – realise position they’ll be in if they were stupid enough to accept what is little more than a poisioned chalice.

  3. Koroi Says:

    Bainimarama’s pleas are indicative of the follies of a fool. The cold shoulder given to him and the illegal militia he represents are poignant lessons for dictators and traitors like him.

    Why should the world listen to idiots if they continue to suppress the voices of the peoples in the nation of whom they assume to represent?

  4. Michael Says:

    I think one of the biggest casualties in this misguided coup are the subordinate men and women in the FMF who are captivated and continue to blindly serve under evil traitors such as like Bainimarama, Nailatikau, Ganilau, Leweni, Driti and Ului Mara.

    Bainimarama mentions the proud history of the RFMF but what about the not so proud bits of which he is a major part ?

    He represents the ugly side of our military history because when given a position of trust by the public, he has been found wanting. He has turned into a traitor by breaking his oath of allegiance to cater to the whims of corrupt businessmen, failed chiefs, failed politicians, judges and crooked current and former military officers.

    What history is Bainimarama and the regime are attempting to rationalise given their woeful behaviour? Is it the same history which idiots like Hitler have tried to impress the German military and on certain sections of their nation?

    One thing is certain, for as long as there been dictators there have been stronger campaigns by the moral majority to have these traitors pay for their crimes. God is on their side.I say this because in the end, God’s justice will prevail against anyone who breaks his commands and willfully suppresses his children.

    My advise to all those blind Fijians who support Bainimarama is to go back to loving the almighty God Jehovah and his basic tenets. The most important step in this process is to firstly get rid of personal pride (such as authority, rank, medals, uniform and personal achievements) and humble themselves and do what God is asking of them individually. God has two important commandments about love which are also tests of loyalty and sincererity towards him and all of his creations. Love him and all your brothers with all your heart.

    Once you have loved God first and with genuine affection then the choice between an evil like Bainimarama and the people of Fiji is easy.Bainimarama does not love his fellow men who are the citizens of Fiji no matter who they are, but Jesus wants you to. You cannot say in your lips every week, Jisu!!!, Jisu but in your actions you are trying to condoning a terrible crime.

    Since December 2006, have we witnessed God’s commandments in Bainimarama, the military and his junta? Given the level abuse of power and greed associated with his regime, we can say that the answer is a definite no.

  5. Cama Says:

    He wants true democracy but he is not practising it. What kind of democracy is this when only the voice of the dictator is heard and if he wants to rope somebody in to his talks, he or she has to abide by his set conditions like the visit of the Commonwealth Secretariat Sir Paul Reeves.

    He is just making a fool of himself when addressing the UN general assemlbly.

  6. EnufDictatorship Says:

    For the reportes/writers to use the word ‘COMPLAINED’ in the opening sentence, shows to the world that VOREQE IS A COMPLAINER, A WHINGER, A LITTLE CRY-BABY…wah..wah…wah.

    LOL!!! Unfortunately for us Voreqe doesn’t see that and his psycho supporters will sure enough not tell it to him like that ‘cos they are blinded by their greed as well.

    Go democracy!!!

  7. Fiji Man Says:

    Well at least he gets to address the world!! while we listen to rejects like you lot on this site!!

  8. Anon. Says:

    @ Fiji Man.

    Address the world!!
    If u bothered checking? Forum – like his & your head – was empty…


    People don’t “listen” on this site – they “read”!! Duh!!

  9. Ofa Says:

    Terror tactics, terrorists? Is there something the rest of the world does not know about Fiji. Banimarama should be a bit careful with this as this may backfire in the tourism industry. Nobody likes to holiday in a country where there is a terrorist threat. On the other hand, he has heroically stood up to the terrorists, removed a terrorist government and now we are safe in Fiji again. Does he really assume anyone believes this nonsense? The
    guy must go rather sooner than later.

    Quite obviously, the UN position with respect to Fijian peace keepers is hurting, so external pressure seems to work. The international community should keep this pressure up, but the people of Fiji have to do their share too. It is the time now to show courage, stage peaceful protests and get some spanners thrown into the government works. What about wearing a white t-shirt with FD printed on it (freedom and democracy?) What can he do if we do this in large numbers?

  10. Michael Says:

    My, my what difference does a couple of years make. Immediately after the 2006 coup Voreqe rolled out his impressive cast of supporters to legitimize his illegal actions.

    We were introduced to characters like FHRC’s Shaista, 2000 victims -Mahen & the whole FLP entourage, The Catholic church hierarchy in his eminent Arch Bishop Mataca & Father Barr were there to lend credibility.

    But look at who is in with Voreqe now after all those people have either fled or been booted out..the same old corrupt faces from the SVT era.Inoke Kubuabola was instrumental in the coup against Chaudary, Filipe Bole, James Ahkoy and so forth are all conmen who lack credibility. What we have here is a den of thieves

  11. balluk Says:

    Ofa what a good idea-please someone print the shirts and we’ll all buy one and wear it asap.Cama excellent write-up.

  12. Frida Says:

    I am glad that the pressure mounted by our neighbours is working and I do not mind at all the repercussions, if it is going to give us back our right to choose our leader.

  13. Fiji Man Says:

    Qori!! what happened to Samoa?? Tidal wave, Gods curse on those that critisize this IG!!! vacava ya!! ha!ha! memu sici qauri Samoan PM!!!

  14. Oh Dear Says:

    Hi all,

    A few weeks ago I was talking to a taxi driver in Suva who had informed me that there was an accident somewhere in Suva that very morning. (not going to give out information of where and who this guy is based @- thanks). Apparently this Indo-Fijian taxi driver had crashed into an army vehicle. The Army guys jumped out of their vehicle and started beating the Indo-Fijian taxi driver up! I asked the Taxi driver can he lodge a complaint? He said How can the guy lodge a complaint… The armies are untouchables! OMG!!

    So, for you pro-IG is this what you want for Fiji? They are the judge, jury and executioner! They are not accountable to anyone but themselves as they have protected themselves through their many decrees! And the media cannot report these things.. Wow! You guys must be really proud of yourselves and justifying your actions as a means to an end? The arrogance you have to make people suffer! How Dare you! Poor guy.. who is going to pay for his medical expenses??

  15. Frida Says:

    Fiji Man – you sound like a 10 year old! Are you? Samoan PM left NZ as soon as he can unlike our illegal wannabe PM who was in Fiji during the flooding and took more than 5 days before he visited those affected. For him – he only had to drive around in one of those expensive cars bought with my money as a worker in this cowntree.

  16. Asgrocky Says:

    Fiji Man
    You stupid, shallow, insane dog, you low life bastard. How can you say such a thing at a time like this? Is this how you regard human life and suffering? American Samoa had supported your low IQ illegal pm and there have been many deaths and devastation as well. You are a fucken dog.

  17. kumala vula Says:

    Well, we should ask ourselves for how long has been the frustration been there and there is no sign of improvement from FB and his colleague. All we do is bark and bark on everything. My madness towards FB is great I wish I was God so I can do something about it. what will happen if I were God? Will I judge him for making me mad and angry? what am I actually angry about? well FB, I hope you are man enogh when it your turn to get mad and angry…your season is expiring soon.

  18. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Has the Fijian navy set sail yet to help the Samoans?

  19. Anon. Says:

    You surely jest? Can’t even send boats out to rescue us due to
    inefficienties. (lack of fuel – money).

  20. Truth Says:

    Fiji Man Qori e dua na tamata lialia

    Suggesting that Samoa is struck by God’s wrath because Samoa’s Prime Minister spoke up against the evils of Fiji’s dictators 🙂 Kilai sara ga nomu kavelu va’a ca.

  21. tualeita Says:

    Fiji Man,

    We in Fiji should not condemn anyone but be warned that this kind catastrophe might just come to us too!

    Hopefully we will all heed their call for help and donate some of our time and means to their welfare.

    To say that their/our tragedies have happened because their PM spoke out against dictator VB stems out of ignorance and arrogance.

    Who knows, we might be next on the list!

  22. Anon. Says:

    And with a little bit of luck Fiji Man will be out picking up fish when the sea recedes…

  23. Truth Says:

    US planes landed on Samoa within hours of the tsunami. Nothing like that will be mounted for Fiji from the States and Fiji or rather the Vo and Mob can forget about Australia and NZ.

    The rest living abroad will just take care for our own individual families. Vo and Gangsters can fork out their private funds for the country. We don’t want to offer up across the board public assistance since that will make the Mobsters feel good and look good you know how it is we won’t be making contributions at a time when the dictators rule. The country should experience great drought and famine while Vo rules.

  24. balluk Says:

    Fijiman, is definately that blockhead Budhau

  25. Jean d'Ark Says:

    So then Fiji Man – what curse did the yasayasa vaka Ra suffer from with the massive floods we had in Jan this year?

    Was it for Tui Nadi and Tui Vuda’s “support” of IG?

  26. Gauna Says:

    Fiji Man.

    You like your leader is an imbecile dropkick.

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