What a week it’s been.


Tapi oink or ethanol oink to the uninitiated, has blamed Australia, Bloggers and anyone who dares to question the illegal regimes impostion on the Fijian Nation, again for his idiocy and complete lack of crediblility. Well what’s new you may ask.


Not much really, he continues as only someone so disengaged from reality can be. Lying through his rotting teeth to all and sundry like they’re fools like himself, what a loser!

Wow those incredible figures he conjured out of nowhere and then trying to convince the Nation that he and the illegal regime have not taken one solitary cent from the Nations coffers. Big talk from one with such a miniscule mind. All fantasy ethanol oink, and you don’t fool anyone for one minute.


Message to ethanol oink – yep we know you read this site mate, You’ve been repeating the same old crap over and over since your rape of the Nation on 5.12.06, ok, nothings changed except the sorry state of affairs in Fiji and of course your sudden gain of wealth. Hey man if that’s not blatant stealing you’re truly off your ole rocker, we know that, but being raised up in polite society & not dragged up like you and your ilk seem to have been, we’ve been too polite to actually spell out your incredible ignorance.


As usual all the misfits of the land have taken up ethanol oinks imbecilic beliefs and proposals, well good for all of you coup apologists, but who wants to be associated with paedophiles, murderers and thieves.


There Dear Friends is the calibre of the 5.12.06 coup instigators and apologists.


Amen to that!


Once more with feeling! And a huge raspberry right in the ethanol oinks mad face.



  1. Annon. Says:

    Please Soli Vakasama show some sympathy & compassion for Kai Gau.
    Imagine how hard it must be for him and his supporters?
    Every single day wondering when and how it will all end? And what fate awaits when it eventually does? Having to spend your days and nights surrounded by bodyguards? Treated and viewed as a leper by every credible world leader – an inept joke by his own people. Knowing that some time in the foreseable future things will get so bad he will be forced
    into a situation where it will simply be him or them? (us).
    Remember – you reap what you sow.

  2. Anon Says:

    Well, some latest hot air from the “ethanol oink”….next step is the UN Assembly (Fiji Sun 19/09/09). Go Frank and show the world what you are made of…..empty vessels make the most sound!
    And how about his response on TV1 news last night, during the Q&A session at that economic summit…well I just couldn’t stop laughing at the consistency of this regime’s inconsistencies…Pig telling everyone that night spots in the West will be opened up till 4am and he made a very snide remark about “his” PolCom and officers who are closing down night spots at 12MN….a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing…..wailei Navua!!!!

  3. Anon. Says:

    Frank & cronies latest brainstorm to replenish dwindling funds? Casinoe’s.
    These people on drugs or just simply insane? Maybe both?

  4. Tuks Says:

    Lai kai Gau tu vacava o la ya???? ….. or has his own people from Kiuva deliberately dumped him????. Please elaborate…

  5. Anone. Says:

    If ever any fellow bloggers want a??? How do I put this??? Laugh? Become depressed? Angry? Speculate about aliens living in our midst? Wonder how those currently in power spend their time? Check out Real Fiji blog – but obviously don’t leave a comment (email address) – otherwise you might get a nasty Chinese virus or a T.

  6. C.I.A Says:

  7. tikotikokina Says:

  8. Anon. Says:

    @ tikotikokina.

    Above most enlightening – conspiracy theory re ejection of Indian farmers not looking as silly as it first appeared – same happening in Taveuni & elsewhere…Different tactics employed Western Side (Olosara).
    Keep in mind ruling M C is comprised of ” hard core nationalists”.

  9. Anon. Says:

    Is Reserve Bank Gov Sada Reddy sniffing Ethanol?

    Above has just called for an 82% reduction of rice imports – up from $21 million 2 years ago to $40mill today. This figure is a sure indicator things are tough on the home front. What is more concerning however is a call for the upgrading of the Dreketi Mill – given what happened in the Sugar industry this is really troubling.

  10. Sakuaga Says:

    On another note…Our COUP pm is the first ever to deliberate on Saturday in NY while every legitimate VIP’S wrap up theirs on week days….If I were you frank…I would pack up and go. It looks like you cant stand the deterioration of life in Fiji you just want to go from places to places wasting tax payers money…

  11. Jay Says:

    Right im not been funny here?? how the hack Vore has gone from Kuiva to Gau??? bloody good ridiance bad rubbish … HELL no we dont want our Island be tarnish by a mental case wailei tailevu NO LEQA sa rauti kemudou tiko mada ga mai Kuiva. thanks but no thanks kevaka dou sa sega ni vnakati koya Volai koya ki China i think they will give him a piece of there place lol

  12. Anon. Says:

    @ Jay.

    Vasu Gau. Despite what he says – Kubuna disowns him.

  13. jay Says:

    well if All Kubuna def disowns him then slide him to china just make sure he stops over in OZ so he can get some small butraki lol …and gets his face rearrange.. at least he can get his face stretched a-bit and looks like one of them, so chinese people dont pick on him lol

  14. Anon. Says:

    Danger of Frank & co is the intentional damage their causing to the traditional system. GCC opens today – heads of all 3 confedracies not invited. Bit rich from a family who insist on being known (called) ratu’s.
    That’s OK – we have long memories – they’ll keep.

  15. C.I.A Says:

    Sa yali o Budhau

  16. balluk Says:

    Sa lai vutuki tukuna!!!!!!

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