It was expected, so no surprises or WTF moments with the ole oinks response to Sir Paul Reeves plea for a quick return to democracy for Fiji.  Oinks imbecility was on full show, as he fails the litmus test, AGAIN!

The only WTF moment was when the Sir Paul was flying out of Fiji air space, he probably took a deep breath and wondered like all other delegates who’ve tried to reason with the dumb ole oink ‘OMG, WTF was that!”

Go Sir Paul, go & tell your boss Kamalesh Sharma you need a bloody good all expenses paid holiday in the Swiss Alps to forget about your experience with the ole oink. Deep Breath!

The illegal regime will not relinquish their stance, for the very reason that they have no viable mandate and no where to go, except straight to gaol if an election was held at anytime, because it’s just plain unwinnable for them.

This is what happens when complete fools think they can rule illegally, but are constantly in fear for their useless lives.

We in Fiji understand this all too well. This is why we are sitting back and watching the illegal regime self destruct. 

There aren’t any happy faces among the coup apologists as they struggle to deal with their conscience. There’s nothing worse than knowing that noone has an iota of respect for them.

The more narcissistic of course have no conscience at all and driving the Nations fiscal deficit to astronomically high levels while stripping the Fiji citizens of their liberties is the least of their concern as they lap up their illegal stance.

They started the whole mess, let them finish it. Leave them to self destruct.

It’s happening daily. Take another look at them, most of those bemedalled fools are losing the tan they were born with. They’re all unusually vulaci (pale or wan). For anyone born and living in beautiful Fiji, to be unusually wan or pale is a sure sign of  an underlying medical disorder.

This condition could be due to Vitamin D deficiency (tabu siga lei) or the person has a blood disorder that leads to diabetes and eventually leukaemia.

Na Vanua has its own way of punishing the kaisis who try to upset our way of life.

So be it!


  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    So true SV! They will self destruct when the time is nigh!

    BTW I was just wondering, how our families back home and others who care so much about our Fiji are patiently waiting for all this madness to end.

    However, what I feel we have to start pushing now vehemently is what then after 2014 for VOREQE? We know for sure Voreqe’s backers and cronies if any wants to stand for elections in 2014 will never, ever make it to parliament. Unless of cos Voreqe tries to rig elections like they did in Iran and Afghanistan recently.

    We must make a stand now, Voreqe and the Fiji military has to back-off after 2014, if not, then surely BLOOD IS GOING TO BE SPILLED cos we won’t take his crap the second time round. The fear of them using their guns on us must not overtake our passion to regain our freedom and prosperity. Their reverse psychology of saying that when blood is spilled it will be on our hands should never be entertained. Because if any blood is spilled it will be on their hands because they have the guns NOT US!

    So we need some Fijian men with balls to start telling him that now!

    After 2014, pack up and ship out!!!!!! We are patiently waiting now but will not wait one more minute after 2014 elections.

  2. Times are changing Says:

    Alot of ppl are outta work and have families they think of, so BALLS or NO BALLS their hands are tied. thanx to the unfair fijian born fidel castro and his dogs, my fathers suspended, under investigation even though the court hearing dropped all charges(where is his rights, wheres the justice!) and now I 23yr old single mom am supporting my brothers and parents.
    if 2014 doesnt full through any one out their with connections in high places over seas….. please help!!!

  3. Tui Says:

    I see no reason why we should wait for 2014.There will bve no election come 2014 because Bai does not want to answer to his crimes against humanity in Fiji.THe soldiers are getting paid so well they do not want to rock the boat becasuse no one has any consience anymore.The people should get together and start a civil disobedience like stop work for one week.
    Create mass protest like sit in at govt house to make sure no one goes to work. No work means no momey for the illegal govt means infighting and means collapse. It is high time someone in Fiji was standing up to this crook and murder of an Illegal PM and Dictator.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Hey Tui, you seem to be nice guy – so here is some friendly advice.

    About stopping work for a week – you see, the Fiji civil service at the time of the coup and even now is majority Fijians – they could have shut down this administration in a week back in 2006 – but that did not happen. If you remember the previous coups, those farmers refused to plant or harvest sugarcane – despite the threat that their leaders will be put in jail under the internal security decree, or the soldiers would move in to harvest the cane or that their leases would not be renewed – they believed in their cause and they had good leadership – why have we not seen such protest this time?

    I will tell you why – we have some sorry ass leadership and the people don’t seem to believe in this “cause”.

    You call a work stoppage, 10 people will not show up and they will be fired the next day.

    To create some mass movement – you first need a cause that the people believe in and secondly you need some good honest leadership.

    The grassroot folks believe this is some scrap between the Qarase crowd and Bainimarama crowd – a power struggle and they will let these two sort it out. Fijians as a people have not had much say in politics or the running of the county – they turned up every five years and voted for the political party that was endorsed by the GCC, then they went back to doing whatever for the next five years. That is why they are just sitting on the sidelines.

    So unless some good, honest people decide to stand up and be counted – nothing will happen. Get rid of Qarase and his SDL losers, get rid of those few NFP guys who are only there because of their hatred of Chaudary, get rid of the Methodist Church leadership, these guys have been part of the problem, and why can’t you get some good, intelligent folks writing under their real names in opposition to the regime – besides people like Victor Lal and that Tui Savu, who seems to have his own agenda. (Besides Madraiwiwi and Leung – have you seen any other person that does not have any baggage make a serious stand against this regime – the Fiji Times does not count – those bastard had helped create the environment for the coup in 2000 and they were working to help bring down this regime and that is what got Frank pissed off.

    So you see Tui – just blogging ain’t gonna do it, somewhere along the line people should be willing to put their ass on the line and to do that they have to really believe in the cause. That is when they would be willing to go to jail – unlike you chief – the moment she was arrested – she recognized Frank’s government, his courts and everything, bailed herself out and will now show up to front this “illegal” court and judges and accept whatever sentence she gets.

    Good luck Tui – but don’t encourage some dumbass poor bugger to not show up to work in protest – he will only lose his job – and SV will not do a fundraiser to feed his kids.

  5. balluk Says:

    Budhau maichod, you’re no doubt a definate total blockhead. Budhau writes: “So you see Tui-just blogging ain’t gonna do it,somewhere along the line people should be willing to put their ass on the line.”You see blockhead there are many ways of dealing with difficulties and doesn’t have to be violence, as you seem to be advocating?
    Fijians have their own ways of solving diffculties and they’ve done it before our ancestors arrieved and they’ve still doing it since after you were tossed out of their country, it’ll definately still be here, at the end of time-i’m sure. As for you maichod, stay away from paradise Fiji.Get a Job and stop screwing the social security of the democracy state that have made the mistake to take you in?

  6. Roko 2. Says:

    No doubt whatsoever that they will implode – problem being the damage caused when they eventually do?

  7. Anon. Says:

    Fiji needs many things right now but Casinos isn’t one of them.

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