Dula Ragone, The World is on our side for Democracy for Fiji

Canberra to maintain a hard line on Fiji

Rowan Callick | September 07, 200


Article from: The Australian

THE Pacific-watching community, such as it is in Australia, is wringing its hands about what to do about recalcitrant Fiji – but Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is displaying no second thoughts.

He is going for the jugular.

The government has asked the UN to order a “progressive replacement of Fijian troops” in peacekeeping operations – which provide the third-biggest source of national income after tourism and sugar.

A Foreign Affairs Department spokesperson said last week: “We have conveyed our position on a number of occasions to the UN at senior levels, and the UN has advised us that it is aware of and has taken account of our position.”

This tactic strikes at the core of the support for prime minister and military commander Frank Bainimarama – his own army colleagues, who have been the principal, arguably the only, material beneficiaries from the coup he led in December 2006. What happens when the perks stop coming?

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully has said that “it is very hard to see how (the UN) can justify using military people who have overthrown the rule of law in their own country as the agents to enforce the rule of law as peacekeepers somewhere else”.

The army spent a long time responding to the coup in mid-2000 when George Speight seized the entire cabinet and held them hostage in the parliament compound for 56 days.

Eventually, it did regain control, and Speight was jailed for life. Bainimarama set up Laisenia Qarase, a government banker and senator – in which role he championed affirmative action for ethnic Fijians – as prime minister.

But Bainimarama failed to gain the enhanced status and voice in the public realm he felt he deserved. The attempted mutiny of November 2000, when five mutineers and three loyal soldiers were killed, underlined his sense of unease, his desire to gain a more prominent role and with it greater control over the nation’s – and his own – destiny.

He appears to have been sincere in seeking a less racially based political structure in Fiji, where voting has run in part on ethnic lines since independence from Britain in 1970. This stance was accompanied by a stepping up of the tension between the army and the government led by Qarase that it had installed, undiminished by that government’s obtaining narrow mandates at elections in 2001 and 2006. The first coup in Fiji, and in the Pacific generally, was led by then colonel Sitiveni Rabuka in 1987 in order to reinforce the dominant position of ethnic Fijians at a time when the country was more equally divided demographically.

Since then, and substantially as a result of Fiji’s political instability, the members of the Indian community with portable skills and savings have largely fled, leaving the ethnic Fijians with at least 60 per cent of the population.

The Bainimarama coup, while ostensibly to support fairer status for the Indians, has instead seen an acceleration in their exodus as they fear both the economic consequences of the promised four further years of military rule and an eventual reckoning by suppressed Fijian nationalists.

In April, Bainimarama raised the stakes considerably by abrogating the constitution, sacking the judiciary, imposing censorship on the media, replacing the Reserve Bank head and declaring that no election would be held until September 2014.

Justice delayed, justice denied. Democracy delayed that long, democracy also denied.

The army has taken on Fiji’s other core institutions, including the chiefs and the Methodist Church – which have formerly championed the ethnic Fijian cause – and effectively silenced them, too. Since April, Fiji has been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum and since last week from the Commonwealth. Its foreign reserves have slumped, in part because of its “coup culture”, says ratings agency Moody’s, which like its competitor Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Fiji this year.

The measure that has been most effective, though, hitting Fiji’s elite hardest, has been the ban on entry to Australia or New Zealand by people in senior government positions or boards – and their families.

This underlines the importance to Fiji of those two “great powers” of the region. It also provides people who view the military regime with distaste, with an excellent excuse not to accept invitations to serve it.

Is China seizing the chance of rushing in to the resulting vacuum? Wang Yongqiu, the head of Pacific relations at China’s Foreign Ministry, formerly posted to Suva and Canberra, told The Australian during the recent Pacific Islands Forum summit in Cairns: “While we are conducting interactions with Fiji, we have tried to persuade it to conduct friendly relations with its neighbouring countries, but its future is decided by its own people and its own government.”

Carefully calibrated words. China naturally wants to increase its influence, but not at the cost of utterly alienating Australia even at this awkward time between Beijing and Canberra. It has learned from the global response to its earlier embrace of outcast regimes in Africa.

Fortunately, we have in James Batley, our high commissioner in Suva, Australia’s top Pacific diplomat.

But within Australia, many Pacific-watchers worry that Canberra’s strategy of isolating the Suva regime is counter-productive because it leaves no room for incentives for the military to do the right thing.

Peter Thompson, the second-eldest of a fifth generation of Britons in Fiji and Fiji’s secretary for information during the first coups, talked on ABC Radio National’s Counterpoint program about a recent visit to Suva.

He had a 90-minute meeting with Bainimarama, and compared his line on multi-ethnic harmony with the worrying legislation lined up by Qarase to return all freehold land and beaches to the original Fijian owners, and to free Speight and his gang.

It’s true that such forms of democracy in Fiji have not been healthy in recent times. But at least there was an institutionalised capacity to debate and disagree.

The inflexible Suva regime has given little cause to believe that it is truly capable of serving people, as opposed to ordering them about. It is a military regime of a different order entirely, in its ubiquity, from that imposed by Rabuka. It has deployed ill-equipped military officers to run almost every area of public life.

Jon Fraenkel, a Fiji expert and former resident, now at the Australian National University, said recently that Bainimarama “has cast himself in the role of a modern-day Robespierre seeking to transcend the parochial divisions of the ancient regime, or as a born-again Kemal Ataturk intent on building a modern secular order.

“More usually, ‘coups to end all coups’ that aim to transcend communal divisions have ended in forms of dictatorship. The idea of the army that stands above the fray finds little historical support, especially when the military itself reflects communal divisions – as in Fiji where it remains 99per cent indigenous,” Fraenkel says.

Should Australia be “imposing” democracy on such a country – especially when it does not push China, for instance, to become democratic?

This is where the politics, the “art of the possible”, comes in to play. Compared with China, Fiji has been a democracy, however flawed. It has now gone backwards. And it is hurting, economically and socially. It is hard to see the status quo surviving another five years, as planned.

If the military regime were simply to be invited back into the fold in the meantime, the message, the precedent, would be clear. You can seize power, defy the world, and win. If, of course, you have the weapons – and personnel trained, hardened and rewarded through UN international operations.

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  1. Anonymous. Says:

    About time Kev 747 became personally involved (if indeed he does?).

    Up to now advice given by an arrogant ONA & a dysfunctional DFAT
    has bordered on bizarre. Far too much Canberra ‘Indian’ input in what is
    essentially an indigenous Taukei affair.

  2. Budhau Says:

    Too much “Indian input” – maybe them Taukeis should be doing more of those demonstrations in Australia like the one pulled off in Sydney by the local Fijian women’s club – at least that is what it look like.

    ..and didn’t the Australian PM make that announcement in May that after all his lobbying efforts, the UN will no longer be using the Fijian peace keepers.

    …and this Rowan Callick guy and The Australian – don’t they have their own agenda.

    Come on guys.

    BTW – this is what SV had reported in late April 2009:

    “Australia says the United Nations will stop recruiting Fijian soldiers for peace-keeping operations, after the recent suspension of Fiji’s constitution. Fiji has been high on the agenda for talks in Canberra between Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare. The Pacific Islands Forum is set to expel Fiji on Friday and the Commonwealth is considering action. Mr Rudd says the UN’s move means important remittances to Fijian military families will now be cut off.”

    BTW – the UN had never made any such move back then – so I guess the Rudd dude is going for jugular now – right Rowan Callick?

  3. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    On the question of whether Australia should or should not be imposing democracy on Fiji ?/ It’s not an imposition. Australia simply isolating the IG is key. Cut off trade with the IG is fine. Australia’s relationship with Fiji and will continue once the IG is out of the way be it 10, 15, or 20 years. International communities should not use the people of Fiji as an excuse to continue holding punches.

  4. Roko Says:


    You speaking out of your cici again go and nobble on chodos rod.

  5. Budhau Says:

    Talei – the question is not whether ANZ is trying to impose Democracy in Fiji – the issue here is that they are going the wrong way. The carrot and stick approach is much better then just the stick approach.

    In behaving like the tough guys, they have pushed Fiji in the other camp and China was there and it moved in to fill the vacuum.

    Playing hardball with Frank does not work – you and I know it, and the sooner ANZ figure that out, the better it will be for all.

    As for the Rowan Callick guy from The Australian saying that Rudd is going for the jugular – those guys just want to feel good, just the tough talking crowd here on the SV – in the meantime Frank has got everyine by the balls. Just wait an see how the Melanesians pull out of the Forum and the ANZ can have their Samoan boy doing the tough talking so that it don’t look like the two white dudes beating up on the Islander.

    Do you think ANZ really care about the people of Fiji and all that democracy crap – hell no – this is all about whose sphere of influence this region would be – the Chinese or the US – and Australia is acting on behalf of the US. BTW – if things get out of hand, I am sure these buggers will finance some covert activity to take out Frank – like they helped take out Bavadra because of his nuclear free Pacific crap – remember, this thing goes back a long ways.

  6. kaiveicoco Says:

    welcome back,I have been away for a few weeks.I ask now where were you in 1987? may 14 1987 and afterwards.

  7. Budhau Says:

    Where was I in 1987 – the relevance of that. Maybe you, like many in here, seem to think that I am bitter about the 1987 coup – that I may have to migrate because the coup, or that me and my family may have had some losses in real property deal due to the fire sale that went on after the coup – then you are wrong.

    I left Fiji before the coups as very young child – it was the pull factor that made my family migrate, not the push factor as it was after the 1987 coup. I did travel to Fiji in April 1988 – the week that Rabuka put in his Internal security decree and saw it first hand how the population was scared shitless, I did go through a road block at Kennedy ave and that road going to the beach in Nadi – I think I have my streets correct.
    BTW – I do think that Rabuka’s boys were much more ruthless than anything we have seen so far with this military.

    Oh and also, when my family left Fiji, Chaudary was not in politics, I have never voted in any elections in Fiji – my grandfather was a NFP man, my father an Alliance guy.

    This was just to get some facts straight – because idiots always come in here and suggest that I write this because of my negative experience during the 1987 coup. I have very fond memories of Fiji – no hard feelings towards the country or its people. I also can understand why communities who have been pushed out a country tend to have resentment – people such as the Vietnamese or the Cubans in the US, I am sure that there are some Indo’s who were pushed out of Fiji post coup may also have that same feelings – but for most migration was easy and quick way out – so no hard feeling, though many would still like to go back and retire in Fiji.

  8. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    China is not filling any vacuum. IG talks about their so called look North Policy is crap. 3 years on and Jim Ah Koy’s press releases on China coming to Fiji’s rescue amounted to a big fat 0. Nothing coming forth from both China and India resulting in the IG’s wild goose chase to Malaysia. Millions of dollars from Malaysia to the IG is the newest lie and here too nothing will materialize. Why should Malaysia give away hundreds of millions of dollars to a dictator to pocket. Same reason India and China were no_shows. Interestingly observation is the IG forecasted millions to flow into Fiji without a word from their named donors. The only stupid and naive players in current climate are the IG beneficiaries and supporters.

    Australia and NZ should stop using the people of Fiji as an excuse barring a full blown embargo. 100 % Sanctions do not hurt the people of Fiji. It hurts the IG. Speed up the process of bankrupting the country by applying full blown embargo on the IG if they can’t trade they can’t pay their bills. Pulling punches is appeasing the IG. The people of Fiji are resilient and it will be nice if both countries stop using the people as an excuse.

  9. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    The big boys are Australia, NZ, EU, USA.

    China would rather be in the big boys’ good books than appease a small coconut idiot like Vo.

    Explains why there hasn’t been any monies coming forth from the IG’s promised land Lol.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Talei – you go google how much aid did China gave to Fiji in 2006, and then compare that to how much it gave since the coup – and then you go figure Australia’s annual aid to Fiji.

    As for the 100% embargo – when was the last time you saw one of the these Embargos work, without the carrot and stick approach.

  11. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    There weren’t any monies from China to the Vo
    None from India

    Eggs have yet to hatch and already counting their chicks and notable is the silence from the donor in Malaysia 🙂 exactly the same scenario witnessed with the big talks concerning China and big time cassava planting for the Fijian people blah blah blah .. we are all still waiting my guess is we will wait 20 years for that Plant to be built. Now they say this Malaysia Co will build a Plant of sorts ?? This is the 2nd round of revelation on Plant buildings by this IG. 3 years on and still no Plant from China. No monies from China. No monies from India. What kinds of idiots believe the IG idiots.

    Right thinking people do not hand over monies to dictators NEVER HAS HAPPENED in the history of this planet earth and will not start happening now.

  12. kaiveicoco Says:

    OK Budhau, I will be at the Rocks in Sydney soon we can meet there and talk policy,poultry and polictics.October

  13. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Cripple the IG is the goal.

    100 percent embargo will bend the knees of that tiny island nation’s minute economy. Sugar is on its last leg. Tourism is 3rd stage cancer. After that there isn’t much else.

    100% embargo in nations that boast sizeble human resources with rich natural resources can take some time for the embargo’s implementation to take effect

    In tiny Fiji’s case however, the IG will be scraping bottom of barrel in no time flat


    Stop using Fiji people as an excuse. They will be fine.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Thanks dude – how did you know where I now live.

    and for that China deals:

    “Sydney-based Lowy Institute for International Policy calculated that China’s aid pledges to Fiji increased seven fold from 23-Million U-S dollars in 2006 to 161-Million in 2007.”

    Few months ago there was that bridge that was completed with Chinese funds.
    Then there is the $US70 million Chinese Development Bank and the Fiji Electricity Authority deal for the hydro. Whatever happened with the cassava/ethanol deal.
    And just yesterday we had that $70 million housing soft loan from China come thru.

    So you see, the Chinese did step in to fill that vacuum – I acan go back and come up with more projects financed by the Chinese – soft loans, aids etc.

    BTW – Chinese have no problems working with dictators. However, I see double standards when it comes to ANZ – they work with some dictators and not with others.

  15. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Actually there was no such funding by the Chinese.

    And mums the word on the famous ethanol plant.

  16. this is navoha Says:

    Hey guys read this …interesting reading, copy & paste from a blog site

    Odds shortening for Bainimarama presidency
    The chances of Frank Bainimarama becoming the next -President has increased with his comment over Radio Fiji that the regime’s new Constitution will look at having the President as leader of the country.

    Bainimarama told Radio Fiji on Sunday that apart from the parliamentary system and electoral reform, the people of Fiji will be asked whether they prefer the President or Prime Minister as the country’s leader.

    Coupfourpointfive has been told this is yet another indication that the coup leader has set his eyes on the presidency following the regime’s decision to retire Tui Vuda Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

    As President Bainimarama will become the nation’s leader as well as the Commander in Chief of the military.

    Growers Council dissolution case thrown out
    Fiji Labour Party and National Famers Union leader Mahendra Chaudhry has suffered futher humiliation and rejection at the hands of the dictatorship regime which he helped establish on firm foundations.

    Sources have confirmed that Chaudhry’s son, Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry tried to file a case before the High Court of Fiji in Suva last week to challenge the regime’s decision to scrap the Sugar Cane Growers Council.

    However the court documents were rejected by the High Court registry under the provisions of the Administration of Justice Decree promulgated under the regime’s New Legal Order.

    The Decree prohibits any citizen or organisation from challenging a decision of the regime.

    Coupfourpointfive has been told the action of the High Court Registry is as far as Chaudhry is concerned, a case of getting a taste of his own medicine.

    Chaudhry supported the overthrow of the SDL/FLP Multiparty Government of Laisenia Qarase and become Frank Bainimarama’s interim Finance and Sugar Minister – a post that he held for 18 months.

    On Chaudhry’s recommendation the regime deferred the Growers Council elections scheduled for 2008 to 2010.

    Chaudhry’s recommendation was political as the National Farmers union had gained control of the Council afer the 2006 coup.

    The Growers Council has been given three months to wind up its operations.

    It’s scrapping will leave cane farmer voiceless and with no legitimate represention.

    Regime selling off prime State assets?
    There are rumours that the dictatorship regime is trying to sell off State assets in a bid to raise quick money for its survival.

    The rumours say the regime is negotiating with Arabian Gulf States like United Arab Emirates and Brunei and elite billionaires of these two nations for the sale of Nadi International Airport and the sea ports like Kings Wharf of Suva and Queens Wharf at Lautoka.

    Sources say the un-explained trip of the regime’s Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to Brunei is fuelling these reports. Sayed-Khaiyum traveled to Brunei last week from Barbados. He is the closest advisor to military dictator Frank Bainimarama.

    Nearly three years after the December 2006 coup, the regime has achieved negligible results in terms of securing fnancial handouts from Asian nations like China, Malasia and India.

    The sale of Nadi Airport and the sea ports is being seen as an initiative of Sayed-Khaiyum to prop the regime and prolong its stay in power as both sales will bring several millions of dollars for the cash-strapped regime.

    Nadi Airport is the gateway to the Pacific and the adverse consequences of the possible privatization of this prime asset is being deliberately ignored.

    Sources say given the regime’s inconsistency, the sale of these ports of entry is possible.

  17. Anonymous. Says:

    Rest assured navoha nobody with an ounce of legal common sense would touch these (purchases) with a barge pole – regime is clearly illegal – once their gone all contracts will be nul & void. Fiji might be currently be operating in a legal no mans land – but others aren’t.

  18. balluk Says:

    Budhau you maichod, it is people like you that is causing distrust with the I Taukei. I mean you tuck your tail between your AZZ and skip the country at the slightest cough from General Rabuka and his troop in 1987. Now after many years of collecting social welfare funds from the democracy that had accepted your bullshyte now you’re acting like a Koli Ni Kai Idia, as the saying goes with the I Taukei. It is people like you that makes thing bad for the rest of us- Kai Idia! Why don,t we just shut the faka up and let the I Taukei run their country? Look mai chod, we’ve been kicked out from all over the world, you name it and they’ve kicked the Indian out! Why, because of ASSHOLE like you.

  19. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    You go Talei Tabusoro,

    Coup 2006 going nowhere.

    Charter? gone and forgotten.

    No promises upheld.

    Economy in tatters.

    New Order? more crap, new order ga na levu ni danisi wavoki ra cakava tiko the ovisa and dancing their way closer and closer to hell.

    Qai kedratou kece na illegal regime na kei atu.

  20. tikotikokina Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu Balluk You Budhau together with oink has been fucked by the Al Qaeda Aiyaz and Aziz mAICHOD.

  21. tikotikokina Says:

    Bud Hows your boy doing? kai G

  22. Budhau Says:

    anonymous – you idiot – that legal reasoning that everything after Dec 6, 2006 is illegal – you ever heard of Ian Smith or Rhodesia – everything after that dude is also illegal – right. Everything after Rabuka is illegal – right?

    Why don’t you cut these fricken legal arguments and just argue the facts.

    You go Balluk – with that Indo maichod and all that – I found that very funny. BTW – it is idiots like you that do harm to your own cause – because on one hand you claim to be all for democracy and shit like that and in that same breath you want to run out the Indians out of the country.
    As for letting the the I Taukei run the country – as you demand – you don;t seem to have done that great job since we had independence – first we had all them thieving Ratus for the first 30 years or so stealing from their own people – then we have had this “indigenous cause” crap since 1987.

    You wanna call someone a maichold – show up at the next GCC meeting and start yelling maichod – but no, you will probably show up and bend over.

    As for Indos being “kicked out from all over the world” – where did you get that one from – I guess the old fart still remembers Idi Amin Dada – BTW – those Gujju were all invited back into Uganda… and Idi was dumbass.

    ..and those “rumors” about Nadi International Airport and the sea ports like Kings Wharf of Suva and Queens Wharf at Lautoka being up for sale – you got that one right. There is this Gujju owned company from South Africa, Trikumji, Kanji & Co that is interested in buying these facilities in partnership with FHL but since any contract that this regime enters into would be illegal, we do not have to worry about these sales – right?

    maichod Balluk.

  23. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Why is it that contempory Fijian culture & its people are continually viewed favourably by others yet yours (Indian) is not? Main complaint by overseas visitors – especially those visiting Nadi & Suva is about you? Time you & your bretheren faced it – you’ve lost – you are not Fijian & never will be – your merely the latest of a continuing line of predatory expat diaspora Indians born here – these are not your lands & never will be.

  24. balluk Says:

    Budhau, here you go again spreading rumor like King Warf and Nadi airport being sold to an Indo company? Look blockhead macafaka, you must like to caused rifts amoung well meaning people and thanks the almight god you’re AZZ is no longer in paradise.Us Indians who have choose to stay here in Paradise, with the I taukei permission and kindness. We have nothing else to say to you, but to just PISS-OFF and a BIG middle finger to your posterior!blockhead!!!!!!!!!!!!maichod!!!!!!

  25. Roko Says:


    Whtas with all the swearing claim down.

  26. Budhau Says:

    Anonymous – the kids in my neighbourhood refuse to turn around and wave at every fricken car that goes by with white people in it and give them a smile – maybe that is why those tourists think that those Indo are so unfriendly – why can’t they be just like the “friendly natives”.

    As for predatory people who have come to this land – why don’t you go read up on our Fijian history and figure out whatever happened to those folks who were here before your ancestors arrived – did they get killed and eaten by the more recent arrivals and I think they also had their land stolen from them.

    So you see anonymous – this might be just one of those “what goes around, comes around” thingie.

    BTW – do your kids in the US, do they go around waving and smiling at every that they see go by with white people in it.

    You know why some of those tourist don’t like Indians – because the Indian wants to be treated as an equal – and lot of white folks have a problem with that, and in turn that translate that as unfriendly behaviour – others who don’t have this problem, I don’t think they consider Indo as unfriendly.
    Oh and BTW – I am sure SOME of those same smiling, friendly youths, given a chance, will take off with those tourist handbags – do you have race based statistics on that – I could be wrong.

    So cut out this racist crap, you bitch. The Fijians are not gods gift to humanity. There are good and bad in every culture – Fijian, Indian or whoever – you know how many of these White tourists go to India and come back thinking India is great country and Indian people are great people – and sure that is about the same story with most countries.

    So the sooner you learn – that there are good Indians and there are bad Indians, just like all other races – you will be able to solve your problem.

    You hating Indians – not my problem, it is your problem – there is jack shit that you can do to any Indian – including some of your superiors in that lab that work in.

    You wrote, “these are not your lands” – BTW, do you think land can be taken away “legally” by conquest.

    You see anon – I love this – rub it in, and stress you out even more – BTW – you two must have some psychological issue to be on these websites every fricken day, day in, day out – you and that fat boy Lobo.

  27. Ramesh from the block Says:

    The latest news from the camp is that there is a push by a lot of senior officers to eventually ship Indians out of Fiji.

    The reasons are that there are
    – no land guarantees now that ALTA is dead to the constitution.
    – landowners want them all kicked out on lease expiry date
    – they are not welcome in the army in great numbers because they are “heathens” and might some day sabotage the entire force.
    – they are racist and will only think of themselves

  28. balluk Says:

    Budhau blockhead, you wrote: “So the sooner you learn-that there are good Indians and there are bad Indians,just like other races-you will be able to solve your problem.” Dah! look blockhead hasn’t it ever occur to your stupid skull, that the Fijians are way ahead of your numbskull games, as they have made sure,that the bad and stupid Indians like yourself, are tossed-out off paradise ; and the good one like me, will remain, live and enjoy the senerity, peace and goodwill of these godly Fijian people. Remember one thing blockhead,Fijians did not invite our ancestors to their beautiful Islands.
    They came here because they were mistreated at home, by their own Rajas(chiefs)they had to steal food in order to feed their family,they were slaves to these Rajas.
    Our ancestors couldn’t even build their house,to live in,with natural materials, but rather were made to accommplished this, from their Rajas Animal and human dungs only…how low can you go?
    When the British administration Offered indenture labourer work in Paradise Fiji, where food was abounds and aplenty etc sure they took it, anywhere was better then what they had at home?
    My Grand Father, god bless his soul, has always taught us that Indians and other races,with acception of the British people, were not invite by the Owner of the land-The Fijian people, to live here in Paradise. Always pay the highest respect and homeage to the Fijian people for accepting and tolerating our presence amoung their midst.
    It is unfortunate that we as a race of people, do have blockheads like yourself, who lack the wisdom, to reflect back to the way we were, as an untouchable group of human being at home in India and to where we are now, as accepted human being in Paradise Fiji.
    Not sure whats biting your FAT ASS, but these kind people have done nothing that they should be ashamed-off- to you or me, as they have treated all of us, with the highest respect and dignity of taking us into their country as human being, with no question asked!
    Please blockhead,maichod, stay where you’re at and don’t come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. this is navoha Says:


  30. Budhau Says:

    Balluk – you wrote, “Remember one thing blockhead,Fijians did not invite our ancestors to their beautiful Islands.”

    Listen, you idiots, when the British brought the Indians to Fiji, they, the British owned Fiji – the land, the sea, the people, the Qoliqoli and the while enchilada.

    Now, if you have a problem with the that, then you should blame old boy Seru, a failed businessman, for selling out the country and its people.

    About the Indians, you wrote, “They came here because they were mistreated at home, by their own Rajas(chiefs)they had to steal food in order to feed their family,they were slaves to these Rajas.”

    You are a real dumbass, Balluk – one of the reason there was migration out of India in the 1800s was because the British were there, and they had created a cash crop agriculture which during times of drought created severe famine. The British had also set a very efficient railroad system, where they could transport food out of the region very efficiently and made those drought/famines even worse – that is why Indian left in large numbers – it was no Rajas. By the way, I agree with you to a certain extent that the Rajas, just like the Ratus, exploit their own people – and getting rid of both is a good idea.

    Here is another of your dumbass remarks, “It is unfortunate that we as a race of people, do have blockheads like yourself, who lack the wisdom, to reflect back to the way we were, as an untouchable group of human being at home in India and to where we are now, as accepted human being in Paradise Fiji.”

    Hey idiot, even if I was a blockhead – race has nothing to with anything here – What I say is my own individual opinion – WTF does it have to do with my race, or anyone else who says something in here – his or her race is irrelevant.

    As for respecting each others culture – the should be mutual. Balluk, you are just some uneducated idiot who is trying look good by kissing up to this crowd – whereas I say it as it is.

    BTW – I am all for democracy, equal rights of all citizens, affirmative action, respect of each others culture, getting rid of the dictatorship, and that all previous coups were wrong.
    I also have a intense dislike for racist folks like anon – and I don’t like the way you kiss ass in here.

  31. hari Says:

    Balluk, give it up, this blockhead Budhau is really stupid!!!

  32. balluk Says:

    You’re quite righ hari this macafaka budhau is a first class BLOCKHEAD and if he had lived in India during the 18th hundredth he definately would have been the Raja’s kokosaka or Raja’s ass wiper with his tounge?This fool is in denial all his life and cannot and will not tell the truth about the real reasons why we-the Untouchable- were loaded onto boats like African slaves and shipped all over the new worlds including Fiji? The Rajas did not want anything to do with us-Untouchable-they want the British to take us inhuman out of their hand-THEY DID NOT WANT US! They would rather line us up and shoot us down like animals?
    Listen to this blockhead misinformations, “When the British brought the Indians to Fiji, the British owned Fiji, the people, the land, the qoliqoli “this numbskull must have learned his history from Chaudhry or other dispora who are trying their best to screw up Fijian history.Listen budhau macafaka maichod, the deed of cession was a honorable document between the King of Fiji-Ratu Seru Cakobau- and the Queen of England-Queen Victoria and I have read the original deed of cession in Prince Albert hall in London.Which in my opinion and those of various legal experts, was clearly a request for a temporary protection, from one Monarch to another? Has it ever cross you blockhead why when the colonial office was planning to hand back power they originally was going to only invites the Fijian Chiefs over for the handing over ceremony in London?
    But it was the Chiefs-Ratu Kamisese mara,Ratu Kaduvulevu Cakobau,Ratu Etuate Vanuavou,Ratu Penaia Ganilau etc Called a GCC meeting and demand that other communities, must also be represented at that ceremony? Thus the ceremony was change to constitutional talk.
    So you see ASSOLE, if the Fijian chiefs had accepted the British original plan, your ASS would have been otta here a long time ago?
    You see blockhead don’t listen to much to chaudhry’s bullcraps, cause you’re both very similar in stupidity and if it wasn’t for the labour movements, no one would have heard your shit face? Oh heres another blockhead remarks, “By the way, I agree with you to a certain extent,that the Rajas,like the Ratus both exploits their own people-and getting rid of both is a good idea”. Just how do you propose to do this blockhead? Our Raja got rid of both of us because they don’t think that we’re human? There were strong then and they’re very strong still.Fijian chiefs are very different in nature and tradition than a Fijian Chief since they are member of the clan that they lead. I’m just going to stop here since its useless talking to a total blockhead like you on this subject. As i’ve said before please stay where you’re at don’t come back.

  33. siupal Says:

    Balluk, You’ve said it right, Budhau is definately a blockhead, he has been making a lots of noises around here simply to make him feel good and superior to those that would listen to his idiotic rendition.
    In reply to your article above he states” You are a real dumbass balluk,one of the reason of the migration”, than he goes on with his bullcrap, although he didn’t understand that the word you used was “INDENTURED LABOURER” ,these are two different words and two different meanings.
    Budhau you really are a blockhead. INDENTURED LABOUR was the system whereby our people were removed from mainland India, by the British Administration and our Rajas, to be shipped all over the free world.
    Although, there were those that later followed via the migration process but they were the business class. The indentured labourers were by and large came from this untouchable group, for which Budhau’s family-no doubt in my mind, was one!
    Yes, balluk you are right, no use talking to this idiot cause he doesn’t understand what he is saying most of the time. Best thing he is not here at home in Fiji.

  34. Fiji Man Says:

    Go Buddha!! speak the truth my man!!!

  35. Truth Says:

    .. yawn

    Go Boidhadha spew lies

  36. Tuks Says:

    Budhau, there you go again!!!..Stop wasting space. You are hot air -like what William Shakespear said in Macbeth and I quote …” Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

  37. Tuks Says:

    Balluk, keep it up bro!!!.. Never give in to this Budhau brat…Asha… MPC’s Squeeler and wannabe in everything…

  38. Roko Says:


    Tell them like it is without the racial slurs and you would go a long way but base your findings on facts and not lies.

  39. Roko 2. Says:

    @ Roko.

    Like asking Jackals to become vegetarians.

    Watch for his response that, “no Indian has ever stolen or attempt (ed) to
    steal a single square inch of Fijian land – ever”.
    (report by Dr. Krishnarmurti commissioned by serial thief Chaudhry).

    Man lacks credibility – offers insight into what were really up against.

  40. Budhau Says:

    Balluk – on the deed of cession, you wrote, “I have read the original deed of cession in Prince Albert hall in London. Which in my opinion and those of various legal experts, was clearly a request for a temporary protection, from one Monarch to another?”

    To that I say, “my ass”- your opinion don’t count – and what legal exeperts are you talking about……..and don’t try an impress folks in here with that “I have been London” line.

    Here is what was given by old boy Seru, a failed businessman, to Queen. See if you can figure it out…and BTW – these chiefs would sell their own people into slavery too.

    “That the possession of and full sovereignty and dominion over the whole of the group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean known as the Fijis (and lying between the parallels of latitude of fifteen degrees South and twenty two degrees South of the Equator and between the Meridians of longitude of one hundred and seventy seven degrees West and one hundred and seventy five degrees East of the meridian of Greenwich) and over the inhabitants thereof, together with the possession of and sovereignty over the waters adjacent thereto and of and over all ports harbours havens roadsteads rivers estuaries and other waters and all reefs and foreshores within or adjacent thereto, are hereby ceded to and accepted on behalf of Her said Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland her heirs and successors, to the intent that from this time forth the said islands and the waters reefs and other places as aforesaid lying within or adjacent thereto may be annexed to and be a possession and dependency of the British Crown.”

    You with me – what part of that says anything about temporary. And when the British handed over power, they did that to a legitimate government of Fiji after a constitutional conference – not to the GCC. So if you have a problem with this – your complaint should be more with what old boy Seru did.

    Now let us look at your Indian history – that the Raja’s pushed out the Indians from India. You dumbass, go check your history – the British were in total control of India when this indenture system started – that was right after slavery had ended. One of the reasons these Indos were leaving was because the British had changed the agriculture system with cash crop farming and land taxes – and the British had set up a very efficient system with railroads etc to haul out most of the foods and other raw material. So when the monsoon wasn’t good, the drought now meant famine – and that is one reason why we had this migration in the 1800’s – so cut out the crap about the Rajas.

    As for your untouchable theory – BTW, I don’t buy into this caste crap, however, the British get very good records and anyone can go research at the archives in Suva and figure out that the majority of Indos that came were not untouchables.

    As for your need for retaining our chiefs – all societies, as certain stages of evolution, had something similar to the chiefly system that we have – and those Indians had their Rajas, you have your Ratus – and as these societies evolve – life every other society you start off with the cavemen, and then kinda evolve into a hunter/gatherer type, then become sort of like the slash and burn agricultural communities that we had in Fiji before the arrival of the white men – otherwise you continue into bigger, more agrarian society – with farming animals, irrigation etc. Somewhere along that line there come a need for leadership such as the chiefs, and you gradually evolve into where you don’t need the chiefs and democracy would just do fine – the Ratu’s, Raja’s, the big Kahuna types disappeared – and in Fiji we are at a stage that in about a generation of so, this chiefly system will go the same way – this political upheaval that we are going through now may just speed up that process.
    If the chief want to play a role in leading his people – he should contest an election, just like some of the former Rajas in India have done.

    BTW – if you and others like you cut out the racist crap, we all will be better off. The Indian presence will always be there, though there numbers are rapidly declining – so the conflicts that you have in Fiji has more to do with Fijians themselves – just look at why that Vunivalu position has remained vacant since 1983 – mayabe we should just leave it that way.
    Time to move on dude – and all that foul language – does it make you feel good, because it don’t bother me none.

    You see Balluk – you are just a dumbass – so who paid for your trip to London?

  41. Roko 2. Says:


    “no Indian has ever stolen or attempt (ed) to steal a single square inch of the Fijian land – ever”.

  42. Anonymous. Says:

    Budhau you never cease to amaze! Fact that you know no nothing about a subject never deters you? Here are some facts.
    The reason why the position of Vunivalu has remained vacant is.
    1. At this time there is no need for this position.
    2. This position is & has always has been subservient to the Roko Tui Bau.
    3. Much as he desires it the current illegal VP will never get it.
    4. When this position does become vacant you will be duly notified although
    as both a citizen of a foreign country & culture you are ineligible.
    5. Councilor – when are you going to answer the very pertinent question regarding Indian attempts to steal Fijian land?

  43. balluk Says:

    The Chiken has finally come home to roost!Budhau, you are no doubt an impostor, a simpleton,moron,unteachable,ignoramus,numskull and of course a total blockhead.
    Your attempt to sooth these audience, with your numskull explaination of evolution theory i.e “”hunter/gatherer/cave man existence etc” ain’t doing anything for anybody over here.How’s it working for you?
    Don’t you ever listen, to people, when they tells you stories of their culture? Do you even know, how to define the word culture? I guess not and i’m sorry cause i wasn’t thinking right and of course you’re a total blockhead, so you wouldn’t know! Case closed.
    Look blockhead,Fijians has a very rich culture and it’s woven in their traditional Tukuni,-(history) Meke, (Dance) Talanoa, (Story) Lotu,(religion) etc. Dah, of course they have their own religion! Man you learn this in class 2&3 what were you doing -blockhead, illegally grazing your Fathers cattle in Fijian land?
    The history which us Vulagi (foreigners) have compiled, for the Fijians, was done purely to benefit us Vulagi, to confused the Fijian and keep him guessing while we the Vulagi, could move in and proclaimed to the world, that we’re doing good for them, so why not allow us to take over their land and become their protector.? Yeah right??????
    Hey the Europeans have done it, before us, so why not, it’s our turn to exploit these good people??? Hey, look idiot, Mahendra Chaudhry and the entire Indo Dispora in Fiji, have the same idea as you are-blockhead.
    Your theory about Fijians, as hunter and gatherer, doesn’t jell, cause as far as their history, is concern,they were the first human to sailed the vast pacific ocean and were the first human to have landed on this side of the south-seas! Now, chew on that too!
    Now, you cannot come here and says that you know him better than he knows himself?Because thats the mistake the British had made, in Colonial Indian and the very reasons why they were overthrowned by our ancestors?
    Fijians came here, with an already well developed and organized culture and tradition- they were highly CIVILIZED! Now,you chew on that again! Remember, the recent vulagi scientific findings, appears to indicate ,that the Fijian had been in Fiji for over 3 to 4 thousand years BC?
    Now you do the math- impostor? Our indian ancestors, European &Chinese ancestors, would definately be still living in caves at that point in time;and their evolution would still be clasified as hunter and gatherer or maybe a bit lower than that? Chew on that again -blockhead!
    Look, if you were paying attention in grade school, at home in Fiji you would have understood, why people all over the planet, seems to have some kind of special bonds with these special people? Why?
    Could it be that they maybe the original people of God? Hey blockhead, think about it?The island is like the Garden of Eden,Fruits,Vegitables and Fishes seem to magically appears, from its vast rainforest and calm rivers and beautiful ocean.
    The Fijians themselves, have shown the world some real impressive feats and you can guess what they are?As a Vulagi born and raised in Fiji-i feel totally priviledged to live among these godly human being.
    It amazes me that you and all the Indian Dispora, have this air of superiority over these Godly people and have preached that you know more of him and his history, then he knows about himself, yet after 150 years of freedom,free land etc, you still can’t speak or pretend ,you don’t know how, to speak his language.
    As for you blockhead, let me just say this to you…i’m glad that you’re no longer in this beautiful paradise.mujhe kucch kehna hai chup raho.Maichod.A MIDDLE FINGER TO YOUR POOFTER BUDASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Budhau Says:

    Balluk – you wrote, “Budhau, you are no doubt an impostor, a simpleton, moron, unteachable, ignoramus, numskull and of course a total blockhead.”
    …and you finished it with, “A MIDDLE FINGER TO YOUR POOFTER BUDASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Now….. you see Balluk, most normal folks grow out of this kind of behavior at about the sixth grade level….I see that you have not grwon out of this yet.

    Balluk, you make these dumbass remarks like the “Fijians have a very rich culture” – well, it is OK that you fell that way about your culture – my point was that every fricken people and culture in the world have the say the same thing about their won cultures – that they all have a very rich culture – why can’t you get this through you thick head – that your culture is no better or worse than the next guys culture.

    That theory about how societies evolve and at the time the white man arrived in the Pacific, what we had here was a society that practiced slash and burn kinda farming and all that – they teach that in a Intro to Cultural Anthropology class – not my theory.

    You also wrote, “..the first human to sailed the vast pacific ocean and were the first human to have landed on this side of the south-seas!”

    Exactly my point, that the Fijians sailed to this side of south pacific – that means they also came from the other side – so what does that make you – not the original inhabitants of this land – they mostly killed and ate the original inhabitants. So why do you go around calling the later arrivals vulagis. BTW – if you look hard enough as to where your ancestors came from – and who knows, you might find out that we all are pretty closely related – sort of distant cousins.

    You wrote, “Fijians came here, with an already well developed and organized culture and tradition- they were highly CIVILIZED!”

    Come on guy, do you have a problem with who you are – no one said anything about Fijians not being civilized – we all started of as cavemen – hunter/gatherers and societies evolved from there. At the time the white man arrive, most of the original inhabitants of the south pacific were tribal people who practiced the slash and burn kinda farming – that is not to say that they were uncivilized. Since you claim to be highly civilized, maybe you can define that term and then we can discuss this further.

    It is kinda hard to have a discussion with a no-school idiot like you – one thing is for sure, for someone who goes around shoving his finger in peoples ass – you sure ain’t civilized.

    Anonymous – you stupid bytch – as I told you no Indian has ever stolen a single square inch of Fijian land. If someone has recommended that the sugarcame farms should be bigger – 40 – 400 hecters – how does that affect landownership and title – the will still be leased. If someone is negotiating longer term leases – from 30 years to 75 year leases – how the phuck does that affect land ownership and title.

    Now does that answer “the very pertinent question regarding Indian attempts to steal Fijian land?”

    Boy you are thick – and you taught at that Fijian girls high school in Fiji.

  45. balluk Says:

    Budhau, boy you are THICK IN THE HEAD! What words don’t you understand? Go back and read my notes above or better still ask someone to do it for you and than explain them to you, in a language you can understand?
    I said that according to Fijian History, they were the first human to sailed the vast pacific Ocean; and the first to land on this side of the south-seas—-THE FIRST!! meaning when they arrived there was no one else in here…so they were the FIRST. How can they eat or killed something or somebody, that wasn’t here???????Knock,knock,hello! is something up there??? Fijians are the original owner of these islands…they were the first owner! When you buy a new car does that makes you the second owner? No, you are the ORIGINAL OWNER!!!!!!!!!!
    You can’t go around telling the English,French and natives of other countries, that they’re not the original owners of their country and thats give you the same right as them to live in their country?
    They will of course , give you their middle finger and can you imagine 10 middle fingers SHOVED up your ASS? So you really don’t have a point, as you seems to think you do?
    Budhau, you are very frustrating…go back to school -blockhead!
    As for all the Fijian stolen native land…Dah, we,ve been stealing land from these godly people, ever since the British Sahib, brought us to this Paradise. We,ve grazed our cattles in Fijian land without paying them a cent.
    We’ve asked and were given freely the use of Fijian land from the I Taukei, without monetary compensation?
    We,ve leased and rent I Taukei Mataqali lands, but still owes approximately one billion dollars in unpaid rents? If that is not stealing, what is??????????????Every dead and living Indo-Fijians,buried or living in Fiji or anywhere else in the world, still owes money to the OWNER OF LAND-The Fijians.

  46. senijiale Says:

    Hey Bud, i know how u love to go the whole hog out here with these LOSERS;) but u’re most probably scrapping with the Pig & Teletubby’s misfit mud puppies, madly fanning their vitriolic racist fans at everyone and anyone…. ever since the whole world over discovered that the entire 3 years of mis-rule & corruption can be distilled into one word… yeah guessed it right buddy….U L U K A U, lol!


  47. sosi turagaiviu Says:

    Budhau, it is Ratu Seru Cakobau the Vunivalu of Bau and the Tui Kaba, the highest, the most feared, powerful and the most respected chief during his time. To loosely and disrespectfully mention him a “old boy Seru” would hurt everyone who considers himself a fijian. Remember Fijian chiefs are not chief by choice. They are there because they or their ancestors once proved themselves to be wise, brave and powerful during their lifetime.
    Ratu Cakobau had earned the respect of all the chiefs during his time. He might have made some wrong decision during his time like everybody else, one of the greatest gift he left for us was his humbleness to accept christianity which ended all the tribal war in Fiji during those dark days.
    If you are an Indian, remember that it was through Ratu Cakobau’s action to ceed Fiji to Great Britain that gave the poor Indians farmers the opportunity to have a source of life in Fiji of which their ancestors(you might be one of them) are enjoying today. So leave our chief alone.
    You know Budhau, I always read most of you comments and sometimes there are logics in your arguments and you seems to undestand how the government machinery operates. It is only unfortunate that your attack is presented under a faked name which to me shows that you do have an enormous shit hole or elephant arse hole.
    I am writing under my real name for I am a real and raw fijian. You should consider yourself lucky for the way you humiliated our great chief we would have killed you and had you for dinner. That would now be impossible because the light that has shone through the heart of Ratu Cakobau has taught him to love.
    To conclude, I wish to let you know again that I am using my real name and I challenge you if you are a man enough to use your real name when personalising issues. Otherwise shut the f…k up

  48. Anon. Says:


    This what were trying to say about culture clash.
    They (Indians) have never understood or respected Taukei culture – understandable when one is soley motivated by peronal monetary gain and the other is not.

  49. Anon. Says:

    PS above.

    Before everyone rightly points out Kai Gau’s & associates obvious monetary greed – just like to say this is merely an unwelcome aberation within Taukei culture.

  50. Midget Witch Says:

    I don’t want to stereotype people but I’ve had ill feeling for fiji indians. Have worked with 3 of them in different places (2 team mates and one stupid bitchy team leader) here in sydney. IMHO they are all smartass, greedy, and mean people who could lick all the bosses’ assess and meantime can be very nasty to their work colleagues (backstabing is their national sport I think!!). Indians and their related neighbours (pakistanis, bangladeshis, srilankans) are notorious for those manners.Next time you see a chatterbox FI at work just stay away from him/her – you have been warned!!

  51. Anon. Says:

    @Midget Witch.

    We know this all too well – they tried taking over our country under the guise of democracy (one time there they had the numbers).
    When we resist they call us racists…Strange thing is a lot of them have thrown in their lot with the military regime who have promished 1 vote 1 value – given their now their down to 37% of the population (and declining) – this seems a very illogical move?
    Am sure there are many good FI – but like yourself – just haven’t met them.

  52. Midget Witch Dina Says:

    Manners ni waci Midget Witch when u blog with your name… ok, lemme see….. there are those with indigenous names yet look like some cross – black Indian breed – bongo eyes, ulu wai hair and midget fat arse – tat u Midget Witch?

  53. Puf-Military Says:

    butthead buddha save ur energy for ur kindy schoolmates ur out of you depth silly peasant. also ur great heroine chodo is about to see some jail time hahahaha he got the same aage piche he’s been doin to others maleka moce cho-do.

    The following quote is 2 complicated for your thick head its more for the benefit of the other more worthy posters

    “In general, treachery, though at first sufficiently cautious, yet in the end betrays itself” – Titus Livy (59 BC-17 AD)

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