There is one major obstacle to the illegal regimes strive for legitimacy that the whole world knows but they can’t comprehend,


From the beginning of their rape of the Nation of Fiji and deprivation of it’s citizens of their democratic rights, every single thing they’ve done, proposed and imposed has been downright ILLEGAL!

They can give themselves all sorts of titles and medals or elevate themselves to the top employment positions, but it does not deflect from the fact that it is all ILLEGAL!

All the monies they’ve paid themselves, the homes and jobs they’ve snatched away from the people who had worked hard for and deserved them, all ILLEGAL!

So no matter who it is they stick in Gov House to be their president, it is still ILLEGAL!

If the pretender,  who gives out the impression of being a benign chief is elevated to the illegal presidency, it will be his ultimate dream answered, after all he is the coup maker extraordinaire,  yep,  right from the first coup on 14 May, 1987.  So sly and conspiratorial,  he is always conveniently,  just out of the way when his flunkies execute a coup.

Those army officers from back then know about it and the honest ones did not hang about too long in the fmf after the 1987 coup. That’s when the days of the Gentleman Army officers ended. He remained and is hoping to be the ultimate big fish, because the only way he could ever become either a Prime Minister or President is by another illegal coup.

Fact is, he was never asked to lead a political party. Politicians like to have him on board and give him important jobs because he’s articulate, has impeccable manners, knows the right people in Fiji and overseas through his family connections, sort of knows the political ropes and certainly knows which knife & fork to use at formal dinners. A perfect Fijian Gentleman, but highly ILLEGAL!


Have an enjoyable weekend and don’t fall off the ferris wheel gonei.



  1. Anon Says:

    Gonei, vakacava ga ni sa tukuni vei ira mai NZ ni ra “lack of knowledge” (fbcl news item 28/08/09). Uuuuuiiiiii! It never occurs to him that its the people of this beloved nation that are seeing his imbecility and lala ni qavokavoka. The rumours are originating from within Fiji bainivuaka, so live with it and try to be honest for once!!! You are too transparent that we can see right through you, but the same cannot be said about the way you are “governing” Fiji. Mata ni ta boka!!!!!

  2. gdevreal Says:

    Good posting.
    All these decrees since 5 December 2006 are just so much toilet paper. When Voreqe is overthrown and prosecutions begin, all will be determined invalid and illegal, including especially the abrogaton of the constitution and any new bullshyt constitution Voreqe, thiefsamy, and aiyarse come up with. These idiots are just wasting time when Fiji should be moving forward under the mandate of the People and their elected representatives.

  3. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Yep – come five years time, they’ll STILL all be illegal!

    So will their new Constitution, and everything ushered in by it. All they have to do is look at issues like Qoliqoli rights or the 1990 Constitution for example, to see how those that don’t receive adequate closure or justice simply never go away.

    The Qoliqoli issue for example has been around for 130 years – and people are STILL pushing for some resolution. It was around decades before intellectual pipsqueaks like Khaiyum and Leweni and Bainimarama ever arrived on the scene. And it will be around long after they, and their pretentious, make-it-up-as-you-go-along ideas, are dead and buried.

    Everything they would have done, and everything they forced everyone else to suffer, would then have been for nothing. This is eminently predictable already given the obvious lack of legitimacy, justice, fairness, accountability and plain workable ideas.

  4. Tui Says:

    The ilegality of Bainimarama’s coup was never in doubt from the beginning.There is no such thing as a legal coup.After Qarase’s APPEAL WAS UPHELD RULING THE COUP WAS ILLEGAL AND EVERYTHING bAI HAD DONE OR WILL DO WAs illegal Bai did what everyone knew he was going to do and that is abrogate the constitution.Now we see that as Bai waeves his way around his criminal activities we see the opportunist that are around him try to make a quick buck by accepting illegal positions.
    There is no honor anymore in this illegal regime nor in the Institution that is proping it up which is the military because Bai has bought their loyalty by the unbelievable pay increases for the rank and file of the Army.If there is to be no coup in the future than there should be no more military forces in Fiji. This will be what Bainimarama will be remembered for as the Man who took the Military Forces out of iji.

  5. Anonymous. Says:

    Illegal – delusional – dishonest & incompetent – a truly frightening combination that does not auger well for future generations.

  6. tukai Says:

    All it needs now is a radical way to change his way, after all thats what he said! “Fiji needs a radical way for a change”. Sa vinakati e dua na Finiasi ka vakamacala taki tiko e nai vola tabu – instinct – and GOD blessed him and his generation to come only he felt the right thing to do is to kill who disobeyed THE order.

  7. Budhau Says:

    gdevreal – you idiot – Frank is not gonna be overthrown and prosecuted, why don’t you get that through your think head, and then we can move on.

    The Fiji moving forward idea is fine, you but you ain’t going to to that by overthrowing Frank and then prosecuting him – well, maybe you could if some had the balls to do that – so who you think is going do that – the Methodist Church – or is Baledrokadroka dude is planning to invade with those Australian.

    gdevreal, you are such a fricken idiot – and you have been frequenting these forums years, didn’t you start one of your own websites to support the Speight coup?

    Jean – you are right – Rabuka was illegal, so was Speight and so is Frank – we negotiated with the other two buggers to get a negotiated settlement, because that was in the best interest of the country and we had the opposition to those two coups better organized – we gave them both amnesty – Speight screwed up after he got that amnesty – that is why he is in jail today.
    The opposition to this coup, there-in lies the problem – they don’t have their shyte together.

    So why do these these idiots believe that Frank will be prosecuted and that is the only way out of this. As for overthrowing Frank – yeah right.

  8. texman Says:

    Budhau, Budhau, all you talk about is Fiji moving forward with this blind leader. Those who have their eyes open will oppose following a blind leader and those who are blind themselves and chose not to see prefer following a blind leader. Tell me if you can follow a blind mind to show you the way in the dark……And you speak of Speight as if you know what went wrong. Amnesty that you speak of was never given after the Muanikau accord…….Budhau, where do you get all this crap infomation from…….Fiji moving forward in Baininmarama’s agenda to which you support….since 2006 till now,there is no growth in the economy, unemployment increasing, devaluation of currence etc, etc……if you support his agenda then i guess you are just the same as Frank….

  9. Cama Says:

    We must not keep a blind eye on the coup, because it is illegal. If we remain silent, then our future generation will have a reason to believe that what FB is doing is legal thus we must denounce it and teach our young generations to follow the rule of law.
    Budhau, you must come to your senses. Even though we cant turn the tables now but we must be vocal about the truth and for what is legal so that our next generation may be able to eradicate the coup culture.

  10. Cama Says:

    We cannot clean the coup culture now and FB cannot do that because he is not doing what he preaches.

  11. mika Says:


  12. Anonymous. Says:

    St Giles update.

    Worrying sign that in these tough economic times that the police commisioner has just publicly acknowledged that he threw several underling employee’s onto the employment scrap heap because ‘the holy spirit’ had spoken to him.
    While there thought it was just Frank + a couple of others.

  13. Dan Will Says:

    Maybe the real question is to determine if the current coup is nothing but the continuation of the 2000 one. This current “illegality” started in 2000.

    In my “european” opinion, it seems that Frank saved Fiji in 2000. There was a real risk for chaos just because a segment of Fiji’s population had very limited education and relied on boggus religious leaders and other clowns to tell them what to think and what to do. When you surrender your brain, it’s very dangerous. (Even in 2009, many Fijians wonder “where is Europe?” or “is Canada in Australia?”. It might sounds funny for some, but it clearly shows that many people do not have the minimum education background to become good citizens)

    Some might say that it was a mistake not to bring back Chaudry in 2000. Again, I think that the “uneducated” people of Fiji who supported the 2000 coup was a real source of concern for Frank, so Qarase seemed a more pragmatic solution for him… The commander can only blame himself if he now thinks that Qarase was the wrong man, maybe he should just have ruled Fiji for a few years after 2000 instead of making quick choices… that’s probably why he is now so reluctant to take quick decisions, and unfortunately that means economic woes and social problems.

    Anyway, I think that religion (brain surrendering) and the lack of education (the result of unsustainable demographic growth over many decades) must be blamed for Fiji’s current problems.

    More contraception, more education, more reason, less (blind) religion. That is what Fiji needs.

  14. Tuma Says:

    Isa the people of Fiji….”Stockholm Syndrome” anyone?

  15. Asgrocky Says:

    I have met people in Australia who think Fiji is in Samoa or PNG. Some still don’t know where in the world Fiji is. In the US, I have met people who have never heard of Fiji. Some others I spoke to think Fiji is in New Zealand or Jamaica. Religious blindness are everywhere in the world not only in Christianity. One just have to read that in the “Guyana Massacre” to know how dangerous that can be. Islamic men exploding themselves into the twin towers believing they will go straight to heaven where they will enjoy themselves with 70 virgins. In this modern day of technology and increased knowledge, there are still people today who circumcise their women, little girls under 10yrs old betrothed to bearded men in their 30s to marry as soon as they have breasts. There are uneducated people everywhere in the world and the whole world which ever nation or people have their “uneducated and ignorant” people. These days, people say “who cares as long as they are happy” the nasty ones can go phuck themselves “who cares?”
    In Japan, some “ignorant and uneducated” people think kangaroos run all over the place in Sydney and when they come to Australia to see the sights and the Opera house in Sydney, they hope to take photos of the kangaroos and the Koalas hopping all over the place. These happen to be good happy people, so who cares what anyone thinks about that. Ignorance is everywhere even with the so called “educated”. Geez, how I detest arseholes.

  16. Asgrocky Says:

    I think what Taukei Fijians need is more sex (no contraception at this stage as you need to increase taukei population) multiply and be happy. Run free man.

  17. Jone Says:

    Frank or rather Vo won’t let go of the guns — never before did FIJI have a self proclaimed illegal prime minister slash commander/minsier of finanace and never before did fiji have a PERegulation for 3 years. This is Fij’s very first dictatorship rule.

  18. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Asgrocky.

    Met lots people who believe you only find Indian culture & values in India.

  19. Asgrocky Says:

    There you go, Anonymous.

  20. Jone Says:

    Highly illegal and must never be followed …

  21. Dan Will Says:

    Asgrocky -> you are a funny man. While it is true that ignorant people can be found everywhere, I want to emphazise the fact that it is more prevalent in developping countries for obvious reasons and that means it is more easy for pathetic leaders like Speight & the methodists to turn the country upside down Fiji is a tiny country, it is more likely that some Australians don’t know where it is. When people get educated, they become more critical and will be less likely to surrender their brains. The religious attitude is a real surrendering of the brain, it’s time for the people to become more balanced in Fiji. How can we accept that adults of 45 years old don’t know where Europe or America are? How sad the only book to be found in villages is the bible.

    As for your suggestion to increase the itaukei population…well you need to think about it twice. If you do really want to create more poverty and chaos, yes let’s forget about contraception and let’s do like in Afghanistan, Sudan, Niger, etc…etc… Fiji will become one more country of kerekere and I hope that Korea, China, Australia, name it, will continue to support Fiji for many many many decades… The failure to understand the catastrophic consequences of a lack of familial planning is a real source of worries all over the world. Change you attitude, change your strategies.

    Fiji can become a developed country in less than a generation if the people here copy the strategies that have been adopted in South Kore, Japan, Europe and North America.

  22. Koya na Man Says:

    Fiji will soon become another Libya in the pacific,lets hope not, but the way things are going we are starting to accept this Cardinal Sin, of accepting this illegal regime.

    May god bless (our beloved Nation) Fiji.

  23. Asgrocky Says:

    Danny boy, I find it interesting that you discovered “the only book to be found in villages is the bible”. I, on the other hand have discovered the pleasure of reading the bible. I would dearly love to live like they do in the village with no TV but my bible, plant my own food and go fishing. This is a very simple lifestyle that I desire. Now I don’t consider this “ignorant’ but I would like to “educate” my self in the knowledge of its content so that I am not “bible ignorant” and also live a simple pleasurable lifestyle free from the stresses of city living, working hard to pay for my mortgage and bills just to maintain this city lifestyle. I am a uni student here in Sydney, but what I find is I am learning new things in the bible while I sit in lectures that would sometimes refer to evolution.
    Maybe those “ignorant uneducated” people in the village you talk about aren’t so ignorant as you think they are. They understand “Do not conform yourselves to the fashions of this world but everything to God in prayer and supplications” For that, “I will surrender my brain” as you say, so I say cheers to them. Sitting in lectures and the professor starts talking about evolution, those people in the village that have no other book but the bible to read, they know that “The intelligence of men is foolishness unto God”. They know there is a Creator who created a man and animals, brought all the animals to the man who named each animals what they are called today. A very interesting concept of what and who is “uneducated and ignorant”
    It’s up to the people to decide what they want to change and what they want to keep. What they don’t need is a bunch of “know it all” forcing changes on them.

  24. Anonymous. Says:

    From past experience it seems a lot of people living in the Village view the current going on as a purely ‘Suva’ problem…

  25. Budhau Says:

    Illegal – my ass.
    Was the 1987 coup illegal? – oh but that was for the indigenous cause – so you buggers make that Rabuka SOB a honorary chief, the head of Great Council of Chiefs, and those chiefs supported his political party that made him the PM and a national hero – Remember?

    Was the 2000 coup illegal? – but we had no problem kicking out the democratically elected government of the day and installing Qarase as the interim PM. Did Qarase have any problem taking over that illegal job as the interim PM – and when the court declared the constitution intact – boy, did the do that run around trying to circumvent the court’s decision.

    So when did you buggers realize that taking out a democratically elected government, other than an election, is illegal.

    What do you were the chances of another coup had Chaudary won the last election and we had a military commander someone other than Frank – many of you buggers would be out here supporting such coup – justifying the coup.

    ..and was it this gdevreal idiot who was going around justifying the 2000 coup with his & and her own website – as to why the indigenous folks were justified in supporting the 2000 coup.

    All this is bad Karma – what goes around, comes around – so don’t give me this crap that THIS coup is illegal.

    …and what is all this God crap – that God has nothing better to do than to just be watching over Fiji..and that we Fijians are God’s gift to humanity – real special people.

    ..and that idiot Koya na Man wrote, “…..we are starting to accept this Cardinal Sin, of accepting this illegal regime.”

    Hey dude, you accepted an illegal regime with open arms in 1987 – that is when all this crap started….now it will take a few generations before we put this this shit back together.

    This ain’t a cause for democracy – the problem many of you buggers have is not with having a military dictatorship – the problem is that your guy is not the dictator – it would have been perfectly fine if one of your guys had done a military take over if your political party had not won the election.
    ..and as long as we have that kinda of mindset, this coup cycle will continue.

  26. Tuks Says:

    Budhau!!!! there you go again…empty vessels making more sound!!!…You are a waste of time and space!!!

  27. Tikotikokina Says:

    I think the root cause of all these problems are the Indians,why are they here in the first place,our generation are asking these question who made them come over to my Fiji Mother Fucker!

  28. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Tikotikokina – consider this?

    Whereas the Cakaulevu Reef in Mathuata has supported generations of iTaukei the Indians view it simply as an oppurtunity for commercial exploitation – also the polution generated by the Sugar industry in Labasa
    (& other places) in order that this Indian pestilence can continue to exploit
    these lands.

    Question is not who made them come its who will make them go?

  29. Budhau Says:

    Tikotikokina – It is very likely that your ancestors killled and the previous inhabitants on this land – so who brought your ancestors to this land – “who made them come here.” – and when did it become “your” Fiji.

    Anonymous – I like that “Mathuata” – is that the language thingie that are involved at Harvard.

    BTW – those Indo, how phuck can they grow sugarcane, they don’t have no land to support any such industry – If some of you mother fuckers are concerned about the sugar industry and pollution – there is something called consent by the majority of the landowners before any land is renew – you cut of the land rent to the Ratus (not necessarily the Mataqali), and you will have the Ratu on his knees – that is exactly what happened in Macuata.

    As for “who will make them go” – why don’t you address the more pressing issue – since Frankie has got you by the balls, with a pretty tight squeeze – you better find out who will provide your with the relief – you know that cutting of circulation in that area for too long may even affect the tone of your voice.

    You know who is exploiting the land – those Ratus, why should they get the rent money, and will the QoliQoli, they will sell of all your fricken resources, land, sea, forest and all.

  30. Tikotikokina Says:

    It is true that your boy Frankie has got Fiji by the balls but let me ask you this, who has got Frankie by the balls ..I will answer that for you Bud it is Ganesha Punjas lord of success yes Bud Punja,if you know your culture Ganesha is the elepant fucking and riding on the little rat.and the elephant is Punja and Bainimarama is the rat that Ganesha is fucking…sorry Bud you yourself pray to the monkey?Because reading the comments it reminds me of the behaviour of the frikin monkey that you are..
    sa dri yani.

  31. Anonymous. Says:


    You become vitriolic & more unstable with each passing post –
    your lack of understanding of iTaukei is breathtaking.
    You cannot seperate the Ratu from the Mataqali – they are one
    of the same. Glad you finally clarified your (Indian) position on
    (disputed) ownership of the Land.
    Lets face it – your attempted cultural takeovers of Viti is finished –
    (check departing Indo immigration stats?).
    You’ve tried the same everywhere you’ve been – driven out of
    Africa – Carribbean – suppressed in Asia (Malaysia) – banned from
    Lau – Rotumah etc – currently causing mayhem in Australia – UK –
    your record of non assimilation says lots about your misplaced
    arrogance – Indians do not travel well – & no it is not racist –
    merely cultural.
    As for the spelling correction? Cakobau – Thakombau – Mathuata – Macuata – does happen – but remember this?
    We as a people know who we are – know where we come from –
    know where we belong – whereas yourself? & please – don’t concern yourself unduly about Kai Gau – he’s merely a passing aberration in
    Viti’s history – your immediate concern should be directed whether we
    (iTaukei) will come to your aid when he eventually turns upon you –
    & right now you personally are not making a very good case.

  32. sosi camaiverata Says:

    Budhau, I always admire the sensitivity and the logic of your arguments in trying to justify the necessity of the existence of this illegal govt.
    But your recent arrogant responses is somewhat amazing and idiotic.
    My brother, I believe it may be a sign of frustrations that now negetive impact of this illegal takeover is starting to appear and the truth is starting to appear crystally clear to everybody.
    My advice to you budhau is firstly stop hiding behind a false name for only cowards do that. Show us your real name and identity if you are a real person and not a snake or insect(kutu).
    Leave anything Fijians to to the Fijians to sort out in their own way.
    Stop using foul language for it just shows how low down culprit you are.

  33. Curious onlooker. Says:

    Gee Bud when somebody finally put’s it you you go missing?

  34. Curious onlooker. Says:

    Try again.
    Gee Bud when somebody finally puts it ‘on’ you – you go missing?

  35. balluk Says:

    Anon, an excellent writeup. Budhau, you blockhead and maichod!

  36. Budhau Says:

    Anonymous – you wrote, “You cannot seperate the Ratu from the Mataqali – they are one of the same. Glad you finally clarified your (Indian) position on (disputed) ownership of the Land.”

    Let me show you the crap the you and others like you shovel in here.

    The the mataqali folks are at the bottom of the totem pole – that is why we have this problem – those land owners, when they cannot afford to shoes for their kids, they blame the Indians for the situation they are in – while the Ratu rides around in the SUV – purchased from the land rent money – BTW – those Mataqali folks get about 50% of the rent revenues – while the Ratus upline take their percentages.

    So don’t give me that crap, that the Ratu and Mataqali cannot be separated – They will be separated – it is just a matter of time – and it ain’t no Indian that will do that – this is how things evolve. BTW – those Indos, they also used to have their own “Ratus” about 50 some years ago, they don’t have them no more.

    So you separate the Ratu from the Mataqali – and your rent revenue goes up 50%.

    On the position of land – what I said was not the “Indian” position. Those Indians have already accepted that the land belongs to the Fijians – and no Indian have ever stolen or attempt to steal a single square inch of the Fijian land – ever.

    What I said was that almost all land – anywhere in the world, was stolen from someone who was there before them – in case of Fiji, the early inhabitants of this land were most likely conquered and eaten and their land taken away by the current owners – you have a problem with that. So land was taken by conquest.

    As for the Indos leaving Fiji – why are you stating the obvious. The way the immigration trend is and you add that to the declining birth rate of the Indians – in 30 years, the Indian would probably make less then 20% of the population – from a high of more than 50%. Therefore, idiots like you should be addressing the Intra-Fijian conflict that has been going on since 1987 – instead of your racist crap of the Indian as the bogey man.

    Anonymous wrote – “You’ve tried the same everywhere you’ve been – driven out of Africa – Carribbean – suppressed in Asia (Malaysia) – banned from Lau – Rotumah etc – currently causing mayhem in Australia – UK – your record of non assimilation says lots about your misplaced arrogance – Indians do not travel well – & no it is not racist –
    merely cultural.”

    Cut out your bullstit – that you ain’t a racist, this is all cultural.
    Indians in most of Africa went there as small businessmen and were very successful – and one can understand some of that resentment.
    The non-business community, like the one is South Africa, are equal participants in that country’s economy and politics. Idi Amin Dada kicking out Indians – he was an idiot, and since then Uganda has invited those same Indians, who were mostly from the business community back into Uganda.

    In the Carribbean, I see that you keep reading that Professor Davis crap – Where ever you have different groups of people living together there is bound to be some friction – in Fiji this friction can be easily managed – if it wasn’t for some racist bastards like you, who try to capitalize on this and come up with wedge issues to gain political power.

    As for that Fijian spelling – there are probably 3 Fijian speaking people in the whole state of MA, so it is no biggie for someone from Harvard to approach someone living around there on the subject of the language – It don’t make you no professor – BTW – they won’t even let you teach at a community college with that undergraduate degree in some lab technology.

    The idiot wrote, “We as a people know who we are – know where we come from – know where we belong – whereas yourself?”

    Here again is that same fricken argument – that the Fijians are Gods gift to humanity – listen, you bytch – every race of people have the same belief system – they know who they are, where they come from and all that crap. So that canoe that landed at Vuda, where exactly did that come from – you figure that out and it is very likely that you will find out that we are all cousins.


    Here we see your confusion once again in your conclusion “your immediate concern should be directed whether we (iTaukei) will come to your aid when he eventually turns upon you”

    First, no matter how hard you try, I don’t think Fijian people are idiots, they they will buy into your bogenman argument and turn on Indos or refuse to form coalitions when it is in the mutual interest of both groups.

    What is more likely is that because this is a Intra-Fijian conflict, the Fijians will turn on each other – specially as you suggested that the Indians are moving out and their numbers are declining and becoming more “manageable”.

    Do you honestly believe that with the Indians gone, there will be no conflict between Fijians – why don’t you go look up your history, before the Indos came to Fiji and see the kinda conflict that was there. Or look around the other conflicts in the region where the conflict is between the various indigenous factions.

    So my suggestion to folks like you is by inciting people to racial violence you are introducing a new element into this conflict – and once they start the killing, this will not stop for generations – go study the history of any people. Those Indos will get the next flight out – but what will you do when they come for you.

    Maichod balluk – you don’t don’t even see that this racist bytch and her white boy husband have been trying to incite racial violence on these various websites since 2000 – the good thing is that they are so marginalized that it does not make much difference.

    Sosi – As for foul language and being low – I think you and that white boy husband of yours are the lowest of the low, with this racist crap that you push. BTW – things Fijian should be sorted out at the GCC – when it come to the parliament, the president, the PM, the constitution and the like – I think all citizens of Fiji must have equal say in those matters – and as for me, I can have an opinion on whatever I chose.

    Sosi – sorry for the foul language – I am sure you have objected to the foul language on this site when it was aimed at me – I am sure you find the use of the word “maichod” by Balluk also objectionable.

    Tikotikona – you should learn to distinguish the small group of Indo businessmen, mostly Gujjus from the rest of the Indos – Many of these same businessmen were cutting deals with Ratu Mara and his Alliance, with SVT, and the SDL and they are doing the same with Frank and I am sure they will be around doing the same with whoever comes to power next. Why don’t you get it – many of these businessmen are successful because it was the Fijian leaders who sold out to them – if it wasn’t these businessmen, there would be other, Indians and more recently some of the Fijian elite crowd are doing the same.

    It is this group of businessman, together with the thieving ratus who have joined forces to screw the common Fijians. The problem I have is not with the businessmen – they are only looking after their own bottom line – and this is what every business is supposed to do, maximize profits for its shareholders – If it wasn’t them, someone else will step in and fill that vacuum. I have problem with the thieving Ratus – for they have a fiduciary duty to their people – they have to put the interest of their people first, even above their own person interest. IN all these scams that we have had – the only people who were harmed from that are the poor common Fijians who have money that was earmarked for their benefit scammed away.

  37. Anonymous. Says:


    ‘and no Indian has ever stolen or attempt to steal a single square inch of the Fijian land – ever’.

    In Feb 08 a report by Indian academic Dr Kkrisnamurti recommended the dereservation of all indigenous Fijian land and that the size of lease be increased to 40 to 400 acres and that these leases be a minimum of 75 years.

    ‘I was given the proposal and note by Chaudhry to send to the NLTB for further action’. Peni Sikivou.

    And also – no Ratu has ever purchased a $1.7 million Suva house.
    You just don’t get do you? Probably never will.

  38. Anonymous. Says:



  39. Roko 2. Says:

    So are a lot of us.
    Called the Ostrich defense…Bet when and if he appears? He’ll be abusive
    – not apologetic.

  40. balluk Says:

    Budhau you azzOle, no immagination and total BLOCKHEAD,the Indians you see all over the 3rd world today, were mostly the by-product of the British&other Europeans, Indenture Labour System.
    These includes Indians you found in Africa,Middle East, South-America, North-America, West-Indies and FIJI. Why trying to hide our history?

    Its an open book for everyone to read. We’re a bunch of Untouchable, unloaded by our own RAJAS, to the then British Sahib, to take us off their rich hands and land?
    It was the BIG SAHIB humanity that saved our ASS, they figured hey why kill these poor bugger, ship them to the new colonies and get them to work under the slavery Indentured labour system?
    What you should remember was that it was our Rajas and Sahibs that led the Indian revolution to overthrow the British from our home land.
    We too get involves in removing most of these Europeans colonial empires from around the globe-now who is going to help these natives to toss us out of their land? So i say, it time for us to step back and give the I Taukei the freedom to do as they please in running their own country? What is good the goose is also good for the gander? Or rather give unto ceasar what is ceasar?????????????????Lets all the vulagi remain as they are-VULAGI-and allow the I Taukei to build their house?We can offer to help and they can accept the offer and allow us to participate but it doesn’t mean that after the house is built we can demand to live for ever in it. Because the house was never ours from the begining? I for one have always known my position in Paradise-I can enjoy all the priviledges the Fijian landowners have kindly allows me to have, but i also know who is the legitimate giver & taker and theTrue owners of these beautiful land? You see Budass,thats the reason why you’re over there(no mans land) and i’m still over here in Paradise Fiji.

  41. Budhau Says:

    Anonymous – I see that your cut and pasted that 40 to 400 hectares and the 75 year lease crap straight out of the with the 2 “K” in Krishna.

    OK so there was a report by this Krishna Murti guy, which was criticized by many, including other Indo academics, who thought that this Krishna guy did not have the understanding required to offer solutions to the land issue.

    Anyway, let us look at some of the stuff you brought up.

    First, the 40 – 400 acre leases. Almost every report and study that we have had on sugar industry suggests that to grow cane more efficiently, we need bigger farms. Even Qarase administration’s position was that in restructuring the sugar industry smaller farms would lose their sugarcane contracts and only the larger farms will survive.

    BTW – how is that stealing the Fijians land – land would still be leased to one individual or company without affecting land ownership; that the ownership will continue to be vested in the title holder. Furthermore, there is the consent from the NLTB and the landowners before any such change could be implemented. So what exactly is your problem – the size of the leases does not mean that there would be additional land that would be leased out – it is just that there would be less farmers with bigger farms – and that has less to do with land and more to do with efficient cane production. And if the Fijian landowner decides to put more land on the market – good for him, he should be able to do that – it is his land – right?

    Your second issue was 75 year leases – When they were having the discussions on the ALTA bill in parliament in the late seventies – it was agreed by both sides that the lease would be for 75 years, the first two readings of the bill in parliament had the 75 year term – if was after the NFP faction that supported Mara on this legislation, that Mara realized that he no longer had to go with the 75 years and that is why we have the 30 years today. Again, any lease for whatever the term is must have the consent of the NLTB and the majority of the landowning unit – so how does this translate into Indos trying to steal land. The Murti recommendation had more to do with the security of tenure with the 75 year terms would translate into a more stable sugar industry.

    Your statement, “And also – no Ratu has ever purchased a $1.7 million Suva house.” – what has that gotta do with anything – BTW, whoever purchased that home, how much land does he/she lease?

    As far as the Fijian elite and their wealth – they are just slightly behind the Indo businessmen community – and it is this group of Fijians for whom all the affirmative actions is all about – maybe that is what Qarase was trying to do – to get these Fijian elite to get the $1.7 million homes.

    You see, whoever has that 1.7 million home, he as a businessman was trying to maximise the profits for the shareholders of his company – and unless he did something illegal – that was his job. The Ratu who driver a $120K SUV, with money that should have gone to the Fijian people – that is wrong – the indo businessmen does not have the same fiduciary duty that the Ratu had to his own people – the Ratu should out the interest of his people above his own personal interest, whereas the businessmen looks after his own interest first.

    It is you who does not get it – it is the common, rural Fijians who should have been the beneficiary of the affirmative action, that that some Ratus and the elite Fijians have been scamming……and no one is trying to steal the land.

    Just because someone owns a expensive home, or some academic makes a recommendation – that does not prove anything – and you should know better.

    Balluk – you are just an idiot – see if the FAB has a scholarship for you, or have you already had an education on one of those FAB scholarships – that should have gone to a more deserving, better qualified Fijian who did not have the right connections.

  42. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    Finally seen the error of my ways – won’t bother blogging you anymore – simply follow & watch as you continually damage your predatory East Indian bretheren – & please as someone accurately posted previously – leave our land – go die somewhere else.

  43. Shaman. Says:

    Budhau “may you live in interesting times”.

  44. Tikotikokina Says:


    My uncle Ravi Nand owns 400 acres in Labasa every morning 4 oclock he is there in da farm sivira na bullock,that was 20 years ago, all my cousins today they dont want to touch the land,no one in our family is growing sugar cane because the young generation of today have seen things diferently.

    Punja and Chaudary fucked it all up for us Indian people,it is easy for you Bud to say anything you want because you never grow up in Sugar land farm where milk and Honey used to flow freely Fiji is still our home and Bainimarama should say sorry to the peopel or the Taukei will eat him alive.

  45. Tuks Says:

    A person after Bainimarama and Chaudhry’s own hearts..Watch out folks!!!…

  46. Shaman. Says:

    Tikotikokina – bad luck – looks like your cousins have gone Budhau.
    PS. Bud – only one your fooling is yourself.

  47. Budhau Says:

    TikoTiko.. you wrote, “….it is easy for you Bud to say anything you want because you never grow up in Sugar land farm where milk and Honey used to flow freely Fiji is still our home and Bainimarama should say sorry to the peopel or the Taukei will eat him alive.”

    Why do you idiots come up with conclusions – like I did not grow up in the cane belt – WTF told you that.

    BTW – in Macuate – 25% of the cane farmers had packed up and left between 1986 and 1996 – Bainimarama had very little to do with that.

    They left because their lease was not renewed since after 2000 when the FLP had won a free and fair election and the NLTB and the Fijians leadership made land into a political football. Now, those landowners want these same farmer to come back and lease that land – but hell no, those farmers have move on….they ain’t coming back.

    That land of milk and honey – my ass. The majority of the came farmers have always been in debt – hand to mouth – borrowing money, first from Punjabi money lenders, having credit accounts at Gujerati grocery stores and later giving that crop lien to the banks. Some farmers who did OK was because of their extended family set up where they had revenue coming from outside – where some folks got jobs off the farm.

    As for me not growing on a sugarcane farm – you idiot – I know who the qulumbar was, or the linaman, or how to put on the juatha on a pair of bullocks, the difference between khuti and pilaat…so don’t me me that crap – I know sugarcane farming and and issues related to that just as much as most other issues that are discussed in here.

    Anonymous – you wrote something about my “predatory East Indian bretheren”

    You see Anonymous – you and your former peace corp husband – you two have some mental health related issues. BTW – you hatred of Indians – that is your problem – I guess it must be very frustrating for you two being so marginalized…and and that lab that you work – how are my “predatory East Indian bretheren” doing out there – how does your BS lab tech crap match up against those guys PhDs.

  48. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Budhau.

    You have no idea who & what your dealing with – which is good – keeps us amused – you confused. Valid & heartening point about Macuate & its recources which you & your predatory bretheren are continually exploiting – 25% gone – 75% to get rid of – tick tick tick…And no you are again wrong again- the traditional don’t want them back. No racism or hatred in this – simply a cultural reality.
    You somehow labour under the mistaken illusion that colonialism only applies to the British? Sorry but its an ongoing phenomenon – essence of the word means ‘too colonise’ – a task you have failed at in Viti.
    Repeat – you are not Fijian – you never will be reconised as a Fijian – here or anywhere else – everywhere you go in this world identifies you as Indians – thats not racist more a reality that you won’t acknowledge.
    Your only claim to Fiji is that your an Indian born here – get over it.
    My advise is concentrate on the declining 75% of your invasion force who’ll be stranded here – especially those currently being exploited in the Olosara sector – scapegoats for your bretherens gross incompetence & greed. I mean what sort of culture are you? Bringing ‘slave labour’ from India to upgrade the mills – come on?

    Tell you something? Right now you (Indians) are being set up as fall guys – when all this eventually comes to its inevitable conclusion & blows up – guess who’ll bear the backlash? Not you and your like who’ll bolt back overseas at the first hint of trouble – but those poor ‘buggers’ you’ll leave behind. As for mental related issues? Imagine you know a lot about such things?

  49. Budhau Says:

    Here Anonymous – let me address every single issue that you brought up and show you for the dumbass that you are.

    In response to me stating that 25% of the Indo farmers had moved out of the Macuata region because of the non-renewal of leases – your response was 25% down, 75% to go.

    What you failed to see is what had happened to the indigenous population in the that region and in other rural areas during that same period – the rural-urban migration.

    So what exactly do you think happened to the Indigenous people in that area who had got used to the income from the land lease over the last sixty years – so when they got their land back, you think they started farming themselves – of do you thing they followed those Indo’s to the mainland and many of them ended up in the squatter settlement in the Suva-Nausori corridor – with no electricity, poor housing, bad sanitation, high infant mortality, lower life expectancy, high crime rate and the list goes on. As for them Indo, with the insecurity that they feel, their option has been for while now to get off the land – and get better education for the next generation, migrate – and that Indo from Macuata – you might bump into him in the streets of SF or Sydney, Vancouver or Auckland – and you will probably go Haha – stateless, untouchable – and he would have two college graduate kids, a house with two car garage, and second home rented out – guess who had the last laugh.

    This Indo move out of Macuata began in 2000, and in 2008 I read in the local media the paramount chief of Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere Wsaying that “we are working with the NLTB and our people talking to them about getting involved with cane farming themselves.”

    Yeah right – did they not start the Seqaqa cane scheme in the 70’s to helf Fijians get into sugarcane farming – that when all those thieving Alliance Ministers signed up on the cane land under their wives names, just like the SDL signed up for the FHL shares.

    BTW – I am sure you can check on the statistics on the increase in the Fijian population in urban areas and how it compares to the national average.

    ….. tick tick tick… before they start foraging for food in Macuata – you think it will be slash and burn kinda farming or should we get all the way back to hunter/gatherer type.

    ..and it is not only sugarcane land – almost half the rice areas in Dreketi, Nasarawaqa and Korokadi up in the north are not in production now because the leases on the land have expired. (Maybe all new rice import licenses should be distributed under affirmative action)

    Next – you wrote, “Repeat – you are not Fijian – you never will be reconised as a Fijian – here or anywhere else – everywhere you go in this world identifies you as Indians – thats not racist more a reality that you won’t acknowledge.”

    Honey – that depends on how you define “Fijian” – if the word Fijian refers to the Indigenous people of Fiji – then I am not one, if the word Fijian would refer to a citizen of Fiji than I am a Fijian – I don’t think the argument here is whether I am a Fijian or not – I think the argument here is whether the term Fijian should be used to refer to a citizen of Fiji or to a indigenous person from Fiji…and there are good arguments on both sides.

    You wrote, “Your only claim to Fiji is that your an Indian born here – get over it.”

    I think anyone born in Fiji is a citizen of Fiji and accordingly has all the rights and benefits that goes with it – I think the constitution that you are fighting so hard for gives me all those rights.

    You wrote, “I mean what sort of culture are you? Bringing ’slave labour’ from India to upgrade the mills – come on?”

    Now here again we can see the dumbass bitch that you are. First of all the soft loan to upgrade the mills was negotiated by Qarase and as part of that deal the Indian company doing the upgrading was to bring in their own workers (just like those Chinese loans and Chinese companies). BTW talking about slavery, your old boy Seru, he used to sell his own people into slavery – he made more money selling them then if he would have eaten them.

    Oh any those Fijian security guards that go and work in Iraq for $US1000/month, while a former US marine working as a security guard gets paid $US 20,000/month – it is just that the terms and condition for workers from different countries differ – when a Fijian crew on foreign ship get paid lower wages – that’s how these things work, honey….it ain’t slave labour.

    If Old boy Qarase was concerned about the “slave labour” he should have made that part of the agreement, that all workers involved in the mill upgrade would be paid Fiji rates.

    Finally, you wrote, “Tell you something? Right now you (Indians) are being set up as fall guys – when all this eventually comes to its inevitable conclusion & blows up – guess who’ll bear the backlash? Not you and your like who’ll bolt back overseas at the first hint of trouble – but those poor ‘buggers’ you’ll leave behind.”

    Very smart…so the Indians have no idea that they are being set up as the fall guy – and you, being the smartass that you are, have this all figured out. Listen honey, them Indians – they ain’t dumb.

    As for their numbers – yes, their numbers will continue to decline, because of the migration and the lower birth rate – as for those “buggers’ that a left behind – you can kill every one of them – and there still would be a billion Indians. Why don’t you worry about your folks – that once you start a shooting war – you buggers will be shooting at each other for generation – that is what I have been saying all along – that this is mainly a Intra-Fijian conflict – and some of you bastards just try use race to serve you own political agenda.

    Hey – that was fun, not only are you a mean, racist bitch, you are also a dumbass. As for the mental issue, how is the fat boy, the former Peace Corp – does he still blogs through the night.

  50. Roko Says:


    Your long winded explanation dont do you justice in fact it shows how desperate you and your ilks are.

    Time is not your side.

  51. Anon. Says:

    @ Roko.

    Unfortunately in Bud’s case it is – he’s already sought sanctuary in another country (bolted) – hope he & others learn from what happened here?
    Don’t try and take over – assimilate…Otherwise return to India.

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