September 1 2009 LOOMS

Fiji has a few days to get its act together, or it will be out of the Commonwealth. A Commonwealth Ministerial Action group had made the decision at an extraordinary meeting in London on July 31, 2009.

Members agreed Fiji’s situation has deteriorated strikingly since March and decided that if there’s not enough progress towards a return to democracy, the country will be fully suspended from the Commonwealth on September 1st.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully is in London for the meeting. He says Fiji’s leader must commit to elections, open a proper dialogue with other political groups, and accept supervision by the United Nations.

Mr McCully says while the ultimatum gives the Fijian regime time to think about the path it is on, he is not holding out much hope of a positive response from Suva.

Despite that, he says it is important for an international organisation such as the Commonwealth to act in good faith, and signal its intentions clearly. Mr McCully says the first consequence for Fiji would be a ban on its athletes attending the Commonwealth Games.


17 Responses to “September 1 2009 LOOMS”

  1. Jone Says:

    Yiiippppeeee !!!

  2. Tuks Says:

    Statement by the Commonwealth Secretariat Spokesman on Fiji

    27 August 2009

    The Commonwealth Secretariat has noted the reported comment of the Interim Foreign Minister of Fiji that the request of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) for certain commitments by 1 September 2009 “is no longer relevant”, as the Interim Prime Minister of Fiji Islands has responded to the Secretary-General regarding the proposed visit of a Commonwealth delegation to Fiji.

    The Secretary-General received a letter from the Interim Prime Minister on 21 August regarding the CMAG decision and the visit of the proposed Commonwealth delegation to Fiji.

    CMAG’s statement requires the interim regime to commit itself in writing to reactivating the President’s Political Dialogue Forum in a manner which is independent, inclusive, time-bound and has no pre-determined outcome, and with a view to having national elections by October 2010.

    The Secretary-General therefore responded in writing to the Interim Prime Minister on 24 August that CMAG’s requirements had not been met.

    The Secretary-General has also responded positively to the Interim Prime Minister’s invitation to Special Representative Sir Paul Reeves to visit Fiji on 9-11 September, and the Secretariat is now in discussions with Fiji officials with a view to finalising details for that visit.

    Eduardo del Buey


    Tel: +44-774045-0901


  3. Jone Says:

    We also know that whatever moves the IG and self appointed wannabe Prime Minister makes is a gimmick to stall the inevitable ousting from the Commonwealth. We want them to get kicked out of the Commonwealth as a sign that dictatorships aren’t welcomed.

  4. Anon Says:

    What was the news that came on FTV 1 this evening (29/08/09)…that the CMAG timeline of 1st September 2009 is no longer binding????? Well folks, Bainivuaka has invited CMAG officials over to see the “alleged” normality of the situation here in Fiji. Oh how I wish we could silently protest outside the meeting venue, but oh how I lament on the restrictions placed on my freedom within this country of mine. I feel so suppressed, oppressed and depressed! Does anyone have a bright idea to let CMAG know of our plight….human rights abuse, etc, etc!

  5. Tui Says:

    This is indeed a lesson for Bainimarama but I think he is too arrogant to even contemplate its significance.Fiji will be kicked out of the Commonwealth with or without the visit of the Commonwealth delegation on the 1st of Sept..Bainimarama had tried to control their arrival but the Commonwealth said the envoy was arriving on the 9th to the 11th wheather Bainimarama likes it or not.Now Bai must know that this is what it is like to run with the big Kahunas who have more power than what he weilds in Fiji.I wonder what he will tell Sir Reeves when they discuss the constitution that he abrogated. Does he know that Sir Reeves was co auther of the Constitution?Man its gonna be fun watching Bai squirm on this discussion.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Have they been kicked out yet? Big fricken deal.

    Why don’t you guys get it – it ain’t the Commonwealth, the EU, ANZ, the UN, US and the rest – they ain’t gonna get democracy back in Fiji – you want democracy – you gotta put your ass on the line.
    Blogging ain’t going to do it.

  7. Jone Says:

    Commonwealth will kick Vo’ ass out and we shall celebrate ! Anything that makes these gangsters look bad makes us happy.

  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Well dear folks, our beloved country has once again been suspended from the Commonwealth group of nations. And that’s official. Vakatikitikitaki, big time! And there is not a word, not a single word, about it in today’s Fiji Times… c’mon Rika! When will you ever outsmart those one-striped peepsqueeks?

    But hey, we read the file on the wannabe qaranivalu, Inoke Takiveikata’s retrial has gone walkabout. And the Times actually reported that?

    Mmmmight want to get yr feelers out, SV. Somethin’s is cookin.. good lookin..

    Na conman ena conman tikoga! Sa dola oti na wavu mai Navuso, by VP, no less.

  9. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Well Bud – if blogging isn’t going to get anything done, why are you blogging?

    LF and the RFMF Media cell obviously don’t believe it otherwise they would have stopped blogging, too!

    The freedom blogs are “where its at”, and you guys know it! That’s why you guys had to give up on RealFijiNews last month.

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    hey Jd’A…

    I’ve obviously failed to convince ye that Im not with the regime or the military. But whatever it is you choose to believe, oh sweetie pie, I’ll go by. But as I’ve said, I’ll be right there by yr side the day we celebrate our return to democracy. Keep picking on me, I luv it!

    Blog on, we shall, aye!

  11. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Anon @ 11:07

    You could write a letter outlining your concerns to Sir Paul and deliver it to the NZ high com who I’m sure would pass it on.

  12. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    A CHILEAN judge has ordered the arrest of at least 129 former Chilean soldiers and police for human rights violations during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, court sources say.

    The arrest warrants issued by Judge Victor Montiglio today were directed against former agents.

    Named in the order were retired military officers who had never before been brought before the court and former non-commissioned officers from the air force, navy and police services, the source who had access to the order said.

  13. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    The above news clip should send shivers up the backbones of bananasinpyjamas and his jaundiced junta.

    Justice will catch up with them; even 30 years later.

    The green goons who blog pathetically on the sites should be worried too; big time.

  14. Anon Says:

    @ LF

    Not in print but on-line though…yeah, but how many pple get access to FT on-line? Maybe the official announcement did not come until after the edition went to print…just a thought, but I’m sure all of Fiji must have heard by now….via coconut wireless!
    Sa qai matata tikoga mai na matanimeke!!!! Sa dri yani!

  15. Truth Says:

    Fiji is or rather the regime is booted from the Commonwealth

    Reason to celebrate 🙂

  16. Buddha747 Says:

    Budhau why don’t you listed to this and enjoy.

    I always knew who you were and just like Rajend you are both NEW LAWYERS fresh from the Farm and have a lot to learn.

    Why do you hate Richard Jon and Ratu Jone so much?

    Are you Jealous of their achievements?

    One day when you finally MATURE in the Legal Fraternity you will understand that there is a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, what ever you have done will return 3 fold.

    I do not expect you to understand anything now because we simply cannot teach OLD DOGS NEW TRICKS.

    Stop running down other Lawyers you are one of them now the same rubbish you spew on them will be spewed back to you one day when you least expect it, from the people that you think you Trust.ile we at it this a song that you may like for you and FRANK your HERO!!

    This is in dedication to you and your HERO FRANK.

  17. Anon Says:

    Also noticed no news on Fiji’s suspension on FTV 1 news this evening (2/9)….what happened Lewensky! received confirmation and still trying to digest it? Trying to justify your roadmap to nowhere will catch up with you lot sooner rather than later! Ena qai tukuni koya ga mai o gauna! Pote!

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