Fiji’s ILLEGAL Chief Justice Anthony Gates is currently recruiting judges from Colombo in Sri Lanka.  Well ICJ Anthony Gates does love the aroma of kari ci and its more solid form. In fact it’s how he gets his jollies.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed this to FijiLive saying Fiji is looking at sourcing qualified judges from Commonwealth member countries.  Let all Commonwealth Member Countries be very aware of their citizens working for a dictatorship and disbar them forthwith.

In an interview with a Sri Lankan paper, Sunday Times, Justice Gates said the government planned sweeping judicial changes in April next year and since Fiji and Sri Lanka were countries that inherited similar judicial systems, he wished to recruit judicial officers from Sri Lanka.  Ahem, and what judicial system would that be? The only judicial system that is recognised every else on this earth is non existent in Fiji.

It is reported that Gates last week met Sri Lankan Chief Justice Asoka de Silva and Attorney General Mohan Peiris to discuss matters relating to his recruitment mission.

Justice Gates said interviews were held on Wednesday in Colombo.

A senior official of the Justice Ministry told the Sunday Times that there would be no problem in obtaining leave from the Judicial Services Commission for these 2-year assignments.

Justice Gates is also due to hold another round of talks with the Sri Lankan Chief Justice and meet the Justice Ministry Secretary on the leave issue.

Referring to Sri Lanka’s judicial system Justice Gates said Sri Lanka maintains the independence of the judiciary and the highest ethical standards and Fiji can benefit by obtaining the services of local judicial officers with intelligence and integrity.

“What is of far greater significance is that the judges must act as judges. They need no other command. They must do the right thing.

“Few if any judges throughout the world will ever have to face the dilemmas we shall face; to be intellectually honest and yet be efficacious,” he said.  Yeah, you’ve always been full of it ICJ Gates, shit that is, that’s why your wallowing in it doesn’t bother you in the least eh?

Any efficaciousness on your part ICJ Gates would be better directed at setting the wheels in motion for the Nation of Fiji to be restored its democratic  and civil rights without delay, to be intellectually honest, don’t you think?



  1. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    It is a sad state of affairs when a dictator has to ‘shop’ around for gullible people to become ‘judges’ in his junta circus.

    All self respecting legal eagles in Australia, NZ, Malaysia, Singapore, etc., have asked what laws would be used as a basis for judgement. When told that there was none as there was no constitution, they promptly lost interest in serving a military dictatorship.

    It is worth noting the negative description of the junta in the Colombo paper; quite apt.

    There is no guarantee that the traitorous criminal, injustice gates, will get any judges in Sri Lanka.

    Next stop on his world trip; Zimbabwe.

  2. this is navoha Says:

    Political metamorphosis has taken place ……military,police, new methodist, corrupt judges, corrupt politician….have transformed into Frankenstein half baked neo nazi style government.

    Fiji Military Coups & weak leaders seem to have been that pupa life cycle for Fiji. According to an old Persian proverb: “Enemy can bring about goodness, if god wishes! Hopefully we pray that happens….but sa warai ga.

    Once the individual and political metamorphoses take place then social metamorphosis will automatically follow as we can witness right now

  3. Cama Says:

    birds of the same feathers will flock together, you wait and see.

  4. Tui Says:

    This where Fiji integrity is gonna go to the dumps. Shopping for Judges in Shri Langka just shows how desperate this illegal regime is to get something to go in their favour. The stigma of the Appeals ruling id dtill fresh in Gates mind so the Judges in Shri Langka will be bought to make sure they rule in the Govt’s favour in any court case that may come up.Qarase, Weleilakeba and the likes have no hope of winning their cases with this compromised Judiciary.It is time that someone was standing up and telling the people of Fiji to wake up and stop this rut that is being spread all over the Dictatorship that is Fiji.

  5. Jean d'Ark Says:

    I would have thought the original Gates ruling against Qarase was one of the most intellectually dishonest examples of a pre-determined show trial ever seen in Fiji.

    As for the need to “just do the right thing”, well go ahead Tony – we’re still waiting.

  6. Jone Says:

    Sell the Yasi from Lakeba is an idea .. story is next door/

  7. this is navoha Says:

    Once the US embassy in Tamavua is completed then will see the real player behind all this…….i believe the Us takeovers the dwindling economy as geopolitical context of fiji within the asia pacific region intensified between Us and china in the next few years.. ..this has been forecast several years back….also of d increasing asian chequebook diplomacy around d region and also fijis vast oil reserves …a fundamental shift in d new fiji.

    Bainimarama I.G. is just a decoy with lot of dramatization of a superficial neo nazi style,toothless lion government holding us in suspense however behind the scene is the unfolding of the real player. God bless Fiji & the nation of israel.

  8. josycam Says:

    The state of the judiciary in Sri lanka is equivalent to the status quo of Judiciary in Fiji where Lawyers are targetted and also the magistrate are given the taste of Franks boot if they do not perform to the expectation of the current regime.

    But let them come and taste it too.

    They are lucky to go out of this country alive if they give any verdict that contradicts the IG.

  9. balluk Says:

    Why not look to India, Hong Kong,Pakistan,Africa Kenya,South Africa,etc as they too were British former colonies.How about the West Indies,Canada and the United State of Ameria too?

  10. Corruption Fighter Says:

    The latest ADB report on Fiji has done a brilliant job of dancing around some glaring facts and trying to put a positive spin on a hopeless situation.

    The ADB says:
    “Economic performance has been lackluster for some time: GDP growth averaged 1.7 per cent in the 10 years to 2007.”

    What the ADB doesn’t say is that ‘lackluster’ looks pretty good compared to the ‘catastrophic’ average of MINUS 1.97 per cent that the regime is going to deliver in its first three years of mismanagement of the economy.

    The ADB also says that: “this low rate of economic growth partly reflects the impact of the December 2006 military coup which installed an interim government.”

    “Partly’? It almost totally reflects the destruction of the economy by the 2006 coup and we all know this.

    The ADB has concerns about poverty/ They say “Over 25 per cent of the population has an income below a basic needs poverty line.”

    We’re not sure what poverty line they’re talking about here. Professor Wadan Narsey estimates that it’s more like 45 per cent of the population living below the poverty line.

    We all know that children are dropping out of school because of school fees and bus fares and being forced to work in school time just to help their families feed themselves.

    Taking the tin-pot dictator at his word about the state of the economy and the boost he has promised for agriculture and infrastructure, the ADB thinks the economy could grow by 0.2 per cent in 2010. So 0,2 per cent is as good as it can possibly get at the moment.

    But wait for it, this is not all. Even this wildly optimistic scenario will depend on the illegal regime doing certain things.

    In particular, the ADB says: “The economic outlook heavily depends on the interim administration holding national elections. Not only does this have a bearing on business confidence, it is integral to accessing European Union funds for much needed sugar reforms, as well as grant funds from Australia and New Zealand.”

    In short: no elections and we cannot even hope for 0.2 per cent growth next year.

    Doesn’t that make the average of about 2 per cent for all the years of Qarase’s government look like paradise.


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