The chairman of Fiji’s Lau Provincial Council, Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, says the theft of sandalwood on Lakeba and other islands in the group has been wiped out.

Mara stated that sellers now had to identify where they sourced the sandalwood from before making a sale and buyers are now also controlled.

He said he had put the requirements in place to stop the theft of sandalwood and identify the perpetrators.

“It was not just dishonesty, it was stealing. People were going to other people’s plantations and stealing so we put a stop to it,” Mara said.

He said that at between $30 to $40 or more per kilogram, the sandalwood trade was lucrative which was why some villagers had resorted to stealing.

The province sold around 100,000 tonnes last year at $40 per kilogram.

Sandalwood harvesting is done every 13 years and “if you wait for 20 years you get really good money for it”, Mara said.

This year, the Ministry of Agriculture intervened in the western highlands to address sandalwood theft and claims that landowners were being exploited.

According to former Sandalwood Industries Fiji CEO, Amit Chand, logging companies were harvesting in prohibited areas at night.

The Agriculture Ministry has also been revamped following allegations by loggers that ministry staff were colluding with loggers to get sandalwood out of the country illegally.


10 Responses to “MUCH TOO SUSPECT ULUI”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Lawd Ha’ Mercy — the fox is now in charge of the chicken coop.


  2. LUVfiji Says:

    Indeed.. this is such a waste of SV space!!

    Dua tale mai..

  3. balluk Says:

    Is this an attempt to hoodwink the people of Lau-not! Hey pal first of all you didn’t win your Chairmanship through fair play.Secondly you’re an idiot like your master Bainimarama and the rest of your military blockheads. Thirdly, the people of Lau especially Ono and Vanuabalavu are way too smart to submit to your idiotic no-brain chairmanship.

  4. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    So was there a need for the military guns to accomplish things in the Tikina of Lau? You might think that you are so devastating but what you have really accomplished instead is disrespect and those who pretend respect do so to get some.

  5. Tui Says:

    Roko Ului please just stay on military duties. You are not even qualified for that too.Just go to Lakeba and worry about your father’s yasi plantation because everywhere elese the yase plantstion are very well looked after and there is no theft reported.

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    OK.. since Im revisitng this thread; please allow him to proceed to self-destruction! That’ll be his biggest achievement!

  7. Jone Says:

    Where and when did Roko Ului say this … and why is it relevant ?

  8. balluk Says:

    Did i hear this right? Someone in the Bose ni Yasana o Lau is making the suggestion that Ului should accept the position of Tui Lau? What has Ului done for Lau? First off, the Tui Lau is an appointed title begining with Ma,afu, Ratu Sukuna,Ratu Mara and who ever the people of Lau-(not the vuanirewa)feels is deserving to take that position? As a Lauan i would vote to give this post to Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, for he is the rightful heir to this title.

  9. Belijo Says:

    Balluk, I agree with your choice totally! Ratu Joni is the best! God Bless him!

  10. Lauan Gangster Says:

    Oh!!Please not Ratu Joni..My vote goes to Ratu Finau..A well mannered and a down to earth chief..He deserves it by birth right and also academic wise..
    For the sandalwood..give it to the right owners (land and the yasi)..Sa kua mada na politiki duka tiko..

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