What has become of our society that a man has to bash is baby daughter to death in a ritualistic sacrifice to “save his district spiritually”.

The community where this abomination occurred and the communities around there were very quick to embrace the  Fiji militarys illegal regime and the blasphemous ‘new’ Methodist secularism.

Now with no law in Fiji, thanks to the illegal abrogation of the constitution and sacking of the judiciary by the outgoing President, how do these communities explain themselves. Will the secular ‘new’ Methodists save their sorry souls. More to the point will the lawless Fiji military illegal regime save their sorry souls.

Tele ni and his pervert bro Atu (kena) better be doing some serious laying of hands because the witless ones who quickly embraced their propaghandu will just as quickly abandon them when they become aware of the implications of the murder of an innocent baby girl.

The whole Fiji Military, the illegal regime and the coup apologists are people who profit from the suffering of other human beings.

Now an innocent child has been brutally killed by the hands of her own father in a futile attempt at appeasement.



  1. Cama Says:

    Do you mean that the father of the that innocent little girl belongs to this new methodist movement?

    I dont believe you. If that is the case, God bless Fiji please because we are doomed.

  2. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    OMG, This is totally unacceptable anywhere.

    What kind of mentality is the illegal regime spreading around Fiji.

    SV is correct, the communities in northern Vanua Levu have been too quick to embrace the illegal regime and it’s brand of Christianity espoused by the illegal Polcom ketepoka Teleni and his conman brother.

    This is the result of the ignorance of the coup apologists and their followers.

  3. fijitruth Says:

    What else can one say when Fiji is being run by military opportunist such as Bainimarama, Teleni & co. Looks like these Fiji Pariahs are running all over the country side in Fiji promoting fly-by nite cults like Atu’s new Metho group to justify themselves.

    Time to call in the Fiji Batis’ to club them down!

  4. Tui Says:

    He who worship the devil will reap the devil’s reward. I hope the people of Vanua levu will learn from this and go back to lote wesele because it was the lotu wesele that brought the light into Fiji.Teleni and Atu like Bainimarama ursuped power and the devil has taken over their domain.Not only in govt will this take hold but to every facet of Fijian life. Thre is no freedon anymore and we just have to ask ourselves what do we do with this situation.

  5. Cama Says:

    We can only chase evil spirits by the all powerful name of Jesus and not by killing an innocent child because the spirit is not in flesh.

  6. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Is there any proof that the father who murdered his daughter was a member of the Atu Vulaono New Methodist cult?

    We at Fiji Democracy Now don’t know, and we do believe in giving the benefit of the doubt when accusations are made without evidence. But, with all the media censorship, how can we have access to the facts.

    We think it does seem strange that the man was allowed to enter the court unrestrained. Why did Teleni’s officers allow this? This makes us suspicious.

    And what do we make of the report that he was “behaving abnormally and screaming and singing at the top of his voice all night in the cell.”

    Don’t expect the truth to come out easily if he is a member of the Teletubby cult.

  7. LUVfiji Says:

    The spirit in the man identified with what the poor little girl was possessed with. It takes one to know one!

    Alas.. na kei Atu!!

  8. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    This church is a cult.

    Bainimarama and his Cabinet ministers MEKE VULA before each meeting.

  9. Corvette Says:

    This church is a cult.

    Bainimarama and his Cabinet ministers MEKE VULA before each meeting.; This church is a cult.

    Bainimarama and his Cabinet ministers MEKE VULA before each meeting.;;

  10. Talei Tabusoro Says:

    Koratou dau luvaluva kada wavoki qai vaka cu cu kina vula. Ni koratou sa telefua tu qai kaila o raijieli ‘jimoni levu qo na kei atu! na kei atu!

  11. Jone Says:

    Add telefua to the mix.

    Telefua qai vaka cu cu kina vula Lol

  12. anonymous Says:

    i think they are creating a world of chaos. they should change the name of their church “the koi au church”. every thing atu preached is all about himself. i do this and that. i recived this and that, i go here and there. self-centered person.

  13. funny/lol Says:

    io… sa dina… i have been hearing lots about this atu and raijieli pips and i think that they are just spreading false lies, lies and more lies… and just using the bible to back up their so-called info….. sa qai cava tu qo? sa sega tale ni qai rogo na domo ni vunau nei atu/rai… sa levu beka ga na nodrau kawai taka na ka e dau yaco e na rumu and less about gospel preaching…. se cava na nodrau vakasama…. lol… is it true that the european lady is; vaka i lavo taka tiko na soqosoqo lotu ya? she has been appearing to lots of people including my brother/s friend’s family… and she has also revealed that o koya ga e vaka i lavo taka tiko na new methodist…. that there is no acount for them at westpac or anz but all money is being deposited into atu and kei atu’s account…. oh yes! and about kava/snake revellation…. that lady mada ga is human on the top and snake from waist below. de koya beka ga ya gave atu the revellation….

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