Uninvited Fiji lashes out at Pacific Forum
By New Zealand correspondent Kerri Ritchie
Fiji’s military regime says the Pacific Islands Forum suffers from poor leadership and double standards.
Its newly appointed foreign minister, Inoke Kubuabola, says the “selective invitations to Fiji” made by the forum’s secretariat are a poor reflection on its leadership.
In a statement, Mr Kubuabola said the Forum was meant to strengthen regional cooperation but was instead marginalising its members and fragmenting the fabric on which the institution was built.
Fiji was suspended from the Forum three months ago after military leader Frank Bainimarama broke a promise to hold elections and restore democracy.
The illegal regime rapes the democratic rights of the Fijian Nation, and they treat it as Ho Hum.

When other Nations, especially the ones who are always the first to offer aid whenever there’s a catastrophe here in Fiji and are more than concerned  for our welfare plead for the ig to return our Nation to democracy the ig is outraged.
Ironic isn’t it?
As for the wholesale slandering of the Pacific Islands Forum, it  is disgraceful because it’s based on scant regard for facts.
Mata va’ vonu kubuabola should be very well aware of  the processes and values of democracy from his cushy job swanning around the diplomatic circles with his ambitious, shifty eyed wife. Saku levu!
Bring on phrenology.



  1. Tuks Says:

    The illegal Minister for Foreign Affairs- Kubuabola ‘s statement to the Forum is obviously a show. It has only very clearly highlighted the man’s own selfishness, arrogance, greed, hunger and thirst for power. For a person publicly reknown for his role in organising the Taukei Movement and upheaval during Rabuka’s coup in 1987, as well as the anti Indian campaigns in early 2000, the above statement has only demonstrated Kubuabola’s very own hypocrisy and double standardness as a leader!. Pointing fingures and citing poor leadership and double standardness by the Forum Leaders sounded like a very bad joke!!!. Mr Kubuabola needed to be reminded that history is very much against him. Past political affiliations and participation are only additional fuel that will quickly drag the illegal Regime down to their own doom. “Birds of the same feathers stays together..”.Tragically, and unknowingly, Kubuabola’s personal choice to join the current illegal mob is the ultimate means to expose his own dark, scheming and sinister self that will bring an end to his controversial political career. Mr Kubuabola’s comments of poor leadership and double standardness above to the Forum are not worth the salt. Not even the pieces of paper they are written on..

  2. Suliasi Daunitutu Says:

    The state of affairs in Fiji at the moment is descending at an alarming rate but the Interim Regime is proping things up with the help of people like Kubuabola and of late the MSG leaders, who might have been employed to put a good word in for the dictator.

    There are also blogg sites where IG supporters have been dispensed to bark out to the world, that all is well in Paradise.

    Unfortunately, no one is believing them, if the challenge to the Fiji people, to rise up against Frank by the outgoing chair of the PIF is anything to go by.

    Mr. Kubuabola’s track record, in which he has been seen to promote self indulgence over prinipal or moral will not help him with his approach to defend Voreqe at the PIF.

    You just cannot defend something that is wrong, you will have to posses sophisticated hardware like the “Dream Team” in the OJ case to drag the PIF mentallity to the contrary.

    All of Kubuabola’s efforts are not supported by Voreqe’s outburst back home, inviting the Niuean premier to come and protest back on the streets of Suva. That would have nullified any substance that Kubuabola would have scraped up from his rhetoric barrel.

    In fact, the picture the Interim Government is painting to the world though the censored media contradicts the behaviour of their leader and his diplomat turned mouthpiece.

    Let me just summarise and say this, our friend have turned their backs on us, he has invited in ex communists and a country with the worst discrimanatory (cast) system, he has committed treason, he has violated all that is encapsulated by article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he has brought poverty and hardship to the Nation.

    No wonder he included ” you don’t know how many stars and coconut trees there are in Fiji” in an official Prime Minisitirial speech.

  3. Truth Says:

    Pacific Islands Forum don’t need Fiji.

  4. Truth Says:

    Vo’s administration is beneath PIF standards; we the people expect nothing less from the Forum. Second class treatment for 2nd class citizens THAT IS THE GOLDEN RULE.

  5. Suliasi Daunitutu Says:

    I am not sure if the approach by Fiji to lash out at the PIF accusing it of marginalising its members, was the right one let alone true.

    If I remember correctly, it was Fiji that told Australia and New Zealand that it didn’t want them to dictate terms to its affairs.

    It was also Fiji that broke its promise to the EU in regard to the elections and the twelve point agreement on which the massive $350million aid was sealed.

    Voreqe’s position in the Pacific region has been compromised by the way he choses to ignore the request for dialogue, instead he shows a careless attitude towards diplomacy and fairness.

    The two big brothers, Australia and New Zealand would very much like to accomodate Fiji in proper engagements at which they would like to hear the IG’s plans and reciporicate accordingly with an opposition or alternative to get to a solution for Fiji and the region as a whole.

    This has been a trend for the IG, in which their way is the only way for Fiji, and the rest have to agree. It seems, they are oblivious to the fact that Fiji is part of the Pacific Island Nations that agree collectively to what is good for the region, not to mention, the world which is bound by all sorts of international laws and agreements, which were put in place to encourage good diplomatic, business and other forms of foreign exchanges.

    I don’t see anything wrong with that, but if you are not willing to participate in diplomacy, there is a good chance that no one will be prepared to engage you in any form of bipartisan exchange.

    This non commital attitude is ingrown in the political landscape of our Nation, in the past twenty years, new parties have sprung up, introducing individual agendas and pointing Fiji to imaginary horizons, captivating the innocent and naive population.

    The latest episode was a grand perfomance by Mahendra Chaudary in the 2006 multicabinet government, as reiterated by the deported High Commissioner of New Zealand, Mr. Michael Green at the Australian National University on Friday’s seminar which I attended.

    These few words said alot in my view, “The multiparty cabinet was going quite well, it was not given a chance to build a reputation”

    Fijians have had enough of coups, and everyone is seaching for a solution to the “Coup culture”, why didn’t we give that option a chance to manifest itself in our democracy.

    It had both the predominant Fijian party in SDL and the the other major player, the Indian party FLP at the wheelhouse. There were shared porfolios and Mahendra was given the Deputy Prime Ministirialship.

    I think that the race card would have to be dealt evenly given that circumstance, there would be equal input into the Government mechanics with both parties intergrating their policies into one governing organ.

    That failed because important people at the helm of leadership, were not prepared to lookout for others, rather, they wanted others to lookout/up to them.

    To conclude, I disagree with Mr. Kubuabola when he said the PIF was marginalising its members, rather the problem was in us and we exposed it after 2006.

  6. Anon Says:

    Who cares if Fiji withdraws from trade talks/agreements!!! You are insignificant now….no money, no democracy, no transparency, etc, etc! You can harp and hola till the cows come home and you can now go and drink homebrew under the vaivai tree!!!

  7. balluk Says:

    Wasn’t this same Inoke Kubuabola a previous member of the SDL party?Wasn’t he the Minister of communication or something at one stage?

  8. balluk Says:

    Hey, is this the same Kubuabola who was the Minister of communication or something in the Qarase Administration? He this is the same person, then we need to ask Australia and New Zealand to include his name in the list undesirable people to enter their respective nations?

  9. Cama Says:

    Vaka madua!!!!

    Vala ga dai me dina.

    Na lasu ena lasu tikoga. we cannot change what is illegal to legal. one day mafatu. the law will catch up with you.

  10. Tuks Says:

    Corrections pls – Kubuabola was with Rabuka and their SVT Party – NOT SDL… and I think Australia and NZ are also reading your blog…

  11. gdevreal Says:


    Inoke Kubuabola was legal when he was with the SDL government.
    He is illegal under the illegal Bainimarama junta.

  12. Puf- Military Says:

    Thanks to Piggy and the IG, Fiji’s in for some really tough times ahead. Already government’s revenue and cashflow position is getting tighter as businesses are facing difficulties (thus unable to pay direct taxes), volume of imports will continue declining resulting in losses in tariff revenues, and the financial markets contracting into next year. Already, food prices have escalated markedly in the domestic market which will further erode already meagre incomes of low income earners.

    The trade imbalance will grow wider (due to weak exports as a result of the global financial crisis and restricted market access) and in the absence of any growth in travel receipts from the services account (Tourism) and foreign direct investment inflows, Fiji could face a catastrophic balance of payments crisis situation never before seen. Now’s the time to be making friends instead these ignorant deadbeats continue shooting off their mouth, alienating Fiji from fellow nations/ potential partners (Aust/NZ/EU etc).

    When all is dry in government’s financial coffers, we will then watch to see where these Junta clowns will run to for finance. As well, there are other challenges on the debt front that will soon catch up with us. One such major debt is the USD150million bond due for repayment soon, in 2011. If we do not have sufficient revenues to pay off these loans , Fiji Government will face a severe debt crisis situation. Amongst other loans, it has secured domestically (FNPF) and abroad (Malaysian etc.)some at extremely high rates of interest. Furthermore, the ability of the Provident Fund to pay its members pension fund will be curtailed by the inability of Goverment to finance its outstanding debts, thus it will keep draining FNPF funds.

    When all is dry in government’s financial coffers, we will then watch to see where these Junta clowns will run to for finance. I hope that they are still setting aside $50million annually for the repayment of the USD150million loan by 2011. If not, Fiji Government will face a severe a debt crisis suituation, amongst other loans, it has secured domestically (FNPF) and abroad (Malaysian etc.). Furthermore, the ability of the Provident Fund to pay its members pension fund will be curtailed by the inability of Goverment to finance its outstanding debts.

    So we will suffer because of these lunatics but the explosion that will follow from the populace not to mention internal revolts from their own camp/ infighting will wipe them out.

    As has been said before, what starts out evil and illegal will always remain so and nothing good comes out of it in the end.

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