Who will be Chatelaine at Gov House

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73 Responses to “Who will be Chatelaine at Gov House”

  1. pooeys in pic Says:

    All smelly of pooey esp. that wiggly chinny Miz Piggy the pooh, draped in blanket. Respect is earned, blerry leeches!

  2. gdevreal Says:

    I vote for the one with the shades, because you cannot see what those shifty eyes are up to, trying to keep track of Who is groping Who. Looks like a real Mafia Donna. Thieves and thugs all dressed up and given the best of the spoils from Fiji on a royal platter.
    Perhaps Voreqe can be given title of Pope to make way for the has been politico families look for ways to continue milking the People.
    Where does this leave all of our hard working Indian family, who have no influence in the military and whose cash cow the FSC is being milked by their own?

  3. gdevreal Says:

    On the other hand, Frank obviously has the most medals, so perhaps he deserves eagle scout based on merit badge assessment.

  4. Jone Says:

    These are the cockroaches I was referring to in other post. Wipe out these roaches and cleanse Fiji of their filth ONCE and FOR ALL.

    No need to wait 20 years.

    Do it now.

  5. Prem Says:

    Agree Jone

    Don’t put the blame on my race of people, if the “taukei” were united doesn’t what we as Indo Fijians try to do we can never take over Fiji.

    My family and I have done very well in Fiji through hard work and good management of our money but with all the coups we have all suffered.

    I am even too scared to say too much so thank you to the blogs.

  6. SViade~ Says:

    It won’t be anyone of ’em, if it is it’ll be acting only…it will be someone from the WEST!!.

  7. Truth Says:

    There are Indian cockroaches too – Supporters of this coup. Get rid of all the cockroaches.

    And one from the West ? Not even a moment’s hesitation please Wipe out that even bigger cockroach.

  8. SViade~ Says:

    @Truth who were u thinking of .???? from the west….bigger cokorachi who.?

  9. gdevreal Says:

    Australia and India are to the west.

  10. Prem Says:

    @ Truth you are right there are big cokorachis everywhere, even with my race, so they to need to be got rid of as well.

    But to do this like I said before the “taukei” need to unite and as a race in their own country they will find a balance to make it a happy Fiji for all the races.

    This is what I want for my children and my grandchildren but to be done in a legal way. I was relying on the Methodist church, but it seems we have been let down by them as well.

  11. Truth Says:

    Sivede, no one. Illegal criminals have zero business at Gov House and whatever criminal they put there is a cockroach that needs ridding. Even you know that.

    Prem/Budhau the Taukeis are united against the criminals. Someone posted a link to a story about Corazon Aquino finally succum to cancer and therein the reminder to us all that we need not wait around 20 years to wipe out our criminals as in the case of the people of the Phillipines who sat around taking abuse of Marcos 20 long years to do it. What are we waiting for

    Mary Bainimarama and Koila Nailatikau to rack up their shoe collections perhaps ?

    These criminals don’t give a hoot about the well being of the people; A better Fiji YEAH right A better filled pocketbooks for your sorry beings is more like it.

  12. SViade~ Says:

    Vinaka Turuth!

  13. SViade~ Says:


  14. LUVfiji Says:

    @SViade~ isnt Tui Vuda of the Ba Province? O Ratu JIU!

  15. SViade~ Says:

    LOL @luvfiji gd one….there will be another one from there…..!!!! Na Rt.JIU is your opinion of the Tui Vuda we don’t think of him him as such, we think of Frank as such……. have you watched the Interview where he openly admits that he abrogated the constitution Ya ga na Rt. JIU ko kanaka tiko…. enuf mada blaming the President vacegu !!!!! .

  16. LUVfiji Says:


    OK!.. sweetie, if you insist on the Yasana ko Ba, then c’est moi!!

    Au kanaka la ni kemudrau kei na President vakacegu e taura na veni ka saini ena veva.

    Se va’evei?

  17. SViade~ Says:

    Ka dina o kemuni ia e vakacava ni teri kila na vu ni saini??. Does that make it LEGIT ?. By the same token can someone really be tried in a court of Law if he has “impaired judgement stemming from illness”….. and also if he was clueless to what was going on can we say that anything he has his name on is Legal or anything he has done be deemed legit?…Vnaka Bu!

  18. LUVfiji Says:


    Of course not, there is always the excuse that he was acting beyond his own mental capacity and, hence, as you rightly put it.. impaired judgement. Why do yo think they kept him there?. He’s now done the damage and will take his well-earned retirement and the package that comes with it.

    Sa maleka la o radini ena nomudrau bank acct.. bless her!

    and, bless u

  19. SViade~ Says:

    @Luv Fiji…..Oilei…headache tale……….. !!! I don’t think he did any damage I only say that because if he was clueless as to what was going on, then how could he have signed or did anything if Frank did not bring it up… ?.
    na bank acct me sogo……oilei headache tale!!.

  20. LUVfiji Says:

    SViade~ .. heartache more like it!

  21. SViade~ Says:


    lol….hahahaha….isa sa na dua ga vi rua!!! ni lewa ga mai kemuni.

  22. LUVfiji Says:

    @ SViade~ … au kerekere la me heartache. Na bibi ni bank account ‘ya ni drau a waca. Uuuuu.ieee…

    To the issue on this thread; who do you seriously think will be the new chatelaine at GH? I am of the view, it will be the Lau-Bau princess, who is at the doorstep already, while older sister will take up the vp residence. As for yr suggestion on the Ba Province; hmmm.. there really isnt anyone unless they elevate the Vuda princess who is currently at the Fiji Trade Office in Taipei.

    Yes? Or who were you thinking of? De sa na dua vei ira mai Uluda?

    Frank, in the while, is enjoying the role slotting them into these positions, they couldnt otherwise get on their own merit. ‘Christmas father’ come no where!. He certainly aint giving up the power in the fourth floor at gb.

    Dou wasea mada mai, ie!

  23. SViade~ Says:

    @ Luvfiji

    Isa sa dua tale na veitalanoa i qore e sini rawa me’u cauraka yani ia na vu ga ni noqu kaya yani mai na west ena Must !! baleta the WEST e tiko kece kina na i wase levu ni income vana matanitu….vacava keratou LEVA qai form taki ga dua nodratou matanitu qai cava.! au kwaya la….ULUDA tale mai ivei qori Vaya na Ba province is the biggest province.(Hint: raica vakamalua na ka sa cakava oti o Frank related to Presitedi Vacegu as far as asking him to hold the post until he passes on.) I emphasis until he passes on? But Frank must have had a change of heart and retired him. So now we wait… What is well known abt the Presitedi vacegu’s village???.

    sana sogo ga na bank acct au sa na kaya kina ni o sa ota taka mai……!!!!!

    oilei…hart ache tale!

  24. SViade~ Says:

    @ Luvfiji

    au solivakasama tu ga yani !! e sega ni o iratou mai Fiji Trade Taipei. Oilei Luvfiji vaka saraga daru mai lewa tu dua a meca…!!

  25. gdevreal Says:

    I don’t think Frankie has any incentive to appoint a President. He is better off without any other authority in a position to challenge him. If he moves to President himself, he loses the day to day control of the PM and the Commander.
    My prediction is that there will be no substantive appointment to the position of President of Fiji unless it is a parrot.
    On the other hand, Mere may decide she wants the White House.
    This may cause some dissention with the wannabee Mara’s and Ganilau’s.

  26. gdevreal Says:

    The occupation of the Presidential Mansion will likely be resolved with a cat fight. Anyway, that is probably about as good a way as any, since the other halves are all about equally dumb. If I was in Frankie’s shoes, however, I would look for a well trained tropical (indigenous) parrot to be President.

  27. gdevreal Says:

    And then perhaps one of these wannabee families can be charged with looking after the parrot.

  28. gdevreal Says:

    In fact Frankie was a pretty good parrot when he appeared on Radio Australia responding (parroting) to that Australian Journalist who kept putting words in his mouth. I wonder what he does when he goes to India. Can he also parrot in Hindi? Chinese? If not, he can always go and catch fish for Eveli and Koila.

  29. SViade~ Says:

    lolz……hahahha good one !!! @gdevreal

  30. Truth Says:

    Yeah they are not princesses either. What they are is cockroaches. Rid Fiji of these filth. Criminally inclined cockroaches set to play hosts at the White House my right foot ga me buturaka na kokorojis and end Fiji’s misery.

  31. LUVfiji Says:



    Government House will need to be occupied. Greedy and dumb as he is, Frank realises the country needs a (rubberstamp) head of state. Afterall, we have seen the order, or whatever it is, mayb the gazette notice, that the functions of the office of the president will be performed by the vp until one is appointed by ‘cabinet’. Today is Tuesday. They usually meet today. So there is every likelihood that we will get an announcement before the day’s end?.

    There will be no a cat-fight. It is obvious who gets to ascend the high office and who will be 2ic. They are well on their way in achieving the real objectives of the coup. When all is done, they shall live happily ever after.

    The national language in India is English.. dont forget they were, like us, under British colonial rule. Proceedings in Parliament today are even done in English!

    @SViade~ Na ka la ni soli vakasama, ke mani vovodea, me ia tu la kina na veitalanoa!!

    sa dri yani!

  32. Gaza Says:

    They’re all Jezebels and all in the running. Here are their latest thoughts:

    Jezebel 1 : I got me a brazillian wax ‘ALL OVER’ under my green blanket. Where’s Epeli the blerry fool ! Must be chasing another young skirt. Doesn’t he realized his ‘vosi’ is all waxed and ready for the tumble at the ‘White House’ bed.

    Jezebel 2 : I’d better keep all these under wraps. the time will come when my FF (FuckFranck) husband will run out of ideas, then I can offer myself to his military cabinet in exchange for the ‘White House’. I so very much like to live in that palace.

    Jezebel 3 : ‘Oilei e vacava tiko ‘o Tu Ga ! E cava e sega tiko ga kina ni rawa ni keitou lako yani e na ‘White House’ ? Me vatotolo tiko ‘o koya, sa toso tiko na gauna. Na ‘vosi qas’ ‘qo sa viavia oti tiko yani na nona wapelepele, sa vakayagataki tu ga ‘qo me i mimi. Isa ! au nanuma sara na gauna…………………….

  33. this is navoha Says:

    God Bless Fiji …..time is coming for i to act upon God’s calling.God Bless Fiji and the Nation of Israel.

  34. Truth Says:

    Ka dina

    Na ka la ni solivakasama

    That anyone ascending the White House now are criminally inclined cockroaches Na yavaqu i matau ga me buturaki na kokoroji ina nomudou matanitu na dau butako lolovira kocokoco vucesa, maumautaimi, dou tamata basulawa mai viavia vosa va vuku tu vei kemami na lewe ni vanua o Viti me baleta na ka e vinaka kina na vanua kei na lotu kei na matanitu .. UUUUuuuu sa yawa na via veiliutaki. Veiliutaki tu na dela ni veivakasaurarataki me nomudou duru tu mai na dakai. Na nodra dakai na lewe ni vanua dou sa taura qai vadodoka mai na matadra ko ira ka nodra nai yaragi ni valu qori.

    Dua na vakasama toka qo – Wase mada mai vei keda na dakai qori qai laurai..

    Ko cei e ki la tu na solivakasama lelevu kei na lalai
    Ke mani vovodea me ia tu la kina na veitalanoa !!

    sa dri yani!

  35. Truth Says:

    Of course they will take to the White House whatever cockroach they so desire as they have been doing whatever they wish ; these criminally inclined money motivated due to lack of ethics and zero moral mobsters are the keepers of the People’s weaponry. Everything they do are not respected by respectful citizens.

  36. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The mass arrest of Methodist church leaders is just the beginning. We are living in a police state and our tin-pot dictator now has a taste for ruling without having to worry about a constitution or independent courts.

    The victory that the dictator believes he has had over the Methodist Church will spur him on to more outrages against the people.

    The church leaders who felt compromise would open the way to cooperation are deluding themselves.

    He is sure he can get away with anything now. He will not be able to stop his desire to accumulate more power. It looks more likely than ever that he will have himself appointed President, while remaining PM and Minister for everything important. He’s an out of control megalomaniac and the Methodist church has given him encouragement.

  37. caroline Says:

    It took 20 years to get of the dictator Marcos and his bitch. It will take at least as long in Fiji. When are you guys down there going to wake up?

  38. Truth Says:

    Good FDN

    I was wondering when someone would get around to those points

    He will take his cockroach self to Presidency whilst he remains PM and whatever else he’s got going on.

  39. Tui Says:

    Don’t be suprised if he does that FDN and Truth. He is trying to avoid prosecution for sedition, abuse,murder, torture and whatever else we can pin on him.If he becomes President he will feel safe and secure but he has forgotten that everything he is doing now is illegal.

  40. Fiji Man Says:

    Hey people get a relaity check on your gossip mongering please and put in for Teimumu Kepa’s legal fee’s becuse she aint got no money!!

  41. Red Scorpion Says:

    Fiji “Man” ur just an idiot. GMB has the support of the province and Rewan people overseas so I think legal fees are taken care of. And I think ur 2 rupees won’t make much difference, 2 bad for u. Moce Jo!!

  42. this is navoha Says:

    To all people in this blog, please can we start organising a mass protest against this oppresive regime for the sake of our children.

    The time has come to rise up and defend our country….the Niuen Prime minister statement against Bainimarama is from God…. its God calling to us ……so stand up for your faith and do something.Rise up, for God is on your side.

    Kerekere vei kemuni na turaga kei na Marama, sa rauta na volavola na blog qo, sa kerei meda veitauriliga …me da duavata…..me da tu taka na dina…..sa gauna ni veisau qo.

  43. Prem Says:

    The mentality of some of you on this blog, it is a wonder people like FVB, the 2 Epelis, the Maras etc get away with what they doing to make your lives miserable.

    Ro Teimumu, is not asking for money for her legal fees, it is up to the people to use their brains and give her money for her legal fees. Her actions were for all of us that can tell the difference between what is right over wrong so it is only fair that we share the legal fees. “Legal fees that has to be paid for her God given rights.”

    Fiji Man it is confused people like yourself that is prolonging the stay in power of the country’s dictator and those that support him.

  44. Truth Says:

    Fiji Man nee Prem slash Budhau is one in the same. Fiji Man to set up then return as Prem to insult and try to confuse. Didn’t work.

  45. Truth Says:

    Disagree. Ro Teimumu is being served pro bono by supporting attorneys as she should and thank you to those good lawyers.

    ‘sides no one should waste monies paying into Vo & Co ‘s joke of a judiciary. We know the outcome before the cases are heard – all those opposing the regime are guilty and all those supporting the regime are pardoned.

  46. Prem Says:


    Sadly you do not know your own people if you are a taukei. The people that have gone into Lomanikoro to visit Ro Teimumu have used the legal fees as a joke when giving her their envelops. She understood what was meant and it was up to her how she used the money. Pampering a high chief that is what it’s called.

    I don’t live in the Rewa delta, but some of my family do, so when asked to help out I obligingly did. At first the money collected by my family weeks before Ro Teimumu was arrested was to be given to her as her “soli” to the Methodist Church. Being the high chief of Rewa it was only befitting that her “soli” was a substantial amount. Other words because of who she is, her people and my family and I (indo Fijians) wanted to make her look good so the pampering. The pampering is well deserving for a wonderful high chief who have done wonders for her people.

    My advice to you is to go back to basics, as people are not all the same. I don’t want anything out of Fiji, but for everyone to have the right to be able to work hard if they chose to so and make a life for themselves like how it use to be. My parents worked very hard to give myself and my and my brother and sister a good education.

    Sorry Truth I am not Fiji Man nor Budhau – I am Prem Naidu and I now live in Australia. Here in Australia I tell everyone who ask where I am from that I am of Indian origins but born and educated in Fiji. Something I am very proud of because I have been able to slot into Australian society without any hassles.

  47. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The pampering you spoke of is befitting of High CHiefs like Ro Teimumu BUT definitely not of my own chiefs albeit small since we do not yet have Ratu Finau installed. Roko Ului is not our High cheif and neither are his sisters thank God. Their late father along with those who came before the late Turaga received all of the traditional pampering, love, respects, with all the trimmings and deservedly.

    Consider too that everything changes and nothing ever stays the same. That said

    This is a time when Fijians are at a crossroads and must decide, with yours truly taking the lead; that our our High Chiefs are held to a standard high enough befitting their traditional positions. Gone are the days when we Fijans will continually pamper you if you fail to live up to par. From now on all chiefs wanting the “usual” from his/her people must earn it.

    And with that note the Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi is on par.

    The Marama Bale does not need legal fees paid by the mass. Attornies have stepped up tot he plate to offer pro bono services because they believe in the GMB’s cause – one that serves all of Fiji. Hold on tight to your monies as there is something brewing and when it breaks then that is where the monies should be channeled and the GMB would much rather we fund those emergencies for the masses WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

    Amnot dismissing your points am suggesting that Ro Teimumu is well taken care of already and that there maybe better use for the masses resources and finances for the events that will unfold down the road.

  48. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    PIC 1 Blanket Nailatikau, Radini KomaiNaisogolaca

    PIC 2 Parasite Bainimarama, Radini Cebomaitaqeniwaidrokadroka

    PIC 3 Salwar Kameez Ganilau, Radini $50man ipusi

    To all you ladies in Fiji. Hide your designer accessories and jewellery from the three women pictured above, kila ga na borrow mada, no return they are famous for.

    So sad they are all as ambitious as their macawa husbands but can’t afford the real thing.

    The shops in Marks and Raojabhai Patel street have lots of shops more inline with their income with bright geegaws to select from. Sa rauta mada na ‘borrowing’, vaka madua, vakaloloma dina.

    Well, back to the ethanol production for us dolls.

  49. s raqiqi Says:

    @casava patch doll , You just sound like a real jealous bitch!!

  50. Red Scorpion Says:

    I think there’s more than a little grain of truth in what cassava patch doll is saying , actually. In fact, the more vicious ur response, the more likely we are to believe that it is true. Sorry be’a!!

  51. s.raqiqi Says:

    sa rauta mada na yalo ca kei na vakacaca, you mean to tell me that you people are so perfect, no flaws, no weaknesses????? I am never a fan of these ladies but it is sad to see that they are being crucified daily!! what do you get out of it??? yaloca, bitterness, qarauna this will manifest in the physical!!!!!!God bless

  52. Jone Says:

    of course you are a fan of these ladies why else would you expose your hurt feelings and don’t worry about anybody else’s weaknesses least of all those of us who have not raped this country. Qarauna kana loto tiko mai na butako will manifest in the physical!!!!!!God bless

  53. s.raqiqi Says:

    @Jone, pls do not misread me, I AM NOT HURT ! far from it, just disapointed at how some people can stoop so low to judge other people! leave Adi Koila alone! if anything you have to do, pray for her!!! thats the least you all can do, because God alone can judge!

  54. Jone Says:

    @s.raqiqi no can do missy and will tell you why :

    These here ladies have raped the constitution and living the high life as a direct result whilst the people of fiji suffer — loss of jobs for those who held down employment, loss of opportunities from various job creation scheme that were set to materialize but snuffed when overseas investors pulled out of the dictatorship fiji. Price hikes across the board found on merchandise, eatables, and all living expenses. These ladies and hubbies don’t give a hoot about the suffering mass. Many opportunities came their way to right their wrongs BUT they aren’t interested because they refuse to give up the lifestyle funded by the populace. Now then, do you think that these criminals should not be made to suffer. In which world would that be ? An alien nation perhaps. This is planet earth. Your job is not to come here and tell us, “their victims” to smile and turn the other cheek. Go to Adi Koila instead and appeal to her to hold her husband’s hand and lead him away from that wrongful path they have treaded. Step down and away from the criminal activities they have entrenched themselves in since long before December 6 2006.

  55. s raqiqi Says:

    Ratu Epeli in my view is perfect for the position, honestly I cannot see anybody else for that position, he would make an excellent President. He is such a humble person!

  56. LUVfiji Says:

    @s raqiqi. I have to agree with you there!

    Ratu Epeli Nailatikau – yes. He’d be my pick as well, for President, if we were to choose. Not only is he humble, he has great qualities of a man to bear such high office, DESPITE his involvement with the current mess. Great social skills – he’s the man for the people. The best part of Tailevu adore him! Not his brother.

    Not the other epeli.

    He’d even be my choice for Vunivalu but then that aint my privilege!

  57. s.raqiqi Says:

    vinaka Luvfiji ! spot on!!

  58. Jone Says:

    And because they are involved in the raping of the constitution NONE of them qualify but they do of course whilst their dictatorship reign. And gping to Adi Koila to tell her to lead her husband away from the evils that has now become soooooo much of who they are will send you packing for she was part and parcel of this coup right from the get go. And the people have every right to taunt her and call them all kinds of names in the books IT is after all, all that the victims have left.

  59. s.raqiqi Says:

    @Jone, people can rave as much as they want, but it will not change whatever is happening in Fiji, na toso qo e na toso ga!!!…….. so people do not waste yr time running people down!!!! it’s irrelevant !!!!NEXT PLEASE!

  60. Jone Says:

    ” .. na toso qo na toso ga!!!”

    Running them down ? ena toso ga. NEXT PLEASE!

  61. s.raqiqi Says:

    @Jone, sa sega na kemu! just chill out!

  62. Red Scorpion Says:

    Enough s.raqiqi, u sound like a village idiot or a lapdog jester. Lai vaka tokara mada na kuro ni ti… kusa…

  63. Jone Says:

    Yeah indeed e sega na kequ — mai na butako

    Kana mai na butako dou sa matai ga kina o kemudou na dau ni lawaki valoloma o kemami dau muria tu ga na lawa.

  64. Jone Says:

    @ s.raqiqi

    Levu na kemu — mai na butako

  65. s raqiqi Says:

    @Jone & RS, you guys are so irrelevant , will not waste my time……..NEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!

  66. Jone Says:

    You just contradicted yourself idiot……NEXT PLEASE!!!!!!!

  67. s raqiqi Says:

    heheheeeeeee hehehhhhhhhh POTE POTE!!!!!!! @ Jone

  68. Jone Says:

    Arhar nomu ujiriva macawa e lasa ? for someone who claimed our irrelevance you sure spend a lot of time here you parasite RADINI CEBOMAITAQENIWAIDROKADROKA hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehe hhhhhhhhh Oilei! Kaila!

  69. s.raqiqi Says:

    haaaaaaaaaa hiiiiiiiiiiiheeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  70. Jone Says:

    You keep coming back to check up on those of us who are above you. What we are saying is very important.

    Wanna bet?


    Isa………….people………after reading all these notes on this blog, I kinda have a picture abt what is happening in Fiji right now………frustrations, anger, blaiming etc…………time has indeed changed huh!

    Sa sega na veidokai………sa yali mai…………isa sa veisau na gauna!
    Ratu Mara, Ratu Sukuna, Ratu Penaia and all our forefathers, I bet would never liked to live in this days……….it is indeed the last days.

    I grew up with my grandparents and they were the strength behind me that I still am thankful for to this day…I’m glad they are no longer around to read this emails………..

    Na ka bibi meda kidava ni sa veisau na DRAKI….spiritually, economically, relationally and of course politically…..Political decisions usually is the most talked abt bcos of it’s impact across ages, races, religion etc…..

    I love you FIJIANS…I still do although I migrated overseas….still 100% Fijian..

  72. Jone Says:

    Isa ……
    I am glad Ratu Mara, Ratu Penaia, Ratu Sukuna are no longer around to see their children, nephews and nieces hold up the country to ransom going on 3 years now with no signs of relief or hope.

    Am so glad the 3 Statesmen are no longer around to see their children toss to the wind values that each of them held up and stood on to build the young nation Viti.

    Their children and nephews have, since 5 December, 2006 showed Fiji and the world that time has indeed changed; they have been marching to a tune contrary to that their forefathers heralded the Vanua, Lotu, Matanitu, @ the core was the Fijian veirokorokovi according them high respects from the people of Fiji. That said

    This crew expects nothing less than disrespect from the Vanua – the natural and most obvious price tag for the path they have chosen.

  73. KAIVITI Says:

    @S.Raqiqi….mo nanuma tiko na vakaloloma ni taukei ena gauna qo tu mada goleva mada edua na koro vaqo ina yasana o viti na kena valoloma na bula vai lavo ia era tu kara vosota ka colata tu na draki ni bula kara curuma ena vei siga taucoko ni nodra bula….na nomu comment mai na tutu vaka vunivalu!!!…kua ni mai tukuna ni o Ratu epeli se eveli Nailatikau na nona nai tutu ya…keo sega ni kila o cei dina nona tutu ya kua ni mai cau raka vakai lasu tiko ike….vei iratou na royal family((adi koila,rt eveli,ganilaukeina kena vo)i viti a dua na ka na kocokoco,dokadoka,nanumi ira vaka ira,mera nanuma tiko na tagi ni vanua o viti na tarai ira kara na seyavu meka na nuku e kaburaki ena cagi….

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