Suliasi Daunitutu has posted a positive summation about the illegal regime vs Methodist Church tragedy

Suliasi Daunitutu Says:
July 26, 2009 at 2:16 pm


Saying that the Methodist church was out for confrontation is way out of line. This claim would have been believable if you had documented evidence, but if this is your opinion, democratically, you are entitled to it.

There was researched evidence printed on Raw Fiji News about how the Methodist Church had condemned all the coups.

The Lasaro Koroi incident in 1989, 2 years after the first coup had nothing to do with supporting Rabuka, the march was in opposition to the lifting of the Sunday ban.

In 2000 Rev. Tuwere and some Methodost ministers did go into the Parliment grounds where Speight had held captive Chaudary and his Labour party.

In his letter afterwards, he explained that there was a neccessity for spiritual strengthening, to the captives, and the coupsters needed to be addressed biblically to judge their own actions.

This was done because it was their duty to which they are ordained for, it had nothing to do with supporting anyone, especially if it is wrong lawfully morally or spiritually.

Now, Bainimarama in this coup has tried to label the Methodist Church as the fuel or spark to start the fire, which I gather to be your opinion.

We may never know what the Standing commitee discussed in their meeting, so we can assume many things.

This part though we know to be true. The Lotu had decided that the AGM would go ahead.

The Gone Marama Bale was notified traditionally, and she in turn summoned the people of Rewa in accordance

The Methodist Church has to hold this AGM as required by its Constitution, failing to do this could see the Lotu Wesele in breach and can be deemed an illegal religious body.

The Methodist Church which derives its name from its methodical way of worship and structural implementation has not missed a Bose o Viti since 1838, I don’t think the current leaders would like to be found guilty as the the first to abandon or cancel the Bose o Viti.

So, if confrontation does happen, Budhau, it’s not because they went out specifically looking for it, there are much deeper or more important reasons behind it.

We all don’t want to come to this conclusion, but the Methodist Church could be the only legal body still standing and that might be why the Talatalas are prepared to go to jail, degraded and humiliated for it.

The head of all Christian Churches went through it, why shouldn’t they ?

29 Responses to “Suliasi Daunitutu has posted a positive summation about the illegal regime vs Methodist Church tragedy”

  1. Waisou Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na vakamacalataka vaka vinaka, Suli!!! Great holding out by these noble men of God….love those who persecute you!!!! God is with us all…during these times of afflictions!!!

  2. Puf-Military Says:

    Some news from the delta badlands of Rewa…. regarding Judas Iscariot aka Eveli Mataitini

    Mr 30 silver pieces has been instructed by his employers, the IG to make public statements undermining the GMB’s position as well as the Methodist Church. Whilst his backers gnash their teeth in the shadows, this puts him in an uncomfortable position, thrust out into the open and earning the enmity of all and sundry, not least the patriotic Rewans.

    Last Sunday he got a dressing down in the Josaia Methodist church in Lomanikoro, Rewa. In his sermon, the Talatala Qase compared traditional positions of authority to rugby playing positions on the field. The church in the hooking position with Valelevu (traditional residence of the GMB)propping it up one side and Dravo (Mataitini) on the other.

    Nona vakamacala o Talatala Qase: ke mani talave cake e dua vei rau na nona duru e na lomani “scrum”, na lotu sa na vakanuinui vua nai karua ni duru me tauri koya cake tikoga. Ia ena gauna qo, sa talave cake o Dravo, ia e ka ni marau vua na lotu ni dei vinaka tikoga o Valelevu.

    Sa kaila o ira na lewe ni vavakoso “Emeni! Vinaka saka!”

    Meanwhile, Eveli Mataitini likes to sit alone opposite the altar so we all had a direct line of sight of his squirming in discomfort, his beady eyes darting everywhere like a cornered thief. Oti ga na lotu he was heard complaining to anyone that would listen (and even those that couldn’t avoid him), appealing that the sermon was off topic and Talatala Qase was out of line. Guess the truth hurts….

  3. Cama Says:

    Those in power should know better of the Missionaries history in Fiji. Take for example Rev Thomas Baker who was killed in Nabutautau Village after 1835 and the village and its people was cursed till they manage to reconcile with the MCF a few years back and the curse was broken.

    My advise to all soldiers and police to take heed of this and remember your children and your generation up to the fourth ganeration as mentioned in the bible. you may just following orders but you deny the truth and that is what’s gonna affect your generation. you may reason you “I sau ni madrai” but remember that it is equivalent to the 30 pieces of silver Jiutasa Isikarioti took in return for presenting Jesus to the Government for trial.

    That is exactly what is happening here as you are just following orders and worrying about your sau ni madrai.

    Koya sa vakadaligana me rogoca ka mani rogoca sara na i tukutuku qo.

  4. tosotiko Says:

    I agree with Suliasi Daunitutu’s account. Lately, Fiji TV has been showing footages of Rev Kanailagi speaking into the mike after the 2000 coup but with no sound. But the commentary will invariably have to be saying or implying that he was a coup supporter in 2000.

    But I can remember distinctly that he as President of the Methodist Church then was expressing dismay at the turn of events and had at one point proclaimed “I asked them, ‘Who is this George Speight?'”. He wanted to know about this person who had led this thing.

    I feel sorry for Ratu Epeli Mataitini. He is always vakaturaga but obviously not enough knowledge to give him the courage to do right. As the Bible says in the last days ‘even the Elect will be led astray’. Everyone will be saying ‘Peace Peace’ at the cost of their integrity and the truth.

  5. Koya na Man Says:

    Ni toro mai Turaga
    Ni vukei au mada
    Au nuinui tiko
    vei kemuni………..

  6. Cabealotu Says:

    I guess that sums it ALL up! Mr Daunitutu, I must say that you have done remarkbly well. Members of the Methodist Church stand on the issue is based on the issue that this VB and his goons are illegal….No matter how hard they try to justify their stand…ITS ILLEGAL!

    Sega ni Ura me na Damu ni kua VB!….Ena qai yati mai na Colo!

    Kalougata tiko na kawa i Taukei kei na Lotu i Jisu!

  7. Tuks Says:

    Isa Ro Eveli,
    Ni nanumi Viti kei keimami na luvemuni na kawa i Taukei. Sa na qai vakaevei na neimami vei mataka ena nomuni sa nanumi kemuni ga kei na vica ga na yabaki lekaleka ni nomuni bula sa vo tu qo?. Sa rauti keda ga na nona valolomataki keda o Ratu Iloiolo. Valoloma levu ni o ni sa baci via mai kuria na Turaga ni Burebasaga. Cava sa leqa tiko vei kemuni Ro Eveli?..Kerekere mo ni tu dei?. Kemuni sega ni dau va qo ena gauna ni SVT?.

  8. Tuks Says:

    Isa Ro Eveli,
    Ni nanumi Viti kei ira na nomuni kawa era na qai muri kemuni mai. Sa rauti keda nona vakalolomataki keda o Ratu Iloilovatu!!. Sa lesu ya i Vuda me qai kani koya na ca ni murimuri lewa vakayacora. Cava ko ni sa veivukiyaki kina vaqo Ro Eveli?. Sa bibi na nomuni taga ena vica ga na yabaki sa vo qo ena nomuni bula?. Cava o ni sa veisau kina?. Kemuni sega ni dau va qo mai na nomudou gauna ni SVT?. O ni sa qai vakaraitaka beka ga mai na kemuni roka dina qo?. Isa ko i keda na kawa i Taukei kei Viti na noda vanua lomani. Sa qai vakaevei na qaqa ni sere eda dau lagata ka laveta vua na noda Kalou ena vei siga Tabu -” Viti me nomuni, Viti mo ni lewa, Mo ni liutaki keimami na Kalou. Ko Viti me neimami tikoga?”..Ro Eveli, ni vakayacora na ka o ni via vakayacora. Ia kua ni guilecava – oira nomuni kawa ena kati ira na nomu i valavala …

  9. Cama Says:

    Sa dredre la na ului Ilisapeci kemudou. Sa rawa ni mama na Kalou kei na vanua ena vuku la na ului Ilisapeci.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Hey Suliasi – here is why I said that the Methodist Church was looking for a confrontation.

    First lets look at FB, the ruthless dictator, bi-polar, and all that crap. Frank had taken a position on this Methodist conference – that they can have this conference if they remove certain executives who have a political agenda. We all know that if would have been very difficult for Frank to back down from that position – since he had publicly stated what his position was. What else did you expect.

    Since the Methodist church already knew what Franks position was, and that under normal circumstances any military dictator would have a difficult time backing down from what he has stated publically stated.

    What I am suggesting is that is the Methodist could have looked at their interest and figured out that it was not worth it for them to also take a position that was pushing back against what Frank had demanded.

    Here, it was up to the Methodist church to offer some sort of a compromise – where they could have had their conference and Frank would have had a way was saving face.

    But no – the Methodists wanted confrontation – they refused to remove any of the executives that Frank and demanded, and they also wanted Frank to back down and allow them to have their conference. If this is not looking for a confrontation – what else is.

    The Methodists probably thought that Frank would back down, since he may not be willing or able to take on the Church. Frank called their bluff.

    Do you see where am coming from. If it was the conference that the Church was interested is, they could have easily negotiated with Frank and we would have had a conference. If it was confrontation that the Methodists were seeking, well, they got one and Frank won.
    As far as the Methodist leadership being involved in previous coups or helping set up an environment that led to these coups – let us agree to disagree.

    There is ample evidence out that the shows that the Methodist Church supported the previous coups. This church was the only religious group that supported the controversial SDL legislation that was one of the reasons Franks is giving for the coup. The leadership of this church is aligned with the SDL – and together they would like to bring down this military regime.

    So there – can you see why the military sees the Methodists as a threat. You may argue that the Methodists have every right to help bring down this “illegitimate regime” – which is fine, however, you must also understand why the regime feels threatened by this church – and a national security issue and it may also create a law and order problem for the regime.

    The bottom line is the church could have had the conference if they wanted to – they chose to be confrontational and Frank won. Look at them now, they are doing what Frank had wanted them to do in the first place.

    The reason the Methodists Church has missed out on its conference in more then a hundred years is because the Methodist leadership screwed up – anyone with any negotiations skills would have known where Frank was coming from and how to find a face saving way for Frank to allow the conference to go ahead – and that required some compromise – the Church did not offer any compromise.

    This is not about religion – this is about negotiations.

  11. Truth Says:

    E macawa na reply nei Budhau .. you were beter off not saying anything at all Asha.

  12. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    Budhau and Voreqe seems to be missing the main issue of which the church, international governments and the people of Fiji can clearly see.That is, if the misguided Voreqe Bainimarama, as with previous FMF commanders not got involved with politics and did their jobs diligently then Fiji would not be facing all this coup nonsense but be the most prosperous nation in the Pacific.

    Neither the church, any other institution or individual carried the coups of 1987, 2000 and 2006 but politically misguided and inept commanders.

    Nailatikau and Banimarama were inept in not preventing a coup under their watch in 1987 and 2000. Worse still, here they are with another former commander.Ganilau – colluding to directly carry out this coup by usurping the country’s political arena as an excuse to clean up the country. This is no clean up but a sinister and systematic grab of greed for power. It is also equally sad and disgusting to see that the siblings of Mara are the ones directly involved in this putsch after they unceremoniously dumped him from the Presidency back in 2000 at Dakuibeqa.

    The corruptness of these military officers must be emphasized and laid bare for all to see. Their crimes against society must not be forgotten because they must be severely prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to future military officers contemplating the illegal use of the military to further their corrupt but misguided political agendas.

    Finally, if there was an institution in Fiji which needs cleansing and restructuring then it is the FMF because of the devastating effect that it has had on Fiji and its people to date.

    It is not the weapons in camp which pose grave dangers to our society but the politically corrupt idiots behind them.

  13. Budhau Says:

    Hey Wilson, so what exactly is the issue – that the Methodist Church wants to have its annual event as a religious group or like the political organization that it has always been and being involved in the previous coups, does the Methodist Church wants to organize and incite its members against this regime and hopefully bring down this regime just like they set up the environment to bring the government in 2000 and in 1987.

    I am sure that a lot of folks in Fiji believe that they should stand up against the military regime.Good for them. Just recognize the fact that if you plan to stand up against this regime, the regime is going to come down hard on you – you think Frank would have given a permit to the Methodists so that they can make political speeches at their conference for the masses to rise against this regime.

    We just saw the attempt by the Methodist to defy the regime and go forward with the conference and we also saw the regime come down hard on them.

    So what are we arguing about – if you want a fricken conference, then negotiate with the regime, come up some compromise and go forward with the conference.

    If you want to stand up to the regime than none this chicken shit protests and posturing. When that chief was arrested, she should have stood up to the regime. What she should have done was to refuse to recognize the regime, its President, its courts and those “illegally” appointed judges – and she should have refused to go in front of one of these judges and ask for a bail, she should have stayed in jail and maybe even went on a hunger strike. (and you want to talk about Gandhi, MLK Mandela and the like.)

    She would have come out a hero out of this one if she would have really stood up against the regime. (don’t tell me that crap that the regime is ruthless – you go read on some other regimes and folks who have stood up against them)

    What is she going to do now, do as she is told by the judge, show up in court and get convicted for violating a law put in place by this regime.

    The problem that we have is that you have losers who are supposedly taking up the fight for democracy – those loser SDL and NFP folks and those guys from the Methodist church. The people know who these losers are and they are not willing to stand up for them – that is why we do not see folks taking a stand against this regime – except some idiots on some blogs.

    Unless we have some new leader emerge from this impasse, nothing is going to change – a leader with less baggage.

    Truth – you are just an idiot.

  14. SViade~ Says:

    @ Budhau you are right a new leader will emerge- with No baggage!!! sooon!!!
    ……………………oilei headache tale!!!!.

  15. Red Scorpion Says:

    Bhaini Bhudhau, u took almost a week to respond to Suli’s informative post with more of ur lengthy, repetitive rambling. Still nothing of value. More of your same old “should do this, should do that” armchair expert.

    In fact, Truth posted more facts in his short post than you did in your long, boring post from the world of fantasy.

    Vinaka, Truth: full marks for your post
    Bhaini Bhudhau: not so much

  16. Wilson Tamanikaira Says:

    Bhudhau, don’t get your knickers are in a knot.

    Face facts, VOREQE’S REGIME IS ILLEGAL AND HAS NO CREDIBILITY no matter how many times you want to justify their uninvited reign.

    Don’t forget the annual Methodist church conference has been a long standing feature event in Fiji long before anyone knew who Voreqe Bainimarama was. Insofar as the speration of church and politics, I am sure that the MC church members aren’t as stupid as you in discerning religious matters from those of the ballot box on election day.

    But why has there been an about turn by “pig head” in relation to the MC? In 2007 Cl Ului Mara was leading the Lau procession up at Furnival park in the very same event when the same church leaders were in office and the church was “not political” then. In fact Voreqe and the military were then reveling in the fact that Ului’s presence was another propaganda scoop in the justification of their misguided coup at the time.

    The simple fact is, Voreqe is opposed to the MC because they choose not to support his illegal enterprise.Budhau, you sound a bit like Voreqe’s night squeeze because when he does not get his way then he labels anyone who opposes him as corrupt or in this case “having a political agenda”.

    A clear example of Voreqe’s contradiction is the involvement of the hierarchy of the Catholic church (Mataca and Bryne) in the now defunct Military “peoples” Charter.If you don’t see these two misguided clergymen’s activities as that of direct political meddling then you really need to disengage Voreqe and sleep in a seperate bed at night.

    Don’t forget that the majority of the Catholic church’s Fijian laity are SDL members but all members are dismayed at the involvement of these two church leaders with the illegal regime and want a return to democratic rule.

    Your logic that Ro Temumu should make a stand against the rule of tyrants is again stupid. Her arrest is enough to send a message to the world that she opposes these criminals who have no qualms about bullying, beating and degrading women in captivity.

    Besides, do not equate the compliance of citizens to the decrees of the regime as acceptance of their rule. Compliance is only possible because of the guns in the hands of the bully’s.Take that away and Voreqe would be the real chicken shit.

  17. this is navoha Says:

    God Bless Fiji …..time is coming for i to act upon God’s calling.God Bless Fiji and the Nation of Israel.

  18. Truth Says:

    True’s up Red Scorpion

    Share the weapons equally — one half for the people who own those guns and the other half by the criminals who kept watch over the people’s guns THAT’S RIGHT THE GUNS ARE OWNED BY THE PEOPLE AND IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO PAID THESE CRIMINAL SOLDIERS TO KEEP WATCH OVER THEIR WEAPONRIES and now these criminals use the people’s guns to steal their government, their monies, their jobs, their constitution, ALL BECAUSE OF GREED. A GRAB FOR POWER.

    Divide the guns — one half for the people.
    They will run for cover — whole bang lot of them!

    Da solivakasama tu la
    Ke vovodea sa rawa tu la na veitalanoa !

  19. Budhau Says:

    The issue here is very simple – if the Methodists wanted to have their conference, they could easily have had it – come up with a compromise based on Franks position.

    What they were looking for is a confrontation – and they got that. Now those buggers are saying that they are willing to work with the government.

    It wasn’t that hard for Frank to call their bluff. Come on you idiots – you were pinning all your hopes on the extreme elements in the Methodist Church to bring back democracy.

    Why the phuck don’t you guys get it – those extremists leaders in the Church ain’t gonna get you back democracy, and neither will those three NFP guys or Fiji Law Society or the SDL – you want democracy that bad, you gotta put your ass on the line. Posting mean messages on various blogs do not count.

    Truth – you are such an idiot – about those guns, you want guns, get yourself some like those buggers did in 1987 – and then we will have the shoot out in the streets of Suva – fire karo, fire karo.

    Wilson – why can’t you see that we do not have anyone who is going to stand up to this regime – and you know why, because the people do not give a crap – they just want to move on with their lives – this bullshit has been going on since 1987 – and these people have have been one too many times. As for your “freedom fighter” idiots – two days in jail and accept the regime as the law – and the rest are scared that they will make them run around in their underwear – that torture. You saw those monks in Burma – now compare that with the Methodist Church. You saw those Pakistani lawyers demonstrating when their CJ was fired, now compare that with Dor Sami Naidu and his Fiji Law Society.

    Wilson, you wrote, “Compliance is only possible because of the guns in the hands of the bully’s.” – hey idiot, go check on some other more ruthless dictatorships and figure out how people stood up to them – you are just making excuses. That chief lady – she just accepted every thing Bainimarama – the PM, the President, the Lawyer under the new order, the courts, the law (PER) and all – and she had been making all this noise up until now.

  20. Truth Says:

    The criminally inclined idiot says “… go check on some other more ruthless dictatorships and ..”

    The idiot knows he is propping up a dictatorship 🙂
    and gets frustrated when the greater majority rejects his idiotic ramblings justifying his dictatorship.

    Shooting out in the streets of Suva is not your concern; share some of those guns with the rightful owners and we shall see the fun You will take the lead running for cover.

  21. kaiveicoco Says:

    are you a MOGUL?

  22. Red Scorpion Says:

    Sorry Bhaini Bhudhau, I’m still not convinced by any of ur superficial posts. In fact, it makes me yawn and want to sleep.

  23. WT Says:

    Budhau, just a word of advice on parenting.When you and Voreqe do have kids (heaven forbid) make sure they don’t step school like you did cause you are one dumb phuck.

    So you think that when the MC or for that matter anyone else wants to do something then they should carry out it according to the position taken by Voreqe?

    Wake up, just in case you have not noticed, this misguided coup is going around in circles because the citizens of Fiji oppose everything porky wants to do. Furthermore, porky,his merry men in green and all their immediate families have been banned from entering countries that count, their illegal regime has been kicked out the UN,EU,Pacific Forum and Commonwealth…and all because they have not come up with a compromise based on pig heads position. And you think all these people are wrong?

    You must be one of those idiots who were taught by their father that if a rapist pounces on you then you should just lie back and enjoy it. Thank heavens you and pig head have no significant representation in Fiji. Maybe after all this is over, you can volunteer to spend the rest of your wedded life doing piggy in a cell at Naboro.

    Now let me see, you also have a lot of venom for the SDL and NFP party.You must then be one of Mahen’s bum fluff.Where is Mahen and the FLP party now?? Looks like they got one helluva stick up the.. you know where.. when porky abrogated the Constitution.

    What of earth was going through Mahen mind when he planned this stupid coup with Porky? It seems everything has backfired on him and their supporters because they are suffering like everyone else in Fiji.

    Mahen and the FLP is totally corrupt and have lost all credibility in the eyes of the public and international community.He is responsible for the irrepairable chasm that now exists in Fijian / Indian relationships because of his support for this anti -Fijian junta. He is another fugitive on the run that must sent sent to jail for a very long time.

    Remember, this coup was carried out by criminals who were desperate to avoid jail terms because of treason and murder. There must never ever be reconciliations or immunity until justice is served and Porky along with Mahen must understand that they cannot outrun the law.

  24. Budhau Says:

    WT – you wrote, “So you think that when the MC or for that matter anyone else wants to do something then they should carry out it according to the position taken by Voreqe?”
    No, you idiot, that is not what I said. What I said was the Frank had taken a public position on this issue and as a military dictator who is trying to stay in power; it would have been very difficult for him to back down from this public position.
    Therefore, if the Methodists were interested in having their conference, they should have come up with some compromise where Frank could have saved face and the Methodists could have had their conference. What the Methodists did was to come back with their own publically stated position – that they will not make the required changes but still intended to go ahead with the conference – with or without the permit.
    This has nothing to do with religion, coup and the like – this is simply about negotiations, when you take a public position, it gets very difficult to back down. And we all knew that Frank wasn’t going to back down.
    As I have stated before, the Methodist’s actions had nothing to do with having the conference. What the Methodist wanted was a confrontation in the hope that by forcing Frank to back down publicly, they would have made him look bad – and that would be the beginning of some mass uprising against the regime – having shown that they could take on Frank. The regime called their bluff.
    So you see WT, we were discussing the Methodists – how they screwed this on up. As for the coup being bad and the whole world being opposed to it – that had very little to do with how the Methodists should have approached this.
    BTW – you should not count on the SDL, the NFP or the Methodists to help bring back democracy. Haven’t you noticed that the people are unwilling to get in behind these buggers.
    Why don’t you idiots understand – that even if we all agree that the coup and this regime is evil – still the Methodists leadership phucked up in the way they handled this situation.

    Truth, you are an idiot – take WT advise – go to school – so you want Frank to share the weapons – and then we we fight it out – what a fricken dumbass.

  25. Truth Says:

    Hey criminally inclined idiot !

    The reason to share the weapons and fight it out is because you don’t like the idea 1st and foremost.

    Second is it is the only absolute course of action that will inevitably bring down this regime.

    Third is ’tis better to die on ones’ feet than to live on ones’ knees ..
    Jean d’Ark already told you this so please enough being an idiot and take that valuable lesson will ya ?

    Fourth is those guns rightly belongs to the people so hand them out.

  26. Truth Says:

    Too bad that the fake schooling you boast hasn’t even elevated your status 1 aorta as a human being You are sill the criminally inclined cockroach and the biggest idiot for it when you parade your so-called schooling … the joke of the century 🙂

  27. Red Scorpion Says:

    Bhaini Bhudhau give it it a rest. U still sound stupid

  28. Green Army Says:

    Isa Francis oooops 😦

  29. KAIVITI Says:

    @Budhau…please would u give it a rest…it sound so rubbish the way u mention things around here….kua ni mai vakalialia kemami tiko na kawa taukei luveni caiti tukamu,kawa ca,oiko…

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