Ro Teimumu our prayers are with You

The pathetic old oink, self appointed prime minister, reviled by the whole of Fiji has overstepped his illegal authority. How dare he arrest The Paramount Chief GMB Ro Teimumu. How bloody dare he.

The question that’s being asked around Fiji and overseas, is why the Mara siblings, bukucara Epeli tavales or ceno up at Gov House  allowed this most atrocious behaviour to eventuate in the first place. God spare them and the illegal regime when this mess is over and done with.

Meanwhile the programme Dateline on SBS TV in Australia the old oink continues with lies about his dictatorship in that challenging way that only a village idiot speaks, all the time pointing at the reporter Mark Davis to emphasise his views, then gives that laugh of a madman who thinks everyone else in the room is a nut except himself. and of course to show off that he has outsmarted (ulukau) the reporter. Hah! he only succeeded in emphasising his imbecility.

The idiot oink still claims that Kevin Rudd and Australia misunderstand him and the situation he has put Fiji in. Well we have news for you Voreqe, everyone understands, everyone in Fiji and overseas, even those who are claiming loyalty to you but need the money, that you’re a complete ignorant bit of  deni vuaka.

Some aggresive old bitch in the butcher shop tells reporters that everything is fine in Fiji ‘are you from Australia?’ the grey haired cow asks ‘ well go back and tell the people there that everything is fine in Fiji’, what a flake, and you guessed it Vore was standing right there next to her in the shop smiling hisvillage idiot smile.

He denies that he sacked the judges and said they went out when the constitution was abrogated by ceno, then he said they were removed, he was reappointed as pee em, and to get things into perspective (spell) if anyone breaks the law they will be arrested. Old oink couldn’t give an honest answer, always giving three or more that completely contradicted the other, what a joke.

He did admit, and looked very pote, when he was asked, that the Prime Minister Qarase would win an election if it was held. But then in his disjointed way, so as not to lose face,  began that Qarase wouldn’t  take the country anywhere, on and on like a broken record, but we all know it’s the imbecility. If that’s not a clear indication of a Loser, hell knows what  is.


7 Responses to “Ro Teimumu our prayers are with You”

  1. Asgrocky Says:

    I also watched the bainimaramaman interview on dateline. It was embarrassing. He was jumping to conclusions before the questions were completed, interrupting and responding without clearly listening and thinking about what he was being asked and what he was saying. No listening, thinking and communication skills at all. No fair and intelligent exchange. No diplomacy at all. The reporter was like a parent trying to pacify a child who has challenging behaviour in case the child becomes aggressive and bites. It was so embarrassing to watch. This is what is representing Fiji to the international community? Is this a joke!!! Come on Fiji!!! Surely you can do better than this.

  2. Asgrocky Says:

    The Fijian communities in Sydney are probably still traumatised this morning having watched that little display on TV last night. Come on Fiji, you’ve got to do something. One thing is for sure, whoever he is fronting for are having a good congratulatory laugh and pat in the back behind his back, ” Yeah, you can all have a good laugh, what is fool for you is our Ass”. Oh yeah. That’s right. No surprise.

  3. balluk Says:

    Excellent assessment Soli…We really need to get rid of the Self-Proclaim assole Prime minister and all his macafaka suppoters. Hopefully, the Methodish Church will start the begining to the end of azzole Bainisona and his macafakan government. Hey, people where can i sent the weapons to, so you can shoot back, if the azzole bainisona,do try to start something stupid?
    Vinaka Roko Tui Dreketi, you da real Fijian Chief and Queen. Don’t allow this bastard and his macafakan no brainers to try to scare you and the Methodish Church of Fiji?

  4. kingrat Says:

    na boci ga na boci. na sonalevu ga na sonalevu. vore caiti tamamu kei tukamu e na vuni baigani.. LOL

  5. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    SV, who was that stupid old woman in the butcher shop?

    She is just as ignorant as the self appointed pee em to speak out on TV that there is nothing wrong with the illegal regime. This is an indication she does not think it is wrong for anyone to depose an elected government with the barrel of a gun or that if someone speaks out against the illegal regime it is perfectly alright for the military goons to arrest them or take them to Delainabua to be bashed or killed.

    So she condones the undignified, illegal arrest of the Paramount Chief Ro Teimumu and the Methodist Talatalas.

    She is the type who would be grovelling at the Gone Marama Bales feet if Ro Teimumu had been in the butcher shop too or anywhere else for that matter.

    For Gods sake don’t those stupid people understand what’s going on in Fiji. Can’t they see the deterioration of the country, not only economically, everything is just plain grubby and there is no way Frank or whatever he calls himself can take this country forward, he is an ignorant fool and that will never change.

    Seems like the reporter was able to get the correct reaction from the ignorant fool Frank. A very good reporter can make the interviewee reveal their real selves and from this post today SV, Australian viewers of SBS would’ve seen just how ignorant and irrelevant the self appointed pee em really is.

  6. Bekana Says:

    Bhananarama and Mary, mary quite contrary…were dancing the night away at one of the CLUBs’ in Lautoka last Friday night and left the club at about 4am Sunday morning. Drunk along with the alcahaolic Mr and Mrs Prime Minister were his bodyguards….

    God save Fiji.

  7. Tui Says:

    If anything the interview showed Bainimarama as the idiot he really is. He has no idra how to answer question by seasoned jornalists and he was totally out of place there. The Roko Tui Dreketi saga was not supposed to be known hense the midnight Ops by the military. Man and old lady sleeping in her house and it took 12 men from the army to drag her out of her house, that real soldering Bainimarama. What a shame.

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