Bainimarama’s scorn poses threat to Rudd’s summit

Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor | July 27, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

FIJI’S strongman Frank Bainimarama is looming as the spectre who may seize, even in his absence, centre stage at the Pacific Islands Forum leaders’ summit Kevin Rudd is hosting in Cairns next month.

This prospect — which the military commander and Fijian leader is strongly fostering — risks hijacking the most important international meeting Mr Rudd has hosted as Prime Minister.

Mr Bainimarama intensified his defiance of Mr Rudd in an interview with SBS TV, broadcast last night on Dateline.

“If I have to fight anyone, I will fight anyone,” Mr Bainimarama said.

“The situation in Fiji is such that a radical change needs to be brought in, and radical change cannot be brought in by some weak organisation.

“It has to be a strong entity, and there’s no other strong entity than the military.”

Two weeks ago, Mr Bainimarama held secret talks in Suva with the deposed leader of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra, who is thought to have offered to invest $300 million in return for safety from extradition.

Then Mr Bainimarama, buoyed by this prospect, flew to Vanuatu for a meeting of leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group — Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, as well as Fiji — and persuaded them to support the lifting of Fiji’s suspension from the forum.

It remains unclear how forcefully the MSG leaders — led by PNG’s Prime Minister Michael Somare — will press the forum, which makes decisions by consensus, to retract its suspension of Fiji without any concessions from Mr Bainimarama.

The leaders of the 15 Pacific nations besides Fiji met in Port Moresby in January, and decided then to suspend Fiji if it failed to announce by May 1 a timetable for elections this year.

Instead, the Fiji government installed by the military in December 2006 abrogated the constitution, sacked judges and said no election would be held until 2014. The forum then suspended Fiji.

Mr Bainimarama told SBS: “I am not going to give in to have an election. We are not going to have an election just to please Australia and New Zealand …

“The international community think we are a failed state, that we are a failed African state, that you see me driving around in a tank.

“Everything is working well. There is a government in being. It’s not a failed state.”

He was especially scathing about the European Union, which axed $43m in support for Fiji’s sugar industry for this year. It did so, it said, “in the absence of any indications that a legitimate government will be in place in 2009”.

Mr Bainimarama said: “People think all you have to do is give them $50m and they have an election. Three years down the line, they have another coup. That’s OK. We have lots of money. That’s what we don’t want here.”

The Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting will be held in Cairns from August 4 to 7.


Them’s fighting words from Voreqe the no account ignoramus who can’t explain what he parrots.

We’ve asked before, Show us the money Voreqe. He states “People think all you have to do is give them $50m and they have an election. Three years down the line, they have another coup. That’s OK. We have lots of money. That’s what we don’t want here.” Hey old decrepit oink, that’s exactly what you are doing, and don’t think you’re fooling anyone. You may fool your MSG fellow crooks but the rest of the world know finance for you is stealing it from the Nations coffers and begging for loans from rogue states that the illegal regime haven’t a hope in hell of repaying and spending it on yourself. Otherwise where’s it all eh?

Fiji knows, and now the rest of world does that your father never had his own home in your village Kiuva until you stole a kit home donated to Fiji for hurricane victims and erected it next to a green water tank in Kiuva. Explain that fool!

Explain how your wife has suddenly acquired jewellery made of real gems and precious metal instead of her usual Mark Street bargains with your meagre salary.

Explain your sudden home ownership and those of your children. How did all of this come about in 2.5 years, the exact time frame from the day you raped the Nation 5.12.06 with the barrel of a gun, of its democratically elected government that you’ve accused wrongly of corruption and lack of transparency that in fact you’ve undertaken in the most ignoble way.

The Prime Minister of Australia is a millionaire in his own right, from hard work, not from usurpation or blatant theft like you Voreqe mata ni ta kunea. The Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand only want the best for the Pacific Island Nations, because the Pacific Island Nations rely heavily on these two Nations for just about everything, yes even kit homes for hurricane victims. Get the message?

Go ahead and pour scorn on the ANZACS, the ANZACS are not accountable to the Nation of Fiji, the ANZACS are self reliant and don’t need Fiji for anything at all. They couldn’t give a toss about Fiji, but are in fact trying to save Fiji face from being masi polo’d by China and India, oops and Russia too, well well.

If your friends won’t tell you this, then let SV, an old Chinese proverb goes something like: If your hand is in the dragons mouth, move only with caution.

You and your illegal regime seem to forget that China and Russia are repressive regimes, that are willing to crush anyone who appears to be underming their dictatorships grip on power, whether they be students, dissident ethnic groups or business people, even Bainimaramas tinpot illegal regime.

Remember that SV has warned you, give Fiji back to the people and step out before you end up where you’d never dreamed, not Naboro, somewhere worse. It can be very very cold in Chinese and Russian prison camps.




  1. Tui Says:

    One must realize that dealing with this fellow is like talking to a child. He is exited as long as he thinks that everything is working the he wants it.Bainimarama cannot read between the lines nor does he understand the concept.On the financial front, as long as he can get IOUs from Fnpf fiji has money. He borrows from Peter to save pau forgetting that Peter does not have all the resources. The soft loan from China will be an interesting point for Bainimarama when China will demand payment, not ask, demand like pay now or else? Think hard now Bai if you know how.

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