CO2_photo_newsroom080079Driti: Don’t force church summit

July 17, 2009 05:06:11  FIJILIVE

Fiji’s Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti has warned those who plan to go ahead with the Methodist Conference in August to be ready to face the consequences.

In an interview with FijiLive this morning, Colonel Driti said no one is above the law.

He maintained it does not matter whether the church changes the venue of the occasion – the conference will not be held.

His comments comes after reports that Rewa high chief Ro Teimumu Kepa said that the conference can go ahead in her province despite Government’s decision.

“You all are under Fiji’s jurisdiction. So whatever you do anywhere, you are still subject to Fiji Laws.

“The fact remains that we must obey the law and rules of the government of the day,” he reiterated.

Colonel Driti said those who violate the law “will face its full brunt”.

Meanwhile, the Methodist Church Standing Committee, the executive arm of the church, is meeting in Suva today to discuss Government’s decision to cancel their annual meet on the grounds of “national security”.

The committee was given the permit to meet based on certain conditions, including the non-inclusion of “political elements” – former presidents Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi and Reverend Manasa Lasaro.

Ulukobo Driti would be well advised to heed Ro Teimumu and the Church.


For those of you in Australia who can travel to Brisbane tomorrow…………………

Prominent Fijian democracy leader in Brisbane

Rev Akuila Yabaki,  a Fijian Methodist Minister and head of the Fijian Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF) will be speaking at the University of Queensland next Monday afternoon bringing a rare and highly informed view of what is happening and likely to happen in Fiji, now under a military dictatorship.  The CCF has steered a path through Fiji’s coups of 2000 – 2001, again in 2006, and continues its work for civic and constitutional education, dialogue and reconciliation.  At times, the organization and Rev Yabaki himself, have been subjected to attacks from several sides in Fiji politics.

 Rev Yabaki’s talk on “Breaking the Cycle of Coups” will be followed by a question and answer session and commences at 4.00pm on Monday, July 20, on Level Two of the Joyce Ackroyd Building, Building 37, University of Queensland St Lucia campus.



  1. Anon Says:

    As a strong supporter of the Charter-farter, Yabaki should be quizzed on its relevance now as the Constitution has been abrogated. That’s another apologist who went to bed with the dicktaker!!! So don’t spare him any sympathy.

  2. Anon Says:

    Rewa au cibi tu!

    Vinaka vakalevu Ro Buna!!

    Viavia vosa tu o sega na nona tamata….dritiwiti! Jurisdiction my foot!!! Be prepared, o kemuni na luvei Burebasaga o ni tiko qori ena mataivalu! Na kaci ni vanua kei na lotu mo ni rogoca….na matanitu qori e sa vakarau kasura…me vakawabokotaki, me rawa kina na bula galala ka me na rawa tale ni vakaukauwataki na noda rawa ka vakailavo!!!

    Na qai ena qai ga!!! Ki Rewa kece meda qai! Qai macala mada na vaqakoro e caka tiko mai qori vei ira na kodrokodro tiko va koli!!!

  3. Cama Says:

    Who is violating the Law?

    Can somebody remind the Military that the Church is for the Law and what Law the Military are trying to protect?

    They should remember that their Law can be challenged in a court of law and you guess What? it wont win a case, so they are following a path of doom and they should study very carefully the points raised by the Methodist Church because that is the only way out for them otherwise Naboro and Nukulau is waiting for them.

    The Church wants to help them but they do not know anything about positive comments, and anybody saying or writing anything against them, is their enemy without them studying their speech or proposal. They even distort their message and change the meaning completely.

    Too bad!!

  4. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Let’s face it, then!

    Enough said!

  5. Puj Says:

    Bring back the firing squad. These bastards need be hanged or shot sooner rather than after 2014 . There’s no other way. Why is the country suffering so much. The pain these bastards are causing is unbelievable. Australia and NZ are welcome to fire a missile into his and the rest of their crime partners house and make sure they kill the bastards.

  6. Koya na Man Says:

    E ratou laveta tiko mai qo me kua na basu lawa se na kena coqai na nodratou vakatulewa, na tamata mada e taura tu vakaukauwa na matanitu na cala levu duadua e rawa ni cakava e dua ena ruku ni matani siga.

    Sa da raica la kina na vakaloloma,boidada kei na tamani rere levu sa tiko vei ratou, io na dakai la e tiko….

    io ni o tamata cala, sa na nomui tokani kei na nomui colacola tu o rere,na tamata dodonu e tamata QAQA…

    Qo sa na kedratou i totogi tiko( rere tiko vei iko).

  7. Puf-Military Says:

    Preparations in Rewa are full steam ahead. Last week some soldiers came to Nasali landing to look intimidatig. However Rewans there invited them to join them for refreshments ie yaqona and talanoa but the soldiers (junior officers looking uncomfortable) sheepishly declined, hopped back in their vehicles and returned – couldn’t even make eye contact with people.

    However Piggy’s relative Eveli Mataitini is undermining preparations for the Bose Ko Viti. Dovi Mataitini has been emailing people in the States etc not to come for the Methodist Conference, undermining God’s work. In fact the via via Vunivalu is a pretender to that position and is a pipsqueak in the Vanua o Burebasaga. But that is a tale for another time…

  8. Anon Says:

    Well, well, well….very interesting to know that there are some undercurrents flowing against the chiefly directives…..well we REWANS take it directly from our chief, I repeat chief and not chiefssss…..or wanna-be-chiefssss! Opposition is but very faint and timid because the majority resolve will be strong as we know that our GMB is standing up to these stoogers!!!!
    Vinaka saka vakalevu na nomuni veiliutaki maqosa Ro Buna! Me nomuni kabasi tikoga na noda Kalou Bula!

  9. KATUVU Says:

    @ANON…Way to Go!!!

    Driti…Qamu-Ciqi! Kakua Rere yaar! Time sa vosa qo God..ko iko MATE!

    Ro Temumu….Do what is BEST for your People! We are with YOU ALL THE WAY…Sa qai vakamadua qo sa ra RERE na Tagane ni dua la na Marama e saqati ira tiko….Uwii!

  10. Anon Says:

    Bring on the methodist conference and see who will support, hahaha. Fiji must get rid of the rotten chiefs and their greedy families once and for all.

  11. Anon Says:

    @Anon (8.40pm)…..Whoever you are, support for the methodist conference was, is and will always be there!!!! No matter what the illegal wanna-be fly-by-night regime thinks.
    The problem is that they think we support them by inventing theories based on the charter-farter analysis, a few phone calls and an odd comment from here and there. By placing censorship on the media and prolonging the PER the majority cannot voice their opposition.
    So instead of just picking on the Methodist conference please see the bigger picture and where your 2 cents worth fits……your place in the food chain is……under the carpet!!!! Cheers! Long live my GMB!!!!

  12. Barnsy Says:

    Talking about double standard and two set of rules. To allow other church groups conference and disallow my Methodist. Caiti tinamu Voreqe.

  13. kajoh Says:

    vinaka vakalevu Ro Teimumu na kalawa ni sa taura. Sa kena gauna, me dua vei ira na vei turaga kei na marama bale me vakayacora na ka ni cakava. Au volavola tiko yani qo dua na keba ni mataivalu mai UK, kau via vakaraitaka ga yani na neimami qoroya nomuni yalo dei mo ni taura na kalawa oqo. Ena vinaka talega kevaka ra muri iko talega yani na vei turaga bale ni noda vanua. We, in this small camp, take our hats out to you Ro Teimumu and we greatly admire your courage. Out thots n prayers are with you and your family all the way in these trying times. This is what the people of Fiji need, someone to stand up for them and go against these dicktators.

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