The illegal regime continue to try to ‘eliminate’ their personal enemies, you know who, the people who worked hard at their Civil Servant jobs because they had the credentials and ability to do so, university degrees, articulateness, energy and intelligence.

The coupsters, a bunch of upstarts at best, whose only chance of gaining employment in the ‘pre coup’ times was signing up for the army and navy were sitting in their government provided uniforms watching in awe as their neighbours and school friends who’d done the hard yards, studying and working to gain the appropriate credentials and experience, rise steadily through the Civil Service ranks and private enterprises or succeed in their own businesses.

Awe has turned into vicious envy and as is always the case with the braindead, the only answer for them is senseless, mindless, gutless behaviour to obtain the materialism they covert so shamelessly.   Lo and behold, Fiji has ANOTHER USELESS COUP by a section of society that should be grateful they are actually employed at all.

As Fiji continues its civil and economic decline under the illegal watch of Voreqe Bainimarama (hard to believe a living person could be so incredibly ignorant) the bully who took one step up the ladder from Raiwaqa to Government Quarters through the machinations of his father (read Mara, Ganilau and the Ep Cakobaus) would otherwise have been completely unemployable and most probably be sitting under a mango tree drinking homebrew, is continuing to try to find fault where there isn’t any. Sorry Voreqe, Laisenia Qarase is the real elected Prime Minister of Fiji, Graduate, ex CEO. TuSaki will always be Ratu Sakiusa Tuisolia, he is a real chief, BBS (black but sweet), Intelligent and innocent of your trumped up charges just as the Prime Minister Qarase is. You Voreqe, are not a real man, you will never achieve what these gentlemen and the others you’re vainly trying to ‘get’ have, that is your weakness, your complete irrelevance, you and your coupsters are a mere glitch, a bit of sticky luka that will eventually be wiped out, it’s true, if you and your coupsters were really brave and had the vote of confidence of the Nation  that you  all crave, you would not have abrogated the constitution and sacked the judiciary. nor would you all be surrounded by armed guards. Your destiny is to be forever watching your backs, ia kania!

We had hoped against hope that someone in the military with a bit of pop in their cork would truss the old oink  with his co conspirators and set the Islands free by now, because they are the only ones who have the firearms to do, alas, it seems they’re all enjoying flexing their irrelevant muscles. A bunch of fizzers? You bet your sweet tarawaus!



  1. Tui Says:

    This is exactly how this illegal regime should be remembered.Putting insignificant unqualified overpromoted individuals in positions they are not fit for and expecting them to perform.What happened to the highly qualified people who actually went out and prepared themselves for the job through education and apprentiship to the jobs concerned.Now you have people who were playing cowboys in Balenabelo to do a PS’s job and expect them to seccessed?What a pity that this illegal regime has come to this style of rewarding workers for loyalty.Its not what you know now it is who you know, and I thought they were trying to do away with the very same thing.

  2. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    It’s no wonder that bananasinpyjamas never got the UN job he craved.

    Besides lying about his rank, he also failed the test of communication skills.

    It is a shame that belligerent bole doesn’t pass on his message to the fool that has ruined Fiji.

    “””””””Illegal and incompetent Minister for Education Filipe Bole in a statement yesterday stresses the importance of good English when people apply for jobs.
    “While today’s employment trends are inclined towards a multi-skilled task force, equally important is the need to be good communicators,” he said.”””””””

  3. Cassava Patch Doll Says:

    wooooooooooooo that bumbling fool Voreqe couldn’t get a job cleaning a pigs butt if he applied, you need a brain to do any kind of job, and to get a job with the UN, talk about high hopes and over confidence, too bad his ta old Meli B wasn’t there to pull a few strings or sevusevu to the demons that dwell in Voreqes vacant head.

  4. Gibs Says:

    It only reiterate the fact that an unfit player resorts to criminal act to gain some credibility. Trying tirelessly at the expense of others. Sad but true. By hook or by crook is their motto. Being caught with money on their hands and tirelessly trying eran famous title is their ultimate. What a low, gutless and criminal act, a bunch of crook could take it to the end to get their message. Terrorist, what terrorist.

  5. Who am I? Says:

    BAINI – MARAMA!!! That’s his name! All about a Man who has a FEMININE name…BAINI and MARAMA! I was told that he was born a female and had Sex-Change..Still need to CONFIRM my Sources….BUT… Both translations of Hindustani and Fijian mean the same thing. Damn! Looking back at what he has done:

    1. Cowardly taking over the Govt. so that he doesn’t get a JAIL Term
    2. Promoting people close to him so that they can be safe
    3. Hiding behind the Gun!….Oilei na SONALEVU!
    4. Loud-Mouthed – OK…Gusugusu va Yalewa!

    One wonders as to why or who gave him that name…Ummmmm!

  6. archiebald newton Says:

    You are right Cassava Patch Doll.
    But I think Meli B is his eldest brother not his ta.And old Meli is one who is really a waste of taxpayer’s money being the longest serving PS for Fijian Affairs,nearly 30 years .How old would he be now?Near to 70. All other PS of his age have retired or removed but not him.You wonder what was his views or contribution in the dismantling of Fijian institutions by the IG if he had really cared about his main role for the past 30 years to protect them.
    His wife has also been rapidly promoted during the IG’s reign and there are 2or 3 other Bainimarama in the Service who have been favoured also.
    Like Voreqe,the day will come when they will regret even the sound of their names.

  7. LUVfiji Says:

    Ooooh.. he’s coming at you Cassava Patch Doll!

    Voreqe is after heaps of tavioka to get his dream on that ethanol project going. Remember? And if yr patch is big enough for him, its taxfree, baby.

    You go Doll!

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