In peaceful times the huge advertisement in The Australian newspaper on Monday July 6,2009, Page 5 would have been read with much pride and enthusiasm as the heading stated “Invest in Paradise”.

Stop! look again, on the left on the ad is an Indian (re what’s wrong with a bbs maji hair guy eh?), dressed in suit jacket, white shirt and a striped tie (not bad) with his head back a dreamy look on his face, arms spread wide and the map of Fiji over his left arm. The Islands, Viti Levu, Kadavu and the Yasawa and Mamanucas coloured White and the rest of Fiji in a dull orange”


On the left hand side under that is a block with blue background and white writing with the blurb: “Investing in Fiji is essential to your success in the South Pacific. As one of the region’s (notice the appostrophe in the most inappropriate place) more advanced economies with state of the art technology and necessary infrastructure, Fiji is the corporate and geographic hub of the South Pacific. All regional and international organisations are also headquartered in Fiji.

Fiji now provides 13 years tax free holiday for new enterprises in the (the next is written in red but not in capitals as I will copy here) TAX FREE RESION* (VANUA LEVU, ROTUMA, KADAVU, TAVEUNI, LEVUKA, LOMAIVITI AND THE LAU GROUPS – see map above.

Fiji also provides tax incentives and duty free concessions for companies specialising in: ( all of the following was dot pointed ) ICT, COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURE, TOURISM, BIO FUEL, MINING, FOOD, PHARMACEUTICALS, PLASTICS, PAPER, MINERALS, SPECIALTY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS.



On the opposite to the above block to the right are 3 great photographs, the first being a resort, under that a picture of Call Centre Workers and under that workers on an assembly line wearing white coats and hair nets.

Under the three pictures it states

Under all of the above is another block the width of the ad with a picture of Fiji Coat Of Arms and the contact addressess;

Fiji Isands Trade and Investment Bureau
PO Box 2303, Govt Building, Suva
Ph: (679) 3315988
Fax: (679) 3301783

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Industry, Trade and Commerce
PO Box 2118, Govt Building, Suva
Ph: (679) 3304511 – Fax (679) 3302617

Honorary Counsel
100 Walker Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060
Ph: 02 8904 0476
Fax 02 8904 0376
One would’ve been so proud, but we all know it’s a load of da, and noone even without the current economic climate is going to invest in Fiji with Voreqe the self appointed prime meanster and the illegal regime trying lamely to govern this Island Nation and have failed dismally.

The advertisement was correct pre 5.12.06 Coup. Since then, something significant has happened to the citizens of Fiji, we’ve lost all respect for the Mara, Ganilau, the Late Ratu Edwards sons Ratu Epeli and Tuki & their families, Ratu Iloilo & the military.

These people are poison to the Nation and the business world are aware of it so will not waste a cent on Fiji while they are imposing their illegal will on the Nation.

Meanwhile good people, please support the Methodist Conference regardless of your religious belief.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to church and worship with them. Take a little sojourn to Rewa, take your bathers and go swimming or punting (boating, not betting), listen to the choirs, donate a gold coin, make new friends and believe in the fact that we can overcome the illegal regime with passive resistance.


30 Responses to “INVEST IN PARADISE”

  1. archiebald newton Says:

    It is so critical for all genuine Methodists (not “new Methodist cult”) to unite and support any future action proposed by our leaders in relation to next month’s Conference.The Conference must still go on because many Fijians of other deominations will support and join in.Even those Methodists in the Army and Police.
    A date will be set for all to assemble at Sukuna Park and march to Government Buildings for start of Zero hour.

  2. Budhau Says:

    No one is supporting the Methodists – or the extremist wing of the Methodists which is an arm of the SDL.
    This element of the Methodists are part of the problem, not the solution. They created the atmosphere for the 1987 and the 2000 coup – they openly supported these coups. This was the only church group group that supported those controversial SDL bills that brought the SDL government down.
    Now they are trying to create the atmosphere that will take down Frank.

    Frank should put his foot down and come down hard on these guys, and if doesn’t they can create law and order problems that would not be good for the country – regardless of what government we have.

    BTW – yeah, how can they have a picture of an Indian in an ad about Fiji. Sort of like how can we have a Indian PM – right?

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    An Indian would be good in an add for tourism or investment in India.
    There are melting pot countries and ethnic homeland countries.
    Ethnic homelands should not be ashamed of their own people, nor should they allow them to be persecuted, harassed, or restricted to reservations, scheduled lands, or cleaning up other people’s shit.

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    When you say no one is supporting the Methodists, do you mean other than the 400,000 Methodists?
    It is good if the church is rising to the occasion to support their 400,000 parishioners against the anti-Christ of the corrupt military council and the Indo-nationalists.
    In order for a government to grow they need to have a healthy opposition. Thankfully, the Methodists are providing this. Frankinsty is frustrated because he knows he has no mandate with God or the People.

  5. Budhau Says:

    Yes, Yes, Nostra – that was my point to – an Indo would be good as PM of India – no Fiji, right?
    The problem is that in a democracy some of these fools can end up electing an Indo as the PM – and then we have a problem – don’t we.
    That is why we cannot really get rid of the military – we just need the military on our side and when an Indo, like evil Chaudary, does get elected, we can then have a coup – a coup that is justified in the name of the indigenous cause – right? However, you should not say these things openly in here – we should be repeating that democracy matra – one-man-one-vote, equal rights, democracy and all that because we need the support of the international community – once we get rid of Frank – we can then deal with the Indos. So don’t say things like Indos should go back to India and all that.

    As for you other argument – Cut out that ethnic homeland crap – that the indigenous folks were persecuted and restricted to reservations etc – that is what the white man did to indigenous folks in some parts of the world – US, Canada, ANZ etc.
    In Fiji, the indigenous make up 60% of the population, own 80% of the land, make up 99% of the military, and are well represented in the civil service. So don’t give me that same bullshit argument that you would be making for the Native Americans or the Aborigines.

    And talking about cleaning other people’s shit – are you talking about the tourism industry – that I think is by choice. And I totally agree – trying to make waiters, busboys, janitors, maids, taxi cab drivers and the like out of a warrior race – now that is shame. We should actually get away from tourism.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Nostra, what I said was that no other religious groups are supporting the Methodists pro-SDL agenda.. presumption that the less then 400K Methodists – that they would also be supporting the Church’s political agenda – you may wrong in that also.

    The rest of your bullshit – about anti-Christ and all that – haven’t the other churches figured that out at that – and I guess those Hindus and Muslims who make up the 40% of the population – they are part of the anti-Christ thing. And those Indo-nationalists – what are they trying to do, sell Fiji to India.

    Keep up the good work – you should be posting this kind of stuff on various blogs more often – I think you seem to prove what I have been saying all along – that this democracy campaign is a load crap, we should say it as it is – that the God gave Fiji to the Fijians and the Fijian have a god given right to rung Fiji – the rest of them we should not even give them the right to vote or even a citizenship, we should give them 3-year renewable visas.

  7. Budhau Says:

    Talking about investing – affirmative action to level the playing field – get the Provinces going, government assisting the developments of the provinces, just like they got them shares in the FHL.

    – below is some interesting reading.

    The Namosi House story was in the news today – I pulled the other pieces from earlier news.

    Chaudhry destroys Fijian businesses: LQ
    Fijilive – 10 FEB 2008

    Fiji’s interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry is out to destroy indigenous Fijian businesses, says his political rival and ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.
    Qarase has described Chaudhry’s accusations as total ignorance of Fijian
    traditions and customs.
    He was responding to Chaudhry’s claims that the Kadavu Provincial Council was used as a front by the Kadavu Holdings Limited, Kadavu Development Company and the SDL government to secure favourable treatment under the affirmative action programme, for the construction of the Kadavu House.
    Qarase downplayed Chaudhry’s statement saying he (Chaudhry) had a
    personal agenda against Fijian business operators, wherever they were.
    He said KHL was part of the Kadavu Provincial Council and the council had a role in terms of approving the project proposed by the commercial company.
    “There are no ulterior motives in assisting this project rather clearly our
    position in trying to enhance Fijian participation in the commercial sector and Chaudhry does not like that/’ Qarase said.
    Attempts are being made to obtain a comment from Chaudhry.

    Kadavu House dispute
    Friday, April 24, 2009

    The Kadavu Provincial Council is now seeking legal counsel concerning their ownership status of the Kadavu Development Company.

    Former Council chair Ratu Josefa Nawalowalo says the issue of who owns the company is expected to be resolved at the next provincial council meeting.

    “The Kadavu Provincial Council records paying out money to the Kadavu Development Company to help set it up and likewise other shareholders. In as far as the issue of ownership of the Company, that is an issue that is yet to be resolved.”

    Meanwhile Kadavu House was opened in traditional chiefly style in a ceremony laced with the presence of all the 9 chiefs of Kadavu in Suva this morning.

    Kadavu Development Company owns Kadavu Provincial Holdings the owners of Kadavu House.

    Namosi House owned by business people
    Publish date/time: 08/07/2009

    Further investigations in relation to the ownership of Namosi House revealed that the land and the building in Toorak is owned by a group of business people.

    As our investigations continue, it has been revealed that a company called Winproject Limited owns the piece of land and more information that has come to hand revealed Winproject Limited made all the applications as the owner of Namosi House.

    However, an agreement was reached a few years ago that the government would rent Namosi House because the building is owned by the provincial council’s investment arm, Namosi Development Company Limited.

    When Fijivillage contacted Namosi Development Company chairman Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro, he confirmed that this is a business deal and it is for the benefit of the people of Namosi.

    He confirmed that the building is not owned by the Namosi Company at the moment and the ownership will soon change hands.

    Namosi House is currently occupied by the Health Ministry, under an agreement that the government has to assist the province’s development.

    So who is behind the this Winproject Limited – you guys have your sources – can someone get to the bottom of this one – or will one of you try and explain this one away also.

  8. Nostradamus Says:

    You need to get over the idea that everyone else is a dalit, unless they have whiter skin.

  9. kaiveicoco Says:

    can you donate a gold bracelet or necklace to the methodist church conference?Also we like your new office you just moved into.Looks like you are still bitter from never completing your term as private ……….

  10. Budhau Says:

    Kaiveicoco – I give my donation at the church every Sunday…and no, I am not bitter, I am all for the Methodists and our family has very close ties with the Methodists going back three generations.

    That remark about my term as private…..I did not get it.

    Nostra, while as a general rule I usually ignore remarks like what you just made – however, this time I thought I would respond to I encourage you to continue with that line of thinking – however, others in here may not appreciate that, they are trying to make this look like we are all non-racist people who believe in democracy and equality and all that shit.
    I am not trying to bait you or anything – I just want to go ballistic on the Indos – totally racist and all that.

    Yeah I also think all those Indos in Fiji are all low caste Dalits who wish they were lighter skinned – we should never give them the right to vote – I think what we should do is is give them a visa that is renewable every three years and if they cause any problems we just don’t renew there visa – and ship them right back to India.
    BTW – this may just our cause – if we dehumanize these Indians now, we would have no guilt kicking their ass later – because we can justify that they deserve it.

    Hey, that sounds like a plan. BTW Nostra, you are not a Fijian, are you?

  11. this is navoha Says:

    hey budhau u big kulina….if u indians want to lead ..why dont u go back to india and be a leader…we were not conquered by india….in your wildest dream an indian will lead probably in Nz or aussie but not in our homeland you low down piece of shit.

  12. saqaniwarrior Says:

    Fiji is still the paradise even with the current dictatorship ruling the peaceful country…

    The fijians and the Indo-fijians will make this nationa proud again when the time comes for this leader to vacate his seat…we shall work together to make fiji a great nation of the pacific region…

    lets pray for our beautiful country that the devils don’t give it to the dogs…

    God Bless Fiji…

  13. saqaniwarrior Says:

    Bula Budhau!

    Am a methodist by faith and I believe whatever is happening is known by Him…we keep the faith although there may be some extreme people in the methodist faith just like any other religions, the thing is we must not abandone ship. We must stay and hold on together to defeat the evils thats trying to give our country to the dogs…

  14. Corruption Fighter Says:


    Who was it who said:

    “Fiji’s current situation remains a deterrent to investment – we continue in a state of emergency with no constitutional guarantees, serious restrictions have been placed on the judiciary, while constraints on the media and freedom of expression and assembly continue indefinitely. The lack of accountability and transparency in government decisions and transactions is also very worrying,” he said.

    Your master himself has spoken and it’s time we took notice of him.

    These are the real issues for investment at the moment. Let’s leave aside gossip and stories such as the Namosi building which are being propagated in a censored press. Those issues can wait for the restoration of democracy.

  15. Budhau Says:

    CF – what I was trying to point out was that Chaudary had raised a legitimate issue, months before these two stories about the Kadavu House and the Namosi House hit the media – and you see how Qarase reacted, he bit MC head off and went totally racist – blaming MC for being anti-Fijian.
    Here there is enough evidence that suggest that something fishy was going on and rather than investigating it or supporting an investigation, LQ went ballistic on Chaudary – as usual.

    Yes there is the questions of investments – but remember Rabuka in 1987 – he was willing to take Fiji back to the Hunter/gatherer days if need be so that his coup would succeed, I think we are seeing the same mentality here.
    The best thing for the country would be to to negotiate with Frank – in exchange for an earlier election – ANZ should reinstate all the aid programmes, they should not stop their lawyers from being part of the judiciary, the tourists will start coming and with a date set for next election, the EU would release those funds that it is holding now and the investment would also start flowing. Part of that negotiations must include a way out for Frank – that means amnesty.

    The sooner folks start thinking along those lines, the better. If not – welcome to the third world.

    Navoha – the problem with democracy is that sometimes people get elected who you don’t like or disagree with – the sooner you learn about the peaceful transfer of power from one party to another, the sooner we will get rid of this coup culture – you are still part of the problem – when are you going to learn.

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    The problem with the above proposal is that there is no guarantee or even probability that Franko will stick to any agreement. When you have a person like that with no credibility, they must do the acting first. ANZ and the Forum and every other International have given Franko the benefit of the doubt every time and been lied to every time.

    So the way it sits now is the way the court left it in April. Franko steps down and the President appoints an independent (of the current IG and junta) interim government to take the nation to an election in 3 months.

    After that we can talk about resumption of Aid. There is no point in resuming Aid prior to Franko stepping down and out. Even then one would have to be cautious lest Franko decided to violate Fiji’s body again. The best thing would be to get him and his cohorts behind bars at Naboro before aid is resumed.

  17. Nostradamus Says:

    re Chaudhry

    Chaudhry is a crook and has no business accusing others of crookedness. Yes Chaudhry is anti-Fijian, but he is also a crook. Either one disqualified him from being a leader of Fiji, and I doubt they will even let him practice as an auditor after he is tried and convicted of scamming cane farmers out of aid money.

  18. Tui Says:

    With current political situation in Place (Dictatorship) I do not think any investor would come to fiji .No body wants to invest in a dictatorship.Fiji might be very peaceful and sereni and tranquil in appearance but there is a dictator in power and that means investors stay out.Doing business with a dictator is like throwing money into fire the to burn because there will be no returns for your investments.The result is no one will invest in Fiji.
    As to the Koniferedi I am so glad it will still go on in Rewa.Now let the military try to stop it. Do not be mistaken VB the lotu wesele has more members than you military.SWo its on to Rewa for the koniferedi.

  19. kaiveicoco Says:

    what about Thakskin? Can he be allowed to invest in Fiji? Will yo be hi s lawywer?

  20. Cama Says:

    The Namosi and Kadavu house is just one of the propaganda of this Military regime and like what Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro had said that there was no problem in the deal for the Namosi House as the Yasana do not have money so that is how the deal is set up. there will be financiers of these projects who will want their cut and the rest goes to the Yasana or the repayments.

    Since the media is censored, No truth will come from the media but all stories that will try to damage past governments and get some mileage for the current governments but the Law breakers are the current governments which usurp power through the barrel of the gun.

    these types of propaganda thing is the work of Military like the coup in 1987 and 2000. They were mentioning about corrupt parctises in the past governments but they were not taken to court for their corrupt parctises in Government but on cases different from the ones that they were preaching about and this just hot air.

    People of Fiji should not get carried away so easily with these lies as this is the work of the devil.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Kaicolo – so you thin I am lawyer – good, that makes me feel really good.

    Hey, so how come the story about MC meeting old fart Qarase – how come that is not news here – come one guys, we have to bash Chaudary – for getting into bed with anyone who will help him.

  22. Budhau Says:

    No Cama, you don’t get it.
    Those ordinary Fijians, they put up their money through the Provincial Councils in these venture – then these buggers go get a loan from the bank and make deals with others and builds and rent them to the government.
    The money, after they pay the expenses, loans etc, whatever is left should go back to the Provincial Councils.

    So far so good – that would have been nice, the government helping poor rural Fijians through these deals.

    The problem is that those poor Fijians they don’t see any part of that money trickling down to them – even if it was a return on the money they had raised in the first place.

    The scammers have this thing set up in such a way that no money ever goes to the common Fijian.
    You think Fijians saw any money from the FHL, or Fiji Pine – you think the Fijians would have seen any money from the Mahogany, or the QoliQoli bill.

    When there is large sums of money involved and the choice is whether it goes to the people or in your pocket – I am sure you can find some justification as to why it should go in your pocket.

  23. Jean d'Ark Says:

    The reason Driti was sacked is because he knows that any open confrontation with the Methodists now will destroy whatever is left of Frank (and the MC’s) authority.

    So better to back down now than to risk losing it all. That’s not Frank’s style though, so “bust down or bust” it is!

    I was speaking to a well-known and well-regarded Methodist FLP-member recently, and I can tell you the mood in the upper echelon of the Church is becoming quite determined now in the face of Frank’s assault. The Methodist church may not be everyone’s cup of tea for their past mistakes. But they are definitely “in the right” now, and they are closing ranks over this.

    I also see MPC is now getting ready for a post-Frank Fiji with his approaches to Qarase, so its quite obvious to see where all this is going when the wily, old MPC is also getting on the bus.

  24. LUVfiji Says:

    Agree Jd’A.. yr last para in particular.

    Is it then time now for us to sit back and watch real politics at play? One wonders why the younger Chaudry would have LQ on his guest list. But a good move, I reckon!

    And I must confess the Methodist church leaders – repeat: church leaders – are certainly not my cup of tea. I have never agreed with their way of soliciting funds from members via their annual extravaganza.

  25. kaiveicoco Says:

    yes it came on the news that you invited both Qarase and MPC to the opening of your new office.very smart move.Tell us how can we be like MPC in getting exactly what he wants.

  26. Cama Says:

    Not a good move but if everybody can forget the past and reconcile, that is the best way forward otherwise the past will come back to haunt us.

  27. Cama Says:

    When you forget the past, change your ways that is the cause of your down fall and strive for a good change in heart, soul & mind.

    Forgive those that had forsaken you and live a life of a love and caring citizen

  28. Corruption Fighter Says:


    You missed my point – the point is Chaudhry has started to say things that make it look like he realizes that THE problem is the dictatorship. There can be no hope of investment in a country without a constitution or a
    functioning legal system. In this situation any investor has to take the dictator’s word on trust and no-one with hard earned money to invest will do that. Tui’s got it but somehow you’ve missed it.

    You keep saying that there can be a negotiated deal with the dictator. If that’s Chaudhry’s view, then he’s a fool. The dictator is both too stupid and too arrogant to understand the art of compromise.

  29. Nostradamus Says:

    Investment means cleaning up the streets

    Police must engage prostitutes in order to prove guilt. First they must be offered money but then saved by the evangelising officer who is a symbol of Jesus in uniform. Special zips have been developed so that the uniform does not have to be removed during the gathering of evidence phase. This ensures that the criminals show sufficient respect for the authority and prowess of the security forces during the engagement process and the criminals learn that crime does not pay. Assurance of salvation once the crime as been “cracked” involves the criminal pointing downward and proudly proclaiming “Oqo nei Esala, Oqo nei Esala” the Christ figure and savior. Hindi speaking sex workers must learn Fijian for due respect to the Commissioner Savior. The best will be sent to Frank O’God for final exam (ficky ficky) and judgement.

    Police clamp down on prostitutes
    Publish date/time: 08/07/2009 [16:49]

    The Fiji Police Force is now training officers on ways to deal with sex workers so that they are removed from the streets.

    Police Spokeswoman Ema Mua said under the Police Crusade, officers are being told to talk to sex workers and to change their life.

    According to Mua, it is very difficult to prosecute those who are involved in prostitution as police have to gather sufficient evidence to prove the offence

  30. timoci d Says:

    A lot of people became rich just by investing at a time where everybody else were afraid. Thanks to the wisedom of the people of Fiji, there is defacto no real risk to invest in Fiji, and I believe it will remain so. Therefore, there are certainly very good opportunities to invest in Fiji right now. The tax incitives for example are good for investors, but in a way it is the people of Fiji who finance those incentives…

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