Leave it to the blustery ole oink to ban free speech

The much anticipated Pacific Youth Festival to begin on 13 July 2009 is being marred by the antics of the insecure illegitimate prime meanster of Fiji.

Yes, he’s disallowing some of the important roles models for our youth from addressing the congress.

Not content with banning the Methodist Conference in August, he’s flexing his inept muscles as only a peasant of his ilk would, to deprive not only our youth but the rest of us from listening to these upstanding pillars of our society.

It makes the ignorant prime meanster feel so BIG and full of self importance, what a joke.

Two of the Notable speakers were to be The Vice President of Fiji, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi and Professor Warden Narsey.


Fiji censors speakers at youth festival – http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25712506-5012752,00.html

THE fight to return free speech to Fiji has suffered another setback after the Government banned several critics from addressing an international youth congress in the troubled nation.

The military regime has blocked speakers at the Pacific Youth Festival on the eve of a speech by self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama on the future on the country.

Mr Bainimarama’s announcement is expected to shed light on his plans for a new constitution to replace the charter abrogated amid political upheaval in April.

Organiser of the youth festival, Jacque Koroi, said Fiji’s Ministry of Information vetted all speeches and selected “several people who will be unable to make their presentations”.

Ms Koroi would not say who they were but it is understood most are involved in organisations that support a return to democratic rule in Fiji.

Also banned is Fiji Times associate editor Sophie Foster, who last month openly criticised the Government’s heavy public and media censorship.

She publicly attacked the regime’s “systematic attempt to erase any trace of disaffection” by installing censors in newsrooms.

The festival, backed by Unesco, is not the first to be scrutinised by the Government.

Several speakers were also banned from addressing a recent Society of Accountants meeting and another annual religious conference was cancelled altogether.

The crackdown stems from Easter when the regime, which took over in a December 2006 coup, imposed a new order in a fresh grab for power.

Over three days, the constitution was abrogated, judges sacked and elections Mr Bainimarama had promised to hold this year were pushed back to 2014.

Rules ensuring all news was vetted to exclude publicity of “negative” issues have been extended indefinitely.

Mr Bainimarama says the conditions are necessary to “minimise opposition” while his Government formulates plans for future elections.

His speech tomorrow (it was boring like him that everyone preferred to read it instead of listening to the imbecile), entitled “Fiji’s strategic framework for change”, is expected to outline the new constitution and the Government’s way forward.

6 Responses to “Leave it to the blustery ole oink to ban free speech”

  1. Tui Says:

    What a waste for the youth of today to miss out on two very good speakers who could be very good role models to the youth of fiji today.Listening to VB when he delivered his road map to nowhere speech makes me wonder wheather this guy knows how to speak english or not.I tend to favour the latter. It is a shame when thius could be the opportunity for the regime to showcase their wanting to have a dialogue. Now we all know that VB does not listen to anybody because his ego is too big for his boots.This could have been the platform to show re engagement but alas the Illegal regime has opted to have a more repressive approach to dialogue.There will be no dialogue. What next VB? Just get ready to meet with George speight in Naboro.

  2. Willy Says:

    Perhaps the regime should ban everyone from speaking anywhere. Only Cassava Frank should be allowed to deliver his wise words. Tourists will come in large numbers to admire our futuristic society where everybody feels good and listens to a true leader….

  3. Asgrocky Says:

    An obedient mechanical society likened to “The Stepford Wives”

  4. archiebald newton Says:

    God forbid if Bandmaster LEWENI should decide to replace one of the ousted speakers.!!!!

  5. Anonymous. Says:

    What – he sings too?

  6. archiebald newton Says:

    Yes it was his singing qualifications that got him to reach the rank of sergeant major(Warrant officer 1)in 2006.Since De c5/06 he has been promoted to captain then major then Lieutenant Colonel and full colonel only 2 months ago,it’s probably a record.He is now receiving the salary of PS in the Civil Service.Like 6 other mates from the Army who now hold simiar positions they now earn about $120k each with free car,accomodation,phones etc.From a warrant officer 1 salary of about $35k………and multiply that by 8 years till 2014….not bad!!!!!
    Remember when Vore said clearly on TV on the eve of Coup day 5/12/06 that none of his soldiers will gain anything.What a load of Crap!!!!Teleni now receives a little below what Andrew Hughes was earning…..a cool 200,000.
    It should be very clear for everyone what the real purpose of the Coup was.

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