Less than twelve months after Sereana $600k Qoros appointment to head FHL, a tamani size cut fren has happened, o oh!

Bigger leqa than the BP Oil deal, o oh!

Remember when Robin Storck so smuggly stated that it was in the best interest of the company when Chairman Joe Mar, group managing director Mr Weleilakeba, directors Tui Maleikai, Mohammed Asif Razak and Ioane Naiveli all resigned and said he was not aware of the reasons behind the resignations of the other board members as they’d resigned voluntarily – excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta.

Well, he was then elevated to Chairman of the Board, how convenient for some.

Ooh Loo Loo!

Here’s the latest Press Release from the illegal regime……………………………………………………………………………………

Press Releases

Government investigates Fijian Holdings
Jul 3, 2009, 18:13

Government has started proceedings to investigate Fijian Holdings Limited.

This was confirmed this afternoon by Government and Military spokesperson, Lt-Col Neumi Leweni.

Lt-Col Leweni said that as a first step, Government has asked Fijian Holdings chairman Isoa Kaloumaira and group managing director Sereana Qoro to step aside to allow the investigations to proceed without hindrance.


What about Padam Lala and new landlord Colonel Mohammed Aziz?

Let’s hope Qoros kui pals who’ve benefitted from her postition take her loads of comfort food to ease her anxiety, because her SUVs may well be confiscated.

Sobosobo forgot, the illegal regime have their very own unique counselling service in the ‘QO KEI ATU’ ROADSHOW, who may help her ease the pain with their mantra “No kubu please, we are the new-Methodist”


  1. Tui Says:

    What goes around comes around.I wonder, what happened to the accusations aimed at Weleilakeba and his team after they took FHL to new heights of prosperity only to be dragged to the dumps by Sereana and Kalomaira and Aziz and Co?.When Weleilakeba was ousted there were praises heaped on Sereana and Kalomaira as the savior of HFL.What is happening now.?I find it strange that the 2 most praised a accolated pers were slated to take HFL to new heights in Fiji.Now we know that deal after deal that they wanted to carry out at HFL did not eventuated but resulted in FHL paying a lot of money (SHAREHOLDERS)out to would be investors (BP Oil) with no returns expected.Now this is just not right.Now Sereana what will happen to your husband chaufer and your kilavata gang that is about to kaput this once vibrant Investment co.Maybe col Aziz will decree that all deals be written Off and so will HFL. Way to go A/Holes.

  2. Anon Says:

    Sa qai matata tikoga mai na matani meke ni veli qo….Kaila mada! How ironic that illegals are investigating other illegals. And I hope that the proposed building of the so called twin towers gets investigated too. Come on shareholders, give them the push and shove…..get their filthy hands off our money…taukei money!!!! Bloody losers all of them, illegal board, management etc, etc!

  3. abeche Says:

    RFN has raised a very very valid point – what was the CMDA doing when Frank sacked the previous Board and management? Were the proper rules governing the appoinment and removal of directors of a publicly held company followed in this instance? Were the proper notification sent to the CMDA and did the CMDA do what was required of it at the time? DId FHL advise the CMDA of the proposed purchase of BP, how it was to be financed, its impact on FHL’s balance sheet etc etc and DID the CMDA know the questions that needed to be asked? Or is the CMDA just another toohless tiger in awe of the green goons?

  4. balluk Says:

    Good show Tui,Abeche you know that Frank is an idiot and crazy macafaka like that azzole budhau,brainless,gutless and totally blockhead.They don’t know how to speak the truth or think rationally when it comes to using our hard earned tax dollars.If and when he want any money he’d get on the phone call the security of Finance and casually tell him/her the amount he requires and want it without question from anyone? If you quirie this azzole he’d rant and hoe and threatened to fire you, “if you don’t bring that money to me right away”? Even if he was told that there was no money in the vault, he’d rave and hoe to go and get it or i’ll have someone(GreenGoon) takes you out into the wood or on the beaches? Hey one of this days, i’m gonna blow this bastard brain from here to kingdom come?

  5. Anonymous. Says:

    Good luck with finding one?

  6. Hakwa Nadro Says:

    Is it $600,000 salary for SEREANA QORO????????????………………

  7. Cama Says:

    illegal investigates illegal. WAKE UP FIJI your days are numbered.

  8. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys, did you folks seriously believe that those executives of FHL were really gonna get fired – yeah right.

    The procedure is that when there is such an investigation, the folks at the top step aside and let the investigation go forward – here, Frank might have thought that he would look good if ask these guys to step aside – make him look like the tough guy….and you idiots started running around as if the shit had hit the fan there.

    …and than there was Abeche going on discussing the crap that RFN had come up with – sounding all smart.

    You see guys, with the global downturn in the economy and the credit crunch – things are not going to go well for FHL – that don’t mean that it is Frank and his gang that screwed things up – however, when the going was good, there was a bunch of Fijians who did ride that gravy train.
    So what you buggers should really investigate is that scam about few Fijian family owned companies got all those Class A shares of FHL – and the Fijian people and the provinces, for whom FHL was set, they lost out.

  9. Tuks Says:

    Wrong Budhau!!!.The alleged scams you refer to above has gone through the test and thoroughly scrutinised through the normal legal /judiciary processes under normal rules and investigations.Even in Parliament they didnt stand a chance and only found to hold any water. They have only proved that people like you and your hero -MPC are big masters of lies and misinformers .It is obvious that you deliberately attempt to divert attention away from the truth at will to support the current Regime. Compare your alleged scams with the current scams and corruptions now committed publicly and at will by Frank and his cronies,one can only imagine the rots that exists in your minds. Come on mate, have a life and do us a favour – give credit where it is due and stop misinforming people at will. It is obvious you play a key role in the currents regime’s misinformation section. Tell you what.?. It is having an unintended effect on us. It is not working at all. We know you…yes we are watching much, much closer than you think.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Yeah right – they brought this up in senate – where those idiots, those GCC appointed senators would have nothing to do with any investigation.

    Hey dude, just like any other programme that was set up to benefit the common Fijians, the small group of elite Fijians with the help of some chiefs stole everything, every time.

    I like your other argument – that since the regime guys may be more corrupt, that that somehow justifies the corruptions under the previous government.

    ..and that last threat….we are watching you..very very close. So, you are watching me – now how is that any different from say Frank watching some other folks in Fiji very closely. You are no different – if you and your folks would have pulled to the coup – you would be no different.

    The FHL was set up to benefits the Provinces and the common Fijians – it was hijacked by those who were there to look after the interest of the Fijians for their own personal benefits…and that is wrong in anyone’s books.

  11. abeche Says:

    It is a real pitty that some of our people in Fiji cannot accept the fact that some Fijians tok the punt when the opportunity was made available and bought FHL shares – in line with the government strategy at the time. This is the same for every race – therewill be rsik takers and there will be those who may want to take the risk, but do not have the means to do so.

    Is it a sin for an indeginous Fijian to make some wise decisions and come out on top? Thecurrent generation of FIjians, work hard for their money, invest and and are still paying for those investements.

    Making wild accuations like Bdhau makes about people does not add anything useful when the country is trying to come to termswith what it needs to do to get ahead. Get facts.

    And hey Bhudau, I wasn’t trying to sound smart – I was asking the questions because I do not know the answers!

    Maybe you tell us what should have been done.

  12. Anonymous. Says:

    Don’t bother – just an old empty Tin.

  13. abeche Says:

    If you have the answers, please tell us – the questions were raised becasue I don’t know the anwsers! So you’re the smart one with all the answers -enlighten us.

  14. Jean d'Ark Says:


    The reason Budhau lacks perspective is not because he lacks intelligence or information.

    He has all of that but still can’t tell (or is not allowed to tell) the difference between bad and worse because he is paid to obsess about the SDL’s mistakes and ignore the Regime’s ones.

    You think about it though – the people who bought those FHL share early at plum prices? Was any balance sheet value destroyed by that transaction? Compare that to what is happening to FHL value today.

    By the same token, were any unworthy or undeserving people enriched by this? You look at the trend in FHL shareholding over the years to see what happened. The people who knew about business and investment (your Qarases and Weleilakebs and Vitus etc.) kept and enlarged theirs over the years. They were able to do this because they had the discipline and understanding not risk their plum shares with dud projects. The Provincial Councils and other investors though, fell into the trap of having to sell off their FHL shares to repay their other failed investments. (Much like FHL today is having to offload its plum assets to fund its doomed BP deal).

    So even though the Qarases and Weleilakebas and Vitus had an unfair advantage at the beginning, it wouldn’t have changed much in the end since they were exactly the type of shareholders who would have been able to increased their shareholding in the end, anyway.

    That is not to say they shouldn’t be taken to task or face some sanction! But to obsess about them in the face of the very real, destructive, unnecessary and avoidable damage that is still being inflicted on FHL today by the Regime and its cronies, is simply ridiculous.

    No sane person would do it! Only someone who was paid to do it, or was otherwise out of their minds!

  15. Budhau Says:

    Jean, you wrote, “The people who knew about business and investment (your Qarases and Weleilakebs and Vitus etc.) kept and enlarged theirs over the years.”

    These were the people advising the Provincial Councils.
    So what did they do, rather than advising the people for whom FHL was set up, it was these guys who took advantage of the situation by borrowing money from FDB and NBF and buying shares for themselves.
    FHL was created and was supposed to be owned by the Provincial Councils, Fijian people and Fijian institutions and what happened – the elite limited liability family companies stepped in and cashed in. The GCC’s goal was to see that the FHL was owned by the14 Provinces, NLTB and FAB – these people and institutions ended up owning 30% of the FHL – and those family owned companies with borrowed money ended up owning 70%.
    BTW – these guys, who were advisers to the Provincial Councils and other Fijian institutions – could they not have advised the 14 Provincial Councils that they could borrow more money from FDB and buy three or four times as many shares – like these guys were doing themselves and doing it secretly without full disclosure.
    When the government made the $20 million interest loan to FHL – who were the initial beneficiaries of that?

    You see Jane, these guys were robbing their own people – just like every other scam – money that would have eventually gone to the common Fijians was siphoned off by these buggers.

    The point I was making was that everytime there was something to benefit the common Fijians – the Fijian elite found a way of making sure that they lined their pockets and that the common Fijian would never see a penny of the money – whether is was the affirmative action money in the Agriculture depart, of farm land for Fijains in Seqaqa, or the Kadavu House or the Namosi House, or the Fiji Pine – and I can bet that these same buggers would have created similar family owned companies and siphoned all the profits from the Mahogany industry – and if that Qoliqoli bill would have gone thru – I am sure there were companies in the work that would have sold all the resources, and the common Fijian would not have seen any money, just as they siphon off the rent money from the native land.

    BTW – Jean, no one doing any damage to the FHL intentionally. First, the downturn in the global economy would mean that the profits for FHL would be much lower. Any business decisions make by the new board, even if they were wrong business decisions – they are not being done to destroy FHL.

    BTW – how do you take my above remarks to suggest that I am some military supporter who is paid to post these – it is you who refuses to see the obvious and insists that we should put these former SDL buggers back in power.
    The coup has happened – how we get out of this is not by reinstalling Qarase – but by making sure that this does not happen again – both the coup and the thieving.

  16. Jean d'Ark Says:

    No Bud – nobody is intentionally wrecking FHL!

    But the Regime is intentionally keeping it in a situation where it is hemorrhaging balance sheet value! If there was a truly independent board, governed by a truly independent SPSE under a truly independent CMDA, this would not be happening.

    Your arguments about the lack of disclosure and good faith about FDB borrowing and the like still don’t justify a coup. They only justify some kind of independent investigation and possible sanction. But the very fact that FICAC has been investigating this since its start-up, but STILL hasn’t come up with anything, should be some kind of guideline to you as to the comparative harm of this “crime”, versus a “coup” and subsequent carte blanche mismanagement as the purported solution.

    As for the solution to the current problems, I have said before and I will say again – it is not for you and me to decide here. It is for those who have leadership aspirations to make their case to the people of Fiji, and it for THE PEOPLE to decide.

    If they decide not to buy into your and Frank’s obsessive hatred of Qarase, that is up to them. You are like Frank, Dakuvula and Speight – you think the right to have your say is the same thing as the right to force your opinion on others if they can’t convince you that you are wrong.

    However, all your arguments here basically add up to the contention that the mistakes and corruption of the ousted Government is carte blanche for the MUCH WORSE performance and comparable corruption of the Regime.

    What sensible person would buy into that? Better to forgive, get some perspective, rectify and move on.

  17. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Oh and by the way – can you see how much of a lone and oh-so-yesterday set of voices you and Frank and Leweni are becoming?


  18. Budhau Says:

    Yes Jean, I heard about the Qarase/Chaudary meeting – some of these guys here in this blog even saw me there also.
    I told you folks long time ago the Qarase should have approached Chaudary right from the word go – but Qarase has a history of being pissed off at Chaudary – somehow Chaudary had “wronged” Qarase – remember how Qarase tried to keep him out of the cabinet. Even right after the coup, Qarase had some “status” problem when he stated that he would not be willing to work “under” Chaudary when Chaudary was the Minister for Finance. Even the stories on the blog mention that Chaudary had been interested in a meeting with Qarase for a while – so I guess what, up until now, Qarase was the one who had a problem meeting with Chaudary.

    Qarase needs to figure out how to separate people from the problems and once he has that figured out, he should go soft on the people and hard on the problem.

    Here, these two guys should look for mutual gains whenever possible and where there is conflict, you can still get good results by having some fair standards independent of the will of Chaudary or Qarase to get these resolved.

    For example on the land issue – why can we find some fair independent standards to really figure out is the land is valued properly, is the percentage rent fair, is the term of the lease reasonable – Qarase took a position – NLTA it is and he won’t budge.

    Chaudary knows the importance of separating people from the problem – that is why he is willing to negotiate/work with almost anyone. Many of you see that as something negative – that “Chaudary is ready to get in bed with anyone.” On the contrary – Chaudary – has worked in a coalition with NFP, he supported Rabuka for PM, rumour has it that he was willing to work with the Matanitu crowd after one of the elections, he had members of all political parties including the independents in his cabinet, even when his party had a comfortable majority – SVT did not get in his cabinet because of the unreasonable demands and he has worked with Frank – wasn;t it Frank who tried to abrogate the constitution in 2000 after the Speight coup, wasn’t Frank who appointed Qarase as interim PM instead of Chaudary as the caretaker PM. So you how Chaudary is able to separate people from problems.

    So why would Chaudary not work with Qarase, and since he already has a working relation with Frank, Qarase should see that as an asset.

    Remember a few days ago I was talking about negotiations – the sooner Qarase realizes that he is willing to negotiate and that he should be not take a position on things from the beginning – as he usually does.

    Specially in the present situation where there are many parties – when each side has a position, it gets much harder to change things. Keep your options open.

    So don’t take the “position” that we want Qarase/SDL reinstalled, the old constitution brought back and Frank must stand trial – Look for what is in the interest of the country – we want democracy back and maybe a more equitable constitution/electoral system – isn’t that what the other side is bitching about – and Frank ain’t going unless we give him amnesty. BTW – you wait and see, this is exactly how this thing is going to go down.

    So you see Jean, how what I have been talking about is not “oh-so-yesterday” kinda ideas.

    As for the FHL scam – when did I say that the FHL scam justified the coup?

    You were talking about independent investigations etc. – the FHL scam was brought up in the Senate – in early 1990’s – I think it was Adi Kuini who was trying to get the matter looked into – no luck. Do you think the SDL would have ever investigated the Kadavu and Namosi House scams.

    However, now that we have had a coup, the issue is where do we go from here – after the 1987 coup, they also wanted the democratically elected government reinstalled – but that did not happen. The 1990 constitution was done by decree – NFP/FLP would have nothing to do with that constitution – but they still lived under it for seven years trying to change it before we got the 1997 constitution.

    So do you get my point – not that I am justifying the coup – all I am saying is we should not overlook how the SDL screwed up and than decide where we go from here. We don’t want any more coups, and neither do we want scamming governments.

    Jean – you seem to be dishonest – in making the above argument – if you want a serious discussion, then cut out the the crap as you just did above.

  19. Tuks Says:

    Your comment above that “Chaudhry knows how to separate people from the problems and that he is willing to negotiate and work with anyone” is a blatant lie and misinformation on your part. Everyone in Fiji and the world know from experience, the cunning fox and slippery snake your Chaudhry is. We all know that Chaudhry only seeks to work with others in order to exploit their vulnerabilities for his own good. He is one of the most selfish and very arrogant person the whole world has seen. Father of lies, Master of Deception and a Chameleon who changes colors whenever it suits him. It is obvious that something is in the air and the snake Chaudhry is right now moving very fast making connections to redeem himself. As a Master of one who sleeps with his enemies and the devil at will, Chaudhry is already almost through in executing his exit strategy to save his skin. It is a pity that Qarase is entertaining him already[if its true].It will only serve to fulfill Chaudhry’s own political dreams. Budhau stop lying. Your comments above just fall short of claiming your Chaudhry is indispensable.He is NOT. He must be made to answer for his support of the 2006 military coup. He must not be allowed to escape this time for political expediency. Like all those perpertrators of the Speights 2000 coup, Chaudhry must be investigated, charged and taken to task by the Court. He is not worth doing any negotiations. He has lost the credibility. He has none. He is a criminal[apart from a murderer].Its only ppl like you Budhau who continues to see some importance in the man. The bad news is this – Chaudhry is no more. He is just not worth the salt anymore. He is a bygone for bygone. He is the biggest liar, the crook and the thief Fiji must do away with.

  20. Budhau Says:

    Tuks – all you said was that Chaudary being a “cunning fox” and “slippery snake”, “father of lies” “master of deception” etc. – that kind of name calling does not help you make your case – you need more substance.

    You said that Chaudary was exploiting vulnerable people when he decided to work with others. So lets see who the vulnerable people were.

    When the FLP won in 2000, Chaudary was working with Ratu Mara, whose government he helped bring down in 1987 – so how vulnerable was Mara – and why was he willing to work with Chaudary.

    When the SVT won an election and there was split in the SVT leadership – Chaudary worked with Rabuka – how vulnerable was Rabuka. When Chaudary supported Rabuka, he was also working with the Nationalists.

    When the FLP and NFP decided to contest a election as a coalition – Chaudary worked with Jai Ram Reddy – so how vulnerable was Reddy. BTW – Reddy and Chaudary have a history of not liking each other – however, that shows how Chaudary deals with the problems, and is soft on the people.
    After this coup, Chaudary has worked with Bainimarama, the same Bainimarama who put Qarase as interim PM after the 2000 coup against Chaudary and the same Bainimarama who attempted to abrogate the constitution in 2000. So how vulnerable is Frank.

    So you see Tuks – Chaudary has worked with people that have either done him wrong or who have been opposed to him or his policies – he has a history of working with such people, this is not about “sleeping with the enemy.”

    You accused me of lying – what part of the above is a lie – you see Tuks, you have the right to have your own opinion, but you don’t have the right to have your own facts – the above is fact.
    And now we see that Qarase has met with Chaudary – here also, Chaudary would have met with Qarase much earlier, but it was reluctance on Qarase’s part that had delayed this meeting. And BTW – Qarase is not a vulnerable man – he should have approached Chaudary right after the coup.

    You seem to think that no one should negotiate with Chaudary – it looks like Qarase thinks otherwise, and all those others mentioned above, they thought otherwise.

    Tuks, you wrote about Chaudary, “He is a criminal[apart from a murderer].Its only ppl like you Budhau who continues to see some importance in the man.”

    Could you define what a murderer is and how Chaudary is a murderer?

    So you see Tuks, there is no substance in what you have just said – lot of bitterness, name calling, hot air and crap.

  21. Tuks Says:

    You seem to be the only one who did not know of Chaudhry’s hit and run case that almost cost him his political life. A human life was killed and your hero MPC still to be answerable for his misdeeds. Thanks to the Fijian generosity that saved him from the hands of the law and possible imprisonment!!. Reading of your comments above only further confirms our worries that it is people like you who are the real screwed up in all the messes that we are in. Talking about vulnerabilities, – it is obvious from your own analysis above that Chaudhry himself was and still is the most vulnerable of the whole lot!. His attempts to “snake” around exploiting the vulnerabilities of others for his own good [as you very well explained above] does not in any way qualify him to be the better from any of them. In my view it speaks more of the hypocricy, the evil and the lack of a principled life expected of a real and true people’s leader. I have called him names not because I wanted to, but because they depict in real terms the kind of character your hero Chaudhry truly is in real life as a leader and as a person. You reckon that they are of no substance!!. I laugh at that!.I expected that conclusion from you. Everyone participating in this blogsite knows of your deliberate and continous efforts in conducting a smear public misinformation campaign to protecting and elevating Chaudhry’s political and public image. But as alluded to earlier and whetehr it wishes you well or ill, the fact do remain that Chaudhry still very much remains the snake, the chameleon and the biggest bulls of Fiji. It is a pity that our own Indian ppl still see him fit to repesent them in national politics. But even that again speaks volume of the fact that Chaudhry is indeed the cunning fox of Fiji. He was, he is and will be given the latest political development in Fiji. Watch and read these Budhau[you dont really need to], as time continue to demonstrate these truth about Chaudhry.

  22. Budhau Says:

    Tuks, I am very much aware of that accident that Chaudary was involved in and he left the scene of the accident and that it what he was convicted on – failure to stop after the accident.
    The Fijian generosity had nothing to do with the law – though Chaudary did ask for forgiveness in the traditional manner.
    You do know the difference between a traffic violation of failure to stop after an accident and murder that you were claiming. I suggest you Google the definition of murder.

    So before you were saying that Chaudary used all these vulnerable people, now you have have changed your tone and are claiming that it is Chaudary who is vulnerable. Listen guy, if Chaudary was vulnerable, your boy Qarase would not be talking to him.

    The fact still remains that Chaudary has been willing to work with people who have a intense dislike for him and people who have wronged him – and that is FACT.

    The rest of discussion – basically show the dumbass that you are – go get some education – why, they did not give you a scholarship under any of the affirmative action programmes – maybe some folks with connections got that scholarship too.

  23. Tuks Says:

    Wow!! that ugly superiority complex mentality in you very well showing up indeed!!. Thanks for your admission for being the more educated one!!. Sadly to say, but you still need to prove your intellegence to us through your contributions in this blogsite.. I did not need any assistanse for the Affirmative Action/scholarship programme. Neither do I have connections in high places like you do. I am glad I do not have the level of education [whatever that may be] that you have. I am happy that at least I manage to secure your attention and to be worthy to be acknowldged by thy horrible self!!. Being an ordinary Rural Boy I am proud to be. No one will ever change that. By the way, you have shot your dumbass by your admission of fact concerning Chaudhry and his willingness to work with people who have an intense dislike for him….We all know that Chaudhry [was and still is ] the biggest corrupt and most evil politician of Fiji’s brief political history.This is clearly supported by the histories of all our coup de tat since 1987 like or not. He plays a pivotal role in all those coups. That too are FACT!!. You dont need to remind me Budhau but Chaudhry managed to pull himself out of all those situations due to his ruthless, deceptive and evil self. That is my point. Whilst you boast about the abilities of your hero Chaudhry to manipulate people [whatever you called it above], you deliberately turn a blind eye to the truth which are the underlying evil, the very selfish /egoistic motivation behind his actions. Chaudhry’s arrogant desire to be the best [nona i voco ga] demands that he must have things done but only by his own selfish way. These twisted and f..up truth about your Chaudhry had been and will continue to be the cause of all our troubles. He has failed to be Fiji’s Robin Hood. He has only proved himself to Fiji’s biggest trouble maker in our short and brief political history. That is FACT.

  24. Budhau Says:

    Sorry I hurt your feelings Tuks,

    You wrote, “By the way, you have shot your dumbass by your admission of fact concerning Chaudhry and his willingness to work with people who have an intense dislike for him….We all know that Chaudhry [was and still is ] the biggest corrupt and most evil politician of Fiji’s brief political history.”

    You see the two parts of the above sentence does not go together – so lets break it down.

    What I said was that Chaudary is able to work with people who may have a intense dislike for him and many times the feeling may be mutual – still he is able to set aside the personal issues and work on the problem. Now, why does me making this statement makes me a dumbass?. This is a fact.

    The second part of that sentence – “We all know that Chaudhry [was and still is ] the biggest corrupt and most evil politician of Fiji’s brief political history.”

    No, we all don’t know that – that is you opinion and have the right to have one and I am sure there are others who may agree with it.

    While you have the right to have your own opinion, you don’t have the right to have your own facts.

    As to Chaudary being corrupt – here are the facts, there have been allegation that the money raised in India for Chaudary should have gone to the party and some allege that if went into Chaudary’s personal account. Chaudary does not feel that he has to explain to you buggers what this is all about – as long as his constituents are satisfied, I don’t see a problem.

    Next – the building that build in Sorokoba, there was nothing illegal or immoral about it, the renovation of his house when he became the PM – not a problem, it was done for security reasons and he had given up the government provided house.

    Now you want to look at the history of Fiji post independence and corruption that has been going on.

    If you had given Chaudary a chance in 2000 to serve out his term as the PM, the FLP would have probably shown that it was the best government that you guys had ever had – and that was the fear, the thieves, they wanted to get back at the feeding trough.

    Now that is the FACT – as for your opinion, you can think whatever you want about Chaudary.

  25. Corruption Fighter Says:


    Chaudhry has thrown a lot of mud and a lot of mud has been thrown at him but the fact is that he won the support of a substantial share of the voters.

    Likewise, Qarase won an even greater share of the votes than Chaudhry, despite the endless allegations against him.

    The most important point is that voters are able to decide.

    And any electoral system is better than no elections and rule by a tin-pot dictator, even if we had one less stupid and arrogant than the one we had.

    If Chaudhry and Qarase could agree on just this one point we might start to get somewhere.

  26. Tuks Says:

    You erred again and missed my point in your attempt to glorify your hero Chaudhry. The underlying issue raised is about Chaudhry’s vulnerability. As a leader he has failed Fiji everytime he takes the helm of leadership. The quetion that you should heve asked on the 2000 coup is why Chaudhry himself failed to take up the PM in lieu of the Courts decision?. Instead, he advised the President for fresh elections. A decision he very much later regretted and I believe still haunt and made him obseesed to this day. We all know that at that time, he no longer had the support of the majority of his own FLP caucus!. So who are you fooling above?. Chaudhry himself failed the Nation and failed all of us.He is a failure and by the way his current attempt to seek Qarase,s hands in resolving the political dilemna facing us is more a face saving execercise for a failed leader trying to make things right for himself. No two wrongs can make a right and therefore Chaudhry”s efforts are all but utile.

  27. Budhau Says:

    Tuks, you first said that Chaudary was using people who were vulnerable – I pointed out that you were wrong – Chaudary worked with Reddy, Rabuka, Frank, Mara and the rest – they were not vulnerable.

    You are now talking about Chaudary’s vulnerability – if Chaudary is vulnerable, then that is his problem, not yours. It should actually work in you favour if Chaudary was vulnerable – just move in for the kill.

    Here let us do an analysis of “why Chaudary failed to take up the PM position in lieu of Courts decision?”

    Here is what happened after the “courts decision” that you mentioned.
    Iloilo’s first move was to circumvent the the courts decision by immediately appointing Momoedonu as the PM in order to dismiss Chaudary who was the lawful PM. So you are wrong when you say that Chaudary was offered the PM post and he refused to take it. They first thing they did was “legally” dismiss Chaudary as PM by this move.

    This circus had been going on for a while, however, there had been word of fresh election and Chaudary himself had also suggested that there be fresh election to get out of this impasses/crisis.

    Chaudary was still demanding that parliament be recalled, his government be reinstated, including him as the PM, he would then advise the President to call for fresh elections and his government would continue in a caretaker capacity in the interim.

    Now Tuks – I have told this in here many times – but you buggers keep coming back and stating that Chaudary was offered the PM post and he refused.

    I think you should do you own research, you don’t have to take my word for this – and once you have figured this out – then either shut up or tell the truth. I am sure there are other angles that you can use against Chaudary – but at least be honest about this one.

    Iloilo had no intention of giving the PM post back to Chaudary – not even temporarily and he installed Qarase as the caretaker PM – Qarase was not a member of the House of Representatives at the time.

    Now lets look at your second argument – that Chaudary no longer had the support of his FLP caucus at that time. Sure, the SVT folks were talking about GNU – and Baba bought into it and tried to split the FLP, and was dumped by the FLP and SVT folks also hung him out to dry.

    Here is a very simple way to figure out if Chaudary had the support of the caucus – Iloilo reinstates the FLP government, someone moves a vote of no confidence in Chaudary, and if you are right, Chaudary would have been defeated and we would have had Baba as our new PM.

    So now – who is fooling whom – I have the facts, you have an opinion based on some really screwed up perception on history.

    BTW Tucks – if you think I am wrong on any of the history stuff, please correct me.

    CF – I agree with you – Qarase and Chaudary must talk, they don’t have to like each other. Most folks in here are so pissed off and Chaudary and Frank – that they will oppose any discussion between any of these folks.

  28. Tuks Says:

    You are wrong. Chaudhry himself made the recommendation to President Iloiolo for fresh elections. That is fact. All that you have explained above are part of your circus that is going around and around with their objective to make a right of Chaudhry’s wrongs. I do not need to make any further research on the issue. It is accepted fact that even the FLP’s own caucus have admitted in public through various forums. I will accept your explaination only if you are naive but since you consider yourself more scholarly[educated] than myself, I can only tell you nicely ..please stop all those bulls. You only are ruining your own credibility. Chaudhry does not have any more credibility so why bother to join him?. It is obvious that you do really have some kind of intimacy with him. Am I wrong Asha?..

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