It’s disappointing that the UN ignores the plight of the citizens of Fiji who are under the mercy of an illegal regime that has abrogated the constitution and sacked the judiciary yet still offer a person in the highly illegitimate  ‘attorney generals’ chambers the opportunity to study overseas for a year.

Is the United Nations intent on destroying our beautiful Island Nation?

Then why, pray tell, wasn’t this opportunity offered to a Legal Officer not affiliated with the illegal regime, that is, after all, LAWLESS?

This is blatantly flipping the bird at our fight for democracy, legal and human rights and hope for normalcy without the threat of menacing guns and brutality.

People of Fiji, boil that milk before you drink it, we’re not about conspiracy theories but if our cattle industry (the little that’s there) goes belly up like the defunct sugar industry and Sereana Qoros management skills, who’s to say we may have to watch out for the seafood we consume. (cue theme from The Twilight Zone)


Press Release

Fiji Legal Officer undergoes International Training

Jul 2, 2009, 18:40

For the first time, a Fiji legal officer in the Attorney-General’s Chambers will be one of five people chosen from around the globe to participate in a fully-funded international training on the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany.

Acting Senior Legal Officer, Mr Gene Bai will be attending the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea capacity-building and training programme on dispute settlement under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea organised with the support of the Nippon Foundation.

Mr Bai said he was grateful for the opportunity to be able to attend the one-year training and looked forward to enhancing his knowledge on the Law of the Sea.

“I will bring back the knowledge and experience and apply it to Fiji,” he said.

The Solicitor-General, Mr Christopher Pryde congratulated Mr Bai on his selection and wished him the very best.

Mr Pryde said the training that Mr Bai would undergo would not only benefit him (Mr Bai) but the Office as well when he returns in April next year.

According to the International Tribunal Law of the Sea website the training starts on 1 July 2009 and ends on 31 March 2010.

“Lectures, case studies and training in negotiation, mediation and delimitation of maritime areas will enable participants to acquire a deeper understanding of the dispute-settlement mechanisms under the Convention. Study visits will be made to organizations dealing with law of the sea matters. Lectures will also be given on current issues of the law of the sea (fisheries, environment, climate change, delimitation),” the website stated.



  1. Tui Says:

    I find this very disturbing indeed. I thought the UN would be very sympathetic to our fight for democracy but it now appears that this same UN is condoning the abuse of civil rights in fiji by allowing a fiji lawyer to attend the law of the sea conference in Germany.This is a slap in the face for us freedom fighters as we try to end the dictatorship in Fiji. This is indeed a set back but the strugfgle will go on. This illegal regime must be removed and the people of fiji must be allowed to choose for themselves the type of govt they want.I agree with Cook Island PM when he say that the 2014 election is too far away. As I see it by the time election time comes VB and his cohoots would have cleaned out the nsationa coffers that the prospect of an election will virtually be impossible. VB must go at all cost.

  2. Asgrocky Says:

    One has to study the background of the United Nations and their agendas to know where the nations stand on human right issues, especially the background of every individuals behind the history of the establishment of this institution. It seems they are all Freemasons and they have perfected their strategies for world dominion through religion. If your country is predominantly christian then a brand of christianity will be touted in your country and so forth in other countries and their various religions. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and if we watch carefully what the Teleniman and his followers are doing then one has to wonder perhaps there just maybe some truth in those theories in which case we may have to believe that the senior personnels in the Fiji army are freemasons and until around 2006 they received their calling in that capacity to implement strategies in Fiji. They work for the UN. It seems the UN has many faces.

  3. orion Says:

    Indeed. Can’t count on the UN to come to your rescue. Its a body that exists to carry out the agenda of the rich elite. Your small country’s agenda is not important to them. For eg read this, how the UN and WHO are linked to bio terrorism swine flu and their intent to commit mass murder and how a jouranlist has filed charges aginst them with evidence. read here
    and how the issue is linked to the US admin etc.

  4. Anonymous. Says:


    Course it does – why its called the united nations.

  5. Asgrocky Says:

    @ Anonymous
    That’s not very helpful just annoying. I would appreciate if there are any avid readers out there who can add to what I’ve posted. Lets brainstorm the topic maybe we can make something of it.

  6. Asgrocky Says:

    Thanks Orion. They are also responsible for Aids. They supplied bio-chemical filled condoms to African nations then they spread the rumours that a man engaged in sex with a monkey and contracted that Aids disease from the monkey. That was for population control and killed thousands with it which then spread world wide.
    I’m much more interested in their grab for world power from what I understand they will use the USA then dump them taking full control world wide. The USA is on their way out as the super power. The UN is it and they are not what the world think it is. It has many ugly faces.

  7. Asgrocky Says:

    The biochemical infected condoms was for (mass murder) population control

  8. Anonymous. Says:

    Not only Asgrocky – also brain damaged.

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