Commodore Bainimarama holds course in Fiji
Created: Wed, 1 Jul 2009
Radio Australia

Steady as she goes, interim leader Bainimarama tells Fijians in a national address. [AFP]
Fiji interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama says he will not be moved to speed up plans for democratic elections.

Commodore Bainimarama made the announcement during a national address in Suva.

A copy of the speech obtained by Radio Australia shows he has named September 2014 as the deadline for holding elections.

In the meantime, he said he is committed to reforms outlined in the People’s Charter and in the mandate issued with President Ratu Josefa in April, following the scrapping of the country’s constitution.

These include drawing up a new constitution by September 2012.

Members of the international community, particularly Australia and New Zealand, have been pushing Fiji’s interim government to hold democratic elections before the end of this year.

Australian Reaction

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says he’s sad there is nothing new in the address.

The minister says the coup leader’s commitment that elections won’t be held till September 2014 is unacceptable to Australia, the Pacific Islands Forum and the international community.

Mr Smith says the military regime is ill-equipped to deal with challenges posed by Fiji’s dire economic future.

He says the military must return to the barracks and let the people hold democratic elections.

Jolly good thing that he believes in his own rhetoric, because he’d be the only one.

Every utterance from the illegal prime meanster is hollow like that thingamajig held up by his neck, and  so terribly terribly shallow.

That’s the sum total of the ignorant, insignificant wannabe who is said to almost (?) soil his oloolo ni polos whenever there’s a sudden movement (no pun intended) or loudish noise around him.


  1. Tui Says:

    I have not heard or seen the speech in its totality but from the bits and pieces I have read I now have no doubt whatsoever that VB the illegal PM of Fiji is not only stupid but stark raving mad.Does this guy know that no one in the world believe him now.His rehtorics as Shakespeare said “is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.” VB said he will bring Fiji fws by ’empowering the people.”This is laughable because VB just lengthened the Emergency decree to dec this year.He talks about a Fiji where everyone is equal yet he does not allow the people to disagree with his illegal govt.VB has taken away the civil rights of the Fijian people yet he talks about equality.He is a one man law in Fiji (Dictator) where he is above it and everybody else isn’t.I think the most absurd part of hid speech was when VB said he was ready to have a dialogue with everybody. VB thinks that the world will come to him when he is ready. He forgets that the world do not need him.He is the big bully who needs the International community now.I do not think anybody wants to talk to this guy now and VB is really having a hard time trying to understand that.

  2. solivakasama Says:

    Bula Tui,

    You’re absolutely correct. VB is regurgitating his crazy mantra that he in fact has far exceeded himself.
    Monkey do, Monkey do again and again and again, as the latest diatribe sputtered out of his lying mouth:

    PM invites international partners to assist Judiciary (Viavia Vuku – LOL)
    Jul 1, 2009, 19:31

    Government is committed on the need to facilitate the practicalities of the rule of law, creating transparency, facilitating access to justice and removing systematic corruption says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama in his address at the Tradewinds Convention Centre on Fiji’s Strategic Framework for Change.

    Highlighting how the judiciary is continuously being strengthened with the additional allocation of half million dollars this year, Prime Minister Bainimarama said the fund will strengthen the infrastructure and assist in building capacities within the judiciary.

    “I invite our international partners and relevant development agencies who are interested in facilitating the practicalities of the rule of law, creating transparency, facilitating access to justice and removing systematic corruption, to work with our Chief Justice, the Independent Legal Services Commission, the Legal Aid Commission and the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) respectively,” Commodore Bainimarama added.

    On the same note, the Prime Minister said they are committed to the maintenance of law and order.

    “The Police force shall be strengthened with upgrading of communications, transport and forensic tools. Government recognizes that policing is important to also instill public and investor confidence,” PM Bainimarama emphasized.

    In addition, as part of the Government’s intention to create transparency and to facilitate access to justice, PM Bainimarama emphasized on the need to revamp the archaic Penal Code.

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Why didn’t he mention the upgrading of the security forces to New Methodism so they don’t have to worship the 4 legged animals anymore, only the two legged Teletubbies.

  4. archiebald newton Says:

    The guy is stark raving mad.In many homes the TV and radios are turned off whenever Frank speaks.I notice that even the kids playing outside make nasty comments when they hear him talk.
    And it is really having an effect on the soldiers.You don’t see any of them wearing uniform on the streets,or public transport anymore save for those in army vehicles.It’s a very clear sign that morale is at an all time low in Delainabua.Frank just has to keep increasing their budget but
    the national coffers is draining out.
    Soldiers are not all fools like Frank.Many are really frustrated and

  5. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys, on the 2014 election, the PM is talking tough – what the international community must realize is that there needs to be a carrot and stick approach – and not only “the stick” approach that we have seen from ANZ.

    So when Frank asks the International partners to help, the response would be “sure, but what do we get in return”. So if ANZ allows their lawyers and judges to take up positions in the judiciary – that would be good for all, and in exchange, they negotiate, even if that has to be a behind the scenes negotiations, as to what Frank is willing to give up.

    We can easily start work on the new constitution right now, with help from experts from ANZ and have it ready in a year. We can easily prepare for elections with the help from ANZ and have an election in 2012 instead of 2014. If we begin work on the constitution and the elections – I am sure the EU will release the funds, with the sanctions removed, our economy has a chance to recover, the tourists will start coming and so on.

    But no – some of you want nothing to do with a new constitution, elections etc. What you want is the 1997 constitution back, Qarase reinstalled as the PM and Frank and his boys to march straight to Naboro – and you will hold you breath until you turn blue unless you get your way – well, good luck.

    Hey Nostra, not all of us worship two and four legged animals – I worship the sun – but I don’t pray to it.

  6. balluk Says:

    Budhau, you macafaka blockhead like you shouldn’t be allowed to live in democratic society. You should move back to Fiji and become Bainimaramas, wadua.

  7. Anon Says:

    Hey Bud!
    I don’t know which planet you are on but you seriously think that this poor excuse of a human being is serious about what he just spewed out yesterday? Nah! nah! nah! it doesn’t work that way with this idiot of a PM…..it’s always been my way or the highway so far (even before 12/6 (Dec 6).
    So its just some hot air that Fiji needed in this cold season….I hope it was not tainted with Vore-flu or Cow-flu!

  8. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Tui – you forgot the most important part of your quote:

    “A tale, told by an idiot…”

    Bud – no use working on a new Constitution if we can’t obey the one we have. We will just disobey that one when we don’t like everything it dishes up, either.

    A Constitution has no intrinsic value in and of itself other than that which WE, ITS PEOPLE give it! Other than that, it’s just a piece of paper!

    And if we don’t have any discipline in ourselves now to follow our current Constitution, we won’t be able to impart anything of that sort into the new one, either!

    So it doesn’t really matter how much faith Frank, or you, or the military council has in the new piece of paper, if the people don’t go for it (and they won’t), then it won’t have any value, or power, either.

    So there we’ll all be – stuck in exactly the same quagmire we are already in today.

    What good would any negotiation do us then? Some things can be negotiated. But other things would be like just trying to negotiate with the earth to reduce its gravity. It’ll never happen! In the same way, the broken things in the Charter cannot be fixed by negotiation – they can only be fixed by expertise and understanding. But if that isn’t done, then you can write them on a billion pieces of paper, and translate them into a thousand languages. And they’ll still be broken!

  9. Willy Says:

    September 2014 is it. Or perhaps not. Would there be any action or talk dished out by Cassava Frank to make us believe any word he says? He is driven by his fear of the punishment he deserves and will receive. His strategy is simply: I hang on as long as I can, else I hang.

  10. NadroKid Says:

    A couple of questions for you people who know the law.
    When is a constitution deemed dead (finished)?
    Can a constitution be resurrected?
    Can we have two constitutions running side by side (one for Frank and cronies one for the rest of us)?
    Please when you reply use layman language so we can all understand.

    Meanwhile from my limited understanding of these things, I am confident that just like when Frank tried to kill the constitution the last time in 2000, the same thing will happen this time around and that it will not only be resurrected (if it has really died) but it will send him to jail.

    To Bud:

    I dont know if Qarase wants to come back. To me he looks contented whether he is PM or not. Frank and his boys might want to just “rest” at Lovonilase instead of march all the way to Naboro. As important as those things are for some people, I would rather see some real LAW and ORDER (Constitution) first returned to the nation.

  11. Budhau Says:

    Nadroboy – I don’t claim to know the law, but here is my two cents worth.
    In 2000, the constitution was purportedly abrogated, whoever, the court later said that it was not so the 1997 constitution was “resurrected.”

    Since some court in future can declare all the acts of this regime unlawful, that court can also declare that the 1997 constitution is alive and well.

    Now the rest of it:

    OK – so you don’t think my suggestion is going to work. Do you have a plan – since we cant trust Frank, what exactly is your goal and the strategy.

    You see guys, first figure out the alternative that you have if you do not negotiate with Frank – is that something you can live with. Once you know what the alternative is, if you still get into negotiations with Frank and what you get terms of a settlement that is worse than what your above alternative was without negotiating – you don’t have to settle with regime – just walk away.
    If the settlement deal is better than the best alternative that you otherwise had – than settle.

    You see guys – learn to focus on the interests.
    Many of you seem to have a position – “our position is – reinstall SDL government, bring back the 1997 constitution and try Frank and his boys for treason.” You have locked yourself in this position – and just like Jean does, the more you defend this position, the more committed you become. For many of you, your ego is now identified with your position.

    So first figure out what you really want – considering the circumstances. At the end of the day not only do you want some sort of an agreement with the other side but some reconciliation also.

    Frank is playing hardball – because he thinks that you guys will agree to things that are more favorable to him because you want to avoid confrontation. The way things look now, I think you buggers will lose your shirt in any negotiated settlement – if you stick to that position.

    The SDL has no strategy of dealing with Frank – the goal on both sides seems to “victory” – Frank, a military man, probably thinks in those terms – and you guys seem to have a “position” and victory would mean getting that – and this has become a contest of will.
    Was a Qarase court victory something that we really needed – a victory, see what happened, Frank needed to win that one also so he abrogated the constitution. Did Qarase honestly believe that a court victory would resolve this impasse? Or was he just looking for bragging rights?

    Most of you are into punishing these guys for what they did – you got to get away from that. To get an agreement on a negotiated settlement you have to figure out what is mutually beneficial – going to Naboro for the rest of his life for treason is not something that will help get an agreement.

    Willy wrote about Frank, “He is driven by his fear of the punishment he deserves and will receive. His strategy is simply: I hang on as long as I can, else I hang.”

    Do you think having a position where Frank and his boys must be tried for treason – will that ever get an agreement and a settlement? There are people who also feel that they had been wronged by Rabuka – did they not agree to live with an amnesty for Rabuka?.

    Why don’t you buggers get it – Frank has a stronger bargaining position – because he has bigger guns.

    Figure out what your bottom line is – and while you are figuring that out, look at the best alternative that you have if you refuse to negotiate and work with this regime.

    I have said it from the beginning that when Bainimarama announces his demands and says that it is not negotiable – you have to recognize that tactic as a possible negotiating ploy. When he announced the 2014 election, and no negotiations on that date – that was for use as a bargaining chip – he gets something in return for agreeing to an earlier date.
    When Frank announces some preconditions for those meetings that he was to have with the other side, that also is a negotiations ploy.
    Check out the man’s psychology – he did not want to give Qarase “status” by talking to him – Qarase, if he was smart, should have recognized this and he should not have insisted on being included in those meetings, he could easily have negotiated through third parties.

    So you see guys, there is room for a negotiated settlement, if only the SDL folks can get their shit together, figure out what Frank is all about and deal with him accordingly – they don;t have to win – we have to get something that is best for the country.

  12. NadroKid Says:

    Current Goal: Removal of this lawless Regime

    Current Strategy:
    Non-violent resistance and doing whatever to win hearts and minds inside and outside the country. Am willing to wait this out. They are shooting themselves in the foot and going round and round in circles even as we blog (wait a bit more and they might just shoot themselves in the brain and go into that 6×4 rectangle).

    Might have to up the ante come August. Liked the idea that someone suggested on this blog that come August every person against this lawless regime should go to Rewa whether Methodist, Catholic, Hindu or Muslim, Sugar cane farmer or marijuana farmer. Just get to Rewa as a sign of protest against this current lawlessness.

  13. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – what negotiation process are you talking about?

    For someone who is such a staunch supporter of a died-in-the-wool trade union animal like MPC, you sure don’t seem to understand the negotiation process very much.

    Rule number one in trade union negotiations – which comes even before you lay down your sky-high demands to concede back from – is that you must first carry a big stick!

    That is why unions start by getting a strike mandate, then work back from there.

    So for a start, you don’t waste time entering into negotiations while you are still concentrating on preparing your big stick.

    There are no existing negotiations to speak of anyway, so why bother worrying about them. Frank is the one who has put up the “non negotiable” sign, so he is the one who will take that down when he’s good and ready.

    But the very fact that military psy-operatives like you are trying to deflect focus into negotiations now is a big red flag against it, and for continuing to prepare the big stick.

    That big stick basically has two sides. One is the military side which has got Frank panicking. Those guys will keep doing what they are doing, and that’s all there is to that. They, not us, are the ones you should be trying to negotiate with is that is what you’re scared of.

    They won’t be spooked by any talk of economic shocks or instability or emigration though. Didn’t worry them in 2006 when things were OK. So it certainly won’t worry them now when everything has turned to rubbish. And talk of bloodshed – theirs or others – also holds no trepidation for them. They were trained to be ready to sacrifice their own lives or others for their country. They are in their element in this, and their primary mission goal is to prepare to defeat the enemy (whether by action or negotiation).

    The other side of the stick is people power – the growing number of disaffected who are sick of the Regime’s unending litany of lies, incompetence and failures. Our numbers are growing by the day, and our patience is growing thin. Unlike the military reactionaries, we are not prepared to shed any blood. Except our own. The time is coming when that will happen once the tipping point of frustration is hit. Then Frank & Co. will be exposed for what they really are. So when it does, that’s a huge can of worms that who knows what will develop out of. The only thing which absolutely cannot develop out of it is Frank’s roadmap to stability…

    So Frank is basically cornered! He is hemmed in from any violent solution by the soldiers in his own force opposed to him. And he is hemmed in from any peaceful solution by us, his Peoples’ Power opponents who will NEVER accept his broken and ass-backwards plans!

    So there you are – a Mexican standoff. Except for two things – its two against one; and time is on OUR side! So the longer this goes on, the bigger our stick gets!

    Who’s your DADDY!!

  14. Corruption Fighter Says:

    I think Div Damodar was right in his comment on the roadmap speech on One National News: “This is a date to be remembered.”

    I say Yes! Let’s remember all these words and let’s see where we go after this. The dictator holds all the cards. He has the PER in place until the end of the year. No-one can say anything he doesn’t approve in advance.

    He has complete power. And that means he has no excuses. When things do not turn out as he has envisaged. When the economy continues to slide, let’s see what the dictator has to say then.

    This is a day to remember. The promises made should be duly noted and held against the dictator who made them.

    When all turns to shit he has no-one to blame but himself because he has taken to himself all the power in the country.


  15. laminar_flow Says:

    It all comes down to binary outcomes. 1-0-1-0

  16. Anonymous. Says:

    Fiji’s traditional history is filled with false claiments – just because they claim the title doesn’t mean its theirs? These are matters of The Taukei.

  17. Rainbow Says:

    Hey all you have said is about tearing one another to shreds. Its gossipping at its best. Stop that and start praying for whoever is getting into your nerves. Maybe its your nerves thats the problem. Look around you and count your blessings. let me shed abit of light on what has happened? The abrogated Constitution of 1997 was protested by the church in 1998 and thus resulted in the coup of 2000. It is now abrogated. In that Constitution the law immoral acts that have tormented many nations in this world. Mien is allowed to marry men. Women are allowed to marry women. This is a right that is immoral and filthy. The previous Constitution comdemns incest and rape via the penal code but places no restrictions on adultery an immoral act that leads to broken families and more crime. The previous Constitution via the Traffic Act crminalises not wearing a seat belt. Whats immoral about that? Again I say to you stop this gossiping. It brings you nothing good but a depraved mind. Focus on your blessing and pray for those who persecute you. It is not our duty to Judge another person. That task is solely God’s. This is what I would suggest we start thinking about in honour of the dead, where do you want to be in eternity. Heaven or Hell. So start making your way there. By the way getting to heaven is only through a narrow way. So take care. Each step matters.

  18. Frida Says:

    The thing to do now is binding together and start the process rolloing of setting up a new political party of yooung men and women of Fiji who are ready to take Bainimaram and his cronies on. What Fiji and its people will need come 20112 or 2014 is a real option of choice.

    Look at what they are doing to young Fijian men out there like Tuisolia – trying to find a way to get them with a criminal record so that they cannot stand for election whenever that will happen. They are now trying to find all kinds of offences = like not showing his business licence in his place of business which is a City Council offence.

    It is sad for FICAC officers who claim that they are only doing their job. I wonder if FICAC has a procedure so workers if they have something in their pea size brains, know when to act other than being told all the time to do something.

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