Naupoto must be rather dizzy as the musical chairs continues. From commander of an idle navy, Director of Immigration, acting Permanent Secretary in the Pissants office, acting permanent secretary at the Ministry of Fisheries to Chairman no less, of the Fiji Trade and Investment Board, a man of many hats.

Many hats indeed, that bring him little pleasure as he wrestles with his conscience. The pride of Vatoa is well advised to get medical advice and bugger the illegal regime. Some things in life are more important than so called ‘prestige’

Give it up Vili, the illegal regime is not worth anything.

The illegal Prime Meanster who is dazzled by ‘so called success’, hasn’t realised he’s being conned himself and paying his liumuri kaidia bros from overseas big bucks for jobs they cannot do. When he does, he’ll drop them like hot tapi (check john CHARTER sami) and put his navy chums in their place, localization yeah?!

All appointments to boards by the illegal regime are ‘seat warmers’, they have nothing to contribute, how could they when it’s way over their heads, no comprehension at all of these positions, except for the smugness of sitting behind a fancy desk, with a fancy title and fanciful ideas of self importance.

Meanwhile the self appointed Prime Meanster Bhainimaramas ‘sacked’ kaidia bros from overseas fly back from whence they came, laughing all the way to the bank and behind their bro Franks back, because they were able to make a quick buck out of his stupidity.

Yeah, you can hear the laughter all over Fiji as another laughing conman boards his plane home.


  1. Tui Says:

    Kainoqu its not worth it when you know that this Govt is illegal from the get go.No one should be overextended with work when there are a lot more capable pople availablr to do the work. It ias very clear that the likes of John Prasad, Sami and others do not have Fiji’s interest at heart and just like the caption said “they are only here for a fast buck threough VB’s stupidity.Jikina please do the right thing and turn against VB because he is only taking Fiji backwards contrary to what he (VB) says and that is moving fiji backwards.Do not let your hands be tainted like VB’s Jikina.You are much better that what he (VB) is and has become.

  2. Budhau Says:

    I like the racist angle – keep working in that:

    “paying his liumuri kaidia bros from overseas big bucks for jobs they cannot do.”

    “’sacked’ kaidia bros from overseas fly back from whence they came, laughing all the way to the bank and behind their bro Franks back, because they were able to make a quick buck out of his stupidity.”

    BTW – that one Kaidia guy you mentioned – he made it to pretty high up in the 80’s – how did he do it back than.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Do we know how much he is being paid?

    So Francis was on a one-way ticket back to Auckland. With this appointment it is clear there is no need for brilliance at the ftib chair. Now that they have some one in the same uniform as frank’s, surely they cant be serious about bringing in those investors.

    moce francis! one more down..

    I am only looking forward to see more being stripped off Parmesh.

  4. Mick Says:

    Guess who was spotted last week at Holiday Inn, Suva, sharing cofee, smoke, beers and laughters. None other then Keni Dakuidreketi with three handsome young Aussie blokes and a side empty chair. Not long when overheard as Keni was speaking on his mobile phone, ‘Yes, darling I forgot my third phone in the drawer. Please bring it over darling.’ Guess who appeared a couple minutes later. None other then another coup founder himself but sadly it was then man everyone knows, yes it was the one and only Sitiveni Rabuka to complete the puzzle. One wonders what do they have in common after laughters and laughters . My guess was a threesome, foursome or even fivesome. Over to anyones imaginations.

  5. kaiveicoco Says:

    you mean Naupoto is now the cahir of FTIB?

  6. Jim Black Says:

    Some new information fresh………..cabinet reshuffle tomorrow in Frankie’s address to the nation guess who’s in and who’s out? In for some surprises!!! Confirm names later!!!!!

  7. Anonymous. Says:

    Re arranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

  8. this is navoha Says:

    Dear bloggers please do check the recommended site listed below on google, to enlightened you more & understand who the real people behind the coups in Fiji & the rest of the developing world.

    1)Confessions of an Economic Hitman

    2)John Perkin:Third World Countries & Banker Debt on Al Jazerra

    3)The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: by Greg Palast

    4)The Best Democracy Money Cant Buy: Greg Palast

    5)Rogue State: William Blum

    Recommended CD Documentary: War on democracy

  9. Anonymous. Says:

    @ navoha
    We are not the rest of the world – we are Fiji – all the above amount to nothing – problem (reality) right now is getting them to the negotiating table – indemnity clause. Go google that.

  10. this is navoha Says:

    well getting them to the negotiating table is not in their vocabs …after threes years now with so many meetings & forums…oilei…its just a formalilty for dem to attend dis blah blah dialogue meetings & whatever…common u must be joking….u dickhead

  11. Marida Says:

    How about blasting them out of existence.

  12. Anonymous. Says:

    @ this is navoha.
    Good luck at the barricade.

  13. Jean d'Ark Says:


    These guys are just talking about negotiated settlements now because they know they have lost majority support in the military, and that dynamic just keeps heading south for them.

    Frank has proved time and time again in the past that he only thing he knows about negotiating is how to give non-negotiable ultimatums.

    But he’s always had the strongest hand in the game before. That may no longer be the case now. (And the longer and further Fiji sinks into the abyss, the less likely it is to ever remain that way).

    So in light of these developments, and the double-edged risks they bring, maybe Frank (or more likely someone more sane behind him) will suddenly find themselves willing and able to negotiate properly and meaningfully now.

    It is not the most ideal option, but it may be the least dangerous.

    Time will tell, I guess (the good thing about that being that time is on OUR side).

  14. Budhau Says:

    Jean, the negotiated with Rabuka in 1987, gave him amnesty so that we can return to democracy.
    They negotiated with Speight in 2000, gave him amnesty so that he gives up the hostages and we can return to democracy. (it is another thing that Speight did not keep his end of the bargain and thus no amnesty.)

    There are two ways of ending this impasse – either you kick Frank’s ass and take back the country or you negotiate and we get our democracy back – I don’t think we can kick Franks ass – and if we think that destroying the economy will get the masses to rise and bring down Frank – well guess what, if Frank and his boys do go down, they will take us down with them.

    So you see why some folks are talking about negotiated settlement and other idiots want to put of fight.

    The thing is that if you do want want to take down Frank – than bring it one – lets have Fijians shooting each other in the streets of Suva if that is what you want – those sanctions ain’t gonna work – they never did. You think Frank gives a rats behind to what former Fijians living in Sydney thing about his regime.

    You have to tread very carefully – any attempt to take out Frank will lead to violence and bloodshed – and it ain’t gonna be like the 2000 mutiny – both sides have learnt from that mutiny and are probably prepared for it.
    As for those Indo – majority will migrate – as immigrants, refugees or whatever – it will be a intra-Fijian conflict that can go on for generations.

    So think – you idiots.

  15. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Yeah Bud – I already said it’s an option! But it’s not the only one.

    And let’s not get our wires crossed as to where all this risk is coming from, either.

    When Frank sent armed soldiers to the Police armoury, and the PM’s residence, and the PSC heads meeting, and the Ministry of Finance etc., etc., they were not carrying those arms as any kind of fashion accessory.

    Frank installed himself as effective head of state through force and threat of it. Since he has no legitimacy, and no merit, and nor expertise, and insufficient popularity, he has to keep using force and the threat of it to stay where he is.

    Since he has eliminated all other avenues of getting him out, that means that he himself has dictated (there’s that word again) that force, or self-destruction, will be the only options left.

    Frank has decided that, and set that stage – no one else! So now he has to keep interminably extending his PER to try and avoid sleeping in the bed that he wet himself.

    As far as thinking goes, we can do all the thinking in the world but it still “takes two to tango”. So if Frank continues to avoid his responsibility to think things through just like he has done ever since 2006, then there’s really no point anyone else bothering with it either.

    So you would be much better off using your argumentative talents back up your chain of command for them to think things through, than you would trying to blame other people for Frank’s mistakes and missteps.

  16. solivakasama Says:

    You need to touch base Budhau.
    Juggle-BandhiWe’re even more racist than Aussies – http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/jugglebandhi/entry/we-re-even-more-racist
    Jug Suraiya Monday June 08, 2009

    The attacks on Indians in Australia have once again raised the ugly head of racism. Once again India is caught up in the midst of a racist storm. A while ago, the Big Brother controversy launched Shilpa Shetty as an international anti-racism icon from India. This is entirely appropriate as Indians are arguably the biggest targets of racism in the world. And they are targeted not just by unlettered British yobs or Australian thugs but, first and foremost, by their own compatriots. It’s because we are so racist ourselves that we are so quick to react to a racist slur: it takes a racist to catch a racist. And our racism is colour-coded in black-and-white terms: white is intrinsically superior and desirable; black is inferior and undesirable.

    In the Indian colour scheme of things, black is far from beautiful. The colloquial word for a black person of African origin is ‘habshi’, an epithet as offensive as the American ‘nigger’, both terms derived from the days of the slave trade.

    For all India’s official championing of the anti-apartheid crusade in South Africa’s erstwhile white regime, north India at least is steeped in colour prejudice – ask any African student who’s had a taste of Delhi’s campus life. For the north Indian, fair is lovely, as those abominably tasteless TV commercials keep proclaiming: Don’t get sunburnt, use skin whitening creams, or you’ll end up dark and no one will marry you. (When did you last see a matrimonial ad seeking an ‘attractive, dark-complexioned life partner’?)

    Why is dark literally beyond the pale for so many of us? Is it an atavistic throwback to the supposed superiority of ‘white’ Aryans vis-a-vis the ‘non-white’ original inhabitants of the subcontinent? Is it the result of 250 years of white rule under the British? Is a pale skin, as against a deep tan, a testimonial to social rank, segregating those who don’t have to toil under the sun from those who do? Is it an amalgam of all these?

    Whatever the reason, ‘chitti chamri’ (fair skin) is a passport to fawning social acceptance — which might partly explain why an increasing number of Caucasians look for assignments in India, be it as MNC executives or bartenders in 5-star hotels.

    Our racism is largely, but not exclusively, based on colour. Caste is India’s unique contribution to the lexicon of racial bigotry. Whether ‘caste’ – a result of cultural and social segmentation – can legitimately be conflated with ‘race’ – with its genetic and physiological underpinnings – is a matter of academic debate. However, as only too many horror stories testify, the average rural Dalit fares worse on the human-rights scale than her ‘kafir’ counterpart in the worst days of South African apartheid.

    Caste apart, real or imagined ethnic traits compound our racism. People from the north-east are said to have ‘Chinky’ (Chinese) eyes and are routinely asked if they eat dogs. Even in so-called ‘mainstream’ India we sub-divide ourselves with pejoratives: ‘Panjus’, whose only culture is agriculture; stingy ‘Marrus’; mercenary ‘Gujjus’ who eat ‘heavy snakes’ for tea; lazy, shiftless ‘Bongs’; ‘Madrasis’, who all live south of the Vindhyas and speak a funny ‘Illay-po’ language. In our ingrained provincialism is our much-vaunted and illusory unity.

    No wonder we can’t stand racism. It reminds us disquietingly of the face we see in our own mirror.

  17. Budhau Says:

    SV – that was interesting reading, but I still did not see the relevance of it here in this discussion.
    BTW – I think racism is alive and well all over the world – it was good to see that they were discussing their racist attitudes.
    I think maybe we should have a discussion in here about our racist attitudes – you should see how some buggers in here beat up on the Indo’s just because the think I am one of them.

    It’s good to get this out in the open – BTW, SV, when was the last time you commented on the blatant racist remarks about Indians that are posted in this blog…or is it that “it takes a racist to catch a racist.” and that is why you don’t see any of those racist remarks.

  18. this is navoha Says:

    Budhau you raised a valid point in your earlier posting as i quote
    “There are two ways of ending this impasse – either you kick Frank’s ass and take back the country or you negotiate and we get our democracy back”…….yes kicking his ass is definitely the way to go but I disagree with negotiating directly with him….I mean it would be better to negotiate with the real player pulling the string.

    In my earlier posting 3 months ago i had raised that the best option was to negotiate with the world bank,imf & ADB including the US treasury &administration(who are the biggest shareholders of this financiers).I mean in all coups it always place us in a catch 22 situation so to change that we propose that they(wb,imf,adb,us) set up foreign companies to drill & sell the abundant mineral resource we have. So 10% goes to world bank,imf,ADB & Us to repay the debt and 90% goes to the indigenous & fiji government. So its win win situation for both, at least we are safe in the hands of US rather then China. With their big embassy up in Tamavua it will carry out all necessary administration.
    As I have said earlier there is abundant of oil in Fiji in the Bau basin including the bligh waters.The report was compiled by SOPAC in the early 70s & presented in parliament by Ratu Ovini Bokini as an Alliance minister. What happened to the oil exploration?? ….if you read the report it was shelved in 1986 & early 1987 before month of May, all licence for oil drilling was cancelled or not renewed, one oil company was Enron.So what happened in 1987 May 14th.
    The same minister brought that same report in 2005 & 2006 but camouflaged as Qoliqoli Bill. What happened …..military campaigned against it. If you read an article by Robert Matau(fiji Times reporter) in 2008 he highlighted what Minister of Land in SDL(Ratu Lalabalavu Naiqama) said about the qoliqoli bill….it was reverting land(sea bed) under the state back to indigenous so that oil can be drilled and in the hands of the indigenious & not the state….but we cant as state land is mortgaged as collateral security by the world bank & etc.

  19. this is navoha Says:

    @ Budhau “to kick his ass….”….there is only one chief in Fiji who can stand up to FB….its the Ka levu of Nadroga… they(military) know it…..they were chased out in 2007 by the ka levu when they tried to occupy a few government quarters and set check points in sigatoka.The rest of fiji had checkpoints in 2006 & 2007 except Nadroga.Even in History classes for majors & top official cadet they are taught who holds the real power in fiji.

    Right now the military are treading very carefully in regards to the Methodist conference 2009 in Rewa cos that is when the ties between the Burebasaga & kubuna chiefs is going to be solidifed & buttressed by the ka levu and all of Fiji.

    Its just history repeating itself when Ka levu took the honour of spreading the “sulu ni lotu” through the west on the request of the Roko Tui Dreketi and the arrest of our tribes by the Ka Levu on the request of Cakobau after several failed attempt by him & Arthur Gordon(Governor of Fiji).

  20. Anonymous. Says:

    @ this is navona.

    “Burabasaga & Kubuna?”

    Brother – put your football down for a minute & think about that – & this?

    How many legs are there on a Tanoa? Ni moce.

  21. Anonymous. Says:

    @ this is navona. Rephrase above.

    “How many legs are there on a tri legged Tanoa?”. Ni moce.

  22. Anonymous. Says:

    @ navoha (apologies).

    All else fails ask Ratu Sakiusa – he knows – understands. Ni moce.

  23. this is navoha Says:

    @anonymous……i think you have answered your own question”How many legs are there on a tri legged Tanoa”………sorry i did not mean to be rude……but tovata will always support the two confedercy in anything….but i was referring to the two main support in Viti levu who will be present that day if the conference was held.

  24. Anonymous. Says:

    @ navoha.

    1. Bula – Navoha – no they won’t – no one enjoys automatic support – why its called a Confederacy.
    2. Q? Who will represent Kubuna?
    What do you mean? ‘If the conference was held?’.
    What you people can’t find your to Suva?
    Ni moce.

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