The Biggest Butako Merchant in Fiji tries to shift the blame.

Mon – June 29 ’09, 09:39
Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says he would like Ballu Khan to be brought back to Fiji to answer allegations of misuse of funds. He claims Khan took $3m out of FDB with NLTB as the guarantor. Bainimarama says – Khan then took off with the money and they want him back in FIji. (


Shouldn’t the ignorant Prime Meanster be checking his utterly dishonest self first?

The vindictive Bhainimarama is determined to gaol the people he hates so much.

These are people who worked to achieve their dreams of home ownership, cash in the bank, investments, better education for their children and the occassional trip overseas, all financed with their own money from their own sweat.

The very people who employed others, paid their taxes and minded their own business, who were declared innocent in court cases bought on by the illegal regime before the abrogation of the constitution and judiciary, are the ones he wants tried in his kangaroo court because he has lost so much face.

The man Bhainimarama is completely insane and will not rest until he his demands are met. Shallow victory for a shallow individual of immense ignorance and irrelevance.

If he, Bhainimarama thinks Ballu Khan is going to step foot on Fiji soil while he’s illegally imposing his will on this Nation, he’s a bigger fool than ever.

Ballu Khan has the wherewithal to live anywhere in the world, and I’m pretty sure he’s waiting for his day in court where he can see the illegal regime bought to its collective knees.

We’ll be there with you Ballu, to watch the real thieves explain the biggest crime in the history of Fiji.


14 Responses to “The Biggest Butako Merchant in Fiji tries to shift the blame.”

  1. Tui Says:

    What a joke this bloke VB is.If he (VB) had not taken over the democratically elected govt who knows Ballu khan might have done something better for Fiji.It was VB who took Evanson’s money to go against the “Qoliqoli Bill” that started the mess we are in now.At least BK was trying to update the NLTB”s IT systems which VB stopped after his Take over of the democratically elected govt.Now as the world advances with Technology VB’s Fiji marches backwards with a very weak economy and overpaid (bribed) Military.It is now a pattern with this man (VB) that he blames somebody else for the wrongs his Illegal govt does. He cannot take resposibility for the bad he has done.”The buck stops here” a former US president said but with VB it is someone else can carry the buck not VB.

  2. Koya na Man Says:

    It is with great concern to see frank as PM often come out busting, thirsty for someones blood, whom he hate so much.

    A balanced person with a very calculative mind will choose reflect and resort to peacefulful means of resolving the political situation in our Country.

    Right now we need a leader with that special blend who can restore confidence and optimism to enable us to rebuild and restore former prosperity and glory this country has always enjoyed.We need a man with vision and a person who understands the plight of the ordinary citizens and the pain they’re currently enduring and not a person who is paddling the pockets of a minority group of holiday makers.

    We need a man who will bring a strong political platform,a to lure in foreign investors and take advantage of the dilemma facing many Australian and NZ corporations who are opting to go to India / China to cut costs and steer clear from the commercial whirlwind brought about by the financial crisis.This kind of opportunity would have supplied jobs in the market and inject the much needed capital Government needs.

    We really don’t need an amateur or dictator to run our country but we need a genius to navigate us out of these trouble waters we are in right now.

    Sa dri yani..

  3. Anonymous. Says:

    @Koya na Man.
    Only person who fits bill (criteria) is about to depart for the Solomons.

  4. Budhau Says:

    Hey Koya na Man…what is this crap about resorting to “peacefulful means of resolving the political situation in our Country.” – where have you been for the last 22 years – remember 1987?

    So what is this about “restore former prosperity and glory this country has always enjoyed.” Are you referring to that “Fiji, the way the world should be” – that went out the window many years ago.

    BTW – I do agree with you on that “new leader with a vision” idea – at least we ain’t talking about putting Qarase back in the drivers seat.

    It is surprising that with a impasse like what we have, we haven’t seen the rise of some charismatic leader – we see the same old, same old crowd – the 3 or 4 SDL guys making their rounds supported by the likes of Pramod Rae, Attar Singh, Dor Sami Naidu and other such losers.

    You go Koya na Man – keep up the search for good leadership.

  5. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Koya na Man – Budhau.
    Go google Roko Tui?

  6. Jean d'Ark Says:

    No court with any intelligence would ever convict Ballu!

    The facts are simple – and they all point to Frank’s liability in this.

    Pacific Connex won the contract to implement their (expensive) SAP system as the NLTB’s fully-integrated enterprise software solution. The costs were known and the contract laid out clearly what would be required to get the system up and running.

    PCX was a joint venture part-owned by the NLTB itself. But it did not have sufficient working capital to provide the very expensive computer hardware and licenses required to get the NLTB project off the ground. Neither did the NLTB.

    However, based on projected NLTB savings, and agreed NTLB payment schedule, a loan was sought, guaranteed, and secured from the FDB for this down payment.

    This was not a great deal for the NLTB, and Ballu got out of putting up more of his own money for the JV by doing it this way. But that is not the point. The point is that it could have paid for itself eventually anyway if it was allowed to proceed to completion.

    And that is our problem – the project was not allowed to proceed to completion. One of the first things Frank did after his 2006 coup was to immediately install his own board at the NLTB with explicit instructions to cancel the PCX contract.

    This is despite the fact that most of the expensive infrastructure had already been purchased, delivered and installed.

    And despite the fact the the NLTB Board KNEW about its guarantee with the FDB!

    But they chose to go ahead with their vendetta anyway. Now if Frank wants to throw away brand-spanking new and very expensive enterprise software for nothing, that is his choice. But he can’t blame Ballu, who only delivered what he was paid (or allowed) to deliver!

    The scenario that the Board had to consider was not “We never should have got into this deal in the first place, so let’s get out of it now!”. (Even though you would still have to pay someone else to come and install another enterprise solution for you again).

    No, the scenario they needed to consider was the one they were faced with, namely “Given that we have already bought this expensive computer infrastructure, and given that we have already guaranteed our own PCX’s working capital loan to get it all in, how do we proceed now?”

    Frank should not seek to blame his own lack of foresight, or his board’s lack of due diligence, on anyone else!

  7. Anonymous. Says:

    Rabuka defence? “God made me do it”.

  8. Anonymous. Says:

    Never tell an ugly woman or a stupid man the obvious.

  9. abeche Says:

    Jd’A, you summed it up right, except for one thing – pacific connex after being formed by the board of the nltb was sabotaged from inside again by the incompetent FC – Tuinamoana who was finally asked resign and his brother in law in the board. he was so totally anti ballu that one often wonders whether he was on the take by other forces at play at the time- like Digicell’s entry into Fiji – which is another sad episode in the sad history of fiji

  10. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Joveci or Sikeli?

  11. Ima Says:

    @ Jd’A, the Tuinamuana i know at NLTB is Sikeli’s (E&Y) father, not sure though if he(father) is their FC…Sikeli also serves as a board member on a number of govt entities

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    Its Joveci. Yes; was FC NLTB and Suva City Council before that. Eveli G appointed him Actg GM NLTB after they booted out Kalavati Bakani. If memory serves me well, Joveci was later forced out by a staff petition demanding his removal! Phoney character?

  13. tracker Says:

    Everyone get’s what they deserve, eventually!! George, Frank, Ballu…everyone. If not in this life, then the next!

  14. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Didn’t think it was Sikeli – not like him to be so obsessive and underhanded!

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