Close to 600 to join Fiji military, police
June 22, 2009 01:45:16 PM – FijiLive

Close to 600 military and police cadets have braved rain and cool conditions at Suva’s Albert Park to rehearse for the first ever joint passing out parade by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and Fiji Police Force on Friday.

According to military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, 460 military cadets will graduate and include candidates for officer cadets, the RFMF Band as well as those who will be posted to the Territorial Force Brigade.

The military has yet to clarify how many soldiers will be drafted into the various units.

Meanwhile, Police spokeswoman Ema Mua said 120 police cadets will be part of the parade to be reviewed by the Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Mua said the new officers will fill the shortfall of police officers around the country.

“The graduates will also be filling gaps created by the retirement of senior police officers,” she adds.

The two forces will be on parade in their respective ceremonial dress which will contribute to the colourful event of the day.



  1. Willy Says:

    Exactly what Fiji needs most: More soldiers and police. Perhaps Frank should also establish a ‘Revolutionary Guard’ Iran style. This could absorb all unemployed young people and would give the regime another force to beat up and murder innocent citizens.

  2. nadrokid Says:

    Koroi condemns ‘lazy’ army by FREDERICA
    ELBOURNE in the Fiji Times of Friday, February 15, 2008

    A METHODIST minister has called for the dissolution of the
    military and labelled the institution as one that comprised
    lazy, non-productive members who spent most of their time
    polishing shoes.

    Reverend Josateki Koroi said he outlined this in his letter to
    the National Council for Building a Better Fiji when he turned
    down the invitation to join.

    “The coup is based on a robbery philosophy. It’s like stealing
    from a bank to set up a school,” he said.

    (to be continued)

  3. nadrokid Says:

    “If they want to create a better Fiji, then Frank
    (Bainimarama) and his army should grow their own food and
    produce food in their own villages. That’ll make a better Fiji,
    The faster they do this the better.”

    Mr Koroi claimed the army did nothing “all day, everyday”
    which led them to pick up their guns and frighten ordinary

    “They don’t produce anything yet they receive hard-earned
    money. The army should be dismissed and their members
    sent back to the villages where they can farm and produce
    something for their family. They shouldn’t be allowed to
    depend on people’s money.

    “In fact, they should not be paid. They don’t deserve any
    wages. The Bible says the labouring people should be
    honoured and fed, and the lazy should not be fed,” he said.

    (to be continued)

  4. nadrokid Says:

    Final Part

    Koroi condemns ‘lazy’ army by FREDERICA
    ELBOURNE in the Fiji Times of Friday, February 15, 2008

    After he declined the invitation to the council, Mr Koroi said
    he was surprised at a second invitation to join an arm of the
    council. ! was invited to join the second working group in
    the good governance task team’ he said.

    Mr Koroi was asked to join the working group on institutional
    and public sector reform.

    “I didn’t agree with the philosophy of the charter. The whole
    thing is illegal. The charter is trying to create a new Fiji. I
    don’t believe a coup can create a new Fiji. Only God can
    create a new Fiji and it’s our responsibility to respect that,”
    he said.

    Mr Koroi said the interim regime wanted to abolish the
    identity of Fijian people and recreate Fiji into a non-racial

    “I don’t know any country in the world that doesn’t have its
    own unique people. What part of the world has no
    indigenous people? God made all his people distinct from
    those of other countries, from India, China, New Zealand
    and Australia and Fiji is no different. The different people of
    each country are to be respected for that/’ he said.

    He said it was “totally blasphemous” to deny God’s creation
    from being indigenous people of their country.

    “A better Fiji will be built on righteousness, hard work and
    good governance/’ Mr Koroi said.

    Mr Koroi said another reason he rejected the invitation to
    join the council and its working group was because of the
    interim regime’s philosophy that might was right.

    Military spokesman Colonel Mohammed Aziz questioned
    whether Mr Koroi was speaking as a military officer. “If so,
    does it apply to him also? He served in active service and
    remains on the Retired Officers list. Officers do not resign
    unless they wish to be decommissioned,” was all Colonel
    Aziz said.

  5. Jean d'Ark Says:

    I thought it was the passing out parade of the new recruits they took in late last year? (just before they downsized the civil service by getting rid of the 55+ y.o.’s)

  6. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Calling Budhau. Calling Budhau. Come in Budhau. Are you receiving?

    You missed my last post where I wondered what your mentor (is that better than Master?) was saying about the impending collapse of the sugar industry. The strident tone of all his earlier years has gone. Could it be that he’s intimidated?

    Just to refresh your memory of what a great champion he used to be I’ve resurrected one of his bitter attacks on Laisenia Qarase. It makes great reading now. He’s so strident when attacking a principled man of peace and so subdued when he’s criticizing an ignorant bully.


    You cannot gag me, Chaudhry tells PM
    [posted lAug 2006,1530]

    When are we going to hear this kind of attack on his former illegal boss?

  7. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    The dictator has been trumpeting his vision of a new Fiji free of racial discrimination. Can he show us the future by letting us know how many of the new RFMF intake are Indians? He’s head of the institution with the most blatant racial discrimination in the country.

  8. Budhau Says:

    CF – You should be more concerned about when are we going to hear from Qarase, does he have a plan. Qarase was so confrontational after his first election refusing to take in those FLP members and had continued to refuse to work with Chaudary. He had allegedly requested the Australians to invade Fiji just prior to the coup. So what has happened now. Did you see the protests in Iran, and prior to that in Pakistan and before that in Burma – now compare that what our boy Qarase is willing to do.

    As for that “bitter attack” that you mentioned above – about Qarase trying to gag Chaudary.

    Qarase was trying to be a smartass when he suggested that since the constitution required the inclusion of FLP in his cabinet, and based on the Westminster type cabinet, the FLP may not pucblicly criticize the SDL government.

    Chaudary correctly pointed out to him that while Qarase may have a point as to those FLP members who were part of the cabinet, MC had made it clear to Qarase prior to the cabinet decision was made that other FLP members will still sit as the opposition.

    Thus Qarase’s attempts to gag the FLP, not only was it technically incorrect, but is was also silly to suggest that now the FLP should not criticize the SDL government.

    As for why Chaudary is not attacking FB – why should he?
    MC’s goal is to work with this regime to get a new constituion, and an early election – taking a more confrontational stand would be counter productive and Chaudary knows that.

    As far as disagreeing with the regime on certain issues, MC has made his position very clear. He was opposed to the abrogation of the constitution, mainly because MC believed that the necessary changes could have been made without the abrogation.
    He is opposed to the 2014 election time line, suggesting that 2012 would have been a better date.
    He has warned the government on the sugar industry – that the regime should do whatever it can and MC has been critical of the FSC also.
    He has also stated that the extension of the PER is bad for the economy.

    CF – You seem to be suggesting that MC should get more confrontational with the regime, and MC knows that such confrontational stand is not needed. BTW – if Chaudary had taken a confrontational stand, many of you then would have pointed out that the the man has shown his true trade union style and that he knows no better.

    Chaudary may have some disagreement with the regime on certain issues – but the man is focused on the goals, not scoring a point here and there in the media.

    So I guess he can’t win, with you guys, regardless of what he does.

    As far as intimidation – after previous coups we had seem most of the Indo-Fijian leaders move out of the country, after this coup, we have see Qarase pack up and leave.
    Compare what Chaudary did after the previous coup in opposing the regime with what Qarase is doing – that man has a track record that you cannot intimidate him – sure they stoned his house and all the harassment, they beat him up in parliament and broke his ribs, they dragged him out in the parliament grounds, with him on knees and a gun to his head to sign the resignation papers – he still refused.

    So there you have CF – you should should be calling upon Qarase and 5 or 6 other others who have been doing this “democracy thing” that instead of organizing a march in Sydney, they should be doing that in Suva.

  9. Koya na Man Says:

    Budhau / boicici / magaijinana……….

    I reckon that this is part of bhainis plan to militarise the civil service, it’s so funny that u are always missing the bigger picture u numb skull,always trying to justify the juntas action.

    E vinaka tiko vei iko na vakaloloma sa tarai keimami tu qo, na sega ni cakacaka kei na tubu ni sau ni yaya, cava o vinakata tiko mo vakalesui keimami kina gauna ni butobuto.

  10. Nostradamus Says:

    Franko Pickering-Bainimarama is a “fruit salad” in addition to a “fruit cake”. He should learn to honor his multi-cultural upbringing rather than to elevate himself by trying to destroy and marginalize other cultures. People have a right to self-respect and mutual respect even if there are bi-polar’s around who have no respect for themselves or others.

    Franko is trying to punich the World, and Fijians in particular, for the fact that he never did figure out who he is. The fact of the matter is you are “nobody” if you do not respect other People.

  11. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Jean, my thoughts exactly.

    Fiji’s mafia downsizing every department to increase their number.

  12. ulu cou Says:

    Bhudhau you are one of the sonalevu,cicilevu and lamulamu people paid to monitor bloggers on the net. Get a life and stop all those rubbish talk about Qarase. Who cares about all the crap you said about Qarase. He had Fiji at heart and not like all you bullies and cowards rapping behind guns.

  13. Willy Says:

    A very good point ‘Fiji Democracy Now’. The total underrepresentation of Indians in the military shows very very clearly what Franko’s talk about removing racial ´discremination is: A big pile of strong smelling bullshit that he dishes out. Only the mentally challenged would believe a word that this pathological liar is saying.

  14. kaiveicoco Says:

    you missed a very important even that MPC did after the 2000 coup.OK he may never ran away but he did go to India,Haryana state and collected money to the tune of $2m for his family and hide it away in Sydney bank account while his poor farmer supporters were suffering away in the girmit center in Lautoka and all over the country.ha ha !!
    don’t throw stones when you are in a glass house.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Nostra – calling Frank a “fruitcake”, I think it is you who is a “nut’ – trying to bring up the fact that Frank is a part-European – him being a part-European has nothing to do with him being “evil”. People like you are part of the problem, bringing in race. What you should be doing is getting the support of other races to support your cause – those part-Europeans, Indos, Chinese, Muslims and the rest – they are not the enemy.

    Koya na man – so what exactly is the “bigger picture” that I supposedly keep missing.

    Willy and that idiot “Democracy now”, if Frank tried to increase the number of Indians in the army, you buggers would be crying foul – that this was part of the Indian conspiracy to take over. BTW – if you want Indians in the army, you will have to start as outreach programme, sort like your affirmative action to convince those Indo to join the army and that will take years.

    Kaiveicoco – If Chaudary was talking that $2m, while those other Indo were starving – don’t you think those Indo’s haven’t figured that out by now – so how come they are still standing behind the man.

    BTW – I think rather than worrying about Chaudary’s $2M, why don’t you worry about the $200m or whatever that may be – the FHL crap and all those loans and the rest – So who owns the Kadavu House and the Namosi House – and that $4 million loan in 2005 is now $6m – shit, you all should be investing in this rather than the stock market with this kind of return.

    Kaiveicoco – the point I was making was that whatever Chaudary is doing is not due to intimidation, it is all calculated – whether you like MC or you don’t, one thing is for sure – the man does know what he wants and how to get that.

  16. Puf-Military Says:

    Budhau what about the tax evasion your beloved master was doing. So stop talking down about people better than you. You conveniently left out the part about MPC touring the world after the 2000 coup appealing to the diaspora for paisa which he squirelled away fro himself ie Haryana money.
    As for him being such a great leader I remember him being interviewd on BBC’s HardTalk in 2001 by famed journalist/presenter Tim Sebastian and having gaping holes in his argument exposed when tring to defend his proposed compulsory land acquisition from landowners and other outrageous proposals. Sorry Booty, your long winded drivel is hollow and no one takes you seriously. You’re done, son 🙂

  17. kaiveicoco Says:

    it would be interesting now if there is another election to see MPC ‘s support.Sure he does get what he wants even to the point of………..those FHL loans etc have reaped in 10 times or more what was loaned out.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Hey Puf – the tax evasion question – the issue there was that if that money, the income on that deposit, if it was for Chaudary, than that would be taxable, if it was for the FLP than it was non-taxable.
    Chaudary seemed to have made the case that it was not his personal funds – therefore not taxable.
    I think Chaudary’s position has been that he does not have to explain this to anyone but the FLP folks – and they seem to be OK with it so far, as for his constituency, they seem to be OK too. As for explaining to you buggers and the NFP – Chaudary’s attitude seems to be – why bother.

    The was no “compulsory land acquisition” – it is this kinda crap that some of you keep shoveling in here. Go get your facts straight – but than again, why would you want the facts.

    Kaiveicoco – yes, it would be interesting to see what happens in the next election – BTW – don’t bet on that 60% Fijians all voting for Qarase – regardless of the racist crap that some of you are trying to push.

    Hey Puf – you don’t have to take me seriously – just look at the discussion and the reasoning.

  19. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Oh there you are, Bud!

    Would you please care to comment on the Regime’s recent switch of macro-economic tactics/philosophy over to budget deficit financing (which they, and you, previously had such an implacable “kryptonite” attitude against)?

    Also do you still think that people are prepared to “pay the price” for Frank’s so-far invisible and unaccountable reforms?

    (Be very careful on this one as Fiji is shortly about to plunge off an economic “cliff. We dont know exactly how bad it will be, but it could end up even worse that the one we fell off in 2007. So WE WILL get to observe the attitude of the people after that, and will be able to test any answer you give here)

  20. this is navoha Says:

    blah blah blah…….whatever….budhau u big kulina(if u understand that)….
    oilei downsizing civil service…& increasing military & police recriuts…sounds fishy…we just a guinea pig for what is coming later a one world government…..with cops & military working together to enforce the mark of the beast.if it works in fiji then we try other parts of the world.

  21. Koya na Man Says:

    Budhau the big picture is that ur Military milking money from the govt left, right & centre in this kind of situation we are in.

    They are an organisation that has a very minimal contribution to govts.. finances.Check the military budget allocation last year.

    Their role is to protectect(the last line of defence for any govt..) now they are doing the very oppsite(being in the forefront and in cowardly manner threatening unarmed civilians,what a shame).

    They are always trying to hide behind the veresitedis amnesty like cowards, lamulamu.Stand up like a man and account for their actions(frightened of going to jail).

    I’m not a fan of George Speight, but from his action I could make out the steel in the mans heart,he did wrong and volunteers to take account of everything.

    Thats the bigger picture doll,think like a man.

  22. Nostradamus Says:

    In the olden days, you eat your enemy.
    Nowday there is more benefit in robbing him and let him keep on working. That way you get a permanent income. If you eat him, you lose out on that productivity and hard work.
    George Speight has integrity. Voreqe is nothing but a piece of everlasting shit.

  23. Budhau Says:

    About George Speight – come on folks, he went in for the immunity just like the rest of them – and he would be a free man today if he had received proper legal advice. That is, after you sign a amnesty agreement, you must abide by that agreement, otherwise the amnesty goes out the window and you leave yourself open to prosecution for everything that you did – as it happened in Speight’s case.

    In Speight’s case, once the hostages had been released, the man had no bargaining chips. and that stupid SOB should have walked while he could and give up all those fire arms as he had agreed.

    So don’t give me this crap that the guy did it and decided to swing for it – he wanted amnesty just like every other guy who has ever tried to pull a coup.

    BTW – as for him pleading guilty – that was also on the sly – in the hope that his accomplices who were not arrested, they would spring him from jail. If he had not pleaded guilty, than a lot of stuff would have come out at trial that his behind the scene supporters would not have like to see out in the public. That is why the Matanitu crowd were so into trying to get Speight out of jail – he had done folks a favour by keeping his mouth shut and pleading guilty – and they were trying to return a favour with that Reconciliation Bill crap.

    Yeah right, stand up like a man – just like Speight did.

    Nostra – are you suggesting that Chaudary is doing that with his former enemy, the army – he is now making them work for him…and what kind of integrity does the piece of shit Speight have – he was a loser before the coup, and after….the “failed businessman” as the PM.

  24. Nostradamus Says:

    Show me a businessman who has never failed and I will show you a businessman who has never succeeded.

    Ross Perot

  25. this is navoha Says:

    blah blah blah blah….hey guys stop wasting time on budhau….no matter hard you try & convince him he will not stay a fool(read proverbs)…. tamata tabu lotu okoya…kulina vavaku…….lets talk about constructive & positive things for how we can tackle the situation back home.

  26. this is navoha Says:

    blah blah blah blah….hey guys stop wasting time on budhau….no matter hard you try & convince him he will stay a fool(read proverbs)…. tamata tabu lotu okoya…kulina vavaku…….lets talk about constructive & positive things for how we can tackle the situation back home.

  27. Jean d'Ark Says:


    Of course we won’t change anything by arguing with Bud because that is not where is opinions come from – they come from him being being paid to take these positions on here, and form the fact that he is a dyed-in-the-wool FLP loyalist from way back.

    No the point of arguing with him is to expose the holes in the Regime and FLP logic/position/strategy in exactly the same way as he is paid to poke holes in our stories/comments in here.

    So we don’t have to convince him – we just have to convince the readers. That must have been reasonably successful since Bud doesn’t have any supporters here except the paid military ghost-bloggers.

    Oh and Bud – the Regime’s budget deficit financing Bro. Comment please?

  28. Willy Says:

    Australianewsnetwork 24 June 2009:

    Fiji’s police force has become caught up in an evangelical Christian crusade.

    Coup leader and Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has said repeatedly one of the reasons for the military’s 2006 takeover of Fiji was to end racial and social division.

    But last weekend, all police officers not on duty were told to attend a Christian crusade event.

    The country’s ethnic make-up means its police force has members who are Hindu and Muslim, as well as Christian.


    The crusade is being driven by the evangelical “New Methodist Church”, led by Atu Vualono, brother of Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

    Commissioner Teleni is a military man appointed to the law and order role by interim Prime Minister Bainimarama. He has no qualifications for this role.

    Over the weekend, police played a big role in the crusade, with Fiji’s TV coverage showing officers marching through the capital, Suva, chanting the name of Jesus.

    All officers not on duty were told attendance was compulsory, a fact confirmed by police spokeswoman Ema Mua to Fiji TV.

    As part of the new Christian outlook, it has been announced the Fiji Police Jazz Band is now the Fiji Police Worship Band, and from now will be playing only gospel songs.


    Earlier this year, after senior Hindu and Muslim police raised concerns about the push to embrace Christianity, they were confronted by Commissioner Teleni and told if they were not happy with his plans they should quit.

    Despite the force’s mixed ethnic profile, Pramod Rae, general-secretary of the National Federation Political Party, says it has been made clear that does not matter.

    “It’s becoming more of an indoctrination process, rather than a Christian crusade,” he told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program.

    The country’s biggest Hindu representative group is the Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji.

    Its national secretary, Vijendra Prakash, says it has no concerns about Hindu police being forced to embrace a Christian crusade.

    “We feel that the prayers are offered in good faith to one almighty Lord,” says Mr Prakash.

    Pramod Rae says the Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha Fiji “has been actively part of this coup regime right from the beginning”.

  29. Budhau Says:

    Hey Nostra – Ross Perot – the great dude that he is – isn’t he the one who was calling them black folks “you people” – and their failed businessmen – I guess Bush can counted as one them too.

    Those businessmen that Ross boy was talking about are those who may fail occasionally – unlike your loser boy George.

    You missed the point though – that Speight, the loser liece of shit that he is, he went for amnesty just like everyone else – just that he was an idiot – unlike Speiight, these guys seem to have good legal advice and I am sure once they sign on the dotted line regarding amnesty – that will be an airtight deal

  30. Koya na Man Says:

    O.k Budhau / boicici

    The issue I brought up was standing up like a man and account for ur sins.

    What about franks case regarding the death of the CRW soldiers.He kept on sending his murderers troops overseas to avoid / delay police investigations.

    In 2006 when the members of the public were pressuring the police force the then Comm.. of Police,Mr.Andrew Hughes pointed out that they are going to try and complete all pending investigations regarding the military,and admitted at the same time that the military had other plans and did not co-operate to bring the matters to rest.

    The investigation against Teleni regarding some kickbacks from the Company who is providing the goons with their uniform, going into the millions.

    The statements aginst the Govt.. made by frank in the media which is sought of leaning favourably towards a treasonous act.

    We can conclude that frank was in the soup already, Why didn’t he stand up and be accountable of his actions, bcoz he knew he was bound for Naboro, and guess what he is frightened of ? G.S. and the CRW boys.

    Bye doll, think like a man,and don’t give excuses like a chicken.

    What democracy & transparency is he preaching, he’s just shooting his own feet.

  31. Anon Says:


    I wonder if Fiji was represented at this meeting….any idea anyone?

  32. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Hey Buddy – why you guising me, Bro!

    We cut fren?

  33. Nostradamus Says:

    George did not know where the guns were. He was not in control. He was a front man. So he got sold down the river.
    Frank is not going to get immunity or amnesty. The time for that is over.
    He will be beaten by angry Fijians and then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, under the 1997 Constitution and spend the remainder of his days at Naboro. I would imagine he has a few enemies over there who will give him a merciful short life. That will be his amnesty.

  34. Anonymous. Says:

    @ Nostra.
    Talking no amnesty & vengeance is not an option.
    All it does is frighten them – make them more determined (scared).

    Have faith in the collective intelligence of the people around you – Frank & crew included – you don’t think they don’t know which way the winds are blowing? Convinced Frank – crew & associates are not that much out of touch? Keep in mind he’s see’s Rabuka as a role model?
    Won’t be easy – but certainly possible.

  35. kaiveicoco Says:

    Hey Budhau,
    don’t also bet on 60% of Indians votimg for MPC now that they know how he has been a clever fox or wolf for that matter.I can bet ya on that !

  36. LUVfiji Says:

    how about a ‘cunning’ fox, sweetie ?

  37. Budhau Says:

    Nostra – you can’t be that dumb – the issue here was that Speight was “standing up like a man and account for ur sins.”

    That is a load of bull, Speight negotiated a deal that gave him amnesty – and he would have been a free man today based on that accord.

    What went wrong for Speight was that he did not abode by that agreement. There is a simple rule that all prosecutors know – that is, if you are given an amnesty and you don’t abide the agreement 100%, than the prosecutor can turn around and charge you ass for everything.

    And that is what happened with Speight – no you can argue that he did not know where the guns were, yada, yada, yada – but just because the police had to haul his ass because he was holed up, after signing that agreement – that in itself is a violation of that accord.

    So it does not matter whether he knew where the guns were, of whether he was just a pawn or whatever – his lawyer, who I understand is also in jail, did not know his shit – otherwise he would advised Speight that right after he signed the accord, it was over.

    Hey Nostra – if Frank is not going to get amnesty, as you claim – so what is the plan, since he would not leave voluntarily without an amnesty, how do you plan to kick his ass out. I have seen one guy in the street so far, poor boy Tui out that there with his shower curtain.

    Look at other countries and how people protest – you think you boys can get the trade Unions on your side, how about the big business or the smaller merchants, how about the farmers groups, the lawyers group, the police, military or the civil service or religious groups (besides the fringe elements in the Methodist Church)- no one is going to stand up and Frank knows that. The only guys making noise is about 4 guys from the SDL, and several Indos from NFP who have their own agenda.

    Now… if you can’t kick Frank’s ass, than what – you think he will give up because of the economic collapse – most of Fiji would become hunter/gatherers with slash and burn agriculture before Frank gives up – unless of course you give him amnesty and a retirement package….whether you like it or not.

    Koya na man – here, we are only discussing that Speight is no different – they all want amnesty before they will voluntarily give up. Rabuka did that, Speight did it and so will Frank. So don’t tell me that Speight was different – his ass is in jail because he screwed up and I am sure that Frank must have learnt from that mistake.

    Looking at the history of the Indos and of Chaudary – NFP had 15% of the Indo vote last time, prior to that, NFP got 30%.

    Look at the situation now, the SDL will play the race card, hoping to cash in on the 60% Fijian votes, those Indo, sensing that a SDL victory would be payback time, will vote FLP. They have already seen that the NFP support for SDL does not translate SDL doing anything that the NFP wants. The last two elections, the SDL victory was made possible by the NFP giving its preference to SDL in some critical marginal seats and what did the NFP get in return. NFP and folks like Pramod Rae and Attar Singh have aligned themselves with the SDL and that will work against them.

    Of course some idiot can come in here and claim that Chaudary ain’t getting the Indo votes – making such a claim ain’t that important, explaining why you think that to be so – now, that is what you should focus on.

    As for the name calling – cunning fox, wolf or whatever – if it makes you guys feel any better – why don’t you just call him a dog – that will go well with the pig.

  38. kaiveicoco Says:

    Yes Budhau,
    a dog that will come back and eat its own vomit !!!

  39. Anon Says:

    Guys and gals, sorry for going off topic here.

    I am not a computer geek, but I feel very suspicious about Connect’s upgrading works. I just wonder if it has anything to do with some under-the-table deal with the wannabe illegals to actually monitor our emails and spy on us bloggers…..what say? But I could be wrong!!! And weren’t the Chinese being identified as experts in the IT field just sometimes back, or are there some people from India doing the upgrades???? Just a point to ponder upon over the weekend.

    Cheers! and all the best to the Flying Fijians tomorrow!

  40. Jean d'Ark Says:


    Not sure what they can actually do at Connect regarding online browsing and comment or story posting.

    But they can definitely install those “deep packet interrogation” snoopers for email and texts and phone calls and the like.

    I would say that they have these in place already, and would even go so far as to say that Connect email accounts have been under goon surveillance and interception since the last Connect “upgrade” right after the April ’09 coup.

    It is interesting that the most recent Connect “upgrade” came with little warning, and was basically excused with the same rationale they gave for their last “upgrade”. That was also apparently done to implement a SMTP mail sending protocol as well, supposedly to “enhance” their virus-interdicting abilities.

    So you’re right Anon, very suspicious indeed. For those who haven’t already dumped your Connect mail account for a Gmail one, now would be a good time to make the switch. Probably a good idea to start using browser proxies again soon, too.

  41. LUVfiji Says:

    Good points raised @ Anon.

    And thanks Jd’A for that comment.

    Well folks, lets go Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. Stay away from connect.com.fj mail account.

    Indeed.. it is Go Fiji Go! and showing live of Fiji One at 3.10pm today!!!

  42. babygal Says:

    ok the army is recruitin this cadets for what … one of the pillars in the charter is the delivery of services what services are they going to deliver well we are trying to do some cost cutting measure by reducing the operating cost by 10% yet they kept on recruiting people…. where will they get the money from to pay for these new recruits… ok let me see redeployment from funds from other ministries and given to them…. to budhau pliz if u get that H1 N1 oh yes go to the military the will help you… what i reckon is that money redeployed to the military shud be given to the ministry of health … thus i prefer recruiting alot of doctors and nurses rather than a bunch of knuckleheads

  43. Budhau Says:

    Kaiveicoco – you feel better now? calling the da man a dog and the other guy a pig – What would we do without blogs like this, some of you idiots may get frustrated and get out in the streets – this way it works out fine when you vent in here, you think you have done your share for freedom and democracy and all that crap.

    If it gets really frustrating, migrate – just like I did, it ain’t worth getting out there in the streets and getting your ass kicked – or worse. Hey, those little one, they need to go college, and this crap will be going on for a long time.

    ….and those IT Indian guys doing the upgrade, yeap, brought in by our boy John and MC – India’s best and the brightest graduates from IIT.

    Annon – on the subject of amnesty – we have to look at what our alternatives are if we don’t agree to an amnesty – and our alternative to a negotiated settlement does not look good.

  44. Archie Says:

    An update on Willy’s article above. I watched for a day last week when the police were performing their worship dance at Sukuna Park. Yes both male and female police officers in uniform and I’ll repeat in uniform were dancing their hearts off. Its sad that these officers from different church background are forced to dance for Teleni and his brother. Its a pity that our poor country’s discipline force has come down to this. My conclusion is that their leader and most people in Fiji are confused as to which God is the real one. My advice would be God will never change but the Fijian people are just confused because whoever comes in new to preach seems to gather followers by people who aren’t based firmly. Its not suprising that the military will be performing next on stage in their uniform. Common people wake and know when to separate church from government because they are two different entities.

  45. Anon Says:

    Thanks J’A for the insight.

    Wow, that would be a brilliant idea to not go with these coup apologists, Connect included, as a sign of passive resistance. May be a case of speculation on my part, but you can never tell with these illegals….they will do everything illegally not giving a damn for any lawfulness.

    Come on Fiji…..Go Fiji Go!!!! 19 to 14 right now!!!! Vinaka Goneva and Bai. Cheers!

  46. Tui Says:

    I think it is the combination of all of the above ; lamulamu,sonalevu and every other contention of being afraid has made VB to keep recruiting fot the useless overpaid Military.The movement for democracy in the USA, Australia, NZ and every other Pacific nation will partition the UN to cut off Fiji from participating in International Peacekeeping until a democratically elected govt is in place.The US State department will also be asked to release Fiji from participating with MFO in Sainai until a democratically elected govt is in place.VB is really afraid because it is the civil rights of the peoples of Fiji that he is abusing will see his army banned from Peacrkeeping with UN and MFO.When this happens VB will kill himself.

  47. Anonymous. Says:

    This mean all future Roadblocks will have individual accompanying Bands?

  48. this is navoha Says:

    You got it Anonymous…. with Aaaha Leweni leading the band singing “oh macdonald had a farm ia ia oh….”

  49. Ramesh Says:

    Funny how Budhau is relishing the freedom of expression available in this forum.

    Its a pity that this piece of shit of an individual hasn’t got the balls to go up to his/her arse warmer – Bainisona to argue for those rights in the Fiji Times and in other media outlets in Fiji.

    People like Budhau have got their heads stuck so far up Vuaka’s rear end that there is no longer a distinction to where it starts and where rear ends.

  50. Budhau Says:

    Aare Ramesh Bhai, you here – I was looking for you in Ba.

    Talking about me not having the balls to go up to Bainisona – I think you have it all mixed up, it is you who needs those balls to go up to Bainisona to convince him of whatever you want him to do.

    BTW – you should not worry about whose rear my head is stuck in – what is more important is that Bainisona has his boots stuck up your rear so far up that you will need to go to CWM and have it surgically removed.

    So you see Ramesh – I can also get down to your level and start talking about people’s rear and still kick ass. See I made you feel like a piece of shit.

    …as for that freedom of expression – why…. do you have a problem with that – that you should ban folks that do not agree with you.

  51. kaiveicoco Says:

    I noticed you recently moved office.Are you standing offish also ?

  52. Budhau Says:

    Why Kaiveicoco – did you see that ad in the newspaper – advertising the old office for rent.

    BTW – WTF does me moving my office has to do with this discussion – now, does that answer that “standing offish” remark.

  53. deadlock Says:

    @bud….very good expression u made-i think u should stuck it through your ass…kawa ca…

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