Posted  on 22 June, 2009 UTC

The President of the Fiji Law Society, Dorsami Naidu, says the majority of Fiji’s lawyers have had no choice but to apply for controversial new practising certificates.

The deadline for lodging their applications was last week.

Under the new legal practitioners decree practising certificates are issued through the Chief Registrar’s, something the Fiji Law Society used to do.

Dorsami Naidu says they are now waiting to hear if their applications have been successful.

“I think fifty of them have had their certificates I’m told. But for some reason the registry is being very tight-lipped. There are over two hundred more they have to approve. They haven’t yet.”

Dorsami Naidu says while they may oppose the coup and the regime, Fiji’s legal practitioners still feel responsible for representing the country’s citizens.

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2 Responses to “WHAT A DILEMNA”

  1. Anonymous. Says:

    No dilemma – no jobs.

  2. Anonymous. Says:

    Don’t expect others to suffer for your beliefs – no matter how well intentioned. Suspect these people know full well what their doing – why their doing it?

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