UN criticized over Fiji military missions – FijiLive

Australia and New Zealand will continue to urge the United Nations to stop using Fijian peacekeepers until the country holds elections, according to media reports.

Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, speaking after meeting with New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully in Wellington yesterday, said the demands to the UN are ongoing by both countries.

The countries say the United Nations should not help fund the Fiji military, which seized power in late 2006.

Fiji has up to 2,000 troops on peacekeeping duties with UN security forces around the world, including in Iraq, Lebanon, East Timor and Africa.

Smith said that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had taken up the peacekeeping issue with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“The approaches are ongoing,” NZPA reports Smith saying.

The UN decided last year not to use Fijian peacekeepers for any new missions but it has continued to deploy those already engaged.

McCully admits that New Zealand is not happy with the UN’s “unhelpful” reaction to the situation in Fiji.

“The fact that there’s been no action on that front hasn’t sent a very useful signal on behalf of the international community and I think the interim regime in Fiji has gained comfort and considerable amounts of cash from those ongoing peacekeeping activities,” he said.

McCully said he would continue to step up dialogue with the UN.

Meanwhile, Fiji Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said he is aware of a number of approaches which Australia and New Zealand have made to “cripple Fiji’s economy”.

He also said that Australia has approached the Chinese government to reconsider its aid and funding assistance to Fiji.

YAAAAAY, Keep up the pressure Australia and New Zealand because the Fiji military have not learned anything positive from PEACEKEEPING.

The Fiji military has in fact learned and brought back to Fiji all the NEGATIVITIES they witnessed while PEACEKEEPING, and imposed it onto the innocent citizens of this beautiful Island Nation.

Where has that left Fiji?

A quickly deteriorating Nation being run by incompetents who are only just about capable of putting up road blocks (WTF is that all about) when there is no insurgency here in Fiji, except for themselves of course the military lead by the biggest fools ever to be born on Fijian soil.




  1. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Looks like Frank is not the only one who can adopted a single-minded, never-give-up attitude to the things he wants!

    Go ANZ – show them to them!!

  2. Budhau Says:

    The reason ANZ has failed to influence others is because their approach is wrong – they have to go back to the carrot and stick approach, now they are only using the stick and it has not worked.

    The best approach now would be to negotiate a election date – pressure Frank to move the date from 2014 to 2012, and than get everyone on board to work towards that election. If Frank agrees to that date, let Fiji back into the forum, don’t kick them out of the Commonwealth, don’t pressure the UN into not using peace keepers, let ANZ lawyers and judges work in Fiji.

    You can have that or let Fiji’s economy totally collapse, and we will have the various groups killing each other.
    It may be more cost effective for ANZ to go the route that I have suggested than to send a peace keeping force after the fact and take in thousands of refugees and get Fiji’s economy back to an acceptable level – that might take generations and if the Fijians start fighting each other, that also may not stop for generations. We will become just like some of those other south Pacific nations where we have seen strike recently.

  3. Willy Says:

    There needs to be a lot more pressure on the regime. Travel advise needs to be notched up to ‘Don’t go, the EU and the UN should close their offices and relocate, all external bank accounts of regime collaborators must be frozen, Japan and Korea must be lobbied towards imposing travel bans on the junta and a total embargo on all military equippment needs to be imposed.

  4. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Except that you can’t seriously rely on any commitment that Frank gives or makes!

    So whatever you’re going to do, better just go ahead and do it without Frank since he is only going to change when he changes and not a minute beforehand.

    From your conciliatory comments about Fiji’s soon-to-be-totaled economy, I take it that you are now backing away from your previous position that people in Fiji are prepared to pay whatever “price” to give Frank time to “fix” Fiji’s electoral/political problems. (You will also note how after three years of posturing and faits accompli, not one thing has been “fixed” or even changed).

    I also note that you are not criticizing the IG’s recent about-face to embrace fiscal deficit budget financing, either. (Can you please explain to me why that is such an odious and irresponsible thing when Qarase uses it, but not even worth commenting on when Frank does it? Can you see how just a measure of perspective and honesty on your parts could have avoided a lot of the unnecessary problems that Fiji are now facing? Instead, you and Frank fell for the exactly same kind of hysterical and fraudulent antipathy for your political opponents, as the Speight rebels did to Mahen in 2000.)

    Anyway, good thing that you seem so used to this kind of political back-flipping, that you can take it so easily in your stride.

  5. Bauhaus. Says:

    2.000 v 800.000? No contest.

    Lots of well informed people with lots of experience in these matters are fully aware that half the battle in curtailing damage inflicted on citizens by despot dictatorship lies in limiting its growth. Overseas deployments are the regimes madra’s – source of revenue – recruits – prestige & authority. Jury’s still out on it being the constant root source via exposure to a dark lawless side of humanity? Military dictatorship ruling civilian populations in peacetime situations simply don’t work – never has – never will.
    History is littered with the charred wreckage of failed past examples & its worth noting? All began well intentioned. Major flaw in their model is that its views complex society thru a simplified military prism. All believe they a not part – but the whole. (Spartan model). Current situation is no better encapsulated in the fact that that right now a sailor is in charge of both international relation & national accounts.

    Major challenge now should be not be removal but post reconstruction.

    Matter of when – & what will be left?


  6. Nostradamus Says:

    Bau House
    Very good posting. Insightful, but not inciteful.

  7. epeli Says:


  8. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Budhau? Budhau?

    Wherefore art thou?

    Can you hear all these chickens clucking? I wonder they all came home to roost from?

    You’d think that with the sheer number of them about now that it should have been EASY to see them all coming!

  9. ex Fiji tourist Says:


    Bud aka amigo [from the Fijitimes columns] is tied up for a while on guard duty.

    Yes even bud has to take his turn on the gate.

    He’ll be back after he has had a sleep and then been retrained on how to type in dimwiti’s drivel into a computer.

  10. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Could be?

    Either that or he’s having to have a real hard think about these latest developments.

    He has always been good at coming up with contrived reasons about how “black” is actually “white”.

    But having already argued extravagantly here that black is white re Govt. budget-deficit financing, and the purported “tolerable” cost of Frank’s coup, he’s now been left holding the baby since the Regime itself has done complete about-face on those two issues.

    On the other hand, maybe the FLP just saw this whole thing going nowhere and simply pulled the plug on Bud’s mission.

    Speaking of which, have you noticed that NONE of the military ghost-writers are commenting at all on the Freedom blogs anymore? Maybe not on any blogs for that matter.

    I wonder what has changed?

  11. Bogunvilla. Says:

    Don’t know how to plug their computers in.

  12. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    They have seen the errors of their ways ?????????

  13. Laisa Kaukiono Says:

    They are easy to overcome with words alone, but while they have the arms we must tread carefully. without guns the military will kasura, their ignorant leaders will self implode and we can have our own victory march.

  14. Bogunvilla. Says:

    Thru the charred remnants of a shattered country?

  15. Anonymous. Says:

    Bula ratu! Nailatikau or Ganilau?


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