BORROW BORROW BORROW is the order of the day with the illegal regime.

 Will someone please tell them they need to ensure that measures need to be put into place to stop the culture of  continual borrowing that in most cases goes straight into the tagalala of the coupsters.
Economic policy reforms? Where are they? Lost on 5.12.06
Too bad the Fiji Junior dropouts have no inkling of finances except how to spend what is not theirs.
Does the run-up of unsustainable fiscal and current account deficits or budget imbalances, shrinking economy, political instablity sound familiar illegal regime?
        ILLEGAL REGIME FINANCE 101 – qanibilo style!
Fijis economy is contracting, while much of the Pacific is experiencing growth.


  1. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Perhaps Budhau may care to comment, since he has always been so irreconcilably opposed to deficit-financed fiscal stimuluii in the past!

  2. kingrat Says:

    budhau and vore go fuck each other

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    The iVore philosphy is simple. You spend money you don’t have, then try to steal more. Once you have exhaused those options, you turn to religion and pray about it. “God helps those who help themselves” takes on new meaning. Help yourself to regimental funds and taxpayer monies, and God will help you? I think that iVore mentality lost something in translation.

  4. Nostradamus Says:

    Next time you get stopped and fined for a traffic violation you can be proud of the fact that your hard earned money is going to pay for the valient boys in green who are needed to censure your news media and protect you from incitefulness, PM Qarase, and the Methodists.

  5. Nostradamus Says:

    And last but not least the boys in green are needed to protect us from democracy.

  6. epeli Says:

    Can you imagine, at this day and age the military have gone back to paying its private solidier-get this- $40. per month this is also true for all able seaman in the navy. The police force-fisrt class constable-I mean cause trouble- are being paid $1.00 per hour.All Civil Servant employees wages are been rolled-back to half of what they were getting during the democratic administration.

  7. Bogunvilla. Says:

    Those of who are under 55 of course.

  8. Anonymous. Says:

    What do you expect? An incompetent sailors in charge of the Books.

  9. Anonymous. Says:

    @Nostradamus – whats in a name?
    Go ponder this? How do we get them to the table – guarantee we won’t eat them?

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