The only roadmap to recovery is to return the country to democracy and legal government.

Fiji’s Self Appointed Illegal Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says a national roadmap will be launched by the government in the place of the Presidential Political Dialogue Forum.

Bainimarama told FijiLive the roadmap will be launched in a couple of weeks.

“There will be a political leaders meeting which will be used as a forum for government to launch a roadmap,” he said.

“My staff are working to put up something.”

He said the United Nations and Commonwealth will be invited to sit in the political forum discussion.

However, Bainimarama is yet to decide on when to have the meeting.

He had earlier written to the UN and Commonwealth to facilitate the Presidential Political Dialogue Forum talks.

In a letter to Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry this week, United Nations officials said they had not received any communication on the PPDF from the Fiji government since April 9 when the last meeting was held between the government and political parties in relation to the President’s Political Dialogue Forum.

The UN said it remains available to discuss Fiji’s return to constitutional democracy through early elections.

Watch it, the P igs up to no good, AGAIN

This is another  stalling ploy to cover up some other skullduggery

The road to Lomalagi is not even a consideration for the coupsters, the other way is so full of pot holes, one can be excused for thinking they were walking on the moon, but that is the fate that awaits the coupsters.

The only roadmap to recovery is to return the country to democracy and legal government.

The quicker,  the better,  for everyone.


6 Responses to “The only roadmap to recovery is to return the country to democracy and legal government.”

  1. Nostradamus Says:

    So the Junta is pretending to be political party and will launch its manifesto. When do the People get to vote on it?

    “here will be a political leaders meeting”. Oh yeah? Who will be invited and who will talk AT them.

    Franko pretending to consult again when all he will do is disseminate his propaganda and dictates. No doubt he will hide behind puppet josefa and call it “presidential”, perhaps another illegal “decree”

  2. Asgrocky Says:

    Don’t forget what the Teleniman is doing. It’s the political and religious party.

  3. Truth Says:

    Vo said members of Fiji’s Mob will invite the UN and Commonwealth to sit in

    Newsfalsh for the mafioso_s : They will accept your invitation AS an opportunity to reiterate their own beliefs NOT to validate your existence. Sorry to disappoint you but that is indeed the way things work in our world.

  4. Bauhaus. Says:

    Democracies elect – regime select.


  5. Anonymous. Says:

    Recovery Road.

    First step towards rectifying any problem is admitting there is one.

    So how do we get them to the negoiating table?

    Will never be achieved in a climate of threats – intimidation & payback.

  6. Tui Says:

    Whatever it is the Illegal Regime is trying to do will all fall apart because their road map to recovery has not been formalised but is being made as they go along.This is because VB has no idea of what it is to govern but was lead to believe that he can lead a military Institution that is the Fiji Military Forces.To escape prosecution for murder,treason,civil rights abuse etc he took over the Qarase Govt.Now he is finding it very hard to know the bussiness of govt. because his limited educational background and limited knowledge of how a govt works.Now he (VB)is at a point where the bussiness of govt. is the furthest thing on his mind.VB is now lining his pocket with Govt funds and will try to weave his way out of this dillema.Now we see that VB’s Road Map is nothing more than a stalling tactic to find the next respite.He has no exict strategy and we the people must decide when he gets one and the only one for him now is the trials for crimes against humanity in Fiji.VB must be held accountable for all that is bad in Fiji today.

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