Illegal Govt launches New Dawn

Leading by example, Government’s Ministry of Information and Archives, has launched one of its new media initiatives.

A signing ceremony today between the Permanent Secretary for Information Lt Col Neumi Leweni and Sun News Limited will see a new era in the way Government information is disseminated to the people.

For too long, Government has been without the adequate means to effectively and directly inform Fiji’s citizens of its numerous policies and programmes.

And this, says Lt Col Leweni, has been the motivating factor behind the establishment of ‘The New Dawn’ – Government’s first ever bi monthly newspaper.

“Much too often the people have learnt of Government policies and programmes of assistance through secondary sources. Information on Government policies, programmes and achievements had always been conveyed to the people largely through the mainstream media.

“While Government appreciates that some section of the media practice true journalism ethics by focusing on accurate, balanced and responsible reporting, majority of the media organisations have failed miserably to abide by fair and accountable standards,” Lt Col Leweni said.

The New Dawn is a twelve page newspaper, containing a variety of news items on programmes currently pursued by Government’s Ministries and Departments.

Its contents are drawn from reports by Government’s pool of Media Liaison Officers and the Ministry of Information & Archives.

Also included in the newspaper will be the Civil Servants Vacancies a fortnightly edition compiled by the Public Service Commission.

The Public is invited to read a copy of the New Dawn in tomorrow’s ( 13/06/09) edition 0f the Fiji Sun.


The New Dawn will be rather scratchy for taqiri purposes, may be better for wrapping up the dalo or tapi peelings, if anyone buys it, that is.



  1. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Great! With all the economic difficulties that the people have to face at the moment, at least now they won’t have to worry about where they can get some cheap toilet paper!

    I guess the Fiji Sun needs to get some kind of guaranteed revenue stream on line after their circulation figures have plummeted ever since they took on the role of Government mouthpiece (notice how they have headlines only on the front page these days? A well-known trick to try and titillate readers into buying).

    Anyway, as long as the Sun going to be shunned like the paraiahs that their Regime buddies are, they might as well get something out of it.

  2. Truth Says:

    Oh good

    Now mainstream media (Times and Fiji TV One) can resume reporting real news.

  3. Dugong Says:

    Dugong was here and I would like to say welcome Agrosky and the gang from veiuto primary.

  4. kingrat Says:

    caita sara nma news ni fiji sun.

  5. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Not exactly TRUTH.

    These Mobsters have a different set of rules for themselves.

    Fine for them belting away.
    But not for the rest of us — NoOOOoooo Soorrriee.
    They will still regulate Fiji Times and TVOne.

  6. Rupeni Says:

    Hitler had Dr Goebbels, Banimarama has Leweni. Both seem to believe that the standards of free media and free speech that the rest of the world enjoys do not apply to Fiji. Media freedom is the most reliable litmus test for a dictatorship and indeed we have ine in Fiji.

  7. maui jim Says:

    I urge all people of intergrity in FIJI (this does not include all holders of senior positions in govt., most soldiers, the New Methodists including Teleni’s and Atu Vulaono’s families, 69% of Indians – esp; Labour etc, most catholics, Jo Nawalowalo etc) never to buy the Fiji Sun ever again. I certainly will not ever. To FRU; recomend you change your official paper from Sun to Times.

  8. kingrat Says:

    i have also instructed my family never to buy Fiji Times ever again. moce Jo

  9. Bauhaus. Says:

    One things for sure – since this motley & incompetent crew imposed censorship both the Fiji Times & The Sun Online have both become incredibly boring publications – so much so that I hardly even bother Googling them anymore.

    Oh for the days of ‘comment on these stories’.


  10. Asgrocky Says:

    Just noticed in another blog site the FNPF Logo. The moon and the half moon crescent. This is Ba’al Hadad one of many freemason symbol.

  11. Asgrocky Says:

    Cheers Dugong
    I never left. Got blocked for a while for exchanging with Tangata Whenua. Not fair considering other posts with the use of expletives but cheers to all anyway. You too administrators.

  12. Bauhaus. Says:

    @ Asgrocky.

    Don’t be distracted by symbols – its what’s in the books inside that counts.


  13. fijiana88 Says:

    when a news paper only reports what it is censorned to do ss , it loses its identy and bias…it like those medical ads u see overseas where the patient is told to ask their doctor the the kind of drugs one needs…The question becomes, if u ask ur doctor for the drug of ur choice dosnt he stop being a doctor but your pusher…the same with the sensored news when it is censored it becomes the bullshit one uses as manure to promote one’s own agenda…The fact that the newspapers are still reporting is giving into the government…if these same editors and publishers really care about media freedom they will close shop so the military has no real propagenda machine…but sadly this willnever happen ..fijians and I mean all the people of fiji because of their up bringing are really cowards at heart…we are really affraid of any authority..when u grow up getting fed allthe bullshit about god and right and worng , its no wonder they feel this way…the news papers ,all they really care for is the mighty $…in the end they will do what the government wants, not because of how they feel but because their masters only care for the turn over from their investments…When a journalist is kicked out for no reason in aa SOCCER match for f… sake and nothing i mean nothing is done by the news organisation than u know u have lost..When raymond was kicked out of the b a stadium all news agency should have stopped all soccer coverage …u would hace sahu khab and his thives begging for forgivness but again ,nothing was done and a fuc… soccer club dictated to the news agencies what they could write or say…LET ME TELL U SOME THING FIJI HAS NO INDEPENDENT NEWS PAPER OR RADIO STATION …ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MAKING A BUCK AND JOURNALIST ETHICS BE DAMNED

  14. Anonymous. Says:


    Never thought I’d see the days when I don’t even bother googling FT & FS -b…o…r…i…n…g…as for lttle neglected FP? What can you say?

    Surely gotta be hitting their bottom lines?

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    I had cancelled my FT subscription long before the leweni censorship. I felt robbed having to read all about the mess that just didnt look like it’d stop.

    And now, like a virus, the censors have spreadout their tentacles.

    Even here at SV.. we seem to have gone deathly quiet.

    Has the flame lost its spark?

    Where have all our flowers gone?

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