Seems those who are keen to keep the innocent citizens of Fiji submissive, check illegal regime of illegal self appointed prime meanster Vore Bhainimarama, are practising their own methods of cannibalism the missionaries worked so hard to stamp out and succeeded, didn’t they?

Generally, those eaten were enemies killed in war, but other categories of people (conquered people, slaves) could also be legitimately killed to acquire a ‘bokola’ at any time. This was necessary because certain regular events required human sacrifice:

the construction of temples, chiefs houses and sacred canoes, or an installation of a chief.

Then, as now,  the best cuts go to the chiefs, thieves and priests.

Christians never quite wiped cannibalism out. 

The menu’s changed.

Those bukucaras (losers)  from the military who have become rich since the 5.12.2006 coup don’t have to stick their wooden forks into the human body anymore.

The illegal regime have different ways to kill, destroy or consume human beings.


  1. sosi camaiverata Says:

    Man from drum master Sergent Major to Lt colonel in a span of 4 years. If you ask career civil servant, how long it would take someone to get to that post without professional qualifications. 15 or 20 0r 30years. What a BUMSUCKER AND KANALOTO .

  2. Bogunvilla. Says:

    That’s an amazing rise – amazing what a stint in China can do.

  3. Anonymous. Says:

    Recovery Road.

    Threatening to eat them doesn’t help.

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