Abuse has become more savage, more unfunny, more personal and gratuitous, by the illegal regime in Fiji since their hijacking of this Nations democratically elected Government on 5.12.06.
Why on earth is a so called army who are armed with guns and ammunitions afraid of UNARMED Citizens of Fiji? that they have to be so abusive.
An anecdote often repeated in Suva says that right after the 5 December 2006 coup d’état, the Fijian military took over the streets of the capital and began erecting roadblocks. There was no real use for the roadblocks, but that’s what the military had learned during its service in the Middle East and that is what it began implementing at home. LOL!!!!!
The military leaders of the United States and the UK should spend at least a few moments studying the wisdom of that story. A small chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific had been designated as supplier of the cannon fodder for the Kingdom simply because its people were very big and obedient, and they had been excellent warriors in the past. Fijians went to war for money and eventually they stopped questioning whether their involvement in the conflicts was right or wrong. War became their lucrative business.

What kind of society can be raised on such ethics? What can one expect from an army that fights for a fee? It was only a matter of time before it would bring its cynicism and twisted morals to the doorsteps of its own home.

A tiny nation of 900,000 inhabitants, Fiji does not need an army. It faces no external threat.



  1. Proud to be a squaddie Says:

    I dont tolerate any coup whatsoever, and firmly believe that it is wrong and illegal to topple an elected goverment. The only reason we the sons and daughters of Fiji are in the British Army is about having a secured future. Every year we have been getting a pay rise and other incentives. I sympathise with whats happening back home, but if the 3000+ Fijians serving in the BA, RAF and RN were to return tomorrow, are there enough jobs to go around and guarantee us the financial security we have at present?

  2. Bauhaus. Says:

    ‘No external threat’.

    Senior officer once confided that he believed any future military threat to Fiji would come from India – via intervention – protection of their ethic bretheren (as they did in Sri Lanka).

    Not plausable? Apparently they think it is – take it seriously.


  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    C’mon guys, you just know that Tonga is just waiting for their chance to launch those war canoes again and beat the crap out of our coastal villages. Best way of stopping that? A road block of course…

  4. Belijo Says:

    Shows that they can’t think beyond the barrel of a gun! Are they scared of defenceless people! Ironic!!!!!& Pathetic!!!!!

  5. Forward Fiji Says:

    Well lets see. The military shows us that this exactly what they do on the ground when they get deployed to the middleeast. All they do is road block and mending check points because our soldiers are good at that in middleeast. They dont know what is minor threat or a major threat so to them doing the coup and threatening people is a way for them to ensure that no one exposes them, this is the technical they will keep doing.

    If the whole of Fiji come to gather and protest for this IG to step down they will. This military people cannot fire. They will not fire at any person because anyone of the protester could be there relative.

  6. Truth Says:

    Ministry still awaits funds for Road repairs. Levies issued and collected amounts to millions for what Vo $ Gangsters claimed were for the purposes of fixing infrastructures.

    Looks like the Mafia have pocketed the monies.

    You see, this is the reason EU will not give a red cent towards Fiji Sugar or Fiji anything for that matter as it is a well known fact that Mobsters’ MO is to pocket the monies.

  7. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Graham Leung will not renew license. This is an upstanding person. This guy, is not only learned, he is highly principled. The types badly needed in a country that is morally corrupt.

    Eye out for this gentleman if and when Fiji’s mafia give up the reigns or forced out by the masses.. Mr Leung for Prime Minister AND let’s do away with the useless and costly Presidential seat.

  8. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    That brand new Fiji must be military free.

    Dismantle this useless and costly institution.

  9. Rupeni Says:

    The core problem Fiji is facing is the existence of an army of good soldiers. Good soldiers are those who have very little intelligence and obey orders. The UN must take responsibiity for nursing the militarisation of our society. Given that there is a high demand for brainless, obedient fighting machines in UN operations worldwide, the entire Fiji military needs to be taken over by the UN peace keeping operation. Fiji would then be completely demilitarized and could move to become a respected member of the international community again. At the same time the perpetrators of the coups need to be punished to send a very strong signal to all those with small brains and big egos.

  10. Budhau Says:

    So this thing about the army – that Fiji does not need one – was this something you guys figured it out on December 5, 2006 or that had always been the case.

    I never heard anyone protesting about the army until Frank decided to make some noises after he installed Qarase the PM.

    So is that really the issue – that we do not need a army, or the issue is that we just don’t like those incharge of the army now, if we can replace them with people who are more friendly to our cause, than of course we need the army.

    If we did not have a army, and we had professional law enforcement folks, what will happen if the “evil one” wins the next elections and is trying to sell Fiji to India or something like that, how will we be able to over throw his government.

    BTW – I was always for no army, but just imagine if I had proposed this before the last coup and before the friction between Qarase and Frank became apparent.

    The problem is not the army – what we need is that the people of Fiji must learn to accept the decision of a election and be prepared to have a peaceful transition. So next time when someone who is unpopular with one community wins a free and fair election, he should not be looking over his shoulders while he tries to be the PM.
    It should be accepted that you win the election, you get to run the country for five years, if they don’t do a good job, vote them out.

    If we don;t have an army, I am sure there will guys like Speight trying to pull a coup with some militia types.

  11. Rupeni Says:

    Is this blog actually censored by the junta?

  12. solivakasama Says:

    No Rupeni, there is no way they can censor any blogsite unless they have the password or they’re able to access it by hacking, which is not an easy task.

  13. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Are you blind ??

    Zero army in Fiji is not a new concept. Just take a look around our neighbouring countries that aren’t coup_ed to pieces and what do your eyes see they have in common ??

  14. kaiveicoco Says:

    seems like Budhau is still hurting from the overthrow of his governments in 1987 and 2000.It was the army or certain elements in the army that did both weren’t they?

  15. Asgrocky Says:

    @ kaiveicoco
    You are talking about Mahendra pal Chaudary himself.

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