Hey P ig, Jealousy tiko vei iko!

Military ponders on ex-Colonel’s exit

June 08, 2009 01:33:17

The Fiji military has yet to decide on the decommissioning if it’s former Land Force Commander Jone Baledrokadroka who recently spearheaded pro-democracy rallies in Australia.

Current Land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti, confirmed to FijiLive that Baledrokadroka had lodged an application for his formal resignation, which is with the Chief of Staff, Colonel Aziz Mohammed.

Beldrokadroka left the army following a disagreement with the military commander in early 2006 and was subsequently charged with insubordination and mutiny.

All supposed court martial charges were dropped in May, 2007 due to insufficient evidence; however, Colonel Driti maintains that his former superior will still be investigated by the military over the same allegations.

He said Military Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will have the final say on the matter.

Baledrokadroka and eleven others were also arrested and charged in an alleged assassination plot against the interim Prime Minister, some of his Cabinet Ministers and army officers in November, 2007.

He was again cleared of all charges on December 24, 2008 due to insufficient evidence tendered by the Police and the Military.

Baledrokadroka, a former member of Fiji’s Great Council of Chiefs, is now a Fellow at the Australian National University.

Baledrokadroka reportedly addressed the Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement Rally in Canberra last Friday.

Similar rallies and marches have been organized for coming weeks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and the United States.


Hey what’s to ponder P ig coupsters?

Ponder mada ga your extreme insignificance P ig coupsters  to this Nation Fiji, the continuous corruption, utter lack of transparency and unprecedented lawlessness that the innocent citizens have had to endure since 5.12.06.

Baledrokadroka was found innocent in the Fiji court of law before the abrogation of the constitution and illegal sacking of the judiciary.

Regurgitating  all that has been proven NOT GUILTY is absolute proof of the duplicity of the illegal regime and their own personal vendetta on  imagined slights, anyone that dares to criticise or declines to follow their evil agenda,

The P ig coupsters can abrogate and break every rule in the book, it will not make the slightest difference to how the people of this Nation and the rest of the world view and feel about the illegal regime  – with absolute disdain, not worth the driest denitoa on earth.

Go for your lives P ig coupsters, the conscience is the greatest leveller, no matter how ignorant you all are your consciences will destroy you all.

The P ig coupsters think they mock the Nation of Fiji and the rest of the world with the impostion of their self-rule and the rules they make up as they teeter along.

NO!  the P ig coupsters  mock themselves with their incredible lack of finesse in all fields of govenance, and immense conceit and deceit.

Get over yourselves P ig coupsters.


15 Responses to “Hey P ig, Jealousy tiko vei iko!”

  1. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Sorry to jump off topic here, but can I ask Budhau to respond to the following post?


    Bud is always a master of twisted and mercenary logic, I would be fascinated to hear from him on this as he has always so aggressively denounced any hint of FLP involvement in the 2006 coup.

    I also wonder aloud whether these military officers will ever wake up to the fact that issues like this just aren’t going to die UNTIL there is justice! Even with the PER and media censorship, issues like these stories about Baleidrokadroka and Hughes are STILL as topical, if not moreso, as they were when the injustice was first committed.

    With leaders of Roko Ului, Frank and Driti’s calibre, it is not surprising that our officer corps are a little slow on the uptake here.

    But one day they will still need to take stock of the the WIDE, WIDE gap between what influence they THINK their increasingly ham-fisted control of the media gives them, as opposed to the fact that interest in and support for pro-democracy and anti-coup justice only INCREASES when they do that!

  2. Budhau Says:

    In the comments by SV, the author said that the guy was “found innocent in the Fiji Court of Law” – you see, the court usually finds a person guilty or not guilty. In a criminal matter, you get a “not guilty” verdict when the prosecution has not proved its case “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Remember OJ Simpson, he was found not guilty – whether he is innocent or not, your guess is as good as mine. Just because we may not be able to prosecute some in the SDL for stuff they did because of lack of evidence, that does not mean that they are innocent – then there is the peoples justice, vanua justice – and they have found the SDL guilty – that is why they do not wish to stand up for the SDL and Qarase.

    Hi Jean, long time no see.

    The article you mentioned is a joke, wannabe secret agents have come up with something new – an “investigation by Coupfourpointfive” by its intelligence network.

    As they themselves say in the piece, that what they are saying, most of it was reported in the local media – except for the names of certain individuals. They provide no evidence as to who these individuals are – only speculation.

    Some of these anti-regime websites have no credibility, they have been publishing crap for a long time and this one is no difference.

    There are two alleged crimes here. A conspiracy is crime by itself, and than there is the coup. Besides the investigation that they mention, that is followed by charges, which then is prosecuted, and than you have a conviction and acquittal.

    If someone can take out Frank, I am sure all these guys will charged accordingly. If we have a negotiated settlement, than one would expect a blanket immunity for all involved.

    I you were trying to suggest that the “investigation” has somehow proved that Chaudary was involved with the conspiracy, than you are wrong. There was nothing in the above piece that said anything about Chaudary’s involvement – even if he was one of the 10 being investigated.

    You want me to buy that “Coupfourpointfive has also been reliably told that ousted Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes took incriminating evidence” – yeah right!

    Come on Jean, regardless of which side you are on, this is just a load of crap. This is the type of crap that does your cause more harm than good. If really there was something out there, I am sure the intelligent folks in the democracy movement would be making good use of this “incriminating evidence”, even if there is no chance of any prosecution in the Fiji courts.

  3. Tuma Says:

    lolz at Budhau….

  4. Tuma Says:

    “Stuff” is a big word……care to list or is it just you and your cohorts assumptions of stuff they did. If you don’t have evidence then its no longer practical to imply it.

    See Budhau you have wires crossed to back your argument. First you say It doesn’t mean that their was insufficient evidence to prosecute SDL it didn’t mean that they didn’t commit anything. Then you turn from one butt cheek to another and say there isn’t any evidence to incriminate the Labour dudes or your cohorts so they couldn’t have committed anything. Disconnect, unplug and sava mada na mata. Sa levu da.

  5. Koya na Man Says:

    Go Baledrokadroka Go.

    Go Fiji Democracy Movement go……

    Driti and Bhai do as much investigation as u can now,collect all the evidence u need,Naboro Max + Speight & the Boyz r waiting for all of u.

    Democracy is surely coming.

  6. this is navoha Says:

    SDL party ,Fiji military or Labour party they are all corrupt in some ways ….what we need is to reset a new Fiji for our children & prepare for the second coming.
    Go methodist go!!

  7. Budhau Says:

    Tuma, you may believe all you want that Chaudary was the mastermind behind the coup – and that is what most of you idiots claimed in here all this time.

    However, the story here is about evidence. While no amount of evidence you convince you that Chaudary was not involved prior to the coup, you still need that evidence to first convince most folks that Chaudary was involved and than you need that same evidence to convict him.

    So even if this mater went to court and Chaudary was acquitted, some of you dumbass idiots will continue to believe that it was all Chaudary and I don’t give a rats arse what you believe in.

    Now, look at all the scamming that went under the SDL regime – now, there also there is lack of evidence to get these guys convicted in a court of law, however, the Fijian people seem to have seen through, and that is why they are no longer willing to stand up for Qarase.

    You believing whether Chaudary was behind the coup or not makes no difference. The people who were with Labour still back Chaudary.

    The Fijian people believing that Qarase was in with the scammers makes a difference for Qarase. If the Fiji people really believed in Qarase, they would have been out in the streets by now.

    The main issue here was that the investigation crap that the blog was talking about did not prove anything.

    Oh, and that “stuff” that Qarase and his boys did – why don’t you go read up – oin crap like the Ag Scam, of the FHL shares scam, and the list goes on. And the money they stole was money that was earmarked for the poor, common Fijian people.

  8. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Hey Bud – yeah, its been a bit too long!

    My point is that these rumours just aren’t being laid to rest – regardless of whether you think the article itself is crap or not.

    More to the point, the article rings true. That may not count for much in a proper court of law – but you can hardly claim that Fiji has anything of sufficient respectability in that regard at present.

    Same goes for the state-controlled media! Why do you think so many people who have access to the blogs spend so much time on them drinking up “crap” stories. These may not be up to the usual standard, but they are still the best thing going.

    So since Fiji lacks credible courts at present, the only court which matters is the court of public opinion.

    So in the same way Mahen has never been able to shake his past of escaping justice of manslaughter while drunk-driving, neither will he (nor Epeli Ganilau) be able to live this one down as well.

    And that’s even BEFORE these investigation files detailing whatever it is that a competent court CAN one day consider, are one day released to them, or the public of Fiji.

  9. Tear for Fiji Says:

    Read a point of view here about this same story.


  10. Ratu Sai Says:

    boodoubt caught in a huge time warp and lies, wooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    believing in his same old same old crapola that the Prime Minister of Fiji Laisenia Qarase was corrupt, in your dreams old man.

    Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was elected TWICE by the PEOPLE OF FIJI because they believe in him, he has also won his case in court but as the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS except for boodoubt the illegal gormunt has the firearms, NO FOOL MESSES WITH GUNS.

    It was your hero Chodoci that is the corruptus maximus with the $2 Million dollars donated by India for the cane farmers still sitting in his bank a/c in Australia if the ATO has not confiscated it. hehehehe

    You are the greater loser for denying the facts boohoohoodoubter.

    I Ratu Sai can tell you now that fact is fact, your old kulina brada fada Chodoci is the poisonous snake and the biggest thief in Fiji.

    And you want to know something, IT IS THE KAIDIAS WHO ARE REPORTING CHODOCIS THIEVERY, he takes from his brothers to give to his brothers but keeps it all for himself. kutiya!


  11. AQuila Says:

    With the PER up for review today I am hoping those in control to do the right thing and change their minds about this poxy PER.

    There was no need in the first place to impose such draconian laws on its citizens let the people be free of all idiotic shenanigans.

    It is on us the people to bury the hatched and work towards a common ground where all can find some form of nirvana.

  12. Rambino Says:

    Budhau, big bakhu koolinah. You sound familiar, we’ll uncover you soon.

  13. tom rabaka Says:


  14. this is navoha Says:

    i can smell curry in da room…must be Budhau

  15. archiebald newton Says:

    I have noticed on many of your posts where you question why Qarase’s supporters are not on the streets to protest.And in your warped logic you seem to conclude this as a sign of loosing support from Fijians, which is far from the truth.
    The only real test of support is through an election and if by some strange reason that election is done tomorrow or next week then Qarase walks back into Parliament hands down.
    But I’mafraid that won’t be the same for your hero Chodo because traditional supporters have lost faith in him,even many Indians do not trust him now.

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