These two beauties were taken aback when Bhainimarama wanted to trip the light fantastic with them.

They wanted to discuss business, but the self appointed prime meanster wanted to taralala,

Vore, ‘Hey girls, less tauratale to complete the deal heh? You nor we sua mada’

Win to Wen ‘Galflen, tis cheebai he haf ta pik flu, quick lun’

Pik is left confused again, Oh Boy.

Thanks for the picture RFN, we wanted a good laugh.


7 Responses to “BUTU KAI MAN”

  1. this is navoha Says:

    Chi chi!!….Great leader with great vision…..new faces of fiji to boost the dwindling economy as fiji’s radical move to sex tourism…..i wonder how much it will cost for a commoner like me……probably discount if pro IG..but ill just go for a $30 saki saki.

  2. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    All bananasinpyjamas needs is a little red book and he could be straight out of a 40 year old photo from China.

    Talk about going backwards.

  3. sailosi Says:

    Big vinaka vakalevu to china for the rescue…………..

  4. Asgrocky Says:

    Is this what the fijian army dress code looks like when the soldier is on official business? Loose, casual and confused. Sellout thuggery business deal to the bidder in an auction.

  5. AQuila Says:

    Take a very good look at Bainimarama’s eyes it tells of man being very uncomfortable around these two imposing women.

    The one on the left is not bad for a one night stand but the other one you would have to think very carefully about tackling or bedding that thing ones liable to wake up all bruised.

    Franco what have you done to Fiji boy?

  6. this is navoha Says:

    the picture tells it all………………Bainimarama and two kalavo’s

  7. Budhau Says:

    Very funny – and more Chinese jokes, I like the jokes about how those Chinese speak English.

    I think them Chinese will be having the last laugh though.

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