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Provincial offices now have their new Roko Tui after an new policy on the posts by the Indigenous Affairs Ministry came into effect.  The policy says no person is to serve as roko in his or her province.

In Lau,the new Roko Tui is Ratu Josefa Navakaroko, who previously served in his home province, Naitasiri.

Ratu Josefa has been replaced by Peni Sokia who was Roko Tui Lau.

Samisoni Tuilawaki has been demoted to Assistant Roko for Namosi while Sakiusa Karavaki has been given the Roko Tui post.

In Serua, Setefano Osoanamoli has replaced Ratu Vanalagi Vesikula.

Roko Tui Tailevu Joape Nalatu, from Nadroga will continue in the position.

For Kadavu, Osipati Tuicalau has been replaced by Vuniyali Dawai from Nadi.

The Ministry is yet to confirm the Roko Tui Cakaudrove but actin the position is Penijamini Tokaduadua.

In Lomaiviti, the post is held by Ratu Etonia Seru, eldest son of the late Tui Levuka, Ratu Kolinio Rokotuinaceva.

In Nadroga, Viliame Naburenivalu from Ba replaced Lote Naitasewa who has retired from active service.

Malo a vakadrakai Sai Lealea.





  1. Nostradamus Says:

    This is just the first step to homogenise the Fijian administration. Let us not forget that the name Fijian has been stolen by the regime under thiefsamy and soon rokos of all races witll lord it over Fijians. The natinalization of land holdings will come last because it is likely to lead to the greatest resistance. But the idea is to take over all vestiges of authority over Fijians so that when it comes time to take away their land, they will no longer be one of the three legs of the stool. They will be replaced by the military who will be paid by the Indian business elite to subdue all Fijians. It is worth looking at the history of Guyana to see how this works, and this is the place Bai has just returned from taking a crash course in Indianisation of Indigenous Peoples- The Road to Untouchability.

  2. Willy Says:

    Another promise by Cassava Frank’s men. Are we to believe it this time?
    No, we should not…

    Dollar value to hold
    Wednesday, June 03, 2009

    THE Reserve Bank of Fiji has given its word that there will be no further devaluation of the Fiji dollar.

    Reserve Bank governor Sada Reddy made the statement to the Fiji Times following widespread industry fear of further downgrading of the national currency.

    Mr Reddy said he has also given an assurance directly to the business community that Fiji will have no further devaluation.

    He said the positive impact of the 20 per cent devaluation in April was being seen with foreign reserves increasing to about $640million.

    The RBF’s April devaluation was said to be targeted at cushioning the severe effects of the global financial crisis. The central bank said foreign reserves were at $441million before devaluation and has since been increasing steadily to sit at $591million on April 28, 2009.

    Mr Reddy met officials of the Suva Chamber of Commerce last week where he assured business people that 20 per cent was the only devaluation the RBF was implementing.

    Chamber president Doctor Nur Bano Ali said their members were satisfied with Mr Reddy’s commitment to no further downgrading of the Fiji dollar.

    She said in a joint effort to boost economic activity, the Reserve Bank would take up industry matters of concern with the relevant authorities.

    This week, the Asian Development Bank said devaluation would see some positive improvement, especially with regard to trade competitiveness.

    However, it said the positives would take some time to be realised.

    The ADB predicted inflation to reach as high as 10 per cent over the year but added that the devaluation had the potential to lift the performance of the tourism and export sectors over a period of time if complementary policies were put in place.

    The comments were made at the ADB’s Pacific Economic Monitor — a quarterly review of development in Pacific islands.

  3. epeli Says:

    Ratu Sharma Budhau has been appointed by Voreqe Bainimarama to officially assume the position of Roko Tui Tailevu effective in July 2009.

  4. Bauhaus. Says:

    And the Roko Tui Bau?


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