The Fiji military regime has ordered the Methodist Church to cancel its annual conference.

 The Fiji military regime has targeted the most influential religious group, ordering the Methodist Church to cancel its annual conference.

A joint statement issued by the military and police accused the church of trying to bring instability to the country.

The crackdown follows information that ‘inciteful issues are going to be discussed at the conference’, police spokeswoman Ema Mua confirmed to the FijiLive website.

The statement said the Methodist Church could not hide its involvement in politics and part of the agenda for the August conference focused on the current political situation.

Earlier this month, a former Methodist Church president was detained after delivering a sermon calling for peaceful protests to restore democracy to Fiji.

Reverend Manasa Lasaro has been at the forefront of opposition in the Methodist Church to the 2006 coup in which military chief and self-appointed prime minister Voreqe Bainimarama overthrew the elected government.

Bainimarama has since ruled out democratic elections before 2014.

The Methodist Church is the dominant denomination among the devout indigenous Fijians, who make up 57 per cent of the total population of around 840,000.

This move just proves the monster despotic p ig and his illegal regimes  loss of moral standing, not only in Fiji but the rest of the world.

P ig Bhainimarama and the illegal regimes reckless threats toward innocent citizens of Fiji is a sure sign of immense insecurity on their part.

After all, what could a group of Methodists and their choirs, that could hardly be described as dangerous or even mildly violent do or say that we and the rest of the world are already aware of about the cowardly p ig and his cowardly army and coup apologists.

The bipolar despotic p ig controls the stupid army and preserves power by lavishing favours on the barmy army officers and police chiefs whose hands are so steeped in blood that regime change would be their own nemesis.





  1. Anon Says:

    Makes for interesting reading how Australian Christian Lobby are making a stand against a form of charter that is now making its way into the corridors of power in Australian:


  2. AQuila Says:

    Yes Fiji needs to change but not by these people.

  3. Abeche Says:

    It will be really interesting to see what the Methodist Church does – take things quietly and crawl back to the hole its leaders have been sleeping in or for once show some backbone and tell the regime that enough is enough.

    The Churches in Fiji are our only hope right now and for the largest denomination in the country, its actions now will either lead to the revival and growth of its membership or to its final demise when its members realise that their leaders cannot be counted upon to do what what is morally correct, just, legal and more imprtantly spiritually correct.

  4. Methodist recruit Says:

    @ Abeche

    I think that what you’ve just said about the Methodist Church is unfair.

    The Methodist Church seems to be the only church standing up and speaking out against this military backed IG eg its members-signed opposition against the charter submitted to Iloilo, advise (sermon) from the pulpit, etc

    You should re-direct your efforts towards the other churches who as individual entities have not uttered anything against the evils that is being forced upon us by these bastards. Your comment of “…..take things quietly and crawl back to their sleeping holes……” applies more to these other religious bodies than the Methodist Church.

    Remember that whilst pointing that one finger at the Methodist Church three fingers of that same hand is pointing at your own self.

    As an individual you and I and whoever does not like what is happening to us here and now should ask our ownselves – am I going to let my children and their children’s children be subjected to a prolonged rule by these bunch of murderers, thieves, liars and evil swines ?

    Go Methodist Church Go !!!

  5. Freespeech1162 Says:

    Come on Methodist Church. You guys stood up in 1987 and blocked roads etc on Sundays. You did then what you thought was Christian and in the best interest of people back then. NOW it’s time to STAND UP AGAIN AND BE COUNTED.

  6. AQuila Says:

    I encourage the leaders of the Methodist church to read up on Martins Luther’s writings concerning the separation of Church and State in particular Martin Luther’s “doctrine of the two kingdoms”

    For within this doctrine they will find the answer.

  7. mando Says:

    It’s not only time for the Methodist Church, but for all people who thinks this is right to stand up and say enough is enough.

  8. NadroKid Says:

    What would the Rev Usaia Sotutu say about the latest letter from Delainabua?

    How quickly the boys up at Delainabua forget their history.

    They have not learnt that their guns, skills and military might do not ultimately guarantee them victory. But that there is ONE who promotes and puts down.

    They have forgotten that a good number of their men (a battalion of 400) with their guns and vickers machine guns etc. were saved by a simple Fijian Methodist missionary in WWII by the name of Rev. Usaia Sotutu.

    Below is a quote from a military man himself Staff Sergeant Luke Vuidreketi who had this to say:

    “After this tough battle and in the encirclement, the Fijians never had any hope of survival, having been informed from air reconnaissance that the enemy was closing in again with greater numbers from all sides. Our battalion commander, G.T. Upton, asked the coast-watchers if they knew of any way out. Sotutu’s reply that day has been echoed through all these years by the men of the First Battalion, ‘if there are 99 tracks on Bougainville known to the Japanese, I know the 100th. Follow me’. And if it had not been for the presence and knowledge of our own Usaia Sotutu those 200 women and children together with the First Battalion would have been wiped out by the Japanese.”

    (Quoted from Fiji Times, Sunday, August 03, 2008: Out of the valley of death by Robert Matau)


    Dou kua ni caqeta tiko na mata ni moto.

  9. waisou Says:

    Good one Nadrokid! Let us keep praying for our leaders! It would be nice to see men with Godly wisdom pitted against men of wordly wisdom. Hope they know the difference!!!

    God bless Fiji!

  10. Truth Says:

    Just viewed FijiTV news.

    Fiji mafia ringleader’s right hand mobster trying to give logic to the gangster’s usual tactics of ‘ their way or the highway ‘

    Leweni has aged in a very short time 🙂 even the facial hair turned grey! oh the poor thing looks haggard, torn up, worn out like he looses sleep steadily since inception of their coup.

  11. sailosi Says:

    dont mix politics and chuch

  12. Budhau Says:

    Hey Truth, have you also checked the hair on different parts of Qarase’s body?

    So now you are into this psychological analysis.

    First it was Franks hair in that other picture, now its Leweni’s facial hair.

    Is that all you have?

  13. Truth Says:

    “is that all I have” ???/ And what have you got !

    Incidentally I entirely share the viewpoints expressed by fellow bloggers on Vo’s piala_cut.

    Qarase isn’t in any of these pics. and too bad for you that your fellow mobsters like to be in the limelight.

    E cava, mosi vei iko ni tukuni va ca nomu girl friend ko Lewenski aye. My assessment of your girl friend loosing sleep is the truth. Kevaka e ca vi iko lei davo vata kei kea. Solia vua nomu wainimate ni veivamoceri – that will perk her right up (i.e.) if you want to change your girl friend’s image 🙂

  14. Budhau Says:

    Truth, you idiot, you still discussing Bainimarama’s Piala cut hari style, or the colour of his shirt. What a bunch of dumbass folks in here.

    BTW – the more hair Bainimarama loses, the more head he gets.

  15. Ratu Sai Says:

    Truth, Budhau keeps harping on about what Prime Minister of Fiji Laisenia Qarase is doing about the illegal regime, what arsehole doesn’t get is Prime Minister Qarase who is not a thief who siphoned public monies or raided the nations coffers won his case against the Bainimarama and the illegal regime, but of course as the rest of the world knows the lawlessness in Fiji prevents him from taking his rightful place on Level 4.

    At the end of the day Vore and Driti are fuglies like their fada brada Budhau, evil is eating away their insides. Maleka Sara.

  16. this is navoha Says:

    Budhau is actually Leweni’s wife…….phew!!…disguise tiko vei iko Mrs leweni Aha.

  17. AQuila Says:

    The Methodist Church must not be curtailed from engaging their flocks it is the most important time of the year for them.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Navoha – I guess Leweni’s wife is kicking some ass in here.

    It is not the Methodist Church, you idiots, it is the radical element who have taken over the Church – get the difference. These are the guys who were involved in the previous coups and who are a threat to stability.

  19. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Sa dua na ka na mavoa ni yaloi Budhau. Sega ni macala se vakamavoataki koya vakacava o Qarase me sa mosi saraga vua. Kauta cake tikoga mai o koya na veivakaduiduitaki. Na matanitu duadua ga e sega kina na veivakaduiduitaki sa i koya na matanitu duadua ga ni Kalou baleta ni matanitu savasava duadua ga. Vaka saraga e sega tu na veivakaduiduitaki mai Idia se mai Jaina se mai Merika sara madaga. E sega ni dua na matanitu e vuravura oqo e sega kina na veivakaduiduitaki. O Idia sa qai ca sara ni ra sa veivakaduiduitaki ga vaka kai Idia. E sa nanuma sara tiko beka ga o Budhau ni o keda kece na tiko e ke e da lewe ni SDL Party. Dau vakaraitaki ga ni tamata mavoa ni veika vinaka kecega e da na via vakayacora, e na saqata. Kerea me dua mada me lai deliver-taki koya.

  20. this is navoha Says:

    Go methodist go…….Navoha supports you 100%

  21. Bauhaus. Says:

    Why do I keep getting the impression Budhau is really Ravindra Nair?

  22. Truth Says:

    More head and less brain 🙂

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