IBA criticises Fiji regime for raid on Law Society
Posted at 22:00 on 29 May, 2009 UTC
The International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute is raising concern at the Fiji military led regime’s recent raid and removal of confidential files from the Fiji Law Society offices.
The seized files relate to complaints against Law Society members.
The raid follows a decree, issued last week, that the Chief Registrar of the Court will take over the role of issuing lawyers’ practising certificates from the Law Society.
All certificates issued by the Law Society will become invalid from the end of next month.
The IBA’s executive director, Mark Ellis, says this gross invasion of the rule of law takes Fiji another step away from an independent legal profession.
He says since the 2006 coup, repeated actions by the interim government have caused the deterioration of the rule of law in the country, and the latest decree may be the death knell to an independent legal profession.
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  1. Koya na Man Says:

    They are taking away the adminstration role of the FLS which assist /provides :

    Bar exam
    Certification of Legal Practitioners
    Discipline in the legal profession
    Provide opinions in the review of laws currently enforced
    Provides practice guides in the legal fraternity, e.t.c.

    Who will take up this role now this common thugs who don’t value the rule of law.

    This is not a step away from the independence of the legal profession, this is the formal execution of the indepeendence of the legal profession.

    They will probably certify lawyers who are currently pro ceurrent regime, and it leaves a question mark for the others who are consisitently airing their opinion against them, who knows what will happen, with the type of mood swings they possess.

    Sa levu la na nodratou vakacaraka na sysytem of normal/independent Government Adminstration.The next democratically elected Govt.. has a lot of amendments on its plate already to bring about Fijis state from the Brink democratic catastrophe to some fluid form of normallcy.

    Total rubish, and a waste of taxpayers money.

    Dou bau saga mada e dua na ka me baleta na nodra vakadrodroi mai na investors to pump in much needed capital for the country,do something about the roads,hospital,e.t.c.

    The devaluation is the reality on the ground of your perfomance,another devaluation will cause disaster for it will triger inflation never experience in fijis history.

    You can’t do a devaluation to attract investors and have a poor political structure with the essence of no rule of law, its a poor recipe which will have more negative economic results.

    Everything is just going wild out here,sa dri yani…………

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