Well well the rest of the world react the same way when ole P ig opens his mouth, everyone wants to drop him right there and then he is so dumb. Here in Fiji we all quickly press the ‘mute’ button when his fugly mug appears on TV. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes.


OMG the ones behind him have taken off their headsets and just can’t be bothered with him as they probably discuss his irrelevance and lack of English skills, anything ,so they don’t have to listen to his stupidity. shame shame shame Voreqe!

The two men to Voreqes right are clearly uncomfortable, embarrassed and want to FLEE. In fact the man to the far left has covered his eyes and has his thumb in his ear so he doesn’t have to listen to the damn fool Vore Bhainimarama.

Here sits the ole P ig in pain

His suluvakataga  empty like his brain

Begging for money

For his coup that’s not funny

Trying to convince the ACP members it’s for sugar cane

But failing to make an impact yet again!



  1. IslandBoy Says:

    I don’t think he has the tiniest inkling they completely despise him. One would have to have intelligence, discernment and humility to detect such a reaction.

    One thing I don’t understand is why go all the way to Europe and make such a pathetic plea if:

    (a) the aid money from the EU was already in the bag, or was that false information in the MinFo release, and

    (b) what foreigners think and do have no effect on your policies and you don’t care.

    Perhaps he has absolutely no clue about how diplomacy and aid or anything works and just wants to go for long plane rides to watch movies & drink free booze.

  2. Nostradamus Says:

    Has the price of haircut gone up in Fiji?
    This is worse than piala cut, looks like Mere or manupusi chewed it off. Either that or he has scabies of the scalp. Did he have a lobotomy recently?
    Is he handing someone his ID card, or what? Perhaps he wants it redone to say “PM” on it.

  3. epeli Says:


  4. Truth Says:

    Impressive Heading SV

    The Picture Tells the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH so God help the Vo slash Mobsters.

  5. Teejay for a Free Fiji Says:

    The issue is that he was allowed to attend this forum in the first place. Dictator Bainimarama needs to be turned back at every airport he arrives at, or held in custody awaiting the first available flight out.
    In an ideal world this would also apply to Nadi airport!! Who in the military are willing to raise the bar and be the welcoming committee when he disembarks?
    They have the chance to rid Fiji of this pariah and be national heroes…….
    Imagine him, stateless, homeless……..there area more than 100 ways to skin a Dictator:just do it!

  6. xzibit Says:

    sa mata saraga vasona!! caijitamamu!!!!

  7. Freespeech1162 Says:

    It’s sad when VB goes and makes an ass of himself in the international arena.
    The picture tells the whole story. No one seems to have paid him any attention at all. Seems they have stood resolute against the dictator.

  8. Ratu Sai Says:

    The children of hypocrites is unrestrained in their denigration of their fellowmen for they like their parents are malignant hypocrites the most despicable of beings and like serpents take refuge in the darkest caverns of earth to spew venom.

    For the poison in the fangs of serpents spreads so perceptibly among them these people are saturated with it.

    Yet come Sunday morning dressed in their best they disentangle themselves from the web of deceit and hypocrisy and head to the house of worship to seek forgiveness.

    Who could trust these wicked creatures?

  9. Koya na Man Says:

    Tu sai/tu sona

    who are u to judge others,for no man is perfect.

    Let’s take for instance urself,u r supporting a criminal and a common thug since ur against us, bcoz its either or,think about this very seriously bcoz ur damn no better than us.

    Sa rui levu ga a nomu vosa va mamatauna qai ko ulu lala, tonoka nomu sona.

    O via lai vakamacalataka na gata,dua la gata me rubilaki iko,as far as we are concerned ur a hypocrite urself as ur supporting an immoral course,stupid.

    Lako dou la vaqara tauyavu taka tale mada nomuni website na pro Vo.. tiko qo, e cava e milamila tiko kina na nomuni moi muri vei keimami na gang nei Qarase…….

    Pote ehh…..

  10. this is navoha Says:

    Ratu Sai…..kua tika mada na vei pro in english….your use of rich & complex word is out of context, & is not appriate because its lost its essence of what you trying to explain ….just like your leader Bainimarama….just keep it simple. wanna be snobbish…….lako mada lai veka va oti….boi cici nomu bula.

  11. Fainamuka Says:

    Not sure who Ratu Sai is referring to, his own children or FB’s children. Remember he has a longing and a yearning to be led. That’s his vision for his generation and the youth of Fiji. The dependency mentality for his and all in this day and age of high tech. So much for change for this lot just as small as ever and will continue to be as long as mentals like Ratu Sai and his clowns exist. If you don’t givr a hoot to what the international community thinks why go beg for money and bring Fiji to more shame? Who are their advisers? Wanna check them out they laughing at yuh.

  12. Asgrocky Says:

    I hope you don’t mean it that you say you call your children to their faces “despicable” When you go to church this Sunday You just remember to your god you’ve been calling his gifts to you despicable. What a lovely god you worship. just wondering if your god is wooden that would explain your thickness.which cave did your mother drag you out from. she must have been happy when her son was born with a forked serpent toungue hissssiiiing on his way out of her gonadal.

  13. s.raqiqi Says:


  14. Ratu Sai Says:

    It is important not to misconstrue what I wrote because there’s nowhere have I said I am aligned to this regime most of what I say is mere generalisation.

    Koya Na Man:

    When translated “His the Man” sure more like a cancerous coward cowering beneath the nations cesspit just to raise his head and spew venom gutless wonder.


    Lesu tale mo lei vuli vakavinaka ulukau.


    Yes you quite correct you mother ought to have done you and the rest of her brood the biggest favor ever and shoved you back up for you see you are a waste of space.

    Go back to school and learn how to spell and don’t forget you dad’s “gonadal” dipstick.

  15. Ratu Sai Says:

    not should read “note” correction

  16. Truth Says:

    The picture says “kerekere mudou, bau solia mada so na lavo ni noqu sugar”

    Kena i sau ” qai lai kerea sara la yani vei tamamu ”

    People aren’t gullible to give away monies to dictators. He’ll pocket it.

  17. this is navoha Says:

    Ratu Sai … rauta mada na viavia vuku tu vei iko…..tamata ululala o iko…theirs no doubt here, u have a good command in written english but it doesnt mean u are something because the way u analyse & dedude things is still very premature…..lako mada lai vuli tale…..luveni boci

  18. Asgrocky Says:

    Compulsive disorder to return and rectify your mistakes in a bloody blog like who cares. You really are thick little wonder you’ve joined that group with your leader on top of the list with you and yours you have envisioned as bum suckers.

  19. MJField Says:

    Here is real courage from Fiji….

  20. Billy Taki Says:

    Voreqe is showing the committee his life line which is very very short in a plea for them to feel sorry for him and hand over more paisa. Dream on pig manure.

    Nostradamus, looks like voreqe gets his piala cut at the same barber shop as Driti, St Giles Lobotomy Central.

  21. Asgrocky Says:

    A new make over for his head and his hair.
    Clearly wh8 does not soot him. Instead of lkng deestinguwished it has ohly maid him look padetik. He cud die it blond to sp8 the feejeean blood in hees vines o pink to show ze feminaen side. Dis wud delight Ratu Sai as thees wud indikayte ze change dey one to bring ab8 for feejee, the change for “ze neu hole odour”. The clowns are in town and Ratu Sai is longing to hold somebody’s cherries. Bite it!!!

  22. LUVfiji Says:

    No, haircut prices in Suva have not changed.

    It is clear now that even the military barber wants to rearrange his face!

  23. Budhau Says:

    Whats with the haircut – he don’t look no different that most other Fijians his age, I think that is the Obama cut.

    If Frank’s hair looks bad, look at the bald black guy sitting next to him – with hair that bad, he must be an even worse dictator than Frank.

  24. Ratu Sai Says:

    Budhau are you doing a Chodoci and disowning your relative, the pig looks just like you, Fijian men don’t look stupid like this no brainer fada brada of yours. don’t you remember Voreqes hair was the same colour of shit as Shyster Shameems before he went brain dead grey.

    The man on Voreqes mauwi is shocked and embarrassed and wants to laugh out loud. LOL he can’t believe he’s sitting next to and listening to a moron.

  25. Forward Fiji Says:

    All pray to the good lord to give his country back to its true people and government where all race will work together and respect the land and its native people.

    Fiji for fiji ever fiji. God Bless our nation.

  26. Truth Says:

    And I can not believe ACP allowed

    The ringleader


    Fiji mafia

    to sit alongside

    Principled Men.

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