Police estimated that up to 500 people gathered peacefully at Town Hall in Sydney for a late start to the march in support of the return of democracy to Fiji.

The march, led by the Fiji Freedom and Democracy Movement, was accompanied by a great deal of singing which brought tears to the eyes of many and Sydney traffic to a standstill.
Men, women and children came out in a show of support for their brothers and sisters suffering the crisis in Fiji.

A church service was held in Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD which was  followed by speeches. Speakers include: Parmod Rae, General Secretary of the National Federation Party, Ted Young, a former Minister in the Qarase government and New Zealand-based businessman, Ballu Khan



  1. Truth Says:

    Great show of support for Fiji. And who said the marchers were a handful of womenfolks again ?

  2. Ratu Sai Says:

    It all depends on what news organisation one listens to some put the estimate at one hundred others one hundred and fifty now the latest is five hundred however it does not make up of the several thousand that reside in Sydney.

    For if the remainder of people believed in this blind cause they would have turned out en-masse the fact is not all people are comfortable with this self serving rally it only servers those with ulterior motives and the men women and children are pawns in the greater scheme of things.

    The harsh reality is a rewind to Qarase’s era where he and the elites of Fiji psychologically undermined the people for personal gains the same has unfolded before our there in Sydney.

    When will the people of Fiji learn?

  3. Truth Says:

    And the march would be perceived strongest had it been a 5 womenfolks total.

    Qarase is without crime. ‘Tis the Vo and Gangsters who committed High Treason.

  4. Ratu Sai Says:

    Na vo na ika kana vinaka vakacava ikeri o dou kana duna.

  5. Jone Says:

    Blind cause is tearing up the constitution to make way for Vo’s robbery. Brothers and sisters on the ground must be very proud to get support in this form from their families in Sydney.

  6. Jone Says:

    Na gusu ni Vo, Na gusuna e vaka na Vo. Matana talega. Mata vaka Vo. Tebe ni gusuna vaka na tebe ni gusu ni Vo. Sa rauta sara ga me kacivi ga ko Vo.

  7. tosotiko Says:

    Ratu Sai …the group of matanitakuneas are now in control in Fiji. The white elites (and white wannabes) who did not make it in Aussie, NZ, America, UK and think that Fiji is game because it lacks the calibre of people who can stand up to them because they despise Fijians. So it came as a shock to them to see Fijians leading ably under Qarase and making money too! So they gravitate towards the losers like you and pump up their envious souls with righteous indignations and and are under illusion that what they are doing is right.

    But we know their time will not last.

    Whatever the number sure looks more to me than the number that got in to the Johns Samy/Dakuvula pantomine.

  8. Ratu Sai Says:

    I do believe all these negative press Fiji is absorbing is infact detrimental and impacts on the nation in general therefore it is on us to safe guard our thoughts when berating our country we must be mindful Fiji is way bigger than most of you insignificant funny buggers.

    Listen earning a fair wage for a decent days work is the go not obtaining money by way of deceitful pretences or by making a false claim against your fellow taxpayer.

    It was and for the most part still rampant among various governmental and business houses to rip the poor taxpayer off but then again there were those tabling bills in parliament legitimising the conversion and appropriation of illegal funds.

  9. JOE Says:

    Thank you very much Sydney. You held your heads high. We in Fiji needs you.

  10. Asgrocky Says:

    R S
    Do you even think about what you are saying? it’s like you’ve gone mad, no longer able to tell truth from lies. You are blinded on one side, just as Truth says, the side that butters your bread.

  11. Jone Says:

    rSai only insignificant funny buggers are Vo and Gangsters who got themselves into the helm by way of the people’s guns. The same taxpayers bought those guns never ever dreaming that these insignificant gangsters will rise up against them and steal their monies in broad day light ALL BECAUSE THE PEOPLE GAVE THEM THEIR TRUST. Out of this mess one great good will eventuate — the demise of this insignificant Fiji Military Forces.

  12. Ratu Sai Says:


    Yes I am cranky like Franky and feeling a bit docile like the children of Satan whose only purpose in life is to rip the system off.

  13. Jone Says:

    You reap

    Like stealing — you stole the people’s government and the people’s monies. Right on target there brother.

  14. Tuma Says:

    “Listen earning a fair wage for a decent days work is the go not obtaining money by way of deceitful pretences or by making a false claim against your fellow taxpayer” Yeah like the 20 year backdated annual leave pay for a certain miscreant… what has changed. AHs are still doing the exact same thing they accuse others of, only this time they make their own laws and engage puppets to cover their real pretense. If it stunk then, believe me its overflowing with shit now.

  15. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys, step back and try to look at this objectively.

    Pramod Rae, Ballu Khan, Ted Young and others should up and all they got was somewhere from 150 to 500 people (depending on who was counting).

    Who were these guys – all SDL connected folks.

    And what the Fijian population of Sydney?

    What this says is that the majority of the Fiji folks in Sydney do not give a crap about the SDL, they are not willing to take a stand against this regime. Just like the majority of the people in Fiji have decided to move on and wait for the process to take its cause.

    It is these same people, Rae, Young and five other SDL guys who show up at the local media offices in Fiji to give statements about their opposition to the Fiji regime.

    There is no mass movement that is taking a stand against the regime in Fiji – and there must be a reason for this – I am sure that the Fiji community in Sydney were not intimidated by the military regime – they could have showed if they wanted – a regular Fijian wedding in Sydney would probably get more people than this march.

  16. Tagata Whenua Says:

    Budhau dont get that number wrong mate,its typical Fijian attitude.Fijians take things for granted.Looking back on our history under the British rule not even a single Fijian volunteer to work for in the CSR and thats why they brought in those cheap laboureres from India to do the work for the British.During the earlier part of voting Fijians were not interested until they realised that if they dont vote some foreigner will become their Prime Minister ,there you goes do you think that the turn out really indicate the support or non support of Fijians?I dont think so mate,just try to sit with them around a bowl of grog and you can judge for yourself wether they are for it or against it.All these western type of protest are not part of how Fijians protest.Its either when they are quite and didnt react than you have to be careful.Thats where a lot of people thinks that they agree with whats going on but to a Fijian it can be either.That is the trend of whats happening in Fiji right now when everybody thinks that these Fijians are defeated by these IG tactics of intimidation in keeping quite.Watch this Budhau this is the most critical time for us Fijians and it will only need a bit of spark to let the fire burning.Do not judge them by the numbers as the saying goes”its just a calm weather before the storm” you experiencing right now.See you later.

  17. Koya na Man Says:

    BHaini ur days r numbered.

    iko na vavi…..bro………..

    U currently being grilled dont worry…

  18. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Yeah Bud – what TW says is true!

    You remember when the manure hit the air-conditioner in 2000?

    Most of us thought at the time “Where the heck did all these rebel complaints and grievances come from?” Especially the ones against Ratu Mara!

    Some gripes were related to the anti-Chaudhry destabilisation campaign. But many were very old complaints from the Alliance days that you would have thought had died a natural death many moons ago.

    Nevertheless, lo and behold there they were fresh and angry from the grave to torment us again in 2000!

    So do you think that people who could get so aggravated about nothing in 2000 wouldn’t be able to get pretty steamed in an instant if the “night of the long knives” suddenly materializes from the very real and burgeoning grievances of today?

    I keep warning you that you cannot escape your karma, or reaping what you sow!

    You guys need to start pulling back from the brink before its too late!

  19. senijiale Says:

    Bud u so funni, don’t worry about counting those fingers/toes @ those who marched, u shud b more worried bout the nbrs at the ballot box – that’s what reaallly COUNTS… lol! And the fact that u’re still hanging around, tells me that wotever it is that u’re trying to achieve here ain’t working. Boogeyman SDL or wotever name they choose who cares – let the people decide for themselves. All u’re achieving here is driving up sympathy for the ousted elected!

  20. F.I.R.M Says:

    The problem with nowdays is that you are drinking kava by yourself.

  21. Flo Jo Says:

    Go Sydney!. You’re the voices of your deprived brothers and sisters in our beloved Fiji!. Thanks a million to the organisers and all the brave men and women who took the streets of Sydney by storm!. God bless you all!. We may not be there in the physical realm but out thoughts and prayers are with you!.

  22. Ratu Sai Says:

    The great people of Fiji have once again being exploited by undesirable thugs perpetuating what can only be seen as desire to remain significant.

    The truth is not one among these insignificant speakers or any of the founding members of this blind freedom movement has an ounce of compassion for their fellow countrymen for these people are so engrossed in preserving their personal agendas they have become masters of deception.

    Most of these people would have been ardent nationalist fighting a rapacious cause back in Fiji they are mendacious in all they espouse they’re a disgrace not only to their fellow countrymen but their adopted country.

    These creatures must never be trusted.

  23. Tuma Says:

    As do Ratu Sai and her type of creatures only these time they’re worse then the ones she labels as undesirable thugs.

  24. Asgrocky Says:

    R S
    Your mind is playing tricks on you. U r imagining things, raving and ranting nothingness but your own mind’s conjurings. What you are thinking is all in your own mind. You are trying to impose your mind’s ravings on the bloggers. Their adopted country is a very strong believer of “fair go”. From where I was, Fiji should be proud of their people here. Those who marched.
    You can continue to imagine more things. The deed is done it was a success

  25. Ratu Sai Says:


    There will be a slight change of name for you, from now on you will be known as “Bakewa” only because your types thrive on and clean out whatever scrap of morsels there is to be had by the people.


    “Their adopted country is a strong believer of fair go “who the frickin hell are you kidding Australia’s indigenes are struggling for a fair go.

    No it wasn’t a raving success for the poor people who participated were pawns at the behest of organisers.

  26. epeli Says:

    A great VINAKA VAKALEVU to the organiser of the Sydney Fiji Freedom March.We know that there was also a similar march in Los Angeles,Toronto and London on Saturday .Unfortunately, here at home our people have been continously brutalized, raped, killed jailed without trial, kidnapped by the military and police forces of Voreqe Bainimarama.
    Please don’t forget us and continue to ask your adopted country and their leaders to help us get rid of these barstards?
    Thanks very much.

  27. Ratu Sai Says:

    Epeli said:

    “Unfortunately, here at home our people have been continuously brutalized, raped, killed jailed without trial, kidnapped by the military and police forces of Voreqe Bainimarama”

    What part of the aforesaid is manufactured by you because all you have said is fallacious?

    Have you experienced any of the above actions or is just kava talk and you just exaggerated all the happenings because my eye in the sky tells of a very different story.

    Iko na tamata lasulasu, lako sara lei mama duna.

  28. Tuma Says:

    Ratu Sai, your eye aint definitely in the Sky. Try blinking through all that crap from Bs butt then you’ll be able to see the very real story out here. But then again you’re probably one of those who loves it there and lives to wallow in it.

  29. Talei Says:

    Good on the marchers. Even if there were only 3, that’s 3 brave souls that stood up to be counted. NEVER despise small beginnings.

    The regimes days are coming to a very close end. Hooray!!! It’s about bloody time. Enough dummies in office already.

  30. NadroKid Says:

    @Ratu Sai!

    Did you not read the account in court of what the Soldiers at Black Rock Nadi did to Rabaka and his friends? They forced some of these men to perform sexual acts on each other. What are you guys on? STOP THAT LAWLESSNESS IN JESUS NAME!

    Au sa kerekere mo dou dolava mada na matamudou. Dou veivutuni taka na nomudou ivakarau. Dou cakava na ka keimami saumi kemuni tiko kina. Ke sega, dou waraka tiko mo dou tatamusuki e na bula qoka vata kei na bula sa bera mai.

  31. Ratu Sai Says:

    “Bakewa” aka Tuma:

    While there were lives lost and people charged sentenced and released on CRO’s it must be pointed out it is these types of occurrences that I do not condone and find unequivocally detestable.

    Nevertheless my eye in the sky since this sad situation is transmitting back a very different atmosphere within the parameters of the new order and therefore it would imprudent to regurgitate news that has occurred.

    I don’t see the likes of you or anyone else denouncing the butchering or knifing to death of a man over homebrew no matter which way you cut it a premeditated death must not go unpunished or for that matters the raping and sodomising of children.

    Now pull you head out of your nether regions or whatever region you may have you head buried in and start addressing important issues that is fundamental to the wellbeing of children and society in general.

  32. Truth Says:

    Hats off to the Sydney Fijians. Phone calls to families in Fiji to pass along messages like this to those in Fiji’s remote areas. They should know about the support given by family members abroad. Vo silencing the media gives life to coconut wireless networking.

  33. bodyguard Says:

    sv au wilika tiko na rawfijinews – more soldiers talk.

    sara qai liaca nodratou sona o ira na sotia. dou veicai, dou a raitu ga ivei gauna taucoko qo.

    na cava tale dou waraka tiko? dou leqa taka o cei na qarava nomuni matavuvale ke oni mate? dou leqa taka na vakarau ga dou cauraka vei ira na lewe ni vanua ena vakaurataki tale vei kemuni baleta ni dou liumuri taka na mataivalu?

    gauna qo, na lewe ni vanua sega ni viakila nomu bula se nomu mate ia me kawa boko na mataivalu.

    o kemudou ga na sotia dou vaka dakai tiko, dou vosa bubului ni dou na solia nomudou bula ena vukui viti, dou na taqomaki viti. na cava tale dou waraka?

    na vosa ni sona dou mai cakava … dou vakamatei kemudou yani.

    ni vakaloloma taka na i taukei. o na tarogi kina.

  34. bodyguard Says:

    o kemudou ga na mataivalu dou kauta mai leqa keda tiko kina nikua o kemudou ga dou na kauta laivi.

    keimami na wele.

  35. Tuma Says:

    Ratu Sai I see you blinking furiously now. Keep up the good work you’ll come of it seeing clearly as ever. Crime doesn’t pay. Sooner or later it all catches up with you. Lets see you grow the balls, stand up and say “Yes I did” when the shit hits the fan.

  36. Ben St0ne Says:

    BUDHAU levu tiko nomu vosa, drau 69 mada ga kei Vo.

  37. Ratu Sai Says:

    Bakewa aka Tuma:

    Crime doesnt pay does it? now give back all that money you and your sidewinders have defalcated from the people.

  38. Truth Says:


    Na butako :: ? That will be Vo and Gangsters.

  39. Ratu Sai Says:

    E tabu eke na butako kemami sa lotu.

    cava ikeri.

  40. Tuma Says:

    Ratu Sai typical of you and your cohorts. You’ll find the evidence of swindling right where your face is between B’s butt cheeks. And I thought you’d started to see the light.

  41. Truth Says:

    UuUUUUUuuuu tu mai vei na viavia lasutaka tiko na lotu.

    The evidence of your thievery Vo holds in his hands as we speak.

  42. lastpolarbear Says:

    Many Fijians would have stayed away from the march because they have loved ones in Fiji and are worried for their welfare.
    It’s a shame that more non indigenous Fijians didn’t support the march though.
    I would say for every person there, ten were @ home supporting it in principle, so that effectively makes it 5,000 to 10,000 in real terms.

  43. kaiveicoco Says:

    were you there at the march in Sydney ? to actually count how many people marched?

  44. Asgrocky Says:

    R S is a conjurer of unrelated issues. His mind plays tricks on him then he goes and gives a spin on things he has imagined. He’s a little bit off the air.

  45. Ratu Sai Says:


    I must have hit a raw nerve are you guilty of something that you would like to confess too, hang on not now you first must seek the approval of your tata levu Qarase before submitting ponder this fact what you about to confess too we have known for a long time.

    If you are so infatuated with Bai’s ring than by all means help yourself you’re a bit of a funny bugger aren’t you?


    How’s the air up there?

    There’s nothing to conjure the facts speaks for its self check out the companies registry and parliaments Hansard there you find the truth.

    The truth will set you and like of Tuma and his ilks free you all carrying a burden of guilty and it’s time to release the pressure.

  46. Koya na Man Says:

    Tu sai/magaijinana

    Kauti ira nomu sojia o mamai ira jiko qori, ni lai cakava mada e dua na rescue mission vua na wekada gone ni Rotuma vesu tu mai vei ira na rebel mai Somalia.Sota mada vaka dakai – dakai, sa kua soti na vakarere civilian tiko, vukivuki ga ni tamata rerere,cava ni rerevaka tiko.Kua ni vakarogorogocataka na rogorogo ni mataivalu e ra cakava tu o ira na tagane e ra a tu kina eliu.

    sa rui levu na nomu vosa, taura kece monu vakamacala qori,kauta cake sara i nakeba, qai lai sosomaka kece nomu muimuri…..

    Set ya ehhhhhh……………

    Vosa jiko vei iko…….Sojia jiko vei iko………….

  47. senijiale Says:

    M a l e k a!! lol… Dou butako vinaka tiko, u can never ever cover yr tracks, nor can your accessory-families hide the loot for ya! Those fraudulent activities u’re thriving on will be uncovered and exposed for all to see – o na tarogi kina.

    Hey Bud, u may come out now… stop pretending this isn’t yr fulltime job, lol.

  48. sesau Says:

    Most of those marching I believe are overstayers. Law breakers, how can you justify this march!

  49. sesau Says:

    Somalia pirates is not Fiji’s problems. Liu mada i Jeruisalemi. E sega ni caka rawa na levu ni pirates e tu i Viti. For the Fiji National under siege,my prayers to him and his family.

  50. Truth Says:

    BooDau can not come out now. Tamata dau talanoataka na level playing field to favour the Kaidia. He can not answer why his hero Vo failed to produce, oR HAVE YOU ?

    Will go check on that thread now.

  51. Truth Says:

    Oh no BooDau won’t come out he can not answer the challenge I posed on thread

    Why is Vo and Gangsters Afraid of the Methodist Church.

  52. Truth Says:

    Guilt ?

    Vo and Gangsters are guilt_free aye

    Thanks for the entertainment 🙂 NOT

  53. Truth Says:

    @senijiale nice move challenging the BooDauLoo to come out.

    Have been waiting patiently for his reply — level playing field my foot !

  54. Truth Says:

    And what’s the matter

    Cat cut your tongues?

    Try answering the challenges presented in other thread. For a group of losers who spend all their time on this board defending your evils you suddenly fell silent.

  55. Ratu Sai Says:

    Koya na Man:

    Boy if this is the level of mentality you posses than let the good lord have mercy on you for you see you losers share a common trait you all are defending the biggest sidewinder this side of the black stump.

    It’s time for you to cut the apron string attached to the old government and walk towards the light for a new day is dawning Fiji is on the move and we don’t want to leave stragglers behind come move with us shed that life of pilfering.


    With a name like that I’m surprised that you don’t seek out the truth but you would prefer to indulge in lies and yet you lot without fail pray for forgiveness almost every Sunday you bunch of hypocrites.

  56. Tuma Says:

    Asgrocky…Ratu Sai is actually a she. It is blashemus of her to use the Lords name to justify her undying support for B and all he has done (includes the murders/theft/torture of Fiji Citizens) and still doing. Of course laws of physics state what goes up must come down. It may not be sooner then we hope but it will happen.

  57. Ratu Sai Says:


    You like fishing! see to be an accomplished fisherman you must have the right bait read the water and fish in the right spot the idea is not leave without catching at least one or more Fish.

    My objective here is making you all fishers of man to bring in from the cold to restore your pride and instill respect in your fellowman but most importantly your country.

    Whether I am male or female that is not relevant nor was worthy of mention for the last time what occurred we must not condone and we must find it the most flagitious crime committed against our fellowman.

    Now it is inherent in all native Fijians and other nationalities to steal we born with it, it’s in our blood and this can be traced back to our ancestors there’s nothing to be a shamed about, however it is on us to kill this bogeyman once and for all.

    I will back anyone that brings change to Fiji albeit at the barrel of a gun for you see at the end of the rainbow we will find peace and live in harmony again.

  58. Kaivitibotoboto Says:

    Ratu Sai…LASUTAKA! How can GOOD come out of EVIL? How can RIGHT come out from WRONG? How can PEACE come out from LAWLESSNESS?
    How can PURE WATER come out from a BITTER WELL? How can you bring about your so called New Fiji full of peace and stability thru means of EVIL SEDITIOUS ACTS, MURDER, THIEVERY, LAWLESSNESS, CRUELTY. HARRASSMENT, STIFLING OF FREEDOMS???



  59. Willy Says:

    The bullshit aside, this march was a good start. I hope our brothers at home take it as a cue and start doing soemthing at home. And yes, Cassava Frank’s regime has cowardly brutalized and murdered innocent people. Yes he is in the same league as Hiter, Stalin, Mugabe and Pinochet. The fact that he has only killed a small number of innocent people does not mean a thing. All his brethren have started small. Hitler did not kill 6 million Jews at his first 100 day in office. Whenever there is no accountability, no srutiny, no free media and no rule of law, the meanest guys float to the surface. This is what we see in Fiji. Take Ballu Khan for instance. What an embarrasment to break his skull only to be unable to produce any evidence whatsoever that he has committed any crime.

  60. Ratu Sai Says:


    Take this and be cognisant of its meanings for it is important not be disputatious neither of the past nor the present for if we do we shall discover the future lost.

    Tis the future that everyone ought to be concerned with not the past nor the present but the future I hope this is clear enough for you.

    Should you find what I said flew right over your head stuff one ear with cotton wool hopefully something will stick and drive home some sense.

  61. Truth Says:

    We fail to see k out the truth aye . Let’s see here.

  62. Truth Says:

    Vo and Gangsters claim electoral reform is #1 on agenda AS HOPE for a better Fiji. A Fiji that will ensure a level playing field for all races.

    Now then

    We know Vo can not supervise each and every individual inside that voting booth — that is the TRUTH. Kidding your sorry selves if you believe otherwise OR if you believe that the mass are gullible. I guarantee you the people are smarter than you lot.

    Why then didn’t Vo put his claims to the test. Appoint a Vice President Indo Fijian. Step down and give Prime Ministership to an Indo Fijian. Tell Fiji and the world this is a trial run. While he has the guns and while he is making the rules as as he sees fit he wants the country to get a sample of “another race at Nasese White House and as well as Prime Ministership. Vo could go further than that and place a Chinese Fijian or a Kailoma at either post.

    But he failed 🙂

    That is the glaring TRUTH.

  63. Truth Says:

    Let’s go further shall we.

    There has been zero movement regarding land issues. Vo and Gangsters toss around lots of rhetoric about a level playing field that has been missing in Fiji AND until there are equal treatments between the races Fiji can not move forward and that Vo and Gangsters are here conducting their coup and tearing up the constitution precisely to bring about that magical solution ‘THE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD’ for all races.

    Vo, in all his attempted lies REMAINS ineffective and unproductive. There hasn’t been a single move to open up land ownership for other races. There hasn’t been a single move to involve the Fijian and get them closer to the business sector. In fact the exact opposite have materialized where the Few Fijian businesses were crushed into non existence as a direct result of Vo’s coup.

    Vo talks about bridging the races as one of his main targets
    Well, the opposite has occured. Never before have we seen this level of strain between the two major races.

    That is the TRUTH.

  64. Truth Says:

    Vo has the guns and Vo has tossed the constitution. Vo makes up all the rules as he sees fit. This is happening as we speak.

    You idiots don’t see anything wrong with all that?

  65. Ratu Sai Says:


    Bula Lewa sa vacava tu na bula mai ikeri.

    Dont worry obout the past or the present just worry about the future.

    For the future is where we heading may it be in a casket or wraped in a piece of cloth but we heading there we dont control the future so it is imperative we prepare.

  66. Jone Says:

    That’s right Truth

    Laivi kitou mada ga me kitou sa butakoca taucoko na lavo ni Vanua o Viti ni se toka rawa toka vi kitou na dakai na gauna qo.. baleta gona na nitou varautaki kitou tiko vua na bula sa tu mai na vigauna mai mada. Just like the rSai guy have stated we have to prepare for the future and that is what we are doing right now — filling our pockets to the rim and the hell with the rest of you. And too bad for you lot that you donot have the guns. It is our turn now and we will lie our way through this thing to make us look somewhat decent and we don’t care if you catch us red handed in our lies. We have our monies and we will continue to fill our pockets with more of your monies into the days and weeks and months and years ahead. Nothing you lot can do about it. Oh so sad too bad.

  67. Tuma Says:

    Kemudou Ratu Sai. See thats the problem. When you turn a blind eye to the past and present you are destined to repeat the same shit all over again as evident with whats happening now. Exactly the mindset B and his lot have.”We don’t control the future so it is imperative we prepare” Why would you prepare for it, if you think you can’t have an influence on the Future. Pull your head out of it and see whats really happening. History has a habit of repeating itself when people are quick to forget about the past.

  68. Truth Says:

    Exactly as I predicted.

    When you are faced with the Truth and nothing but the Truth

    All you can do is sidestep.

    Dou tamata lolovira, butabutako, dau basulawa, lasulasu, lawakica, politiki duka, kautani mada ga na dakai qai laurai kina nomudou sitava nomudou sapo, dou tamata lamulamu sega ni rawa ni veivacu vamamaka ga na tayabe voli vata na dakai That is all you can blerry do. Biu mada na dakai qai laurai kina dromodromo ni nomudou sapo.

    Via via mai vamamaka ike me vasalatai keimami. Nomudou sala lolovira me keitou vamuria. You blerry evil doers. All the praying to absolve your sins not gonna work you gangsters are heading straight to the burning fires of hell.

  69. Truth Says:

    Just as I predicted.

    When confronted with the Truth and nothing but the Truth

    These poor excuses for human beings sidestep in a feeble attempt to save face.

    Simply put : Evil_doers can not handle the Truth.

  70. Budhau Says:

    So what was this march all about. Was it to send a message to Bainimarama – and if Frank give a $%#@ what these folks in Sydney think.

    If this was to send some kinda message to the Australians, than 150 people showing up would have sent the wrong message.

    Have you guys did done a post march analysis and figured out what happened, why so few people showed up.

  71. Truth Says:

    1000 is more like it.

    Mark Manning reports on fijiuncensored someone emailed me the Australia TV news clip that he says appears on Check it out.

    Am sure Vo and gangsters don’t give a crap. Why should they. They have the guns and as Jone says above helping himself / themselves to the loot which is precisely why I dare say he and his Gangsters will burn in eternal hell. Yeah am sure God loves them too BUT they chose the path of Satan_hood AND since your love affair is with Satan You shall no doubt live in eternal merrymaking inside that inferno. So sad too bad OR Good luck.

  72. Truth Says:

    Loosing a step or two there Boodau

  73. Truth Says:

    1000 marchers as seen on Australia TV news clip. Go to, on front page. Click on topic then click on news clip.

  74. Truth Says:

    And am sure Vo does not give a $%#@.

    Why should he when his Gangsters has all the guns. And on that new sclip Parmod Rae and Brij Lal are being interviewed. So check it out.

  75. Truth Says:

    And usually the way it works — when you are evil_doers right here and right now the Bible says that eternal inferno is your final destination. So it is not me who have made this decision .. NO NO NO NO NO. “Tis Vo and Gangsters — they made this choice. Am just laying out common knowledge. Reminding you what we learn in Bible Study Sunday schools we all attended growing up So why are you acting like this is is news? Tsk tsk tsk.

  76. Truth Says:

    Am of course referring to what you posted on other thread since you refuse to post it here.. now why would that be ? Iloilo is at the helm of all the evils committed against Fiji’s people. Iloilo therefore leads the pack to that eternal inferno. Following closely behind is Vo. And so it goes.

  77. Truth Says:

    So why didn’t Vo make good on his words of wisdom

    q Make a Fiji Indian Vice President

    q Make a Fiji Chinese Prime Minister

    A fairly excellent starting point for an attempt to bridging the races in Fiji don’t ya agree? Vo makes all the rules. Vo holds all the firepower and he says he will not hesitate to use; so naturally there will not be physical resistance. Vo can announce that this is as good as he can get to introducing the ideas of a truly non racial Fiji that drove him to making his coup. (although we all know he said it was for clearing up corruption but we can just pretend that he did not say that; at least for now) This is where Vo would have gotten his toughest critics (me included) to sit up and pay attention.

    It begs the question

    Why did Vo fail to produce when he had/has all the chances in the whole wide world to do so ?

  78. this is navoha Says:

    Veisureti vei Ratu Sai kei Budhau…..

    kerekere drau gole mada mai noqu yasana me drau yadua na roll mariwana oti meu qai vutuki kemudrau mada.

  79. Jone Says:

    What’s the matter Bud_Dau and rSai Cat cut your tongues? Budhau’s favourite term keda sa oca mai na va rogoca — like a broken record “level playing field” this and “level playing field” that. Dou ! I can not even count the number of times I have heard that dude throw that term around. What Truth is presenting here is the best starting place for that famous level playing field you touting us with all these time.
    So how come your hero, the Vo failed to give us that boost. Ge there and then we see where we go from there.

    Okay, so what about the swearing going on full swing next door but keeps rolling in — one after another.. You are not at all stopping it. I don’t think.

  80. Jone Says:

    Io, kauti rau mai ike me mai caka na vitalanoa

    Kua na nodratou vivosacataki tikoga vamacawa ratou cakava tiko ya.

  81. Jone Says:

    Great questions there and I have several good guesses why Vo could not call on and install different races to those High Offices.

  82. MJField Says:

    What’s going on here?

  83. LUVfiji Says:

    MJF: is it the effect of the Beijing bomb?

  84. Ratu Sai Says:


    Kauta nomu mariwan gai sosomaka e matanidemu.

    O via veivutu tiko gala leka cu sara mai vago mau nanamuraki iko vakavinaka catibumu.

  85. Anon Says:

    Please moderator could you not post the kind of filth emitted by some bloggers. Please do your job and do not allow this kind of language on the blogs.

  86. Ratu Sai Says:


    If you want to live in the past than be my guest for you see what occurred in the past is assigned to history the present is where we are bickering of all ills of the past who cares what occurred in the past.

    Now you can’t be that thick not to understand what the future holds for me I have prepared just about everything imaginable in preparation to meet my marker.

    I can’t help if are you ill prepared, because it appears you are living in a delusionary world you ask yourself this question why do you save money for presuming you have the capacity to save for me I save for the future because I don’t know what the future holds.

    For you to predict the future you must have some special powers for such predictions is indeed farfetched.

    And don’t misconstrue what I say infact if you are to quote me use the entire quote and not part of it to justify your somewhat distorted logic.

  87. Ratu Sai Says:


    You have a point I have thus far refrained from using vile language however I was replying in kind.

    When arugements gets a bit to much some bloggers get frustrated they tend to resort to such language.

  88. Dau Says:

    Some language is a bit ##%*#

  89. Anon Says:

    Thank you and please remember that most of us visit blogs to read views that are from both sides of the spectrum, which is not forth coming from mainstream media right now. Do not be pulled into gutter politics but contribute constructively, even if most of us are against this interim regime. Just ignore those who try to incite and steer away from making your pressure rise….its not worth it, because at the end of the day you will be the ones stressing yourselves out and predisposing yourselves to stress-related NCDs (non-communicable diseases). Da blog ragone but keep your cool!

  90. Anon Says:

    And by the way, has anyone been on coup4.5? An article about a police officer being assaulted by a group of pple then by officers themselves. There is supposed to be a letter on the right of the blog, but cannot find it. Help someone, alert administrators for us…please!

    To Ratu Sai & Truth, for your weekend:
    Relieve stress: take a prayer break! Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything [Phil 4: 6-7].

    Love you all.

  91. Truth Says:

    Sai, what past are you on about ?

    I am talking about NOW and the FUTURE.

    I am talking about what Vo can do NOW and in the FUTURE. The future is an hour from now, a day from now, a week from now, a year from now.

    I am challenging Vo and Gangsters to live up to what you yourselves have been preaching.

    Actually there is no stress here Anon. That maybe going on next door though what with the full blown swearing from all the stress. I am not in the least bit stressed in fact am rather enjoying this because for the 1st time ever the Vo and gangsters have a real challenge now to answer.

  92. Truth Says:

    Sai, I just went over those posts again. 1 thing you most certainly can not do is preach to posters about not swearing then go right ahead and blurt one out yourself.

    Does not work like that buddy.

    You want to stay clear of the swearing yourself in order to be believed.

    But then again, that seems to be Vo and Gangsters’ M O don’t you agree?

    I have been addressing those very same issues — not distorting logic; simply laying out the facts — Vo argues the need to find a level playing field for all the races in Fiji but continued keeping the same old Fijian race at the Presidential seats and Prime Ministership. Interesting ain’t it ? If he starts doing as he says then he will be believed 🙂

  93. Truth Says:

    What do you say about this Budhau ?

    The level playing field you and Vo spouts.

  94. Truth Says:

    Just viewed that MJF — that is very interesting indeed. Here again evidence of a collective Fiji emanating from the Vo and Gangsters but it is all just rhetoric.
    Make the moves that support those theories. Putting it on paper and speaking of it is no longer enough.

    Give Fiji an Indian Vice President.

    Give Fiji a Chinese descent Prime Minister.

    How you ask? Simple. Do what you have always done when you want to make changes. It is all in your control. The only one who is stopping you is none other than you. Why ? Why don’t you do it ?

    That is the question Sai, Budhau and all those swearing next door needs to address here. For within that premise lies the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so God help you all.

  95. Budhau Says:

    You see Truth, the coup has already happened, the issue now is who we get out of this impasse.
    Since we are going to write a new constitution, how about we make sure that we have real democracy. One-man-one-vote. The constituancy boundaries are drawn to accurately reflect the population so that each vote is worth the same.

    Once we have a level playing field, we can make laws as in any democracy. Just because you have a 57% Fijian population, that does not necessarily mean that they will try and go back to some undemocratic system – like having the Chiefs decide the President or control the senate.

    Why are we even talking about a “Indian VP” or a “Chinese PM”, any citizen of Fiji can run for those posts and if we elect them, then so be it – race has nothing to do with who the PM or President could be.

    Hey Truth, cut out the crap about “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so God help you all.”

  96. Relax Man Says:

    Hi fella’s, please come organise a march here in beloved Suva!!! Jone Baledroka no class, rawa ni o lai lasutaki ira i vanua tani, sa o guilecavi ira na kainomu keimami sasaga tu qo i viti, levu ga na gusu. Well people look at the make of that so called group, all political rejects and fijians who didnt contribute a single cent to our beloved country. Who cares about them, if we have to struggle, we do it here, aint no marches o’seas gonna solve our internal problem. Well slowly provinces are coming around now and supporting the way forward, thats the way to go people, forward, onwards to a better Fiji for all. You know what those people in Sydney are after, political asylum, for what??? a job, thats all because they’re unemployed here. So the rest of you whingers on this site should pack up and leave, we dont need you now, nor the future, this country can do well with people like you’s outer here!!!

  97. Relax Man Says:

    See where JB is in the march!! in the background, what he usually does, stir people up and hide in the background, my advice to you old farts and people in the frontline of that picture better not coome home!! especially you Parmod Rae!!! you will lose your father xmas beard!!!!

  98. Ratu Sai Says:


    It is very obvious you not only duplicitous but discriminatory in ascertaining the facts for you see below is what this person had to say to which I responded in kind this much I believe is everyone’s rights.

    “kerekere drau gole mada mai noqu yasana me drau yadua na roll mariwana oti meu qai vutuki kemudrau mada”

    Although most of what I wrote sounds crude it is by far negligible however this place you in a rather awkward predicament for you see by attempting to curtail or censor ones comments you are no better than those you recalcitrate.

    Infact the truth that you seek makes a hypocrite out of you but then again you already knew that.

  99. Ratu Sai Says:

    I suppose with Fiji’s purported name change can’t be any worse than Helen Clarkes peoples republic of New Zealand or is Gay republic of NZ but then again only idiots would believe drivel espoused by this left of centre tree hugging fool.

  100. Asgrocky Says:

    Still on the same subject. Don’t you fellas get tired of this. Much less like those who walk in circles counting their beads while they recite a mantra from their religious whatever. Much like the lost just going round and round.

  101. Ever Fiji Says:

    @ Relax man

    Fire kurchee!!! fire tivote!!!

  102. Truth Says:

    A Chinese & Indian PM and President is okay if we vote for them … says BooDau Let me ask you this : Did Vo get elected ? If your answer is a resounding NO then poop in your face for supporting an unelected PM in 1 illegal regime propped by the guns and kept in place by the guns.

    On the matter of electoral reforms
    Any idiot knows it does not take 1 year to redraw electoral boundaries. Vo is taking 10 years to do it because he refuses to allow the people democratic rule that would bring the noose around his neck. Every vote have equal value will favour the Fijian race since what happens inside the voting booth is out of Vo’s control. The FIjian will continue to vote for the Fijian and the Indian will carry on voting for their Indian party.

    Re writing the constitution you say.
    Whose constitution ?
    Oh let me guess, the Vo’s and Gangsters’ Constitution yes? Those aren’t laws but simple decrees taylor made to fit the Gangsters’ agendas and last I checked these Gangsters amount to a total of just little under 10 thousand people.

    That is the TRUTH the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH so God help you all.

  103. Truth Says:

    Threatening Statements to these marchers never to come home or will loose father beard .. Do you Gangsters even think about what you are saying? Every time you open your mouth you shoot yourselves in the foot. Sounds familiar? Yeah talking about your idol Vo, who looks the fool everytime he flaps that pair of Vo_lips.

  104. Truth Says:

    Pooo hoo Not worth a cent reply from the BooDau.

    Sai guy sa qai yawa sara ki muri.

  105. Truth Says:

    Budhau your response is not worth a penny and that Sai fella 🙂 don’t even mention it.

  106. Filo Says:

    Relax man!,

    You said that Fijian living in Sydney that marched last Sunday didn’t contribute a single cent to Fiji!.
    Overseas remittance (money sent to Fiji from Fijians living overseas) was second only to tourism of the major contributors to the Nations coffers!. So you’re wrong in a mile mate!. This good people of Fiji didn’t use any of Fiji’s resources while resding in their adopted countries and yet they contribute more by way of remittance with money sent to their loved ones that are still living in Fiji. St Johns cawaci old schollars living in sydney refurbished the computer Lab in Cawavi with brand new computers!. Canterbury Fijian Parish in Sydney open the annual methodist conference in 1997 with nearly $100,000. Marist Old scholars living in Sydney are organising some fundraising to help the school as it seems to detoriate from its previous status and standards just to name a few!. In business terms, Fijians living overseas are producing income for Fiji without incuring any expenses. Compare that with the likes of you and what you support is chalk and cheese. You pay a buck privite now in the Army $15,000 a year to do what?…..shine their boots. You should be ashamed of yourself!, you are such a burdon to our beloved nation that its now in the brink of bankruptcy!….thanks to your contribution!. Just stop and think (that is if you still have some brain cells that think logically) before you let crap to flying out fo your idiotic mind!.

  107. Budhau Says:

    Truth, you run around in here making a lot of noise, but very little substance. We have seen idiots like you come and go on this site. So how much is your response in here worth?

    Why do you do this, does this make you feel important or something, that you are doing something for the cause – that you will get the masses in Fiji rise against the regime because of what you post in here.

    You still have not responded to what others raised in here – are these guy, Young, Baloo Khan, Rae and the rest who were there, are they the future of your democracy movement.

    So you think these protest marches are going to get us out of this impasse. Do you think Frank gives a rats arse about some protest march in Sydney. And if the march was not aimed at Frank but to impress the Australians, than the organizers of the March failed

  108. Jone Says:

    OooHO HO HO

    Vo-lips hihihi ! na veimataqali description keda sa maleka na dredre.

  109. this is navoha Says:

    Ratu Sai & Budhau… rauta na vamacala, i believe u two are just wasting your time here…cos u fighting a losing battle ….i believe in one months time the game is over & all of u are ending up in prison….drau bau lai spend time with your wifes cos their giving themselves to other man for sexual pleasure….a soli mai na qala me vakayagataki….oilei macawa nomudrau bula

  110. Ratu Sai Says:


    My epicene brother one that is lost among men and definitely not equal to neither male nor female we share your predicament for thine is an inferior life.

    Begone unto thy craven for the serpent awaits you son of Lucifer.

  111. this is navoha Says:

    Haha Ratu Sai ….you inferior brain & has clouded most of your judjement and decision making in life….try & pray that the holy spirit fill your life to discern between what is right & wrong….you just a blockhead like our leader Bainimarama. cheers!!

  112. Ratu Sai Says:


    Whats the bet you have no idea what I wrote luvei setani.

  113. HOPE Says:

    Ladies & gentlement, lets try and refrain from negative comments and engaged in constructive exchange of ideas about how we can contribute towards a better Fiji of tommorow. Peace

  114. Freespeech1162 Says:

    Hey People
    What’s with the diatrbie? Thought this was a sight for debating issues. It’s a shame that while we all have our opinons about issues regarding home we’d rather vilify each other.
    Come on people, let’s talk sense.

  115. Relax Man Says:

    Hey Truth and Navoha, get one thing in your thick heads brothers or brother/sister?? you guys are completely lost as to what is really happening here in Fiji, things are moving if you havent noticed!! so what are you trying to say?? you talking about this lot going into jail, by whom?? you two?? lots of questions you’ll have to ask yourselves , is it really worth it?? whatever you think or dream that will happen?? can the clock be turned back?? by whom?? try answering that!! One scenario for you, the next elected Govt will be made up of whom?? this lot and their supporters!! say your party wins, what will you do, prosecute them and the whole thing starts again, you get kicked out on your butts again by the RFMF, so where do you think this will end?? Joe Tuamoto speaking on the news now, tourism numbers going up!! what does that tell you, even foreigners feel safe enough to come here!! so I guess you two are pretty lost here!! what exactly do you represent?? I cant anything see anything substantive in your cause, just plain mischief makers, please TAKE A REALITY CHECK!! I’ve tried making sense out of your comments but sorry folks you are way,way in never, never land also known as Dreamland.

  116. this is navoha Says:

    hey Brother Relax….cmon you small brain….u know why Governer reserve bank (Mr Savenaca Narube) got kicked out?….because he was saying the truth about the downfall in economy at that time….well Joe Tuamoto is afraid to say the truth because of his bread & butter & once you say a negative comment you get kicked out on your butts by the RFMF……….their is no freedom of speech or media freedom in fiji…….if you read books on dictators… you will see that in a dictorial government, media is the beat propaganda tool & anything negative is perceived as an enemy…….vacava tu mada na lala ni nomu qavokavoka….even a form three student can read between the line……please TAKE A REALITY CHECK … lako i lotu me rarama nomu rai & tawa nomu qavokavoka lala qori.

  117. xzibit Says:

    hahahahaha…donu vinaka navoha!! relax man!! kerekere saraga yalo vacegu ga relax………man!!!!

  118. Nostradamus Says:

    Tourism numbers don’t mean much if they are at a deep discount and the workers are making slave wages. In cast you had not noticed, Voreqe’s recent devaluation cut everyone’s wages in real terms by almost 20%, and there are rumours and a strong possibility of another swipe at labour. So what brings the tourists here besides a day in the sun? Watching smiling but starving Fijians doing a meke? More prostitutes for less on the streets? More scamming cab drivers?

    Bottom line is watch the CPI and tourism earnings. Which one is going up faster? If prices go up faster than incomes, what does that mean? Yes that is right “vb-progress”, “vb-moving forward”, “vb-good governance”, “vb-transparency”. VB = “veritable bullshyt” from iVore.

    Oh yes and I forgot “vb-electoral reform” which means “sorry bub, no more elections, or if you manage to get one, I will overthrow it again” because you know “Vather knows Best” (vb).

  119. Truth Says:

    Maleka ! sapalaki vinaka from Filo and Nostra 🙂 and lost for words once a gain. Have noticed how you are often at a loss for constructive debate THAT when you finally flap those Vo_lips garbage spews onto the streets.

    Gangsters, the supporters of a cause that will bring nothing but noose around your necks.

  120. Truth Says:

    Vo’s diatribe :

    Electoral reform will not see the light of day. For electoral reform to take place is to give up the opportunities at dipping into the people’s coffers — the people’s monies that allows him to pay his mobsters and by mob I mean his soldiers, cabinet members, board members, diplomatic appointees, CEO’s and top government postings.

    Those are mobsters that are being paid to say untruths in an effort to fool Fiji and the international communities. Thank God for sites such as this and the international mainstream media. We tell the truth of what is happening in Fiji. and the coconut wireless network that has been given new life.

  121. Truth Says:

    Land reform has also become another of Vo’s diatribe:

    Indians in general and farmers in particular raised expectations for a massive overhaul in this department that will see them favoured.


    Not a single move to improve land leases, land sale, or land anything. It is safe to deduce Vo fears repercussions from his Mob. The same I referenced in earlier post. Mobsters are interested in what feed their families right now but unsure if a massive land policy overhaul is what they have in mind is a safe scenario. Another is Vo and his mobsters fear the 500K massive uprising against them if they go ahead and revert from current diatribe state.

    Something tells me Vo and his mobsters actually fear the latter. What then becomes of those minority die hard supporters who thought they had a favourable stake 🙂 Your guess is as good as mine. Sooooo sad. Too bad.

  122. Truth Says:

    Mobsters also include the Junta Judges designing various decrees to suit the dictatorship rule buttering their bread. That, Bud Dau is hardly constitutional — they are simple decrees — NOT Laws.

  123. Cama Says:

    Vinaka na debate folks. These Vo supporters are like the three blind mice. When the farmer cut off their tale, they were not aware of it.

  124. Cama Says:

    Vinaka na debate folks. These Vo supporters are like the three blind mice. When the farmer cut off their tale, they were not aware of it.

    The news nowadays is not balanced because the dictators are in every news room censoring the news and anything negative and against there cause is taken out but only the ones that favours them are published.

    I am not reading paper or watch news on TV because they are biased.

  125. Cama Says:

    We want the truth and not lies as what is coming out from this Government.

  126. Budhau Says:

    Cama, you want the truth – you in the wrong place, bro. This is a propaganda blogsite…and since you don’t read the papers or watch TV, boy you are screwed.

    Next time you ask me – I will give you the news.

  127. sesau Says:

    give e’m budhau!

  128. sesau Says:

    You want the truth! well you can’t have it on this blog………because of Truth and all his shit!

  129. sesau Says:

    Go Frank!

  130. Keep The Faith Says:

    Go Democracy!

  131. Budhau Says:

    Yeap, GO DEMOCRACY. Lets have real democracy with the next constitution.

  132. Truth Says:

    Yeap, the next constitution designed by the dictators to suit the Mobsters’ needs
    one of which is disallowance of more than one political party to run for election 🙂 Dou yavu ulukau!

  133. NadroKid Says:

    To Relax Man (May 29, 2009 at 6:09 pm)

    You wrote

    “Hey Truth and Navoha, get one thing in your thick heads brothers or brother/sister?? you guys are completely lost as to what is really happening here in Fiji, things are moving if you havent noticed!!”

    Somebody has a different version of what is really happening. I will quote in installments so that you will not be confused what an ex-military Padre Rev Koroi says is really happening:

    (this is from an article titled Koroi condemns ‘lazy’ army by FREDERICA ELBOURNE in the Fiji Times of Friday, February 15, 2008

    A METHODIST minister has called for the dissolution of the military and labelled the institution as one that comprised lazy, non-productive members who spent most of their time polishing shoes.

    Reverend Josateki Koroi said he outlined this in his letter to the National Council for Building a Better Fiji when he turned down the invitation to join.

    “The coup is based on a robbery philosophy. It’s like stealing from a bank to set up a school,” he said”

    2nd installment coming up

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