This is another really interesting,  factual article by Michael Field that I urge you all to read.

It’ll certainly enrage ole piggy & set his cold heart all aflutter – as if we anti Fiji coup advocates care, NOT!


33 Responses to “KIA ORA MICHAEL”

  1. Budhau Says:

    The Legal Practitioners’ Act provides for how disciplinary complaints against layers are dealt with in Fiji. Previously the Fiji Law Society, under this act, had set up a committee to deal with these complaints. The regime in Fiji has made changes to the Legal Practitioners’ Act, by decree, where the FLS no longer has the authority to deal with disciplinary complaints.

    I understand that the regime had earlier proposed to set up a Legal Services Commission, similar to what New South Wales has, where citizens bring their grievances against lawyer.

    Since the FLS no longer has the authority to deal with complaints against lawyer and that authority has been transferred to an independent commission, all Rokomokoti did was to act under that authority to demand that the FLS transfer those complaint files to her.

    Now, how the phuck does this action of Rokomokoti, “has thrown the entire Bainimarama dictatorship into international peril.” That her actions will now jeopardize the Commodore’s travel plans and that Bainimarama has now joined the same league as “the Burmese generals and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.”

    That she raided the offices of the Fiji Law Society without a valid search warrant. (BTW – was this a “search” which required a “search warrant” or was it a demand for the handover of certain files, and the person in that office under the threat of arrest handed over those files)

    Mr. Field then goes on to make the case that Rokomokoti “seized files and is apparently preparing to act against individual lawyers, without due process.”

    Who said anything about not affording due process – “apparently preparing” to act against these lawyers, without due process.” yeah right!

    What will most likely happen is that the Legal Services Commission, after receiving these files, will proceed exactly as the FLS would have done. Give those lawyers who have had complaints their due process rights, go through the complaints and close those files. The complaint the regime had was with the FLS, not the individuals lawyers – that the FLS has sat on these complaints for too long without acting.

    Where do these guys come up with shit like this:
    Fields writes, “Bainimarama may well have to reflect on the fate of Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator who ended up with international arrest warrants in many countries. He had to slowly decay at home in the end, his medical conditions untreated in foreign hospitals.”

    Commenting on this recent development (FLS incident), a “prominent New Zealand lawyer Peter Williams told Television New Zealand, “Fiji is a police state, just like Nazi Germany.”
    So now, Frank Bainimarama has joined the likes of Augusto Pinochet, Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe, because of the actions of Ana Rokomokoti taking the complaint files from the Fiji Law Society office without a search warrant (which may not have been required).

    Field goes on with, “Bainimarama, who suffers a heart condition that cannot be treated in Fiji, had best hope that one of his goons does not whack a foreigner – or a Fijian citizen with family outside the country.”

    Where did this “whacking someone” crap came into this discussion. Why “whacking a foreigner” is any worse than whacking some regular local guy, or whacking a local guy who has relatives abroad will make any difference.
    Fields goes on, “For to do so now, will be to make him subject of an Interpol arrest warrant.” – WHY?

    What kind of silly ass reasoning is that – is Field making some kinda case that if my cousin Ram Lal gets whacked by Franks boys, and since I live here in Sydney, that this crime under Fiji’s national laws somehow becomes a crime under international law subject to the jurisdiction of Interpol and prosecutors in other countries would now be willing to prosecute Frank.

    Does that mean that whacking a foreigner or someone with relatives abroad get that Interpol involved? Somehow we can make this look like a crime that spans more than one country. Oh I get it, since I live in Australia, and my cousin Ram Lal was whacked in Fiji, and Fiji, as a member state, may not be making the request to Interpol for assistance and Interpol may not intervene. However, as a relative in Australia, I could be get Australia, a member state, to make that request to Interpol to arrest Bainimarama next time he is abroad – right? Hey, that is simple. Now, only if some lawyer dude can tell me about jurisdiction, standing etc.
    But than again, Mr Fields thinks that this is all very simple. As he puts it, “The problem is very simple; the world no long accepts anarchy. As romantic as it might seem, dictators are becoming globally accountable for their human rights abuses.”

    Yeap, real simple, just get Interpol to arrest Frank’s ass while he is on his way to India to get medical treatment – for “human rights” abuse, for “whacking some foreigner”.

    Mr Fields puts it, “At the very pinnacle of things is the International Criminal Court for major crimes against humanity. Fortunately, the People’s Republic of Voreqe has yet to intrude into the area of its jurisdiction.”

    Yes Mr. Fields, that is correct, that Vorege is nowhere close to those “major crimes against humanity.” So why are you mentioning it in here – just so you can make Frank look like he is the same league as those other bad boys.
    Why the phuck do these guys keep mentioning this crap about “crime against humanity”, the International Criminal Court, Mugabe, Hitler, Pinochet, yada, yada. Is this how they try and make Frank look like some real ruthless dictator. Or are they trying to get Frank “noticed” by putting this out in the international media.

    I am sure that Field and other would like to make Frank look like Pinochet, and this thing gets beyond A/NZ.

    BTW – rather than putting Frank’s name with the likes of those other dictators, I prose that we put Michael Field’s name with the likes of Victor Lal and Tui Savu – using some dumbass reasoning to psuh their anti-regime agenda. I am sure, there are folks out there who can make a better case against this regime, rather that the crap pushes by these idiots. I think this “crying wolf” kinda attitude is counter productive.

  2. OjO Says:

    Factual! I don’t think this Field fellow knows what it means for someone who is isolated from events in Fiji he sure has a lot to write about most of which is prosaic and full of verbosity.

    One wonders where on earth the likes of these people dredge their supposed factual information from apart from replacing facts with fantasy something these people are all too familiar with.

    I suppose the name of the game is to take a plausible event and twist it out of proportion and somehow disseminate lies for truth I do believe it’s called misleading and contravenes the ethical standards of fair and balanced reporting

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    ROFLMAO @ 2 posts above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dau Says:

    Field seems to wallow in an euphoria of his own stench which he tries to sell off as top class perfume. He has clients like the past & present PM’s of NZ & AUS. not forgetting Mr. Tala who talks through his ufa. Its too bad our gullible lot have swallowed the bait, Hook, Line & Sinker. Well,,,,what can we do? “Qitawas” being the kind of fish they are, tend to swallow anything while Field is having a field day. Av’ a good day.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    ROFLMAO again!

  6. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – you have wasted your time and efforts again!

    The question you should ask is how does the Regime’s assumption of the legal practitioners licensing role increase transparency and access to justice as claimed by Khaiyum?

    Those are just mere word that have no connection with Fiji’s reality. Everything this regime does is about removing or whitewashing or frustrating transparency and independence.

    And “access to justice” – what a laugh!

    What kind of justice do we have access to when the courts are so clearly supervised by the regime, and so obviously populated by cronies, and so patently substandard in their professionalism and ability?

  7. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – you have wasted your time and effort yet again!

    The question you should be asking is how the regime’s sudden assumption of the legal practitioners licensing authority is good for transparency or access to justice?

    Everything this regime has ever done is about removing or whitewashing or frustrating transparency!

    And as for access to justice – what justice?

    What kind of justice is he talking about when Gates’ new courts are so obviously supervised and constrained by the regime? And when they are populated by such obviously substandard legal and ethical minds? What sort of justice is it when the lever of power are simply out of bounds and out of reach of the people or their representatives?

    You guys gotta be kidding!

  8. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Another brilliant article by the ever articulate Michael who has summed up precisely the mess that has been created by the military morons in Fiji.

    Perhaps bud [or is it amigo] and his green goon buddy oj [ the one who keeps splitting his infinitives ] should both actually read the article and try to comprehend the meaning rather than type up their garbage.

  9. Tuma Says:

    Buds/Ojs/Da(u)s, see you still have your heads up B’s ass.

  10. OjO Says:

    Ex Fiji tourist:

    If this article tickles your nether regions than you’re a bigger idiot than Field.

    This man has been found wanting infact the BSA went as far to say so, he is nothing more than a certified prevaricator.

  11. Truth Says:

    Vo and gangsters have sang praises to Michael Field when the guy painted them in a somewhat reasonable light. Changing their tune for the sake of that famous side of the knife that butters their bread. In other words, RA TAMATA MACAWA. UNPRINCIPLED, SPINELESS, USELESS, LAWBREAKERS, in short


  12. OjO Says:


    Now like a good little shemale write something worth reading instead of resorting to vile comments.


    Go and wash your mouth out with soap you’re a naughty little girl you shouldn’t be castigating your leader like that.

    Your punishment is writing a million times “I will stop writing crap”

  13. Truth Says:

    Yah because writing crap is worse than tearing up the Consitution you dump gangsters.

  14. Truth Says:

    Your leader is the idiotic dump blind gangster worshiped by the rest of the stupid blind dump kalavo. Dou mata va kalavo. Mona va kalavo, Tovo va kalavo.

    Kalavo dau basulawa.

  15. Tuma Says:

    Oj’s You wouldn’t know the Truth if it came out of B’s ass, if any Truth ever comes out. You see, all you have to do is pull your head out of it, take a good clean shower and you’ll start to think straight. And while you’re at it encourage the other two to do the same. Unless of course all three of you have it way way way in its too late to pull it out. Then you’re all f’ed.

  16. Dau Says:

    Gosh ..Tumour , Truthless & others, Lets keep the profanities out. Seems when you guys can’t keep it constructive, you bring in the profanities. Take on your opponents with an open constructive analysis; Keep it above waist-level. Take politics out of the equation, we are brothers & sisters in spirit; but we’ll still play your game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT. No Problem, though preferably above the belt . A good evening to yous(or is it Ewes?)

  17. Dau Says:

    Tumour(Tuma) You are disgustingly amusing with your gutter level mentality. You may need a brain surgery to remove that malignant tumour deeply embedded in your cranium, presuming you have one? Cheers!

  18. Billy Taki Says:

    CHK-CHK BOOM, as soon as more truths are revealed about the heartless pig his lackeys are quick to condemn the writer.

    OjO & Dau drau baku wakakau sivia nomudrau tabetabe to the vuaka, it’s obvious, no vuaka no job for you dropouts

    Michael Field outweighs you both, your uncle brada Budhau and your master the pig in every honest and generous way and he writes honestly.

    Go and copy and paste elsewhere au kerekere


  19. Billy Taki Says:

    Dau the tumor seems to be growing alarmly large in your empty head, aah that’s where the wannabe smart bulldari is flowing from, your brain is fried and the tumor has filled the void.

    Interesting indeed.

    BTW, Tuma and Michael Field shit all over you man.

  20. senijiale Says:

    Bud’s senseless rants over Michael Field’s spot-on observation over the illegal wknd raiders at the secretariat of the Fiji Law Society, is just that – so damn laughable… for if anyone were to take his response seriously, he’s xpected to show his protected ass & response out there in mainstream media – now that wud be considered a level-playing ring btween Bud & Field, not hiding out here cursing at Michael Field. haha!

    That also goes for vore’s dittoheads – Ojo & Dau. One is evil incarnate and the other is a complete joke! You looters or cheergals for looters are the ones NOW under the microscope so wagging the dog over the ousted administration imaginary flaws ain’t gonna help yr lost cause. WHERE’S THE M O N E Y boys??!

  21. senijiale Says:

    Bud’s senseless rants over Michael Field’s spot-on observation over the illegal wknd raiders at the secretariat of the Fiji Law Society, is just that – so damn laughable… for if anyone were to take his response seriously, he’s xpected to show his protected ass & response out there in mainstream media – now that wud be considered a level-playing ring btween Bud & Field, not hiding out here cursing at Michael Field. haha!

    That also goes for vore’s dittoheads – Ojo & Dau. One is evil incarnate and the other is a complete joke! You looters or cheergals for looters are the ones NOW under the microscope so wagging the dog & blog vis-a-vis the ousted administration imaginary flaws, ain’t gonna help yr lost cause at all. WHERE’S THE M O N E Y boys??!

  22. cama Says:

    Dau, Budhau and OJO have something in common. They are talking from the same wave length.

    Keep your punches above the belt. The lies will continue but there is ending to everything and what goes up must come down or what goes around comes around and may be theyll realise the truth but people like them will never realise the truth.

  23. Budhau Says:

    Whether you are pro- Bainimarama, anti-regime or indifferent – that is not the issue here.
    My point was, how does the actions of Rokomokoti jeopardize Bainimarama’s international travel or as Field puts it, ““has thrown the entire Bainimarama dictatorship into international peril.”

    Whether Rokomokoti raided the FLS or went over there and demanded that the files be handed over, whether a search warrant was required or not, regardless, I still don’t understand how this one act of Rokomokoti, has now placed Bainimarama in the league and Pinochet, “the Burmese generals and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.”
    And that “prominent” NZ lawyer, Peter Williams goes on TVNZ discussing this same FLS incident and states that, “Fiji is a police state, just like Nazi Germany.”

    The point here is that even if you are a pro-democracy guy, people like Field and others, by exaggerating what is happening in Fiji, do more than good for your cause.

    Maybe you can go check out how many people were killed under Pinochet, how may were jailed, tortured and how may went into exile. Now, compare that with Fiji – 3 dead in custody, torture is running around some filed in your underwear, and jail is from several hours to a day in jail for interrogation – and that ain’t no enhanced interrogation as Bush did.

    While even one death in custody may not be acceptable – but that is not the point here, Frank Bainimarama ain’t no Pinochet, Mugabe or Hitler.

    Sorry Senijiale, this ain’t about Bud or Field – this is about an attempt by some to put Bainimarama in the same league as Pinochet, Mugabe, Hitler and those goons from Rangoon, who I am has nothing to do with this.

    Maybe next time we can track down the money.

  24. senijiale Says:

    Hah! U mis-underestimate the people of this country, Bud. When the suppressed & oppressed majority view your hero, the Vore, as being in that league of tyrannies – trust them, he is in that league, period. The varying degrees of tyranny don’t matter to them – pedantic fusspot bcomes you. Don’t believe me, then put it to test via ballot box. The vore’s ever shifting goalposts twds the promised election is enough to even try a saint.

  25. lastpolarbear Says:

    The greatest :-

    Something Frank will never be !

  26. mrx77 Says:

    Bud/Ojo/Dau/ROFLMAO…its better to say nothing and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Just go back to your tax-payers’ funded on-line porn sessions and wait for the day when justice is served. Lets hope that the only things we’ll find in all your pants are your hands (wadruca) and nothing else (korona). hehehe.

  27. Budhau Says:

    Well, Senijiale, if Frank is in the same league as those bad boys that Field was talking about, than why are we even discussing elections, why do you even bother asking that this be put to test through the ballot box.

    You see – all I was saying was that it was silly of Field to take that action against the Fiji Law Society and from that try and draw this picture that Frank has now joined the likes of Mugabe, Pinochet and Hitler.

    Try an keep focused – one issue at a time.

  28. stillsmallvoice Says:

    whatever you muppets may feel about michael field, the fact is that he has an opinion – and in this country, we’re allowed to have opinions…. we’re even free to voice them! as national radio’s pacific correspondent he also has a regular platform from which to keep those of us fortunate to live in the real world a glimpse at the wonderful country and people we remember as fiji, now just a sorry, morally bankrupt tinpot dictatorship.

  29. Ratu Sai Says:


    Yes you are correct you imbecile you should have kept your mouth shut than being considered a regular simpleton dipstick.

  30. Asgrocky Says:

    I hear the forked toungue serpent is hissiiing here. The imbecile just can’t help opening his mouth to continue declaring he’s thick . The idiocracy of the wanna be no one really gives a damn about. Just shud go back to the village and make use of the resources instead of waiting for the handout from the military and to be led by them. A generation of leeches being sprout from his loins.

  31. mrx77 Says:

    Ratu Sai:
    Did I stike raw nerve? Truth hurts huh? Our insider sources have confirmed what we knew all along, that is, porn being accessed from juntawood cell. It certainly is a lethal combination: limited knowlege, stolen computers and taxpayer-funded internet access.

  32. mrx77 Says:

    pssst…..insider source confirms recent online porn access from juntawood cell. VAKALOLOMA.

  33. Billy Taki Says:

    Thanks mrx77, we knew there was something wrong with Dau, OjO and their gal friend rrrrrrrrrrrrSai, all fixated with other peoples rectums and their own instant gratification like their masda Voreqe the Pig.

    No wonder they can’t write anything intelligent their hands are worn out from too much self stimulation from Mrs Palmer and her five sisters, Lima, Va, Tolu, Rua and Dua.

    Aw Shucks, doan be sigh men, he he he.

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