Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says Australia is prepared for the “long, hard, tough battle” to restore Fiji to democratic rule.

The country’s military backed regime scrapped the country’s constitution more than a month ago and is still imposing a strict media ban on local news organisations.

Keep up the blogging Ragone, every bit of information that you post here to denounce the ig coupsters  is useful for Open Source Information that Intelligence Agencies monitor to access the lowlifes involved in the illegal regime.

We Fijians who live in Fiji and our compariots overseas who know Piggy Bhainimarama, the lowlifes involved in the illegal regime, the coup apologists and coup beneficiarie, are the only ones who can reveal truths about them that is vital for those who monitor the goings on in Fiji……………………………..SO………….BRING IT ON!


The illegal regime is in panic mode as noted here……………………..

The Fiji law society has been raided yesterday  by plain clothes police.

The society told Radio Australia’s Pacific correspondent Campbell Cooney they confiscated all files and documents pertaining to complaints and other issues.

The society was told a decree was passed by the Interim Government yesterday removing its legal standing as the body representing Fiji’s lawyers.Mr Smith says Australia remains concerned about the situation in Fiji. “We will do everything we can to return Fiji to democracy and we’ll do that in conjunction with our friends and partners and neighbours in the Pacific,” he said.

“We’ll also do it in conjunction with our friends in the Commonwealth.”


  1. Relax Man Says:

    Hey no comments so people agreed to what happened to the Fiji Law Society of Gay people!!! ha!ha!ha!

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