13 Responses to “BE LOUD AND PROUD FIJI”

  1. Budhau Says:

    Looks like the Fijian Women’s Club of Sydney on a Sunday outing.

  2. Dau Says:

    The Sydney March has really achieved its purpose…..It shows up the Detractors are full of ……Wheres the thousands? looked like it dwindled to a coupla hundred adults… Na weka ni yadra mai( kinfolks wake up) Frank is on the foward March. I’d call your march the Dwindle March. God be with us all.

  3. Truth Says:

    “Ra weka ni yadra mai dou mai tutaka ka vakaukauwataka na sala lolovira ni Vo kei ratou na nona i lala dau butako , dau laba, dau basulawa, dau vaguluya na lewe ni vanua mai na vosataka na nodra dodonu kei na dina” Dau says.

  4. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Don’t be so critical Budhau. You’ll be changing your tune soon. When your Master gets the time (he’s busy trying to schedule meetings at the moment) he’ll send instructions to you about joining forces with others to oppose the dictatorship.

    The regime has no time for cane farmers who are the backbone of the
    Chodopu$$ political army. In 2007 they followed Chodpu$$ to support the Illegal Regime but they are having second thoughts at the moment. When they’ve experienced the increased costs of fertilizer and decreased price for sugar which kicks in later this year, they’ll be thinking very differently about their situation.

  5. tosotiko Says:

    Thank you to the Fijians Women’s Club of Sydney and the others not shown here who took part. The Chinese proverb ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step’ comes to mind.

    Vinaka Vakalevu na tutaka tiko na dina.

  6. Dau Says:

    Its gonna be a helluva long long long thousand miles, China is a really long walk from Sydney. Hey ! just joking Tosotiko i Muri.. ny nite. sleep tight.

  7. Billy Taki Says:

    Budhau is caught in a time warp & still stationed on the corner of Margaret and Princes street waiting for his ship to come in.

    Cagi Mai Ba is at your disposal Budhau, the filth will suit you to a T.

    Old sod probably hasn’t been back to Fiji in thirty years and stinking out some nursing home in the USA with his kari farts and mercurial thinking

    He is so irrelevant like his hero chodoci. Takes one thief to recognise another eh Budhau.

    Thanks for the head wobble mate.

  8. Ratu Sai Says:

    Bula Viti

  9. Jone Says:

    Bula Gangsters. Bula Vo.

  10. Budhau Says:

    Thanks guys, I like all the attention I am getting – that comment about some nursing home in the US – is that where most of you buggers go to get a job – specializing in elderly care.

    The fact still remains, that in a place like Sydney, where all the big boys of the “Worldwide Movement” are working out of, and where people like Pramod Rae, Ted Young and the millionaire Ballu Khan show up to lead the march and only 150 people showed up.

    …and wasn’t this the first march since the 2006 coup.

    CF – you keep on mentioning about “my master” – I AM THE MASTER, haven’t you got that yet.

  11. senijiale Says:

    hehe…u certainly haven’t ‘mastered’ the bloggers yet that’s for sure! Sour grapes….. something tells me you don’t get out of the house too much, do you?

  12. Asgrocky Says:

    I’m thinking that too. He prowls around here. He doesn’t respond to the posts, he pounces on them with glee.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    more like, master-bater !

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