In a statement addressing the 11th ACP Ministerial Conference on Sugar in Georgetown, Guyana, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama suggested that the group request the European Commission to review its stand.

The commission announced this week that it is withholding its €24 million assistance for Fiji’s sugar reform as a result of the recent political developments here.

The signing of the Financing Agreement for the 2008 Annual Action Programme is also being put on hold for the same reason.

Bainimarama wants the commission “to exercise a degree of flexibility in its treatment of Fiji”, adding that delay in the funding would be “disastrous” for the country.

“The successful and timely implementation of the ongoing sugar industry reforms and the mill upgrade programme is absolutely vital.”  

Bainimarama has proposed that the ACP ministers present an appropriate statement on Fiji’s behalf at the forthcoming ACP-EU Joint Council.


Ole Piggy’s still existing in complete denial and just doesn’t get it that he alone and his illegal stance is the reason the European Commission  is withholding any iota of funding to Fiji whether it’s for the defunct sugar industry or nails for his coffin.

Unlike ole piggy, leaders in other countries, are actually literate and legally elected, so are more than familiar with the situation in Fiji and his illegal stance and illegal regime of murderes and common thieves.

It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that he himself ole piggy Bhainimarama is the most disastrous who has caused the disaster that is Fiji today, where we were once known as the Bread Basket of the Pacific Fiji is now the basket case of the Pacific,  like it’s  basket case, self imposed, wannabe prime minister.  Dickhead extraordinaire.

Everyone knows too well that any funding goes straight into his own pocket because his greed is insurmountable.

Matani ta kunea.



  1. Redhillz Club Says:

    Dina kece, what his doing is under the spotlight. Bloody Namu ni Paralasi…………just spreding da Bustard Flu!! All the fund into his pocket b4 feeding the mouth of those who are beside him>< just to kip them Zippped. An behind all this, this is to cover up tha abuse of fund @ the QEB[ I mean the two Force High Ranki!!

    In yoh face!!

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