Peter Alford, Tokyo correspondent | May 22, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

THE Japanese Government has excluded Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama from an important Pacific leaders’ aid conference tomorrow in a protest over his latest overthrow of constitutional government.

However, the hosts have invited Fiji’s ambassador in Tokyo to represent the Suva Government at the Hokkaido summit and Fiji will continue to participate in Japanese development aid. Japan has ruled out for itself the confrontational approach of the Australian and New Zealand governments.

A senior Ministry of Foreign Affairs official said Tokyo was “quietly conducting our own dialogue” with Fiji’s “interim” administration.

Fiji and the other small-nation members of the Pacific Island Forum provide steady support and diplomatic ballast for Japan at international forums, such as the UN, where Tokyo is seeking Security Council permanent membership.

Fourteen leaders are meeting at the Japan-Pacific Islands Forum meeting to hear Prime Minister Taro Aso set out Japan’s new 50billion yen ($680million), three-year plan to promote environmental solutions, education and health improvement in the southern and central Pacific.

Australia and New Zealand are also forum members. Auckland is represented by its Foreign Minister and Canberra by Bob McMullan, Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance.

Commodore Bainimarama’s invitation to Hokkaido was withdrawn after the Pacific Islands Forum expelled Fiji on May 1 for failing to restore democratic government.

This followed his “reappointment” as interim prime minister by President Joseph Iloilo on April 10, suspension of the Fiji constitution and sacking of the Court of Appeal after its judges ruled Commodore Bainimarama’s Government was illegal.

The Prime Minister, who seized power in December 2006 by overthrowing the Laisenia Qarase government, has ruled out national elections for Fiji for at least five years.

“Of course, democracy must be restored, the Japanese Foreign Ministry official told The Australian. “We must also respect the view of the Pacific Islands leaders.

“(But) we have no intention of closing any dialogue with the Fijian Government, so we have extended an invitation to send a representative, but not the leader.”

Japan, along with Australia and New Zealand, is a major development aid donor to Fiji and other Pacific nations.

However, while their levels of assistance to the region have stayed relatively static, China’s aid has burgeoned; in 2006, it contributed about $26million to Fiji, the same level as Australia currently, but a year later committed $US160million.


15 Responses to “DOMO ARIGATO JAPAN”

  1. Willy Says:

    I guess cranky Cassava Frank is too much, even for the polite Japanese.

  2. Ratu Sai Says:


    Me vaka baba vei iko o Vorege, mei lei sasamaka vakavinaka omu sala ni tapi.

  3. Jone Says:

    See ? And even in this case poster Willy did not at all swear. But the same rSai character went straight into the use of swear words. On the other thread Sai told a poster to stop using cuss words. Practice what your preach please.

  4. Jone Says:

    Japan should not even bother including Fiji’s rep in any of these talks; the sooner the dictator gets ignored and left alone to fend for himself the better the chance this regime will collapse AND THEN FIJI CAN RETURN TO THE BUSINESS OF REBUILDING AND THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT BRINGING BACK MUCH NEEDED AID AND INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTAL PROJECTS.

    Japan should quit this game. That is the biggest favour it can do for the people of Fiji.

  5. Budhau Says:

    Japan had rescinded the invitation to Bainimarama after Fiji was suspended from PIF – that was about two weeks ago. This was reported widely back then, I saw it on Fijilive.

    The Australian, a sister newspaper to the Fiji Times, is pushing its own agenda, with negative stories like the one above – and they keep mentioning the increased Chinese aid.

    This is no different than the “news” that the UN will no longer use – the UN policy was announced late last year and we got it from the Australian and the PM there a few weeks ago.
    Last week it was “news” that the EU cut its funds to Fiji – the EU had announced in 2007 that it will cut its funds until a acceptable date for an election was announced – they have discontinued their annual allocation every year since – 2007, 2008 and now 2009.

    These guys keep re-hashing the same fricken “news” to make it look like Fiji is really getting it from the international community.

    BTW – wait til Frank recall his ambassador to Japan.

  6. Jone Says:

    Isa Isa vulagi Lasa Dina Nomu lako au na rarawa kina (NOT)

  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    The sad thing about all these countries who keep extending invitations to Vore is because they also want some CONTROL!!!!!!!

    They need to be seen to be in control of something or rather…but what they sadly don’t realise is, it is this kind of “polite” actions that keeps this wheel of war and chaos turning!!!! And that is DISASTER for us, but they don’t care about that. They are looking after themselves FIRST and US somewhere along the line.

    As Jones says…the sooner this dictator gets ignored the better for us.

    But bcos we keep sitting back and letting the lawyers be taken to jail for nothing, it will sadly be the usual routine until something CONCRETE AND PEACFEUL happens! That is the reality!!!

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

  9. senijiale Says:

    Hmmm…. looks like its down to Fiji’s lawyers to stand up, lead and be counted… or forever keep their peace.

    All those years slaving off their asses at law school boils down to THIS ONE DEFINING MOMENT……….. so which will it be guys & gals??

    The two-faced toads hve already cast their lot with the losers & looters running the show. Illegal chief toad Gates’ lips shud tremble whenever he utters the words ‘Law, Constitution and Justice’…. or is he that detached like his fav waxed doll.. Pathetic Pathik, what else is there to say… you sold yr soul to the devil ages ago Boo! Daniel, so overly ambitious, what can I say – 50% and out of ideas, lol.. there’s yr Ozzie PR so there was a choice tsk..tsk! And Mary Mary quite contrary..

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    Apologies for the digression folks, but could someone from Sydney please let us know what is happening at the march.

    If the media reports the event, please post articles and links to feed us news-starved natives.

  11. MJField Says:

  12. solivakasama Says:

    Vinaka Vakabibi Michael for this article and bringing it to our attention.

    Your mindfulness for the people of Fiji is highly valued and much much appreciated.

    May God be with You and Yours forever.

  13. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Bud – what increased Chinese aid?

  14. Budhau Says:

    Jean, you were enquiring about the “increased Chinese aid.”
    What was it – $1 million in 2005, about $25 million in 2006, and several hundred million in 2007 and after.

  15. Truth Says:

    The several hundred million dollars in aid from China has gone bye bye.

    Vo and Gangsters shared the loot 🙂

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