Is this why those chiefs went to visit Iloilo at the big house on 8th of May 2009?

Strange times indeed, especially when it has been noticed that the areas that are rife with crime are the regions whose chiefs ardently support the illegal regime.

Fiji’s President Ratu Josefa Iloilo has promulgated the Human Rights Commission Decree 2009, under which the commission can not deal with any complaints relating to the April 10 revocation of 1997 Constitution, or investigate any decision by a court of law.

The decree states that the functions, powers and duties of the commission do not extend to receiving complaints against, or investigating, questioning or challenging, the legality or validity of the revocation of the 1997 constitution or other decrees made or as may be made by the President.

“Any proceedings of any form whatsoever, as well as any application of any form whatsoever in a proceeding, seeking to challenge the validity or legality of the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 Revocation Decree 2009 (Decree No.1) or any other Decrees made by the President from 10 April 2009 or as may be made by the President, shall wholly terminate immediately upon the commencement of this Decree, and a Certificate to that effect shall be issued by the Chief Registrar to all parties to the proceeding,” the decree states.

The decree also says the functions of the Human Rights Commission are to educate the public about the nature and content of human rights, to promote and protect human rights and to make recommendations to the government about matters affecting compliance with human rights in Fiji.

“The commission must not investigate (but may comment on) any decision by a court of law,” it says.

The decree is the 11th since the revocation of the 1997 Constitution last month.


9 Responses to “TOTAL MAYHEM”

  1. Lawcast Says:

    Human Rights Decree disregards human rights from the Human rights Commission. It is now the ‘toothless’ commission of Non-Human Rights Commission……..weirder and weirder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Oh clowns.

  3. kaiveicoco Says:

    what are your views on the latest decree? soon there will be a decree to close public toiltets !!

  4. Budhau Says:

    Why don’t you buggers get it – that the problem in Fiji, and the impasse is a political problem, not a legal one.

    So you cannot go to the courts to question the constitutionality of the abrogation. Once the constitution is abrogated, the regime then has to “legislate” by decree. So you cannot have someone like Qarase file paperwork in the new court on day one that the decree was illegal. So the regime has done a preemptive strike so that we don’t go in circles.

    Look at your history and you will see how Rabuka governed by decree and all those prominent chiefs, Methodist Church leadership, senior Fijian civil servants, many indigenous lawyers, magistrates, judges, and loser Alliance politicians – they all had no problems with the rule by decree and the abrogation of the constitution because Rabuka had just given the Fijians the right to rule Fiji – indigenous cause – remember?

    Until we have a elected parliament in place, there will be decrees, and if we are to have courts, we cannot have some folks going around making a legal challenge to this administration.

  5. Buddhau Says:

    The current situation means there are no LAWS recognized by the people of Fiji so it’s technically anarchy and no legal procedures can be undertaken… If you disagree with the regime, you have only one option left (we all know which one…) and that’s why the IG is not joking anymore about freedom of speech.

    Time will play against the regime. It doesn’t take 100 years to set new rules and draw new electoral districts. With a little map software, you can get your new map in one day. Totolo made Mr. Bainimarama!

  6. Truth Says:

    This is corruption.

    Galu na drakamudou mai via vosa vamamaka jiko ike baleta na corruption. Dou samakina mada ga na matanidemudou i liu sa sivia tu mai kina na duka kei na da ni boi ni corruption.

  7. kaiveicoco Says:

    Budhau,tui wakakau
    Budhau,drau vakamau
    Budhau,nomu se ni caucau
    Budhau,dau yalo mamarau
    Budau, na tui ni vakadraudrau !!

  8. caitibai Says:

    Budhau, kubu mada, tolo….. Na gusu saraga ni kubu tiko vei iko. Iko na ulu qali se ulu wai?? Cai’i jinamu.

  9. caitibai Says:

    Budhau, fakana caita…. au bolei nomu ta….lol

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