The interim government in Fiji says it will not hesitate to defer indefinitely the annual conference of the Methodist Church if security forces suspect any motive to cause instability.

That follows the detention of Methodist minister, the Reverend Manasa Lasaro, who was questioned for two days by police about the church’s propositions to discuss issues including the legitimacy of the military-led regime at the conference.

Government spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni has appealed to church members not to be misled by a few people and asked the public to refrain from instigating or participating in action that will destabilise the peace.

He says members of the Methodist Church were misled by political opportunists in 2000, with many people turning up to parliament under the misguided notion they were fighting for indigenous rights.

He says the government and security forces will be more proactive in their efforts to keep the peace this time.

The Reverend Lasaro says the church will not be deterred from discussing the propositions.

Meddle with the church and pay the ultimate price ig.

The illegal regime cannot confer the banning of the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church of Fiji and pay the ultimate price – utter doom.

The conference brings people together for spirituality. Our compatriots come from around the world to meet and make new friends, sing, pray and raise money for the needy.

Is this what the illegal regime is frightened of  harmless, unarmed Holy Rollers having a bit of fun without alcohol or illegal substances?

It just goes to show that good always triumphs over evil.




  1. Dan Says:

    The church has just reminded the govt of its role in society. It is not to incite violence as Leweni is trying to misinterprete, but to be the voice of the voice-less, to be the servant of society and to preach justice. The Church will not be silent now and will not keep still if the vanua is groaning in pain. The Methodist Church is woven with the vanua which enhances its role as a servant of the marginalised. “The church is not a church if it does not speak for the voiceless”. It had laid down its life in the past and it will do the same for the sake of liberation of my beloved land and her beautiful people……May the Lord open the eyes of the regime dictators……..

  2. OjO Says:

    Under the watchful eyes of past villainous governments the wealth of Fiji was systematically squandered among the many families of corrupt chiefs, politicians and Methodist church leaders in the name of affirmative action.

    As such the insatiable desire for wealth among the chief jester and his clowns was to be at the detriment of grass roots people whilst the people may have acquired little or no assistance from their affirmative action programme, whatever little they got if any came at a cost.

    Unfortunately the disparity of educational wealth among the grass roots people is indeed a concern and the exploitation of our grass roots people goes on unabated by these lowlife clowns enticing these people with false hope and prophecy.

    The Methodist church of Fiji per-se is without fault like many other religious organizations however those who are the leaders of the Methodist Church are destructive in fact the brand of Christian doctrine they ascribe is nothing more than diabolical.

    There is a major domination and the monopolisation of those that exerts the power over those of the common people of this country which on close examination are subjected to their reprehensible greed.

    The great common people must stand and fight to keep these bloodhounds of money and false prophecy that have dogged the nation thus far at bay.

    Total separation of church and state is the only way forward.

  3. Asgrocky Says:

    That’s a loosing battle in trying to separate church and state even though most would like that. But there will be a union of church and state, the One World Religion. Its going that way. Ask Teleni from where does he receive his inspiration to evangelise and where is he going with it with FB and the Shaista woman’s blessing including the ig ag and the Iloiloman who all give the Teleni man the freedom to do so including Fiji’s high profile Catholics who have gone back to hibernating. All these people, represented by different cultures and religions working together. That Ba’aal Hadad in the charter they want for Fiji is it. The charter wants religious unity. Inter -faith they call it. The evil element is there taking over. FB’s military is the tool by which it will be achieved and are creating diversion from the real agenda. The Teleniman is evangelising. I would really like to find out what he is really teaching. Can someone post one of his sermons in here. Ba’aal Hadad is one of the many symbols of the Masonic cult.

  4. Cama Says:

    Ojo, where were you when the missionaries from the Methodist Church came to Fiji and get rid of the cannibalism attitude and instil christian principle among Fijians? Why did God chooses the Methodsit over any other religions to rid off cannibalism?

    The Methodist is here to stay and they are the largest denomination in the country and please be reminded that they never any money from the Government or any foreign government. They sweat for their money or in other words, the members fully financed the church according to their belief and does the church does not force anyone to give but they give from their heart.

  5. Cama Says:

    The church’s stand is according to the laws of the land and not a law of jungle. the IG’s abrogation of the constitution will come back to haunt them and that is why the church has made the stand for the IG to consider because that is their only way out off this mess that they had created.

    if they prefer going their way then they are just creating enemies along the way which will be detrimental to them in the long run. You know, every dog has its day.

  6. confused young methodist Says:

    a. “Meddle with the church and pay the ultimate price ig.”

    b. “The illegal regime cannot confer the banning of the Annual Conference of the Methodist Church of Fiji and pay the ultimate price – utter doom……

    questions with regards to the above

    1. Who is the real culprit meddling with the church is it really the IG or those running the church.

    2. What power do these church leaders have if the IG does go fwd in banning the annual conference? Is it possible that this can still be held?

    just curious as to where the majority of our congression stand at this crossroads. Rumours say that majority are against the church hierachies and have discovered the truth with the IG, some say that the church and the grassroots are just manipulating tools for those not satisfied with the IG.

    As a concerned young methodist, i fear the worst in the steps the IG is going to take against the church and the way our church leaders are being treated by the IG

  7. Budhau Says:

    The extremist elements of the Methodist Church, a small, rogue group has the control of the church, and by playing politics, these guys will do more harm to the church and we will see a split in the Church – the Indians Christians are going their way and the more moderate group also leaving.

    These same guys have made the Methodist Church a part of the nationalistic political movement, including working with the Taukei movement extremists.

    Some time back, Ratu Joni made a statement that crimes against the Hindu religion in Fiji began after the Methodist Church’s endorsement of Fiji becoming a Christian State after May 1987 coup.
    Methodist extremist, Reverend Ame Tugaue had said, “Because if God does get angry with the heathens, Christians will be punished because they allowed the worship of idols and other lesser gods in Fiji.” This had to do with the Methodist Church’s objections to the constitutional protection of minority religious communities such as Hindus and Muslims.

    Then there is your Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu whose position has been that the 2006 coup is “un-Christian” and is “manifestation of darkness and evil” and pointed out that “52% of Fijians are Christian and the country’s Christian values are being undermined”

    These are extremist, intolerant people. This Church whipped up the nationalist’s emotions that led to the 1987 and the 2000 coups and they were behind the establishment of the 1990 Constitution, which legally preserved Fijian supremacy. They are at again this time.

    It is about time the moderate Methodists take a stand against these extremist elements in the Methodist church and take back their church.

  8. Willy Says:

    I wonder how many battlefronts the junta can actually sustain. Sugar, Chodo, UN peacekeeping, church, media, foreign relations, foreign investment, collapse of tourism etc, etc. Not even a dimwit can be fooled by the media’s ‘newspeak’ as Gorge Orwell has called the Leweni reporting. It is bad news all over and exept for the junta and a few croonies, people getting poorer every day. The noose is getting tighter and the look North strategy will soon fall apart too. The EU is under pressure from the European Parliament to be even firmer and there are serious talks to relocate the Suva delegation to Sydney or Apia. There is one thing that the junta may have overlooked: The smaller an economy, the harder it is to isolate from the rest of the world.

    Cassava Frank may be mistaken that he can pull off a Birma or North Korea stunt and hang on forever.

  9. KatalinaBalawanilotu Says:

    I have been following this story line.

    Methodists are peaceful. They discuss peacefully and they will march peacefully.

    Whether or not violence breaks out will be the military’s decision entirely for they have the power to shoot or lay down their arms.

  10. Buddhau Says:

    Cama asked “Why did God chooses the Methodsit over any other religions to rid off cannibalism”

    God didn’t get rid of cannibalism : REASON got rid of it.

    When a group of people get isolated for a long period of time from the rest of the world, these kind of weird behaviors can appear. This shows the paramount importance of living in a multiethnic and opened world in order to prevent all kinds of extremisms.

    Only when you realize that your religion is a tiny dot in space and in time then you can open your mind to the truth.

  11. Budhau Says:

    Willy – cut out the crap and look at the facts.
    The sugar industry – EU had made its announcement to cut off its annual allocation of funds in 2007. I has been doing so since 2007, making an announcement every year. I suppose they will continue to do so until Frank announces an election date that is acceptable. Frank knows it, Chaudary knows it and they were expecting it this year and the same for next year.

    The UN peacekeepers – the UN made an announcement in late 2008 that no new recruits for new peacekeeping jobs. Everyone knows that.

    The above two news stories – there is some confusion because idiots at the blogs seems to be making these out to be new announcements.

    The Church – they have been involved with all previous coups. Frank was pissed of at them supporting the Truth and reconciliation bill – remember before the coup when Frank threatened to trow out those church people out of the army. It is recently that the church buggers started to pull the same crap that they did in 2000 and 1987 – and Frank decided to come down hard on them.

    The “tourism collapse” – go check you figures.

    Foreign relations – those sanctions etc were expected, it is the way the regime got around it by hooking up with China. BTW – that smaller economy theory would have worked if China had not stepped in.

    Look at the facts – after Frank pulled the coup, almost all foreign aid from our traditional sources stopped. The EU had announced even before the coup that the sugar subsidy would stop and that had the sugar industry on the verge of collapse, even before the coup. We had had a global recession and other countries economies suck also. Than there was that flood, one of the worst this century. You also have the travel bans by A/NZ, that prevent many good folks from working for the regime.

    Despite all these, these regime seems to pulling everything together, even under these circustances. Qarase and his boys would have been totally screwed just with the flood, the global downturn, and the EU price support being discontinued.

    The A/NZ plan to bring Frank to his knees has not worked – it has been almost three year. I think we have already hit the bottom and things will only get better, may be not as fast, but at the end of the day we will better off than we would have been under Qarase in the long run.

  12. kaiveicoco Says:

    Budhau,it was also part of the methodist church that helped defeated Rabuka in a democratic way in the 1999 elections.They formed the VLV party to split the Fijian votes.So the methodists I can say support democracy

  13. Tuma Says:

    Be wary of the Vodafone Vodastar promotion asking for you to register your personal details to win 5dlrs talktime. Especially for prepay customers this is an opportune time for them to link prepay mobile numbers to its user. Monitoring whats being said is happening folks.

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The author of “March at all costs” or something along that line describes the answer to this question and I agree with her.

  15. This is Navoha Says:

    Na i vola qo e vagolei vei rau na noqu maseki Raukuve kei Ko Na Gone….Kerekere vei mutou na yasana o Ba…..Dou tu taka na dina kei na savasava.Na tamata i Viti sa sega ni taleitaki nona veiliutaki na presitedi e baleta nona rerevaka na vosa vakadodonu & his lack of faith in Almighty God..…because the truth is that he holds the key.

    Mo dou kila talega na history of fiji that there was no paramount chief of Ba….because most of Ba including Nawaka,Saunaka,Sabeto,Vuda,Naloto,Magodro right upto rakiraki including the whole of yasawa was conquered by the Ka levu of Nadroga, Ratu Tevita Makutu and his son Ratu Kini Nanovo(read Old Wars of Western Fiji by Isikeli Nadalo,15th august 1955)…or Jounal of fiji musuem Domodomo Vol.13,No1 2001……
    also you can clarify this with the elders from Narewa, Nadi.

    The Ka levu of Nadroga returned most of your land to you people to leave on and to show his power and status in the west. So you should be grateful that he gave back the land….so we just reminding you people of Ba to tread carefully because history might repeat itself and as blood relative and koi yata we support him.

    o keimami mai Navosa e dua vata kei ira na wekai keimami mai Lau, Tailevu,Naitasiri,Vanualevu,Lomaiviti,Rewa and etc… me sa rauta na viavialevu….kerekere vu motou na maseki…Raukuve,ko Na Gone mutu no lo….bale tia mutu tasi kila tia kia na kwa.

  16. Cama Says:

    You got it all wrong Budhau. Your facts is all wrong about Methodist Extremist.

    Democracy is well practised in the Methodist church. All agendas are for negotiations and not for a single person to be heard but the voice of the members are heard before a decision can be made.

    For Rev Lasaro’s papers, that was a proposal which he had researched from throughout Fiji and is being table in all Division’s AGM and the last one was in Suva last week.

    this will be touched again in the Annual Meeting in August where a decision will be made so they are just following democratic procedures best practised by the Methodist Church. You dont know anything about the Methodist Church because you just know nothing about them but only what you heard from the news. You got to be in it to know the structure and how the methodist system works.

    For the IG, only PMs voice is heard.

  17. sesau Says:

    The methodist is always trying to destabilise the country. All its leaders are in someway involved in politics. Why deny! they realise they will be losing the millions often stacked at every church conference. Come on! give me a break! This so called democratic champions are wolves in sheep skin.Don’t ever believe any crap that comes from them! The only genuine person around is Frank! Long live the king!

  18. Dau Says:

    Cama, I think we need to take a closer look at our Methodist church of today. I am a proud and open minded member of the Methodist church and am a descendant of one of the first batch of methodist missionaries that went to Papua New Guinea to preach the Gospel. That can be easily verified if you care to check on Ratu Isikeli Dau, in the Methodist records of the early 1900’s. I’m for real.
    If you take a closer look you’ll see that the church is run by a number of slick politicians wearing the cloth. These are wolves in sheeps clothing. The descisions made by the church are manipulated with great finesse in the style of some very shrewd politicians. Its no secret that the church was always in collusion with the SDL govt of which I was a strong supporter.
    My support for the SDL dwindled to zero when I saw the racist policies they purported were merely to keep the races at bay from each other. While we’re snarling at each other, the elites were laughing all the way to the bank. My true Christian conscience made me extricate myself from the oligarchy of the SDL.
    Lurking in the shadows of your methodist democracy is something more sinister than meets the eye. You can’t deny that sunday church during elections……. it is always hinted to us in no uncertain terms who to vote for. We pray for our Church’s preferred political party, you know the drill.
    There are some things you’ll never know, at best left alone. I would never comment on those issues, not on this blog anyway. My brotherly advice is; dig deeper, dont look through rose colored glasses when talking about our Methodist Democracy…. Rev ML is subtly selling a political agenda or shoving it down our throats? You are aware of tradition& custom its not easy to say NO!… We(church) should be politically neutral at this time. May God bless us all .

  19. OjO Says:

    The founding fathers of Methodism’s ultimate aim were one of devout godliness found on the protestant belief system of Martin Luther, which are liberal or tolerant views with respect to race gender and ideology.

    Unlike the false philosophical system which is embraced by the many is propagated by these depraved church leaders with narcissistic personalities.

    We must like good followers of various belief systems denounce outright the false and perverse ideologies espoused by these morally bankrupt individuals for they have ceased to be keepers of the faith and have defiled the house of worship.

    They are a disgrace and deserving rebuke the hard work by those that came before them was all in vain.

  20. TAILEVU KID Says:

    Rev Lasaro (Historical political stance)

    * 1987 – pro-coup sympathezier
    – Leader a Methodist roadblock on Sundays advocating that Fiji must be declare a CHRISTIAN STATE (R

  21. TAILEVU KID Says:

    Rev Lasaro (Historical political stance)

    * 1987 – pro-coup sympathezier
    – Leader a Methodist roadblock on Sundays advocating that Fiji must be declare a CHRISTIAN STATE (Refer to Dr Ratuva articles)
    Results- Burning of Hindu Temples in Sigatoka)
    – Pro-coup in 2000
    – 2009- An-Coup

    Talking about a separation of the CHURCH & STATE

  22. TAILEVU KID Says:

    Rev Manasa Lasaro is using religion (thru the Methodist church) to advocate the SDL political mandate of nationalistic ideology, which was based on racial doctrines.
    FACTS: 1987 Coup- Strongly support the Rabuka coup
    – Instrumental in organizing nationwide roadblocks on Sundays (Methodist affiliation), in the advocacy that Fiji must be declare a CHRISTIAN STATE
    – This (Christian protest) led to a series of vandanlism and burnings of Hindu Temples
    2000 Coup- Supported the civilian coup of failed businesman, George Speight for nationalist purposes

    2006 Coup ( Bainimarama) Anti-Coup campaigner.


  23. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Simply put :

    The good Reverend knows better today than he did yesterday and for that he gains respects from those who count.

  24. Dau Says:

    Kat, you may need to edit you Wikipedia on the meaning of Good. The Rev. definitely “knows better today than he did yesterday” on how to gain in dollar donations & respect from those who are adrift in the same canoe. God bless Fiji.

  25. maui jim Says:


    You sound like the “newspeak” Leweni. Not much brains at all.

    The old adage, “Better for the fool not to speak – and be thought of as a fool, rather than to speak and make known to all you are trully a FOOL.”

    1. *Teachers, Policeman, Fireman, other civil servants – saddened, cry, overstressed etc..no more hard income at 55. Mortgages? Kid’s education? zero.
    *Bainimarama, Teleni & co will continue to 65. *Bainimarama will by then have accumilated $740,000 (net) from continued employment and pension benefits.. enough for Mortgages, Kid’s education !
    2. *$180,000 for unpaid leave..*”I am doing this for the people of this nation”..Voreqe.
    4. Poverty has escalated, cost of food increased, unemployment continues to rise, currency spiralling downwards, foreign reserves at most critical ever…..for the People?
    3.* “I am correct. 70% of the population are wrong. The EU, Pacific Forum, Australia, Britain, USA, Commonwealth, UN, the rest of the world are wrong”
    4.* HISTORY..100% of all Coup leaders are in it for themselves. Is Voreqe different ?

    Bhudau there is a lot more to be said.. but surely there must be some form of inteligence left for you to figure the rest out !!!

  26. maui jim Says:


    You sound like the “newspeak” Leweni. Not much brains at all.

    The old adage, “Better for the fool not to speak – and be thought of as a fool, rather than to speak and make known to all you are trully a FOOL.”

    1. *Teachers, Policeman, Fireman, other civil servants – saddened, cry, overstressed etc..no more hard income at 55. Mortgages? Kid’s education? zero.
    *Bainimarama, Teleni & co will continue to 65. *Bainimarama will by then have accumulated $740,000 (net) from continued employment and pension benefits.. enough for Mortgages, Kid’s education !
    2. *$180,000 for unpaid leave..*”I am doing this for the people of this nation”..Voreqe.
    3. Poverty has escalated, cost of food increased, unemployment continues to rise, currency spiralling downwards, foreign reserves at most critical ever…..for the People?
    4.* “I am correct. 70% of the population are wrong. The EU, Pacific Forum, Australia, Britain, USA, Commonwealth, UN, the rest of the world are wrong”
    5.* HISTORY..100% of all Coup leaders are in it for themselves. Is Voreqe different ?

    Bhudau there is a lot more to be said.. but surely there must be some form of inteligence left for you to figure the rest out !!!

  27. Cama Says:

    I think Fiji is in a very dark ages now and worst than cannibalism days. The church has learnt from past mistakes and thats why it has moved this way to follow the rule of law. I think most people now are still looking back at the past instead of seing the changes that has taken place in the people or the leasdership of the Methodist Church. It is not about money but about teaching the members to be God fearing and followers of the law.

    it is not the money that this paper was drawn up, it is the plight of the poor grass root people that this paper was all about. and it is also a way out for the IG because all this decree wont be there to safe guard them when it is being challenged by the court of law.

    we must wake up now, confused methodist must involved themselves alot with their church physically and spiritually otherwise they will be swayed very easily with what they hear but not with the facts.

    My advise to Dau and confused methodist is to get involved with your church and not distanced yourself from their congregation because you will be carried away so easily by the flying news here and there.

  28. Dau Says:

    Cama, I’m still a very dedicated member of the church, but I distance myself from its political agenda. You know it, I know it; We both know what I’m talking about. Glossing over the lobbying and intrigue behind the scene is the past folly of the more enlightened members of our flock, As I’ve already said, I have an open and free mind as far as the church is concerned. God bless.

  29. Asgrocky Says:

    95% Truth, 5% lies.

    5% is enough to kill.

  30. waisou Says:

    Hullo! If the early Missionaries can stand up to cannibals and warriors, why can’t our Methodist ministers do the same! Remember everyone, anyone going against them is in fact going against THAT WHO CALLED THEM!!!!!

    Please appreciate the fact that it was the Methodist ministers of yester-years that prepared us to receive the gospel and now so many other churches, denominations and religions have made their home here in Fiji, all credit to these early missionaries! Why are they going against the Methodists.

    Please listen to them and support them through prayers! Gos is warring on our behalf. Stand fast to the promises of God because He backs up His promises by all the honor of His name (Ps 138:2)

    God bless Fiji

  31. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Dau is a cpup beneficiary ..’nough said

  32. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    All beneficiaries of this junta don’t count.

  33. Asgrocky Says:

    Much has been said about the law. All are referring to the rule of law as the constitution. The supreme law of the land. Much talk also about the church and its leaders and church leaders being the men of God and the voice of the people.

    Now the Holy Bible says that “All have gone astray…..” I wondered why God said that. Fijians are christians go to church every Sunday, have a special day from the week’s labour set aside for a special day to worship the Lord. Very beautiful and admirable. But God says ” All have gone astray…..”
    So what is the problem God, why do you say that?

    The answer.

    It’s in the Law.

    All have gone astray from God’s LAW. The supreme LAW of the LAND.
    “Heaven and Earth will pass away but not one title……………..”
    All have gone astray.

    “Here is the patience of the Saints. Here are those who keep the Commandments of God and the testimonies of Christ. The testimonies of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.

    ” He who says he knows Him and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

  34. vutukibai Says:

    Sa rauta mada….Sa kena gauna me lau vutu kina o bainimarama. Fight for our freedom. Sa rauta na lamu sona tiko.
    Im not a methodist but i TOTALLY SUPPORT their stand against the ig.
    Convoy taki o bainimarama…. Faya ra boys…tala kece i loma me bukete o koya….

    Caiti tamana vakarua…

  35. sesau Says:

    The methodist leaders should have rocks tied to their neck and thrown into the Suva Harbour. They lie, mislead,steal and dope themselves with grog until there are not enough brain cells to function in decision making.They are sore losers .I’m sorry but the congregation must be helped to see that!Good on you Frank!Your time has come!

  36. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hmm whoever wields the guns is THE one whose time has come aye 🙂

  37. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    First the good Reverend Manasa Lasaro

    Now Richard Naidu and John Apted detained. Junta is afraid of a whole lot more than Methodist Talatala and congregation.

  38. NadroKid Says:


    Please stop generalising and oversimplifying things. Some of our methodist church leaders have carried out their responsibilities with honour and distinction. They have not supported coups in the past nor have they been accused off all those things you have on that list (lie, mislead, steal or dope themselves with grog). I have known them to have even spoken out against their brethren who had supported the coups of 1987 and 2000. With certain leaders and members turning against them because of their unpopular stand. Certain names come to mind like Rev Koroi, Rev Langi, Rev Fatiaki and the former President late Rev Niukula etc.. I am sure there are many others like them. And the funny thing is that These leaders will say the same thing today against this coup and its leaders.

    In fact Rev Koroi, the former head of the Methodist church and former Army chaplain is on record saying that Commodore Bainimarama is an unstable and insecure person resorting to “bullying” tactics. The bodyguards accompanying the Commander gave the impression that he was defending himself rather than the nation, Koroi told the Fiji Sun, declaring that Lieutenant Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka had been right to confront him. “He (Bainimarama) has no integrity at all,”.

    I will paste the full version of his interview next which I think is a good summary of this coup right from the beginning.

  39. NadroKid Says:

    Just in case you missed this Sesau I am pasting it in here from one of Solivakasama’s earlier blogs:

    Vakamatata taka vei ratou Talatala!!
    By solivakasama

    A METHODIST minister has called for the dissolution of the military and labelled the institution as one that comprised lazy, non-productive members who spent most of their time polishing shoes.

    Reverend Josateki Koroi said he outlined this in his letter to the National Council for Building a Better Fiji when he turned down the invitation to join.

    “The coup is based on a robbery philosophy. It’s like stealing from a bank to set up a school,” he said.

    “If they want to create a better Fiji, then Frank (Bainimarama) and his army should grow their own food and produce food in their own villages. That’ll make a better Fiji. The faster they do this the better.”

    Mr Koroi claimed the army did nothing “all day, everyday” which led them to pick up their guns and frighten ordinary civilians.

    “They don’t produce anything yet they receive hard-earned money. The army should be dismissed and their members sent back to the villages where they can farm and produce something for their family. They shouldn’t be allowed to depend on people’s money.

    “In fact, they should not be paid. They don’t deserve any wages. The Bible says the labouring people should be honoured and fed, and the lazy should not be fed,” he said.

    After he declined the invitation to the council, Mr Koroi said he was surprised at a second invitation to join an arm of the council. “I was invited to join the second working group in the good governance task team,” he said.

    Mr Koroi was asked to join the working group on institutional and public sector reform.

    “I didn’t agree with the philosophy of the charter. The whole thing is illegal. The charter is trying to create a new Fiji. I don’t believe a coup can create a new Fiji. Only God can create a new Fiji and it’s our responsibility to respect that,” he said.

    Mr Koroi said the interim regime wanted to abolish the identity of Fijian people and recreate Fiji into a non-racial country.

    “I don’t know any country in the world that doesn’t have its own unique people. What part of the world has no indigenous people? God made all his people distinct from those of other countries, from India, China, New Zealand and Australia and Fiji is no different. The different people of each country are to be respected for that,” he said.

    He said it was “totally blasphemous” to deny God’s creation from being indigenous people of their country.

    “A better Fiji will be built on righteousness, hard work and good governance,” Mr Koroi said.

    Mr Koroi said another reason he rejected the invitation to join the council and its working group was because of the interim regime’s philosophy that might was right.

    Military spokesman Colonel Mohammed Aziz questioned whether Mr Koroi was speaking as a military officer. “If so, does it apply to him also? He served in active service and remains on the Retired Officers list. Officers do not resign unless they wish to be decommissioned,” was all Colonel Aziz said.

  40. Dau Says:

    Kat, Guns are the tools of today, thats the reality. Bows& arrows, clubs& spears are tools of yesterday.
    You can’t expect our Govt & Military to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect them
    to be in business tomorrow…This Govt mean business when it comes to their objectives, make no mistake about it. You can blow as much hot air as you wish but the Train is already halfway to its destination..Cheers!

  41. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hahaha ahaha hahahaha hahahhhhh ……..

  42. OjO Says:


    Unfortunately for those of whom who have kept true to their oath is tarred with the same brush as those who have betrayed not only their oaths but their congregation.

    As for the former yes there are a handful of pastors that are worthy and true followers of Christ and the church’s doctrine’s the latter not much can be said but it is on us to castigate these lowlife philandering inebriate mongrels for these sons of bitches have sold their soul to the demon and brought infamy upon the Methodist Church and it’s people.

  43. This is Navoha Says:

    ojo…vosa vinaka tiko ….viavia vuku..luveni bavulu ….your use of rich vocabs & to much reading shows your lack of maturity in discerning between what is morally right & morally wrong. …& with lack of holy spirit in your life…it has clouded most of your decision in life……lako mada i lotu …..kua tiko na vosa vaka lialia…boci

  44. vutukibai Says:

    DAU kubu, laufutu…. vacava tiko mada o keda. Just open your third eyeball and see the problem surrounding Fiji and its people. Thats if your two natural eyes can’t see whats going on. You come up with some good points but they’r all full of bullshit.

    Dau, hang on real tight to kubu-manda Frank Bainijinana, just as your train is about to reach its destination, the train driver will call you into his cabin and peg you on the dot. Dooms day, brass.

  45. Asgrocky Says:

    You speak like a serpent . The language you use to describe a fellow human being can only be from the devil himself. Who are you to judge you anyone? You need to take a break because you are just spewing nothing but evil against people who are dependent on the Creator. Whether they are right or wrong. You have no right to talk to anyone the way you do.

  46. Budhau Says:

    Navoha – that crap about someone “with lack of holy spirit in your life”, is that why you buggers supported the illegal removal of Chaudary as the PM, specially when he took that oath on some Hindu holy book.

    Or, as your great Methodist leader Reverend Ame Tugaue had declared during the Easter celebrations in 2005, “Because if God does get angry with the heathens, Christians will be punished because they allowed the worship of idols and other lesser gods in Fiji.”

    How can you reconcile this kind of thinking with democracy – when some in the Methodist Church preach the ethno-nationalist line that Fijians were God-chosen people and Fiji was their promised land. If that is true, then how can those same guys now ask the international community to help restore democracy in Fiji – for how long? Until the next next time a non-Fijian, non-Christian is elected the Prime Minister.

    You see why there is a need to keep religion out of politics. The fundamental, right wing of the Methodist Church is aligned with the SDL. Remember how the Methodists were the only religious group in Fiji to come out in support of SDL’s reconciliation Bill.

  47. Budhau Says:

    Hey Asgrocky, Ojo said nothing against God, religion or anyone who believes in religion. He was addressing the small, militant wing of the Methodist church which now controls the church.

    I think Ojo is right – those SOBs should be kicked out and the grassroot folks should take back their church.

  48. vutukibai Says:

    ah, ah ,ah….and then…and then?????

  49. Dau Says:

    Kat…With all the venom you spew on the Govt of the day, I didn’t realize you had some sense of humour left in you….Dredre ga mo cegu. enjoy the evening.

  50. NadroKid Says:


    Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord. If you are really a descendant of that valiant man of God the late Ratu Isikeli Dau then you should know this. As people like him went on their dangerous missions in PNG their main weapon was the Word of God…the Sword of the Spirit. Dont put your trust in those guns buddy. You have a nice evening too.

  51. Dau Says:

    Fully agree with you NadroKid…… Never did trust guns, and am averse to its use and abuse. They’re only useful under certain circumstances. Thank you for your kind words on Rt. Isikeli Dau a true and sincere man of the cloth quite unklike some we have today. God bless Fiji.

  52. sesau Says:

    I am sorry to offend any methodist minister who had never supported a coup. One rotten apple spoils the lot!

  53. sesau Says:

    Why are so many Fijians resisting Frank. They are probably feeling sorry for themselves as for the very army that supported them previously is now against them.This is the time to wake up Fijians. SA DODONU ME BIU NAI TOVO MAKAWA, YA NAI TOVO VAKANAKORO (VUCESA, KANA SIVIA ETC.ETC)

  54. Asgrocky Says:

    You, a native Fijiian don’t seem to have a very good opinion of your own race. So when did you become a wog., western oriented gentleman/woman. Now you are talking to your own with contempt. Not a good thing to do. Very sad indeed that a native should trash his/her own. Your father/mother/brother/sister/grandfather/grandmother/aunties/uncle ……
    you get my drift? are included in the people you are trashing. What does that say about you?
    The majority of people blogging here I believe live overseas that’s why they can only come here to discuss the happenings in Fiji. YOU are a FIJIAN, your very own people including yourself that you trash. Or are you in denial of your own race. Remember the “built- in -Liumuri genes” It’s very obvious in you. No one else in this blog but you. You would do well to make yourself useful go to your village and preach what you preaching here to your people. You can tell them this
    You are a disgrace.
    Every single person in this blog have a right to their own opinion that they state here. you are trying to force and impose your opinion on everyone and insult people that don’t think like you. They are true Fijian people and unique in their ways. You are nothing.

  55. Dau Says:

    As/Grocky, When the Europeans first arrived in Fiji they were awed at the sophisication of Fijian Plolitics, especially the intrigue of the so called ” Vere vaka Bau”…. Liumuri Genes? unique ain’t it…

  56. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    When did truth translates into venom ?

  57. Dau Says:

    Kat, very simple answer, Its YOUR translation so you know the answer. May we all enjoy the daily blessings from our Creator.

  58. OjO Says:


    Rogoci au vakavinaka toce, if my superior knowledge of words has left you somewhat bewildered than I make no apologies and yes I do hold the moral high ground for it is not I that have brought ignominy to the church and are found derelict in my duty.

    However your defensive reaction in attempting to defend the indefensible falls short of all moral principles and therefore the ethics of your corrupt pastors that you seem to hold in high esteem is indeed base on hypocrisy for you see they are incapable of discerning right from wrong now like an immoral dipstick pull your head out your rectosigmoid and start smelling the rose.

    There’s nothing more pleasing to the eye than to witness church goers dressed in their Sunday best to seek some form of redemption from the man on high the truth be told these people some of which are nothing more than malignant hypocrites being led by reprobates.

  59. Dau Says:

    Ojo.. thats a bit harsh, but I guess, I’ll always be a dedicated member of the Methodist congregation. Your comment saddens me but I have to face up to the realities. I agree that we’ll need to overhaul our church leadership to bring back the credibility of yesterday. I pray for that day….. Av an enjoyable & peaceful day.

  60. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    You, whose bread comes by way of thievery translates truth to mean venom for good reason. Truth expose your beloved junta for the crooks that they are.

  61. Truth Says:

    “… the ethics of your corrupt pastors …”

    Vamamaka tu i vei na drakamu OJO. Bainimarama, your idol is the most corrupt under the sun along with you and all those unprincipled thugs following blindly. 1 blerry mataboko THUG leading the rest of the mataboko THUGS. Sealing their way into the people’s coffers with the might of the guns at their sides. SHAME ON YOU !

  62. Truth Says:

    Stealing their way into …

    How’s that for truth telling.

  63. Cama Says:

    Dau, I think you still havent see the light. Have you read the proposal of your church or not. What corrption are you talking about that the pastors did?
    Can you paste here and paste the ones that you do?

    Do you remember what Jesus told the pharisees, If you have no wrong, take the first stone and throw it at this woman.

    Can you describe the corrupt practises that your pastor did?

  64. Cama Says:

    The church is letting the IG know that there is a way out of this. But if they chose to follow their own way, its up to them.

    The reconciliation that the church is proposing now will heal the nation apart from the ones that was proposed by the SDL during their leadership days which to my spiritual understanding is flawed.

    we are talking about a way out for this current impasse that will be good for all and not a certain group.

  65. Cama Says:

    I am telling you taht no amount of decree will save them but get back the constitution, we reconcile, grant amnesty to the commander and his men and we move on.

  66. Dau Says:

    You guys still singing in the wrong key, singing the wrong song. I cant change your perception of whats wrong or right, whats true or untrue. my favourite saying ” those who cannot change their minds can never change anything”. You just keep wallowing in your own venom, good luck to you while we sail on with the winds of change. Cheers! no hard feelings, catch you in the evening.

  67. OjO Says:


    Bainimarama is far from being my idol infact there’s only one paragon central to my life and that is the almighty everything else is a figment of one’s imaginations.

    Now my comments are not meant to be an indictment on god fearing pastors or their honest congregations but an indictment on the leaders that have failed the people so miserably.

    It also important to note my comments may be interrupted the wrong way I will reiterate for the last time defiling the house of worship for ones gains may it be political or otherwise tantamount to moral decay.

    Such immorality is a learnt process in other words if the leaders espouses venom from on high the people has no other choice but to relent and accept what they disseminate.

    Don’t be disheartened by my vile comments because I do believe there’s good in all of us those twist pastors as well.

    I leave you this quote to ponder.

    “Ethics, too, are nothing but reverence for life. That is what gives me the fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good; consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing life, and that destroying, injuring, and limiting life are evil”

  68. Truth Says:

    Yeah yeah cut the crap no one believes you

    At least no one who has sense enough to know right from wrong.

  69. Truth Says:

    Honing in on the church, the pastors, the methodist congregation.

    Conveniently leaving out the two upstanding lawyers — Naidu and Apted. The church, its ministers and members are not at fault here. Neither are the two lawyers. Nor the journalists taken captive prior.

  70. Truth Says:

    It is very good for you to say “change your minds” Dau. We can not, however agree with what is clearly wrong. Wrong is always wrong. Right is always correct.

  71. sesau Says:

    Asgrocky.Sa sivia ga na nomu vakamacala! The truth hurts ain’t it. The VUCESA, KANA SIVIA ETC.ETC. mentality probably hit you point blank.Your outburst tells me that you’ve declared yuorself as a VUCESA, KANASIVIA ETC,ETC

  72. Truth Says:

    Engage your brain before your lips, sesau. VUCESA, KANA SIVIA ETC were introduced by you BUT you forget that it is the soldiers who need awakening from slumber YEAH the vucesa kana sivia gunu yaqona.. ADD to that is butabutako me rawa kina na sau ni madrai. Soldiers don’t do any work. They take home salaries every week for what? Polishing their shoes and cleaning guns? QORI GA KORA NA TAMATA VUCESA. Do you people ever stop to think about what you are saying ?

  73. TAILEVU KID Says:

    Politics & Church Dilemma

    It is quiet irony how some members of the Christian faith, especially a number of prominent Pastors, (Methodist, Pentecostals and Seven-Day Adventist), who are now committing themselves to the Fiji Democratic and Freedom Movement (Sydney) initiatives to restored democracy back in Fiji. Although, I applaud their love and empathy towards our brothers and sisters at home, however, what’s so disconcerting is the manner in which some (pastors) used religious rhetoric’s to legitimize their identification with the movement. A relative of mine who attend the first meeting at Yagoona (18 June, 2009) relates how evangelical Pastor Jone Tui justified his position with the movement, by proclaiming that Jesus was a POLITICAL CRUSADER, who came to help and liberate those who were victims of political injustice. With all due respect, Jesus shed his blood on the cross of Calvary to pay for the sins of all mankind, without undue prejudices. This includes the Jews, Gentiles, the Pharisees and the Roman soldiers who performed the final crucifixion of the Messiah. To translate such concept to the political situation in Fiji, the Cross of Calvary symbolised forgiveness and redemption for all stakeholders in Fiji, including the victims of political persecutions, political parties, Christians, Heathens, Atheist and the current interim government. The Church must remain the common denominator for sinners and the righteous alike, a sacred place where reconciliation of differences, rebuilding of past indiscretions and redemption of the soul is restored. And the Pastors, Priest, Bishops and religious authorities are instituted and called upon to act as mediators, guardians and counsellors to those seeking and in need of Gods’ divine love and forgiveness.

    Deutronomy 1:16-17
    16 At the time I instructed the judges, ‘You must hear the cases of your fellow Israelites and foreigners living among you. Be perfect with your decisions, 17 and be partial in your judgement. Hear the cases of those who are poor as well as those who are rich. Don’t be afraid of anyone’s anger, for the decision you make is God’s decision. Bring me any cases that are too difficult for you, and I will handle them’

    A major dilemma that is constraining the viability and sustainability of a solid and effective system of governance in Fiji is the conflicting role of the Church, both to the state, and religion. Church authorities from all religious denomination have a moral obligation to deliver what the Almighty has divinely ordained them with, which is to administer the Word of God and bring the lost souls back to the Kingdom of God. They must avoid the temptation of affiliating with any political parties or movements that may impaired their position of neutrality and fairness. What has become more prevalent in Fiji today is how religion has been politicised to legitimise a historical or nationalistic ideology. Since the first coup in 1987, nationalist and religious fundamentalist have used Christianity to demonize those who don’t belong to the faith. In fact, during the 2000 coup (George Speight) a famous evangelical preacher, while conducting a sermon at the parliamentary complex, to the coup sympathizers, refer to Speight the coup leader, as the biblical JOSHUA who came to complete the task that was started by STEVE (Rabuka) in the first coup (1987), for the liberation of the oppressors (The Fijian People). So in hindsight, the subsequent coups (87, 2000), was ordained by God to liberate and free the Fijian people, yet the 2006 coup was propagated by evil intentions. Reiterating the now defunct leader of the One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson famous phrase, can someone, “PLEASE EXPLAIN” such religious paradox. I sincerely believe that we must take a moment to step back, take a deep breath, and re-evaluate our obligation and priorities to the State, Vanua and the Church. May God Bless Our Souls.

  74. Truth Says:

    QORI MAI another Bainimarama masipologist.

    God Rescue That Poor Soul.

  75. Truth Says:

    Politics and Military Dilemma






  76. TAILEVU KID Says:

    @ Truth

    I am not a coup apologist nor am I a defender of racial ideology, ‘PERIOD’, my piece reflects someone with independent reasoning. Bro, try and seek the TRUTH, because the TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, WILL SET YOU FREE. God bless your soul.

  77. Truth Says:

    Independent thinking you say 🙂 is a bit rich given the absence of your follow up piece:

    Politics & Military Dilemma.

    You bet, ’tis the Truth and Nothing but the Truth ON BOTH shall set you free.

  78. This is Navoha Says:

    To budhau & ojo

    1987 Coup- The methodist church(pawns) supported the coup after being hoodwinked by the high chiefs of Fiji(bishop & Knights). Rabuka( Queen) was the main instigator behind this chiefs.

    Main Player – Americas Central intelligence (king) was involved in Rabuka coup. Read William Blum “Rogue state”… clear states involvement of cia.

    Campaign before the Coup:Rabuka met with various chief in the west & east to stimulate chiefs emotion against the threat of Indian leadership.See Fiji times edition of 1987 between February and May.Photos of him & some chiefs in the west….very strange, 3rd in command & holding meetings with high chiefs.

    2000 COUP- The main instigator were the radical and extremist element in the Seventh day adventist church(pawns),George speight & crew. However, section of a lesser majority of Methodist church supported the coup.Majority methodist in the west did not support.

    Main Player- The king with Fiji Military coup disguised & dressed in civilian coup.Military played to the tune as Bainimarama(queen) deployed his bishop(CRW soldiers) & knight(Savua & crew) to assist his pawns(speight and associates including seven day, methodist & other religious group)

    Campaign before the Coup: Fiji military whipped up & stimulate the nationalist emotion by campaigning in various villages around Fiji in late 1999 against Mahend Chaudary land reform(schedule A & schedule B)…….very strange..not their role.

    2006 Coup: Fiji military not hiding any more behind the skirts(pawns) but now bold enough with tons of experience to make a stand as pawns & bishop have been eliminated. Now playing as a queen guarding the king(world bank,IMF, ADBanks & america interest) with only piece left is his loyal Knight ( Teleni & crew) and only pawn(shaista “tina turner”human rights commission)

    Campaign before the Coup: Fiji military whipped up & stimulate the nationalist emotion by campaigning in various villages around Fiji in early 2006 against Qarase’s qoliqoli bill (Land reform)…..very strange…not your veitavioka. This did not work out as Qarase was stubborn and resolute in his decision. Thus the queen (Bainimarama) had no other way but go the high way with numerous call from the king to disregard him earlier.

    Pawns(commoners) solution- Queen to repent and step down or the pawn ,bishop and knight will trap the queen by sacrificing some of his pawns and bishop.

    Conclusion: For any coup in Fiji, it always leave us in a catch 22 situation or in perpetual move with the king.So the only two options for the king is:

    1) remove the queen, reset the chess game again with a new visionary queen to lead fiji into a better future.
    2) the partnership of the king and Fijian people to share the land and oil resource according Fijian terms & condition. So both parties benefit and a win win situation for all. _

  79. kaivitibotoboto Says:


    Unfortunately for those of whom who have kept true to their oath is tarred with the same brush as those who have betrayed not only their oaths but their congregation.

    As for the former yes there are a handful of pastors that are worthy and true followers of Christ and the church’s doctrine’s the latter not much can be said but it is on us to castigate these lowlife philandering inebriate mongrels for these sons of bitches have sold their soul to the demon and brought infamy upon the Methodist Church and it’s people.”


  80. Cama Says:

    We will have to teach our kids what is right and what is wrong and we will be doing a great sin by telling our children that a coup is right.

    we will keep the coup culture alive with that kind of thinking even though FB will say that the Charter will end the coup but I am telling you that no amount of legislation will guarantee us a no coup culture unless these generations saya that enough is enough and make a stand to teach our young ones that a coup is illegal unlike what we are doing now…..we are trying to legitimise a coup which is wrong.

    Even Dau and the group like Tailevu kid and Budhau, you must wake up now and ask your conscience on what is wrong and what is right and tell your beloved ones that this is wrong and this is right and stop pointing fingers at this people you say are creating problem because you know what? I support the RFMF in 2000 for returning the country to normalcy from the coupsters and today I am not supporting them because they did the coup because i am not for law breakers. so the ones who is making or creating problem are those who are making the coup.

    Are you benefitting from the coup to be a coup apologist because by the tone and tenacity of your letters, it is as if you are fighting for your life.

    c’mon guys lets spread the word now or never. That is why the Methodist church are making their stand now for your sake and every bodys’ sake. Think about the future of your kids.

  81. Dau Says:

    Truly the perception of a brainwashed and misled member of the flock. I want the future of my kids, grandkids,and generations thereafter to look at another human being as a brother or sister. Regardless of colour(black. white, purple, brown, blue or green, matadre,mata widri,mata reva se mata mavolo). Cama don’t forget our church has been around for a long time . Why don’t we see the brother& sisterhood practiced with sincerity amongst us. We have the highest number of prisoners in Fiji gaols(jails) Tell me why why why??? Its because of weak Leadership.

    My heart yearns for a more dynamic Leadership with a vision for a brighter tomorrow for our members. A more progressive long term programme for our youth. We are too tied up with the shameless and unscrupulous opportunistic politicians who manipulate our leaders and you know what I’m talking about. A good evening to all.

  82. Nuitaka Says:

    Interesting reading indeed !

    To Ojo, Tailevu Kid, Sesau, Budhau and the likes.

    With your good command of the English language, moral ethics and sound legal views in regard of Fiji’s IG you all would qualify as Judges in our High , Appeals and Supreme Court.

    Because of the short supply the current IG would pay you well.

    So why don’t you practice what you preach; put your money where your mouth is and come sit on the bench of our Judiciary. The IAG would welcome you with open arms and take care of the formalities.

    That way you would each be contributing effectively to reaching whatever this IG is planning for our country.

    If you succeed ( 0% ) well and good for you and your likes.

    And if you don’t ( 100% ) may the lord have mercy on you!!

  83. Billy Taki Says:

    sa ciba e dua tale na masipologist

  84. Truth Says:

    Dau says “.. truly the perception of brainwashed members ..” Vamamaka tu ki vei na drakamu. it is you soldiers who are brainwashed.Dua ga e lako voli via vuaviritaka na matanitu to serve his personal agenda heads straight to military camp to do their bidding. You are a flock who are taught to “not use the power of independent and critical thinking that God gave humans” You people, up at camp follow blindly — dua ga e lako yani lai tukuna dou lade you all say “how high” Vagagalu tu mada ga. Everytime you open your mouth you show you people up. Kemudou na tamata lolovira. Dou tamata valoloma sara na nomudou bula ni sega tu ni rawa ni dou vayagataka mada ga na mona koya sa solia tu mai na Kalou vei keda yadudua ka a kean i naki meda vayagataka. Ni sa tukuni mai meda lako kina dua na vanua ca, meda vayagataka noda mona ka da kaya yani ‘sega qori e cala, au na sega ni yaga kina’. Vamamaka na drakamu.

  85. Asgrocky Says:

    Why do you need a leader for your life? Why does your heart yearn for a more dynamic Leadership with a vision for a brighter tomorrow for your members. A more progressive long term programme for your youth.

    Aren’t you smart enough to do something for yourself. You want change and you talk of change yet your heart longs to continue to be a poppy. Somebody to tell you and your generations “Come her, poppy, sit here poppy, don’t do that poppy”, Yeah right, continue longing to be a lapdog. What a bloody vision you have going there in your yearning. This is 2009 right? I’m sure. For goodness sake.!!!!

  86. sesau Says:

    Truth,Asgrocky and all the asses and losers on this blog who are against this clean up campaign . We have just entered the new era of change as promoted by the Obame Administration. This is Fiji style in instilling change because of the “i vako” mentality. Vinaka Frank! You are Fiji’s Obama.

  87. NadroKid Says:

    To Kaivitibotoboto

    I hope that you realise that the quote you quoted in your post above was from OJO. Just clarifying that in case you were thinking that it was from me since my name is at the top of the quote. He was responding to a post of mine.

    Anyway, Sesau please dont insult Obama. Most of us including Rev Koroi (former Army Padre and Methodist president) disagree with your assessment.

  88. Truth Says:

    Excuse me ?

    Obama took his message to the people of the United States for an entire year! Obama campaigned on the road from towns, to cities, to colleges, to parks, to churches, to schools, to town halls, to farms; speeches drawn up, questions answered, he boarded buses, and flew in planes, he sat in front of TV crews and answered tough questions by Journalists and talk show hosts. Obama received the approval of the Americans by way of National Elections.

    Vo took the people’s guns and ushered the people’s government out the door; instilling himself Prime Minister

    Obama is openly challenged by the American people.
    Vo silences all forms of criticism.

    Tikolo na drakamu. Dou yavu tamata lolovira.

  89. Ratu Sai Says:


    Lei savata vaka vinaka na maliwa vatakei na gusumu e sa boi mai na da.

  90. Truth Says:

    Obama is openly challenged by the American people.

    Vo silences all forms of criticism.

    Now you tell us who stinks. Dou yavu tamata lolovira.

  91. Ratu Sai Says:


    Let the “TRUTH” be known your odour from both ends is something rancid.

  92. Truth Says:

    Try addressing Obama’s struggle to arrive at the White House


    Vo’s ease at attaining Prime Ministership. All Vo has to do was pick up the guns paid for by the people of Fiji and wharla !

    You guys sit here shamelessly likening the two :- Me mai tautauvata va cava sara tu orau orau na lewe 2 qoka. Obama is upstanding, courageous, work his tail off and highly principled. Vo e lolovira, dau laba, dau basulawa,dau butako, vagaluya na lewe ni vanua mai na nodra dododnu mera varaitaka nodra nanuma se nodra kudru. Vo vata i kemudou na nona gangsters dou lolovira.

    Obama e yawa sara ki cake.

    Kemudou jiko sara ina boto ni pela. That’s the God’s honest truth.

  93. This is Navoha Says:

    Hey sesau….clean up ni sona cava o tukuna tiko…..clean up & paying himself $200,000 for leave not taken …common what a kind of a leader is that…. where is your natural eyes?looks like its in your ass.
    drau lai vutulaki kei sesau delani wavu…..kanabuta

  94. This is Navoha Says:

    Hey sesau….clean up ni sona cava o tukuna tiko…..clean up & paying himself $200,000 for leave not taken …cmon what kind of a leader is that…. where is your natural eyes?looks like its in your ass.
    drau lai vutulaki kei Ratu sai dela ni wavu…..kanabuta

  95. me soro o voreqe Says:

    For Frank to do the coup for the good of the nation..he should have given the leadership to someone believable..but than the devil takes control of the ousters..all signs of the satan’s power is now coming from military..their time is up ..they will now face the wrath of god..our prayers are not in vain..for me Frank ask yourself and all those immediate relatives to do a matanigasau to people of Fiji….thats it..ke sega e na kawaboko o ira kece na kawa nei Bainimarama..any way i have seen the signs of liberations from foreign nation coming to fiji..in due time..

  96. Asgrocky Says:

    Ratu Sai
    Cat got your toungue you have to describe your wife

  97. Ratu Sai Says:


    Say what! describe your mother.

  98. Truth Says:

    By gangsters I mean everyone who support Vo.

  99. Dau Says:

    Truth, coulld’nt help myself had to peep into internet cafe!! Hope I don’t get the boot…..like some of you guys booted by Big Boss FB. Told my boss I had the runs which is for real ….especially after reading the profanities from your lot…………Everyone who supports FB is a gangster….Ok by me…..What you call people like me who support the Methodist Church(not their politics) MAFIA???????? Ha!Ha! Chill out Brah! LOL

  100. Truth Says:

    Members of Methodist church, Fiji Journalists, Fiji Law Society, NGO’s, have all been marginalized by Vo and Gangsters. I call them victims. Naturally you do not support the Methodist Church’s politics since it threatens to dissolve your Military Politics — the side of the knife that butters your bread 🙂

  101. Jone Says:

    Oi, sa rauta me ratou veilecayaki na i la la mai na Keba. Vei sapalaki raravisa sa caka toka vei ratou qo.

  102. Jone Says:

    Yah by that you booted out by FB Dau is referring to the three lawyers Naidu, Apted and Fa. Aren’t you guys in the least bit embarrassed by that ?

  103. Budhau Says:

    I think the Methodist Church politics sucks.
    BTW wasn’t the current Church President the same guy who wanted to do internal investigation on some church dudes who were molesting little girls – rather than handing over the matter to the police.
    What was the internal probe going to do – transfer these pedophiles to some Island or some place where they continue with the “good work’.

  104. Jone Says:

    Methodist Church Politics is a non issue. Truth may I borrow Vo >? love it and gangsters too – just love this.

    Anyway as I was saying (borrowing from Truth) Vo and his gangsters wish to hang on to dear life to this line — the methodist and politics to deflect from the gangsters’ bigger sins — that of hauling in Fa, Naidu and Apted. Along with journalists and many more civilians that have gone undetected due to muzzling of the media. The Methodist Church is an easy scapegoat for Vo and gangsters due to their past involvement in Fiji Political scene.

    Except for one big flaw — The Military & Politics

    Vo and his gangsters can not turn around and use the Church as a scapegoat since the Military have no business in politics. See >? It just does not fly.

  105. Budhau Says:

    Jone – the Methodist Church was involved in the 1987 and the 200 coups, it then was behind the SDL and was the only religious group that supported the reconciliation bill to spring Speight out of jail.
    The Methodist Church now thinks that just like they help bring down two previous governments, it can do the same this time around – beginning with the marches – and before the get started, like they did before, Frank is doing a preemptive strike to stop them now, rather than shoot some of those buggers in the streets later.

  106. Jone Says:

    And if Vo and his gangsters shoot some of those buggers in the streets from the marches it will define two endings:

    1) Vo and his gangsters’ demise.
    2) Fiji Military Forces will cease to exist.

  107. Jone Says:

    But the Methodist church will live on.

  108. Budhau Says:

    Jone, I am sure the Methodist Church will live on – the problem is not with the Methodist Church per se. Why don’t you go read up some of the earlier posts and figure out what the problem is that some are complainig about and than you can come up with your solutions.

  109. Truth Says:

    The problem is obvious to all except for you lowly lot proping up the military messing around with the running of the people’s government

    The solution is simple:

    Get rid of the militatry. Fiji the military free zone will solve all the problems of repeated coup de atets

    Inidans becoming Prime Minister — well we were almost there via SDL/FLP multi party government; just a few more steps for the natural evolvement of this cycle to come full circle THEN MAHENDRA CHAUDHRY HOOKED UP WITH Vo and his gangsters and that was the end of that.

    Inidans can not buy farming land and why should they when even Fijians like myself are denied. Land for farming is readily available and so there is no need to find solutions to this particular imaginary problem.

  110. Ratu Sai Says:


    If this is the level of intelligence shown by you in ridding Fiji’s woes than you are gravely mistaken whilst the distorted sermon delivered from on high back in 1987 was indeed cataclysmic these sermonizers must be held accountable for the destruction they have wreaked.

    It’s always the case when things don’t work out play the race card or claim you and your ilk’s are being disadvantaged by other nationalities go and suck on an egg dipstick.

    It’s a level playing field where the strong only survives the hand out mentality is over go get a real job use your tax paid education and stop being disingenuous.

  111. Truth Says:

    What level playing field are you referring to ? The Indian dominated business sector? How do you get a level playing field in the business sector? AND DOES ANY OF THAT EXCUSE THE MILITARY FROM CARRYING OUT COUPS?

    Who told you gangsters, that a coup is the magic answer to your desired level playing field ?

    There are now, in Fiji’s short lifetime since independence; 4 and a half a coups. Vo’s hasn’t delivered “that level playing field” now has he?
    Vo has the guns, abrogated the constitution, and making up all the laws as he sees fit propped by his gangsters, still …. do you see any level playing field in Land ownership ?? And for that matter, do you see any level playing field in the business sector moving the Fijian race in that dierection? In other words, even now, with all the firepower and an overthrow and overhaul of constitution Vo and his gangsters are failing to prove their salt and I will tell you why :

    Vo and his gangsters never had Fiji at heart.

    Kemudou ga na tamata yalowai, lolovira, mona lalai, kocokoco, dau butako, rai lekaleka, dou mataboko na levu ni koco; Qori ga na yavu tamata lolovira dou vamuria tu na Vo. Yamata yalowai.

  112. Budhau Says:

    Hey Truth, why don’t you do some research and go find out what really is the truth.

    That crap about “Indian dominate the business sector” – just because you see the Patel name on retail outlets – you think the Indians dominate the business sector – yes Indians are in reatail – but you go check out who the big boys are – in banking, insurance and tourism and such other businesses. A very small percentage of Indians are involved in these “big” businesses.

    Overall there are more Indian households living in poverty than Fijian.

    BTW, have you ever tried to figure out what the Fijian government have done for the Fijians over the last 30 years to get them more involved in business. If the Fijians are not doing so well in the business sector, who is to be blamed – the Indians or the Fijian administration and its policies that is responsible for the misery of the Fijians.
    That affirmative action, Blueprint crap – that was was to help the small group of Fijian elite to get richer.

    Why doesn’t the Fijian scholarship recipients have a means that – that only those Fijians whose household income is below a cetain level would qualify for scholarships – that way the rich thieving Fijians would get those scholarship because they have the connections.

    You want to level the playing filed, than make it level for the poor – regardless of race.

  113. sesau Says:



  114. Truth Says:

    A research macawa va tukuna jiko koya na tamata yalowai qo. BooDau ulukau levu ni research ko vacakava segabau sara na betena. In all that search you still can not come up with a single good reason why this coup needed to be done except for the porpose of stealing.

    Even now with all the guns hoisted to block resistence they still fail.

  115. sesau Says:

    Fail ga o iko truth

  116. Truth Says:

    You fail.

    Fail to produce.

    Indians claimed discrimination on Land ownership — Vo and Gangsters have all the guns and making up new laws to fit


    Not a single move to give Indians more access to farming land for free OR own land in the same way Fijians do.

    Not a single move to make Indian a Prime Minister. This was Vo’s perfect opportunity.


    He told the old rubber stamp Pressie to make Him PM instead.

    Not a single move to make an Indian sit in Nasese White House. Vo’s perfect opportunity missed again.

    Instead of Nailatikau as vice President it should have been an Indian VP.

    All these talks about racial equality emanating from Vo and Gangsters are is bogus.

  117. Truth Says:

    If Vo and Gangsters were genuine then Fiji will at least have an Indian Prime Minister and an Indian Vice President.

    What with the ever watchful eye of Vo and his Gangsters’ guns.

    Vo could say “// this government would like to test the waters by making the Fiji Indian selection for these two posts while I have the guns to use at will and no one will disturb this trial run.”

    Vo did not do it because Vo is not legit. Vo cares not for the country but himself. And his Gangsters care not for the country but their pocket books.

    — dou raica kina ni yawa sara ki cake na neimami rai na lewe ni vanua raraba.

  118. Truth Says:

    Bogus claims of bridging the races. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Vo has yet to serve the pudding to the table 2 years and 5 months on.

    Vo has, time again, failed.

    Those things he can control what with all the firepower behind him he let slip.


  119. Truth Says:


  120. Truth Says:


    Nothing to say about the level playing fields that Vo failed to deliver ?

  121. Truth Says:

    I’ll be posting here again later in the day.

  122. Truth Says:

    So how about it Sai

    Dua na rogo mai keri ?

  123. Truth Says:

    Or BooDau

  124. Truth Says:

    Bridging the races Vo says.

    He failed at every opportunity to test the waters. He failed big time. And for once the BooDau, the Sai, the Sesau and all Vo’s Gangsters



    Cava tale.

  125. Truth Says:

    Vo and Gangsters finally have nothing to say.

    Da. Cava tale.

  126. this is Navoha Says:

    Vinaka Truth…..for standing up to this low down people ….cos the truth will always prevail…..buiti iratou na macawa like budhau, seseraurau, ojo….& etc …na sivia nodra vamacala, na sivia ni lasa i tuba ni watidra ….why?…because most of the time they research rubbish & spend more time defending a losing battle….as directed by their bossFB……the wifes are fed up of them 24/7 on the net & need attention at this moment of despair & uncertainty…..

  127. chae s. sone Says:

    Prayer by Money Laundry-man

    On the Sunday March 14, 2010, Mr. Deuk Joo Chun offered the Sunday prayer on the pulpit who was one of the radical parties to promote the church financed lawsuits against our family. He was a false witness that I assaulted and injured Steven H. Park on the church stairways according to the Park’s court testimony for the case of the mass murder charges.
    What a scandalous prayer is his? It is nothing but a Judah’s chant.
    These are reflections of Rev. Chul Woo Chang’s morality allowing such character in “Jesus disguise” pray on the pulpit out of our Christian principles.
    Prior to his prayer, he should have confessed his sins and their sins first and return the stolen church money paid for the false murder charges against me and my beloved son. Do you think Jesus is too old to be with the fine Koreans?
    This is the kind of the Korean historic church under your Pastoral Committee.
    The transcript of his court testimony will cost $1,300 that would reveal their dept of abuse activities.
    His prayer seems to signal another danger to us as the demonstration of their consolidated brutal church gang power without the proper confession in good faith. Watch out the Judah’s marching bands and the choir. How low are you going to push this church down to under the kOREAN LEVEL?

    Korean bishops and clergies should learn from
    Rember Pope Benedict XVI understood that the the Catholic church is under attack because of the priest sex scandals and advised, “We Christians” must repent for sins and recognize mistakes. But the public demanded more concrete steps to correct the situations. (Newsday 4/16/10.) Where is Korean clergies to examine the smeely conditions of this historic Korean church and clean up it.

    Chae s. sone
    1. Christianity today. “Interfaith keynote addresses..Politics … A petition to Bishop Jeremiah J. Park to recover misused Church money … “

  128. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Artificial truth is unsustainable

    Budhau ran for cover

    Jack climbed his beanstalk next door

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