Fiji’s former sugar minister, says the cancellation of EU sugar funding for Fiji this year could lead to the collapse of the industry.

The European Commission has cancelled about 32 million US dollars worth of funding, saying it has taken the decision in the absence of any sign that a legitimate government will be in place in 2009.

Fiji’s former sugar minister and the general secretary of the National Farmers Union, Mahendra Chaudhry says the industry stakeholders need to get together to see what can be done

“Sugar is very important for Fiji’s economy, and if this industry collapses, it’s now reduced to half its former size, but if it should go together then of course it will have very grave consequences for Fiji’s economy, so it is in the interests of all concerned to do something to save this industry from collapse.”

Mahendra Chaudhry says the EC’s move is a big blow for farmers, as they would benefit most from the money.

Will somebody please tell that old blow-hard Mahendra Chordoci that his use-by date is long past and drag him off the national stage. Of all the bores in the world , few can be as pathetic as a failed politician, especially one who spruiked the state of the  cane farmers of Fiji, talked up their fate and received lotsa paisa from his ‘homeland’ but squirreled it away in an Australian bank for his own use – go explain that to the canefarmers Chordoci, bloody old thief.



  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Except for a handful of learned individuals, Indians supported this coup. Quit belly aching. You’ve made your bed so lay on it.

  2. kaiveicoco Says:

    Budhau, where are you.Budhau drau vakamau.

  3. Budhau Says:

    Come on you idiots, Chaudary knew all along that the EU money was not coming, unless there was a commitment by Frank for an “early’ election.
    This money is an annual allocation – and the EU has been withholding this money every year since 2007. So why would they change their mind this year.

    OK, so now why don’t one of you idiots go do an analysis of Chaudary’s statement and figure out why the dude made this statement.

    Is he telling Frank to do something to save the sugar industry – do what? Maybe agree to bring forward the election date to something that is acceptable to EU – like 2012. If Frank does that, the EU money starts coming in, or maybe will start next year. Chaudary has already on record saying that the 2014 date is too far out.

    Could this be posturing – that Chaudary is putting pressure on Frank – who would finally convince Frank “to do the right thing” – move up the election date. The EU then would come in with the money – the “carrot and stick” approach by the EU – as opposed to the “stick only” approach by A/NZ.

    This may also go down well with the farmers, that their man is doing something.

    This is all politics, guys – they knew the money was not coming.

    BTW – those 200,000 people who depend on the sugar industry – they ain’t all Indians as Katalina Balawanilotu would like us to believe. Check out the NLTB numbers to see where most of the land rent money comes from.

  4. Corruption Fighter Says:


    How is your master going to explain to sugar farmers the loss of the $70 million in EU assistance for 2009?

    Is this why MPC wanted his meeting at Tilak High last Saturday? Did he want to makes sure he could give his version of the loss of the $70 million for 2009 ahead of the EU’s confirmation that it was gone?

    Is this why MPC wanted the meeting to be carried out without outsiders present, which naturally the Junta would never allow?

    Will he tell the farmers the money is gone forever? It will be reallocated to other ACP countries that abide by the rules.

    The MPC line has been the money stays there waiting for a promise from the regime to string the EU along. That’s why MPC made all these weak pleas to bring the elections forward. He was confident that he could string the EU along if only Frank would have him back.

    For Chodopu$$ it would have been a breeze to schedule some consultations, throw dates around and then have the consultation process stalled through some contrived problem.

    But Frank could not manage such a charade. He short-circuited the whole process by excluding representatives of parties that had more than half of the votes in the 2006 elections.

    So is this the line that Chodopu$$ wants to spin to his farmers who are going to be as mad as hell? Frank blew it because he’s too stupid?

    Chodopu$$ may find his farmers think that he was stupid to put his faith in the Idiot Dictator.

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Fiji should totally surrender the sugar industry into the hands of the EU instead of waiting for it to collapse. Let the European Commission implement reforms they deem fit for Fiji sugar and tran$form the entire industry into their own.

    The farmers dont lose out and so too the landowners. Spin this into action, get the mills grinding, EU Pacific meets the required sugar quota for the European market.

    There is no denying Fiji sugar is rated amongst the best in the world!

  6. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    EU taking over Fiji sugar under the illegal government is theoretically sound on paper; we all know Fiji’s junta will toss going to elections NOW and any notion that the EU is set to revive Fiji’s economy minus strings is but a dream 🙂

  7. vutukibai Says:

    Budhau… caiti iko. You just said in your other comment that Frank is leading fiji the right way. Now you are saying that its all politics between kubumada frank and chodo-qai-ci. It all shows how corrupted you and your bloody regime are. NO WAY FORWARD!!!

  8. Truth Says:

    Nothing will save the industry from collapse. ‘Tis Fiji’s armed idiots and the idiots supporting the gun trotting idiots who couldn’t care less for Fiji — be it sugar, tourism, economy. All they worry about is their own skin. And they sit here lecturing the rest of us about corruption, ethics and what not UUUUUU tu mai vei MAI YASO. Dou tamata lialia, mona lailai, rai e lekaleka, Sa dou mata boko na levu ni koco. Galu sara na drakamudou. Dou yavu tamata lolovira.

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Wananavu qori lewa.

  10. Jone Says:

    MpC says the industry stakeholder needs to get together to save the industry. This is a stupid man with a pee _sized brain. Failing to recognize his support and participation in propping up dictatorship rule in Fiji will destroy Fiji Sugar. He has been in politics long enough don’t tell me he is ignorant of the rules.

  11. Jone Says:

    They have killed 3 civillians, Ballu Kahn barely survived, now Ross Ligairi just died after a few nights up at camp. Truth, you speak your name. Ka dina taucoko.

  12. Jone Says:

    And they have killed Air Fiji. Many people complaining not receiving refunds but Tuvalu government can not do anything as the extent of their involvement is policy making. Now Sugar Industry’s life is about to end.

    Everything they touch dies.

  13. Corruption Fighter Says:

    I don’t believe it. A comment I made to Budhau has been ignored.

    For once, I have had the last word.

    I can only assume Budhau is defeated by the truth. His master, the ever cunning MPC, has lost all credibility with confirmation that that EU will not be coming.

    It just goes to show how powerful his influence was that he could convince his supporters that the EU money was just delayed, not gone.

    Don’t bother responding to this Bud. The argument has been lost.

  14. vitivou Says:

    Katalina, the EU have been buying sugar from Fiji ever since time immemorial. Do you know what the ACP-EU was all about? The EU has been buying Fiji sugar under the preferential treaty for years and for you to say that they are trying to takeover the sugar industry tells us that you really don’t know the history about the sugar industry. C’mon, I just do not understand why you bother to speak up for Fiji now when you really have been brainwashed into the so-called democracy you currently are living in now in the US.

  15. vitivou Says:

    BTW, man don’t live on bread alone. And so is Fiji don’t live on sugar alone. We will survive even without EU money. It’s that simple.

  16. Asgrocky Says:

    Your comment at 6.54pm yesterday May 21
    I find what you just said interesting

    ….”….when you really have been brainwashed into the so-called democracy”

    Please discuss what you mean by your comment because I have been reading a lot of interesting staff about the leadership in the USA past and present.

  17. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    V_vou your statement is actually in support of my post, thank you. Too bad you failed to read through LUVfiji’s; the post I was responding to.

    Don’t worry, your ig will also shut down tourism. In fact they are near. Following that will be gold and then fisheries will be next in line.

  18. Truth Says:

    Well, not quite. LUVfiji recommends the EU take over Fiji Sugar and Katalina points out NOT under current dictatorship for there is no way the EU will revive Fiji economy without strings one of which is for Fiji to return to democratic rule now, not 5 years from now, not 10 years from now BUT now. Vo will not give up saving his skin. And right again, Jone, everything the Vo touches dies.

  19. Budhau Says:

    CF wrote, “How is your master going to explain to sugar farmers the loss of the $70 million in EU assistance for 2009?”
    Here CF, this is how it is – the EU cut the annual allocation in 2007 and has done so every year thereafter. So the farmers already knew that this money was not coming this year and next year, the story would probably be the same.

    As for Chaudary, as the minister back then he had discussed with the EU folks that instead of 2009, 2010 would be a more realistic target date for the elections. When the constitution was abrogated, Chaudary again came out against the 2014 date and suggested that 2012 would be a better target date.

    So da man does not have to explain anything – if the regime had just gone along with the dates proposed by him, that money would start flowing in – so don’t blame the Da Man.
    Now, you can call the above his version of the loss – or you can blame Chgaudary for everything.
    BTW – It does not make any difference when Chaudary wants the election – if Bainimarama how has the last word on this. Just because Frank is not going along with Chaudary on the election date, that does not mean that Chaudary should now discontinue all work in progress with the regime and join Qarase. Even if Chaudary had denounced the regime – that will not get the farmers their money.
    You see CF, those farmers, they may not be that educated, bit they are intelligent folks who know what side their roti has the ghee.
    Oh and BTW – read that Frank had meeting with that Jagdeo dude from Guyana – I guess they are still working on that EU money.

    CF wrote, “For Chodopu$$ it would have been a breeze to schedule some consultations, throw dates around and then have the consultation process stalled through some contrived problem.”
    Wrong CF – those funds were cut off in 2007 – Chodo or Frank – it don’t make no difference. No one is telling the farmers anything else.

  20. Jone Says:

    Why is Vo working on getting that EU money though is the real intrigue. Didn’t someone from China offer the guy some exorbitant amounts in millions Or is all that money gone bye bye too … probably the reason those with sense do not lend monies to dictators. Especially those who fire the country’s judiciary, abrogate the constitution and become law unto oneself. No way of telling where all that China and India monies rolling in have gone. Good luck Vo, the Europeans aren’t so gullible.

    Truth, ijo sa dau tukuna ga na ka dina.
    I just love that name Vo.
    Ni o koya e gusu vaka Vo.

  21. Budhau Says:

    China’s aid to Fiji before the coup was about 25 million, after the coup it is several hundred millions.

    As for those who “fire the country’s judiciary, abrogate the constitution and become law unto oneself.” – wasn’t the last guy who did this, we made him a honorary chiefs and made him the head of GCC and national hero. Only this time, we just don’t like the guy, it would have been perfectly fine if a foreigner had won the last election and one of your boys had fired “the country’s judiciary, abrogate the constitution and become law unto oneself.”

  22. Truth Says:

    Rabuka ? That’s old. And useless. Your last resort when you’ve lost the plot.

  23. Truth Says:

    Mod, your set up have trouble taking posts from old threads.

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